What Savior Has Been Doing

Some of you may have noticed that @torstenvblog as been doing much of the writing lately with myself mostly doing the reviews for games tossed our way. If you haven’t noticed, hey guys @torstenvblog has been doing most of the writing lately and I have been mostly just doing the reviews for games tossed our way. There have been a couple reasons for this. First, my internet has been quite hit and miss lately. Ever since COVID started it has been cutting in and out pretty consistently and as you can imagine getting someone out here to fix it has been pretty much impossible. Second, I may have had it myself. It was early when it all started and I live in an area where testing wasn’t really set up yet. I had all the symptoms and as I am not high risk it was decided that I should self-quarantine and to the emergency room if things got worse. Luckily for me, they did not, but there was still about a month getting out of bed was not easy to do without losing my breath. I am actually still not even fully recovered to be 100% honest. So it was either that or the world’s worst chest cold, either way, I am not concerned.

Now that brings me to the picture of that Tractor Trailor. (Don’t worry this isn’t sponsored by Amazon and I don’t work for them, the picture just made me laugh) The roughly month and a half I have been getting ready and returned to school to get my CDL (commercial driver’s license)  Between that and the internet my time has been limited and @torstenvblog has been cool enough to pick up the slack for me. I did however want to assure you Savior Gaming is not going anywhere. He and I will be here for a while to come and even when I am on the road there will be reviews for games and movies and even pictures from my eventual travels. I have always just been quite upfront with you guys and that hasn’t changed. Many of you have been here since our very first post, the death of both our fathers, lost girlfriends, and even to hear about the raising of baby savior and her antics. I look forward to sharing this as well. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker has been a pretty divisive movie among fans, tho it has been another successful financial movie. So, of course, I and @torstenvblog went to go check this one out for my birthday as always with these releases. Truthfully, I don’t understand the hate.

First, the movie obviously isn’t perfect. It has its issues and they are many. The pacing seemed off as they clearly were trying to make this movie not three hours long. However, I enjoyed the movie.

The story while not perfect was fun. I enjoyed seeing how they ended things with Princess Leia and watching Kylo Ren come to terms with who he is. The fight scenes looked great and watching Rey train and learn was fantastic.

I am keeping this short because I don’t want to touch on the story too much or risk spoiling things and most importantly, ignore reviews on this one, even mine. Go see it or catch it on Disney Plus when it comes out because some people seemed to have loved or hated this from day one, and I doubt anyone can truly be nonbiased about it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


5 Games That Had an Impact on me

This is a simple list, but an important one for me. It is just 5 games that had an impact on my life, whether it be how they changed me as a gamer or that I played them in an important time in my life. So with no real order, enjoy my list.

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Mortal Kombat is one of those games that changed the face of gaming in a way, so when your mom decides to let you play it, it changes how you view games. At the time was viewed as the most violent game on consoles, and to this day I can’t figure out why. The blood didn’t look realistic at all and the fighting wasn’t anything you couldn’t see on a Saturday morning cartoon.

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Phantasy Star 4 Sega Genesis Classics this is one of those games that again I got on accident, my parents bought it for me randomly and truly introduced me to the role-playing game. I  had played one or two before then but this and my next one were the first 2 I had ever truly owned, and they changed my gaming life forever.

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Shining Force 2is the other game my parents bought me that day and sent me on a search to find the other games in both series, a search that took decades. One I don’t regret at all. I still pull these games out once a year or so and relive my childhood.


BloodBorne review.

Look anyone that follows the blog knows this game was going to show up. This one is special to me for an odd reason. See years ago I was at @torstenvblog house like I would spend many of my days and he was fighting Father Gascoigne for probably the 30th time. Now I had no interest in the game because I had played the original release of Dark Souls and it was a broken mess and had no interest in playing anything else from Fromsoftware.    However watching him struggle made me wonder, does he suck or is this game that hard? So I bought it a few days later. It wasn’t long before I beat Father G, and told him how I did it. From then on it was was a race between us both to finish the game first. It was the first time in our long friendship we played a game side by side like this and challenged each other to see who could do it first. I won, but not by much and I think if he wasn’t working so much he would have done it first.

We later co-oped the game and had a blast and felt it was challenging but fair.

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GoldenEye 007 is a classic FPS from the N64 era that I would play with my friends for hours trying to unlock cheats or just doing random stuff in multiplayer, like using rocket launchers only in closed areas or proximity mines. The game, however, does not hold up well at all. I tried playing it a couple years ago and it is a nightmare to play now. It does, however, hold a special place in my heart for the memories. So I hope you enjoyed my list, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Time for some small talk

As many of you know I always strive to be upfront with you guys and gals about things. For example, I always tell you guys when I and @torstenvblog are tossed a review copy of a game and despite my great relationship with NIS America I even recommended against buying The Princess Guide (PS4 Review) because I didn’t enjoy it, something they were very cool about.

Now I haven’t talked about this lately but many of you know I am not a professional writer, and I doubt any of you have mistaken me for one. I started Savior Gaming as a hobby when my dad left me a little bit of money after he died a couple years ago under the condition I did something I enjoyed with it. So as a stay at home dad I have my kids, girlfriend, and ex-wife some money ( she is also my best friend) and started this blog as a way to keep busy while baby savior was sleeping or the older kids were at school.

I also have some pretty severe back and neck problems that come from my time in the military, as a wrestler and working in warehouses along with just generally being an idiot. About a month ago I took a job for the holiday season in a small music store to help out a friend and to earn some extra cash figuring it has been a few years, I have healed up enough to handle it.

Now you may have noticed the last week or so has been very hit or miss with my writing and that is because I was very wrong. The last couple of days have been full of doctors’ visits, new or increased meds and just generally being in pain. I can not state this clearly enough, I was NOT hurt at work, this is just an old injury that being back at work aggravated, with this came being more depressed than usual in a time of year that is always rough on me. This isn’t to say me or Savior Gaming is going anywhere, because it is not.  I just felt you guys deserved an explanation of why the last week or 2 has been a bit off. Thanks for reading this far down, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! It is me and @torstenvblog favorite holiday in case you somehow didn’t notice. Later today we will be finishing up our favorite monsters, taking my kids Trick or Treating. but before all that, I wanted to thank you all for another amazing month and I hope you are all careful and have a great night. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Welcome to October

Welcome to October everyone. As you all know every year me and @torstenvblog do something for our favorite month of the year. This month we have decided to go with our favorite monsters and creatures. This isn’t necessarily from movies, they might be from literature or real life or whatever. It will be one a day starting with me today and ending with one from each of us on Halloween. So we hope you enjoy, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Evil Dead (1981)

Bruce Cambell as Ash Williams. (check out @torstenvblog coverage Evil Dead ) This is one of those cult classics that most people have either seen and love or seen and hate. I have seen it and love it. What is not to love tho? The special effects are cheesy as hell, the story is almost nonsensical to the point of hilarity and I dare you to watch this and not love Ash.

The movie starts off with our group going to an old log cabin for a weekend getaway. During this night of fun, they discover a book in a basement. Now, most people would be smart enough to not read from the book with a face on human skin in a creepy language but these idiots do exactly that. This releases an evil entity that goes on a killing spree and the dead come back to life.

The movie is on Hulu and is a must-see if you are a horror fan. It resulted in multiple sequels and a TV series and even a game. It can’t be bad to get that kind of results right? Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Godzilla King of Monsters (Savior)

Last night was sort of a bucket list night for me. @torstenvblog , our friend Brandon and myself went to see this and while torsten can take or leave Godzilla me and Brandon are huge fans.  Also as some of you know the birth of Savior Gaming came about a few years ago, in fact 3 years ago tomorrow, when my dad died and left me a few bucks with the stipulation that I could only use it for what I wanted, not what I thought I needed. It wasn’t a lot, nothing life changing, but enough to have a little fun with. The problem is I didn’t really want anything so I have it away to my girlfriend of 11 years, my kids and of course I bought torsten a few things. I also started this. I tell you this to add this fitting bit of trivia, me and my dad always wanted to see a Godzilla movie in theaters. Every year he would take a weeks vacation, and we would spend 1 night up watching old monster movies like this, and I would spend all day picking my favorites. So it is only fitting that I tell this story before I talk about this movie.

Godzilla at hits heart is everything you would want from a Godzilla movie. It tells the story of how mankind is attempting to find all these titans, 17 known, and debate as to whether they should be destroyed or studied or even controlled. Things of course go very wrong when Mothra’s containment grid goes down and the machine to control her works, and a Eco-terrorist group attacks and kidnaps the lead scientist, her daughter and the machine.

They later use the machine to wake up Monster Zero, the 3 headed dragon and Rodan. Godzilla is not a fan of this and fights Monster Zero only to lose, leaving Ghidorah in charge and to wake up all the other titans to wreck havoc on the work.

I won’t go further on the story here because it is a good one, but this time around they spend a lot of time focused on the monsters and their fighting which is a huge positive for any fans of this  type of movie. It felt like the golden era of their time just watching these beast go back and forth, and to make things even better this movie may be the best fan service I have ever seen. It was all done in such a way that fans like me instantly notice the classic Godzilla reveal music in the back but it was spun into the music so new comers wouldn’t feel left out. Beloved songs were remastered or covered and snuck into the movie or credits masterfully such as the cover of Godzilla from Blue Oyster Cult and the Mothra theme, something fans would love but new people wouldn’t quite grasp the significance of. They are left out of the movie, but are in the end credits which for me was monumental.

The movie isn’t perfect, and if you aren’t a fan I can see why you may not have much interest. But if you are a fan of Godzilla, there is no reason to skip this movie. See it now, and long live the king.

Avengers Endgame Review (Savior)

As usual, @torstenvblog an I went to check out the new Marvel movie, and I will, of course, this will be spoiler free.

I won’t say much about the story because I feel saying pretty much anything about it will be a spoiler. Obviously tho it covers what happens after the Thanos snap and how they all deal with it. Some of them obviously will deal with it far better than others. The general tone of the start of the movie as you can imagine has the team feeling pretty down. Admittedly this never changed.

For a three hour movie, it never felt like three hours, and even tho the first hours pacing felt a bit off to me and some of the decisions felt a bit odd at first by the end of the movie they all made much more sense. The end of the movie left me very satisfied and the final act was nothing if not extraordinary. It had everything you would want it to have, action, intrigue, explosions, and even a few tears.

I can’t say it was the best or even my favorite in the Marvel universe. It wasn’t even necessarily the ending I wanted to the whole Infinity War or what the last over a decade was building to. It was, however, the ending I needed. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.