Captain America Civil War (Iron Man Side)

captain america civil war

As many of you know, myself and @torstenvblog will occasionally choose sides for a sort of dual review. Some times we do it for fun where we flip a coin debate style and we take a side. Others we simply disagree. He did a great job last night with Captain America: Civil War (Cap side) and how he felt. I mean he is a complete jack ass agreeing Captain betray a friend over there, but he did a good job. I won’t bore you guys rehashing the story a second time since I will assume you either read his from last night or checked it out prior to getting this far down. No, instead I will focus on explaining why Iron Man was right.

First you got a bunch of super heroes flying around, many with damn near god like powers. Like literally Thor calls down thunder and has a flying hammer he flings around at will. Hulk occasionally snaps out and takes out the military while Iron Man accidentally invents Ultron. Yea maybe that should be watched a little bit.

It goes even further tho. Poor Black Panther and his family FINALLY leave Wakanda and what happens? A bunch of them end up dead when Scarlet witch blows up part of a  city. Who the hell does Captain hates America think he is that he should be allowed to let his team continue to wantonly murder people with incompetence?

Enter Iron Man, finally learning from past mistakes and trying to do the right thing, and yet here we are. Captain sucks at life can’t have his way, sides with a traitor and runs away. All in all tho, the movie is amazing and you can’t help but be entertained. Also enjoy the trailer below, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Happy Easter!

happy easter

As with every holiday I would like to take the time this morning instead of writing out a review or news to simply say thank you. Thank you for all the time you spend chatting with us and reading our stuff. Today however is a time for family and friends, go enjoy it. Hunt for eggs with the kids, have a beer with your friends ( have one of us as well) or whatever your Easter tradition is. @torstenvblog will be at work and I will be slaving over a stove all day, tho I did invite him to dinner, sadly he can’t make it. Above all tho, stay safe and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Power Rangers 2017 (2nd opinion)

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I promised @torstenvblog I would toss his review in here early so you could see his, so you can see that here Power Rangers. I will also say this, the movie had some nice comedic parts, the characters were good and well played and was entertaining at times. If you just wanted to see the positive now is the time to stop reading. Because I am about to trash this movie for a number of reasons.

To start, the opening scene with the cow gave me hope, but then the movie turned into The Breakfast Club. Seriously the dad even pulls the line about blowing his ride as he drops him off for Saturday detention.

Moving on to them…finding the power coins laying around…randomly, not sure how that even works out, they now move on to ripping off the Spider Man movies.Seriously the punching the sink knocking out a bully and even jumping a cliff ( yes I realize Spidey did a building) this movie didn’t seem to have an original scene in the first hour and a half of a two hour movie. Hell even Trini essentially ripped off the Karate Kid.

Not to mention when the hell did the power rangers become super heroes when not morphed? Now their suits ( that are now basically mech suits for protection) are basically super heroes. They have super strength, superior speed, reflexes recovery power and durability. Seriously the suits are really just there as armor and weapons.

Next we get to Goldar, who is literally just a pile of amorphous solid  gold in the general shape of a monster. The movie moved so far away from the source material calling it a power ranger movie has no meaning. Yes the movie was entertaining, but calling this a power ranger movie is a stretch. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Dark Souls 2 Scholars of the First Sin

dark souls 2

A pretty long time ago @torstenvblog covered Dark souls 2…oh my Tho I myself never really got to play it. That changed recently when I got a pretty sweet deal on it for Xbox. And I have to say having played it on PS4 a little and my Xbox One X visually there is a substantial difference. That being said the game looks pretty damn good either way. But it is a bit dated seeing as how since than we have has Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3.

@torstenvblog hit the nail pretty much right on the head when he said some of the bosses were amazing and some were pretty much the same as bosses from the previous game. Some are even just boring as hell mob bosses that serve no real purpose other than to be annoying. The difficulty bounces between why did I bother and who the hell beats this without getting hit? All things considered the game is fun, but it is far from being the best in the series. In fact I would go so far as to say it is probably the worst in the Soulsborne series, tho that still makes it the worst in one of the best series ever created. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole (2nd Opinion)

south park

South Park, the Fractured But Whole is a direct sequel South Park, The Stick Of Truth. You may remember @torstenvblog covering South Park: The Fractured But Whole. I didn’t get to play it myself until recently and I won’t say I am disappointed, just that I preferred Stick of Truth. That being said the battle system is still turn based but now takes place in a grid system. Moves now have an area of effect. Each south park child also now has a sort of class that determines the moves they get.

The story itself starts as Stick of Truth ends when Eric finds a reward poster for a cat and decides his team of super heroes, Coon and friends, need to save the cat and collect the money.  From there it is typical south park shenanigans with fart jokes, swearing and all around weird shit going on. If you enjoyed the first game or the show in general you will enjoy this one. You also don’t have to play Stick of Truth to enjoy Fractured but Whole tho it does help. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Injustice 2 (2nd opinion)

injustice 2

Now some of you may remember when @torstenvblog covered Injustice 2 awhile back, and with Injustice 2:Legendary Edition coming out I figured I would give my opinion of the game.

The first injustice was great with an amazing story, but after the story there wasn’t exactly much to keep doing unless you were heavily into fighting games. This time around however, we have multiple endings. On top of that there is a sort of RPG element to it where you can level up your characters and equip them with new gear as well. This adds quite a bit of replay value, but they didn’t stop there.

The multiverse alone is a game all in its own. Every day or sometimes every week you can take quest to help heroes from different places save their homes to earn loot or experience. Some require you use different characters or be at some level. This so far may be the best fighting game I have played ever and it is highly recommended. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Ghost in the Shell: Ghost Pain (2013)


So I was looking for something to watch and came across something called Ghost Pain. I am not really an Anime guy, @torstenvblog normally takes care of that. However this looked interesting so I figured I would check it out.

A couple things to note, I had no idea this was Ghost in the Shell until after I had watched it. Another, I had never seen Ghost in the Shell until I saw this. I am essentially watching this as a guy that has no idea what the hell is going on. Also this movie has a bunch of different names as you can tell from the picture so pick your poison on that one.

Essentially our main heroine here is investigating a murder after a bomb goes off and kills a major arms dealer. She also has an issue with her memory which turns out to be some sort of a memory hack causing false memories. There is honestly a lot going on and explaining it all would ruin much of it. It is a fun watch but I honestly can’t say its for me. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.