Preparing For Distant Worlds 2

So I may have mentioned Elite Dangerous Distant Worlds 2 Decision once or twice, and it has been a bit of a time getting ready. I am outfitting my Asp Explorer formerly known as Meat Paste for the trip.


I have since changed the ships name and colors, specifically for the trip. I wanted something better than simple black for the pictures. I also am working on upgrading my jump distance. While I have plenty enough for the trip every little bit helps tho I have had some setbacks there. The new system doesn’t always match the old engineer system so I lost a bit of range at first, but I recovered that.

While gathering materials I did lose my Krait, and now I no longer have the rebuy cost to fly it so now it just sits and chills. This will, however, be the longest trip I have made, tho I have gone to Sagittarius A.


I have also gone to Elite Dangerous: Colonia which was a random trip that I decided to make it one-day cuz I am an idiot. That is also how I ended up with a ship called Meat Paste, I streamed the whole thing and the chat voted on Meat Paste, which @torstenvblog suggested. This will be my last post on the subject depending on what happens when the trip launches on Sunday, after that however I will be posting weekly updates on how the trip goes as well as posting occasional pictures on Twitter and Pinterest. Until then hower, stay safe and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


The End Of 2018

So this is it, ladies and gentlemen. The end of 2018 It has been a pretty wild year hasn’t it? We saw the disappointment that was Fallout 76, we lost Stan Lee, Thanos wiped out half the universe. (We made it tho) Seriously tho it has been a pretty great year, @torstenvblog got a new job that he enjoys (its why he hasn’t been posting much lately) I managed to not die (tho I legitimately almost did back in August) and you guys have been an endless source of fun, and for that thank you for everything. I truly hope 2019 in great for all of you, and that we can all enjoy it together. So please stay safe tonight, don’t drink and drive and best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Sleepaway Camp

Now I know what some of you are thinking. Hey Savior, of all the stuff you could have used from the movie why did you pick two half-dressed women or hey, Savior why are you using scantily clad women for views? Truth is I am not. See those 2 women, those are the evilest people in the damn movie.

Now that is out of the way this movie is a straight Friday the 13th rip-off. Seriously it takes place at a summer camp, camp counselors are incompetent and ignore all the wrongdoings to the children, legit one is a pedophile and they all know it.

That being said the movie is supposed to be a horror movie, but it is hilarious. Seriously @torstenvblog and I laughed the entire time and the movie is amazing. Don’t take my word for it, because this bad boy is on youtube in its entirety, So below is the movie, in its entirety. Don’t worry, it’s not illegal or anything. They just let it up on youtube for whatever reason. So enjoy it and the insanely popular ending. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


My Top 5 Games of 2018

So its that time of year for everyone to start saying what they think the game of the year is. As a small blog obviously I have not played them all. So please don’t go nuts because I excluded your favorite game or there aren’t any Nintendo games, I don’t own a Switch. So in no real order, here are 4 games I played and 1 I did not but I will explain.

download (2)

Spider-Man is the before mentioned game I never played but it made the list anyway. The reason is a number of my friends have played it and all agree it is amazing and @torstenvblog hasn’t shut up about it since he started playing it. I also watched my friend Elliot play it over on Twitch quite a bitch so I am confident to put it on this list.


Next up is A Way Out. The game may be short but the story is great, the gameplay is fun and the concept is amazing. What is even better is while the game requires 2 players you have 2 options. Couch Co-op or online, but only 1 person needs to own the game and that alone for me puts it on the list.

download (1)

Monster Hunter World has a decent enough story and pretty good gameplay. Realistically it shouldn’t even be fun tho. You simply kill monsters to build better gear to kill bigger monsters and make new gear, to kill bigger monsters. It is a vicious cycle that never really ends. And yet, every time a friend says hey Savior how about you come help me kill stuff I get pulled right back in.

images (1)

Jurassic Park Evolution Review is far from a great or perfect game, but for me, it was just a fun game. It let me do exactly what I wanted. Build a park, raise some dinos..let them rip some visitors apart. You know the true Jurassic Park experience.


Red Dead Redemption 2, Another Look. was always going to be on this list, you know that and I know that. You all know why it’s on the list. I won’t dwell on it for long. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Aquaman (2018, Savior Review)

As a late birthday gift @torstenvblog decided we needed to go see Aqua daddy on the big screen since he was the best part of Justice League (2017) Justice League (second opinion)

Now we all know how I personally feel about the DCEU. Most of the movies for me range from train wrecks to amusing train wrecks. Wonder Woman being the clear exception, but the question remains what does the future hold, and how does it hold up? Well honestly Jason Mamoa and Aquaman may not be the hero the movies wanted, but it is the hero the movies needed.

The movie is a combination of flashback origin story that simultaneously takes place after the events of Justice League. The first 20 minutes or so is Arthur Curry explaining how his parents met and a bit about his childhood. This, however, doesn’t drag on like I expected it to. I won’t lie, I went into this to at some point crash into a crapshoot of a movie that relied on action to cover up a horrible story and questionable CGI.

Around now is when we hit the present time and a submarine being attacked by pirates that have stolen a submarine of their own. It is a pretty cool scene that introduces the man who will eventually become Black Manta. The action here is nice and yet there is a touch of humor. The entire movie is like this in fact and it is something I didn’t know I wanted from the movie.

I don’t want to give the entire movie away, but Black Manta is both a major part of the plot and yet very minor at the same time. You will see him chasing his famous trident and fighting his biggest enemies all in one movie. The movie, however, stands alone. If you have never seen a single movie in the DCEU, you can pop on Aquaman and be perfectly fine.

The 2 biggest surprises here for me were how good the CGI was and how bad the soundtrack was. I hated the music for the movie and truly was the weakest part for me. Regardless any fan of superhero movies (and ladies that like Jason) should check it out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

We All Have Hidden Talents

This post actually isn’t even gaming related if I am being 100% honest. I was talking to a friend and was reminded of an incident at work a few years ago. I worked in a meat department and we were discussing peoples hidden talents and honestly, I wasn’t exactly fond of the people I worked with mostly so I stayed pretty quiet. One guy was saying he could actually see pretty well and really could. One was a pretty great runner locally and did really well in track and field events. He even showed us some of his state times that he posted in local papers from school.

This was when I was unfortunately dragged into the conversation. It was pointed out that my hidden talent was that I was a former pro wrestler. I, of course, pointed out this wasn’t very hidden, they all know. It was on youtube. The point of the conversation was to discuss talents we have that people mostly don’t know about. Nobody knew one of us could sing or was an amazing runner, they all knew I was a crappy wrestler.

I thought this was where the conversation ended since we all got busy but about 2 hours later back in the kitchen area they got on my case again about what I could do. In a moment of annoyance and I told my boss to toss a box across the kitchen to a table.  A bit confused he did it which is when I threw a knife through the box and stuck it to another box. After a moment of silence, I hear “where the fuck did you learn that?” This did require some explaining about how I like to learn weird stuff when I get bored on weekends.

I tell this story not to sound cool or interesting because I am neither of those things. I tell it because to look at me, well here.


That is a pic of me with a creepy Santa me and @torstenvblog found at the mall last Christmas. I don’t look at all talented and certainly don’t look like I would have that talent. So what you should do this weekend is looking at yourself and your friends and ask, what talents do we have? What talents don’t you know your friends have? More importantly, can you learn from them? With the year coming to an end and a new year starting try to better yourself in an unusual way. My talents really serve no use, mostly just fun things I learned for the hell of it. I do however enjoy them, so learn something even if it isn’t “useful”, it may just be something to talk about. Best wishes and may the gamin gods bring you glory.