Ghost in the Shell: Ghost Pain (2013)


So I was looking for something to watch and came across something called Ghost Pain. I am not really an Anime guy, @torstenvblog normally takes care of that. However this looked interesting so I figured I would check it out.

A couple things to note, I had no idea this was Ghost in the Shell until after I had watched it. Another, I had never seen Ghost in the Shell until I saw this. I am essentially watching this as a guy that has no idea what the hell is going on. Also this movie has a bunch of different names as you can tell from the picture so pick your poison on that one.

Essentially our main heroine here is investigating a murder after a bomb goes off and kills a major arms dealer. She also has an issue with her memory which turns out to be some sort of a memory hack causing false memories. There is honestly a lot going on and explaining it all would ruin much of it. It is a fun watch but I honestly can’t say its for me. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



Black Panther Opening Weekend

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Much to the surprise of literally nobody on Earth Black Panther Spent opening weekend Smashing records. The specific numbers can be found here for those that want the details.  I haven’t been able to see the movie as of yet, sadly the usual tradition me and @torstenvblog have of hitting the movies opening night has been complicated by our local theater suddenly closing last month on us at the worst possible time for comic book fans.

That being said the reviews for this movie have been superb, and my social media has been exploding with excitement. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Emoji Movie (2017)

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So the other day I am sitting at home the other day and @torstenvblog shoots me a message and says “Hey the worst movie of 2017 hit Netflix you want to cover it or should I?” So I asked him which one he meant and he replies “Emoji movie” The problem is this was about 3 hours after I had already watched the movie. He also seemed very upset when I said I didn’t think the movie was as bad as people said. In his words, “I wanted a real fucking dumpster fire” anyway on to the review.

This movie got OBLITERATED in many reviews. A lot of people hated this movie, hell you can look up many reviews and read them. But if you go to Rotten Tomatoes or even metacritc you can see an underlining thread to many many MANY of the reviews. A lot of the reviews seem to be quite pissed off that this is a movie made to be watched by a child with its parent. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the movie is great or even perfect or even great.

The story is about a meh emoji that lives inside of a smart phone that has many emotions and because of this the original emoji, smiley, decides to have the anti virus erase it to save them all from being deleted when Alex factory resets his phone. Gene, the meh emji then goes on a trip to get into the cloud so he can be hacked to get rid of his other emotions. The story is just a kind of cute story about being true to yourself and simply being who you are.

As I said the movie and story aren’t perfect, in fact most adults will in fact hate the movie. However it actually isn’t badly done, it is just meant for kids. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Slither 2nd opinion (2006)


Oh slither, Torsten showed me this movie a long time ago with the claim of ” hey you will love this horror movie.” In his defense he was right, it quickly became one of our favorite movies. The story is pretty basic stuff, alien life form shows up, takes control of people, people die. You all know the drill. Its how it is done that makes the movie great. The movie knows what it is, I wouldn’t say it is self aware, for example you won’t see any breaking the 4th wall moments. But it is aware it isn’t a AAA blockbuster and it does not try to be.

My favorite example of this would be early in the movie the first guy infected has what appears to be a rash and uses the excuse of poison ivy. Much later in the movie two twin girls actually say in unison “we’re itchy” in a subtle but nice reference once you start to find the life form has a sort of connected hive mentality. @torstenvblog and I actually have a small other reason for doing this movie today, the greatest love song of all time. Enjoy it below, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Merry Christmas

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So I was trying to figure out exactly what to do for tonight, maybe a stand up? Or a game? Or how about a movie? Then I released none of those really felt right. See its Christmas eve. Now I am not a religious man outside of the gaming gods and they don’t really have holidays. They love and respect all holidays, but don’t really have any of their own. So tomorrow morning I will wake up with baby savior and the rest of the family, exchange gifts and do all the things most of you will do. Then me and  @torstenvblog will head over to my moms house and have dinner and watch some horror movies as we normally do for Christmas. Yea we have developed some odd traditions over the last few years. So no, tonight I will not use my usual night time post to entertain you with my bad grammar, misspelled words and horrible opinions. Instead I have a request. Some of you will do the same thing I am tomorrow and go out with your families. Enjoy that, maybe have a drink for the Savior. Some of you may just stay home or feel alone. Sit back, grab a snack do your thing and remember you are still awesome and Savior Gaming loves having you around. Even if times are hard they get better. And if you just need a friend, hit one of us up on Twitter, join a stream, drop us a comment on a blog post. We would love to hear from you, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory, and a Merry Christmas.

Twitch Update


So every so often I like to share with you guys some weird or interesting news. For example back on the 16th I had this to say It’s My Birthday! or on my Twitter I will share fun stories about all the way my daughter I refer to as baby savior torments me. For example the other day she chose to fall asleep next to my leg. Well I thought she did, then she randomly bit my leg. Yea, that one hurt. Also me and @torstenvblog went to the movies to see Star Wars The Last Jedi Review (Savior) and we stopped at the mall, and well I had a photo op moment with Santa.


Yea that is creepy I know. Torsten took the picture by the way. Anyway with all that out of the way, some of you may know I like to occasionally stream on Twitch You can follow me here if you like but I recently made affiliate which has some cool perks. Mostly I just thought it was something fun to share with you guys, Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


5 Games I Will Probably Never Finish

The following is a list of games I will probably never finish, not because they aren’t good games. Some of them are probably on the list of all time greats. They just either aren’t great to me, or stuff just keeps happening. Also, in no real order.

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Phantasy Star 2. I played this game for the first time on the Sega Channel. For those that don’t know what that is, it was something you got thru your cable provider that fit into the top of the system, and it let you play a bunch of games every month. Basically it was a really really old school version of PlayStation now. I then had a Phantasy Star collection for my Gameboy advance, it came with the Ultimate sonic collection I owned for both the PS3 and Xb360 and I bought it for the Xbox one…still have not beat it, and sadly probably never will.

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The Original Zelda, a classic loved by people all over the world. I have played this game a few times, and I always just get bored and stop playing half an hour after I start. I always say I will look up a guide and just blow through it for the sake of doing it, but lets be honest. I won’t.

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Moving further into history, the first Resident Evil. I played this at a friends house back on the PlayStation and the controls turned me off. Eventually I played the remake and bought the PS4 remake with @torstenvblog when it was on sale. He was going to play one side and me the other. He finished it, me? Yea you know what the list is called. This game ended up uninstalled and will probably forever be a game I truly want to complete, but won’t.

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This is honestly the only game on the list I only feel bad for because I have completed most of the Final Fantasy games. Basically this and that trilogy us old people like to pretend don’t exist that came out after this but before 14. People seem to have a love it or hate it attitude towards 12, and I fall into the hate it category mostly. The battle system is boring, the story is uninspired and the characters, well mostly I didn’t are if they lived or died. I never finished it, but I got far enough to want Vaan’s head on a pike.

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This one always surprises people. See I love the RPG genre, and Witcher 3 is without a doubt one of the best we have seen in a long time. The game world is breathtakingly beautiful, the world itself is in depth and rich, the characters are as real and well written as any ever created. There is almost nothing to complain about with this game. The complaints you can make are pretty minor at this point, since the major ones have been long since fixed, granted my first attempt had me getting stuck on invisible objects. If anyone were to ask me if they should buy The Witcher 3, I would say absolutely yes. If you look at this game and it looks interesting, buy it.  Also I don’t like it. I can’t explain why, I love the world, I love the characters, the story is great. I WANT to like this game, i WANT to play this game. I simply can’t get into it.


Elite Dangerous: Colonia

jaques station

Earlier this week I chose to do something magnificently stupid. I wanted to fly from Sol to Colonia, in one day one sitting. I did the whole thing live on Twitch. I started out in Sol around Noon local time for United States Eastern Standard time. I started out strong, making good time and joined by our good friend @torstenvblog we talked as I hopped and scanned over and over. Soon our friend and my fellow Twitch friend Sirfeliciano for a few hours for encouragement. As the people watching climbed a bit I quickly became a bit jaded with the trip around the 7 thousand light year mark.

A guy that joined my stream brought up one last station I could stop at, a last chance to stop my trip and turn around. The station is called Gagarin Gate he said. He gave me the location, I locked it in and away I went.

The hours clicked by, people came and went on my stream and I bounced from excited to bored to downright wanting to quit. I pressed on tho, the people that stopped by to chat were a gift from the gaming gods themselves. A man from Scotland joined me for almost 8 hours actually and left me at about 2 in the morning his time and for that I am forever grateful. He was great company and he offered great advice, tho his desire for me to hit the legendary Beagle Point may have forced me to make that trip someday.

It was also decided that IF I made the 22 thousand light year trip from Sol to Colonia that day I would have to rename my ship. Well here it is, the new name.

meat paste

No I did not pick the name, the chat did. The whole trip took what seemed like forever, but it was in total just over 13 hours and 40 minutes. I would like to swear off that type pf stream again, but I am planning on doing another one, maybe not as long but another marathon style stream. I hope to see you there, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

It’s My Birthday!


Happy birthday to me! happy birthday to..No I am not typing the whole song, you know the rest. It is another year down in life and it has been a year of ups and downs. Had a new daughter and lost a father and created what I thought would be a small hobby that has essentially taken over a large part of my entire life. Between my Twitch channel and the blog and the rest I interact with thousands of you a month from around the world. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for your support whether its by reading these or jumping on Twitch or simply sharing stuff on Twitter its all greatly appreciated.

Also new this month we have the start of a store where you can get some Savior Gaming Merch with more to come and a Savior Gaming Patreon for those that want to help us create bigger and better stuff. Regardless Just having you guys around means the world to me and @torstenvblog . Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you Glory.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Review (Savior)

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Tonight for my birthday me and @torstenvblog went to see The Last Jedi. Honestly it was a combination birthday gift, Savior Gaming outing and Dream of seeing a numbered Star Wars movie thing. Honestly we made a trip out of it. Hit the mall for some good old fashioned loitering got some pizza then hit the movie. So without further delay here is my spoiler free review.

First the movie starts off strong, the opening scene gets right to the action to suck you in. From there the movie shifts perspectives quite a bit. There are multiple stories going on that include one between Rey and Luke, Finn and a new character and one with Leia and Poe. While there is a lot going on it all comes together nicely and I never really felt that it was to much or hard to follow. I would have liked more back story on what Luke was doing all these years but there is enough to paint a pretty good picture and Kylo has mostly lost that whiny emo attitude from the last movie and has really come into his own quite a bit.

The movie is far from perfect, and I am still not sure how I feel about the sudden influx of comedy into Star Wars tho it was pretty funny. I also didn’t care for the fact that much of the movie felt like it was longer than it needed to be simply for the sake of being there. Certain scenes felt like they were there just to add some time and didn’t really do much. This was more of a personal preference and didn’t take away from the film, but it just may bother some people. All in all the movie was fun and well done and for me was the best Star Wars since the original trilogy. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.