Batman Vs Superman


I heard a lot of bad things about this movie before I ever saw it.  That being said some of it is exaggerated. Most of it was not. Jessie Eisenberg played his part well. The problem is he played a form of Luthor I don’t think ever existed, and if it did most people are unaware of it. Amy Adams had a performance that was uninspired to say the very least.

I do have to own up to the fact that Ben Affleck is probably the best batman/Bruce in decades, may even be the best not named Conroy.

The visuals were nice as was the music, but aside from that the plot was horrible and at times lacked any real sense to it. For example the very idea that anyone even knew to look for kryptonite? That’s not the sort of thing you stumble across.  I would suggest watching the movie tho as it is fun and entertaining but don’t think to much about it. If you do you will wonder how batman used machine guns to get the jump on superman but somehow wasn’t smart enough to use kryptonite bullets. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


The Conjuring 2

the conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 is another movie based off the allegedly true story of Ed and Lorraine  Warren whom leave their chosen sabbatical to travel to Enfield, a place in North London to help Peggy Hodgson. One day a little girl is caught smoking at school, but during this her friend gives her a spirit board. Now kids being kids of course her and her sister play with it and now their family home is haunted. Now the movie isn’t bad really. In fact any horror fan should watch it. But visually this time around its not as good neither is the sound or acting. Many parts of the movie come across as trying to hard to be scary, for example the over use of things going thud or the chair sliding across the floor and into the kitchen in front of the police that immediately leave and tell the woman to contact a priest. There is also now a random nun floating around the Warren family home that Ed dreamed up then painted which seems like it was added not because it made sense or was needed but simply to help push the struggling story a bit. For all its faults however I would still absolutely suggest seeing the movie. Once again thanks for reading and may the gaming god bring you glory.

The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring

The Conjuring is the allegedly true story of Ed and Lorraine Warren and their investigation of the Perron family. The story goes the Perron family moved into a house that seems like any other house. But as time passes small odd things start occurring that would eventually lead to a full blown poltergeist or demonic possession type scenario. Now I am not saying the story is real or not, nor am I here to debate whether it is or isn’t. The movie itself is pretty well made and is easily one of the creepier movies I have seen in recent memory. The effects are very well done and add to the creep factor. The sound and music are also really well done and do a great job of adding to the ambiance of the movie itself. The actors alone do an amazing job of selling their terror. While far from a perfect movie any fan of horror movie would do well to check this one out. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


The Happening

the happening

The Happening staring Mark Wahlberg is a rather interesting movie. Mark plays a science teacher in a world where a weird phenomenon involving mass suicide on the east cost of the United States.  The movie waste no time at all getting into the meat of the story, the first scene shows two women on a park bench reading when one notices some weird shit going on and the other eventually stabbing herself in the neck with a knitting needle he for whatever reason has in her hair.

That being said with such a starting point as you can imagine there is no real high point or low point to the movie. Now I never really came to a point I wasn’t  interested but I can see why others would. The movie is also pretty graphic which is part of kept me interested. I would avoid this movie tho if you have any issue with dead bodies or suicide in general. However if you don’t the movie is worth watching. Thanks for your time and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

We Are Still Here


I’m not going to lie to you, I watched this movie with a friend and we spent the first 40 minutes mocking it to keep ourselves entertained. The story involved a family that just lost their college aged son moving to a remote town to get away from it all. The house they bought they are told used to be a funeral home. What they weren’t told were the owners were selling the bodies and burying empty coffins. This is explained quite early by some neighbors that come to visit. After about the half way point things will finally start to pick up and it actually gets pretty exciting. Some solid death scenes as well as a town conspiracy, or cover up may be a better word. Every 30 years a “darkness” under the house reappears and needs a family. Last time they didn’t get one and the fear now is the darkness will infect the entire town if they don’t get a family this time.

While not the best movie I have seen recently it is far from the worst, and if you can get through the first 40 minutes or so you may really enjoy it. As always thanks for visiting, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

John Carpenters Vampires

JC vampires

John Carpenter is a legend in the horror industry. Starring James wood the story revolves around a vampire hunter that works for the Catholic church. As the story goes a long time ago a member of the church turned against the church and too over a few cities. Eventually he was caught and burned at the stake and quickly  stories spread of him still walking at night. And this man was the first and most powerful vampire. Well one day on a routine hunt a master vampire is missing. Later that night what turns out to be the first vampire murders almost the whole crew with ease.  After all that, the real story begins but i won’t ruin that for you. I highly suggest you check it out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Havenhurst (2016)


Havenhurst has a pretty interesting concept. An apartment building in New York is run by an old woman that only rents to people that are attempting to better themselves after miscellaneous poor life choices such as drug addiction, prostitution or alcoholism. If you go back to your self destructive ways you are evicted, and in true horror fashion someone viciously kills you before you ever actually move out. For example a woman returns to prostitution and well dies shortly after you see her ample chest bounce around with some money on the table. The movie itself can be creepy at times but outside of the core idea the movie itself fails to really follow through and capture how great the idea actually is. I won’t say this movie was bad, just not my cup of tea. Thanks for coming and may the gaming gods bring you glory.