E3 to me so far.

As we all know E3 is in full swing, and all gamers have something to say. Now obviously i wont be touching on everything from E3 because hey i’m only one man. There is a bit to cover so we should probably get started, and by all means call me an asshole at the bottom if need be.

Lets get EA out of the way early, Madden 18 will be getting a story mode. I’ve never been  fan of the story modes in sports games,however i am obviously in the minority here. There doesn’t seem to be a ton of details out there, but basically you are a former 5 star high school football player trying to get back in the game, which i assume is why its called long shot.

Now lets be honest, star wars battlefront 1 was a HUGE disappointment, so many people are rightfully skeptical of battlefront 2. One thing they both have in common is graphically they both look absolutely amazing. The new one seems to have far more content, the trailer showcases  both Jedi and Sith heroes from various eras. Darth Maul and Yoda both make an appearance as well as Rey and Kylo Ren. There also seems to be far more weapon variety as well as vehicles and space battles. It definitely appears they have learned from their mistakes.

A major thing with very little info from Microsoft, backwards compatibility for the Xbox one for original Xbox games. How well this goes will depend on the games they release and personally I’m hoping for knights of the old republic one and two but hey i guess we will see.

Now full disclosure, I am a PlayStation guy. That being said i do own and enjoy my Xbox one. Probably the biggest news from Microsoft is the X box one x,( formerly the Scorpio) which by the way the initials spell out X box, Now has a launch date and a price point. The real question here is do you feel the most powerful console ever created worth $499? For me that is a definite no. Feel free to buy me one guys, but i will not be buying it without a substantial price drop.

Not a lot of info is available for this next one, just some people in mech suits flying around and killing stuff in what appears to be one of the most beautiful worlds to exist. Thats right people, Anthem looks that good graphically.

This brings me to Bethesda. I have a soft spot for the people that bring me both Fallout and Elder Scrolls. While the Elder Scrolls will be coming to IOS,Steam and Android and both series will be getting VR support. It is also worth mentioning that Bethesda will continue to milk Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch. We also will be receiving a Dishonored spin off, which i have mixed emotions on. The first one had its flaws but was fun, and i never played 2 at all. That being said the idea of of hunting down the outsider should be fun.

Now we are getting closer to my favorite part of E3, but first one last thing to mention. We re getting a new Wolfenstein. This series is over 30 years old and while it hasn’t always been great it seems to have found its sweet spot. Every game from E3 looks good  graphically impressive, but Wolfenstein also seems to have delivered a compelling story about a revolution and killing a bunch of Nazi douchbags.

Now my favorite, and the one game mentioned here to get a video linked, mostly because that would have been a ton of videos. So without further delay, check out my favorite game so far from E3. the sequel to one of the more original game I have played in recent years.



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