Terminator: Resistance


Terminator, as I’ve said, is the poor franchise that never should have been. The series has plummeted in quality since Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and most fans wish it completely ended after Terminator 2: Judgement Day . It’s hard to remember the dark, nihilistic tone set by the original film’s visions of the future but this game remembers, and I thank them for all the old school fans out there.

Jacob Rivers is a Tech Com soldier on the run in the early years of the Resistance. His squad was wiped out by heartless Terminators and Skynet machines and is looking for a outpost so he can get link back up with Conner and the Resistance. He meets a group of survivors he becomes attached to as well as a mysterious stranger who is protecting him from a new kind of Terminator that appears human, the new Infiltrator model. Can Rivers and the Resistance launch there attack on  Skynet’s core or will the Infiltrator terminate Rivers and help seal humanity’s fate?

I’ve played Terminator games in my time, each it’s own bitter disappointment, but I was highly impressed with this game. I give a huge amount of credit to the team for capture the apocalyptic feel of the original 2 movies and respecting how badass and frightening the Terminators really were.  The machines are hard and feel like worthy threats. The gameplay feels like a simplified version of Far Cry and Fallout 4 but it’s more than solid and strangely addictive. The story is pretty good and the characters are pretty flushed out and interesting. Sadly there are some issues. Explosions have some hit detection issues- you’ll be far enough from a explosion and it’ll kill you. On top of that, dying is rather easy and I have experienced more than my fair share of bullshit deaths. Also I don’t like how multiple functions are shared by the same button but different pressures ( ex: hold triangle to use health but tap to use your melee attack). In the end, I had a hell of a lot of fun and I had a lot of fun but this game isn’t perfect. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Infamous: First Light

inf 1st light

With many of us quarantined and the world dialed to the max on crazy, I needed to escape into a good superhero game. I took a dip back into the aged classic Batman: Arkham Asylum and I wasn’t ready to revisit Marvel’s Spider-man (PS4) , I thought it might be a cool opportunity to give First Light a try.

First Light is the story of Abigail Walker, better known as Fetch, and the tragic events leading up to her fighting Delson in Infamous: Second Son . Fetch and her brother, Brent, have been on the run since there parents tried selling out Fetch for her powers. Homeless, desperate, and battling her demons of her neon powers and drug addiction, Fetch is sent on a revenge quest against a aspiring drug lord Shane as she learns to accept her gifts…

Doing a Fetch solo DLC was a smart idea because she continues to be one of the coolest part of Second Son. I loved zipping around at super speed and the amount of abilities you get are pretty impressive and some different than what you get from Second Son. The story is quick but the finale is satisfying and Fetch is a compelling character to follow. I must admit though, in a rare turn of events, I actually had more fun with the side stuff than the main game; the sniper missions got annoying quick and I failed a lot because of the sheer amount of guys on screen. The biggest problem I had was the colorization of the map which is a lot of similar colors that can be a pain in the ass to read. While not perfect, it’s a good quick burst of game if you don’t want to devote days or weeks to. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Descent: Part 2

descent 2

Most of the time I see a movie, especially a rare kind of horror movie that’s actually scary, and I get wary. Horror and comedy lend themselves to crappy straight to video sequels and well…(sigh).

So days after Sarah crawled her way out of the caves, bloody and beaten, the cops find her. The trauma of the caves has left her nearly catatonic and suffering from amnesia. The sheriff doesn’t buy it and organizes a search party to find the girls from the first movie, ordering Sarah to come with them. Along the journey, evidence arises towards the grisly end of Sarah’s friends and soon the the Crawlers attack but as the group divides, another survivor emerges…

I try to be as honest when doing these reviews so I have to say Descent 2 outright pissed me off. I wasn’t surprised that the cave is well lighted the whole time and the amount of flashbacks and the reliance on Easter eggs from the first. What pissed me off was that other survivor (I don’t want to spoil it) because after that, the movie starts to crap on what I liked about the first. The plot itself is borderline idiotic and I wasn’t invested in any of the characters; I even laughed my ass off at a poorly done heroic death. The score is decent and there are some decent gore effects but nothing worth mentioning. In the end, I say skip this pointless sequel because it will tarnish the first for you. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Swallow trailer

When I saw this trailer, I was a immediately hooked by the premise and the visuals behind it. I love stories about the ugliness of a perfect world type of thing. There are some pretty disturbing places this concept could go and I’m interested to see where. I definitely want to check this out at some point. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Descent

the descent

I see a ton of trailers just to report about them here and I’ve seen a billion in my lifetime. The Descent was a rare case. In a era of gore-porn in horror I thought suspense was pretty much gone and while I loved the trailer, I assumed this was going to be another mindless bloodbath. I was insanely wrong…

Sarah and her gal pals are adventurous thrill seekers who love pushing there limits. After tragedy strikes, Sarah is left broken inside after losing everything. A year later, her friend Juno reunites the women for a all girls weekend and a new adventure: exploring what they are led to believe is a routine cavern dive. At first all is well and they are treated to wondrous sights and thrills they’d been hoping for. It quickly becomes a nightmare when a tight tunnel caves in and the truth comes out, they were never in a explored area. As the ladies struggle to find a way in, fear settles in and the group begins turning on each other, but little do they know they are far from alone down there…

In no way is this a perfect movie but damn I love it. The movie is excellent at mounting tension and carries suspense all the way through. I have to credit the filmmakers because the use of darkness and various lighting is extremely well done and at times adds to the freaky atmosphere with a good score. The actresses have really good chemistry and it’s easy to care about them and believe they were longtime friends. I love that the plot has layers to it, not sticking to a creature feature or a survival moment and there is a nice ribbon of revenge in it.  The Crawlers are creepy and I appreciate a B movie concept pushed to a scary level of these inhuman freaks. As I said though, this movie is far from perfect however. There are some stupid jump scares thrown in with some genuinely good scares and I found most  of the jump scares annoying. With a lot of the fast editing and dark backgrounds, some action scenes are frankly a cluster fuck to watch. The opening 10 minutes feel awkward and admittedly, I know this movie has 3 ending and I’ve seen 2 and thought both were pretty lame.  Despite a weak start and weak finish, The Descent is a damn good horror movie that still keeps me on edge that I highly recommend. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Black Widow final trailer

While my hype has admittedly simmered as many have on the MCU, I am pretty interested to see how this movie plays out. I do like Task Master is using skill sets related to Cap, Black Panther, and Hawkeye in this trailer. It looks like a fair superhero movie I’d be glad to see. May the gaming gods bring you glory.