Horror games that deserve a remaster


Hi folks, meet Lisa Trevor. Lisa Trevor is a undying, hauntingly tragic character from Resident Evil (remake) who helped set the remake apart from the original. I’ve played a good deal of horror games that would do some from touch up and could actually compete today. In no particular order lets begin with a particular favorite of mine…

a51 1. Area 51 –

I love crazy ass government conspiracies one thing I loved was how all the collectibles were linked to famous conspiracies like Sasquatch, psychics, aliens, super soldiers, cloning, and the JFK assassination.  Touch up the graphics, add some new depths to Area 51 and these days we have a wealth of crazy things to ponder..

fear 2. F.E.A.R

I’m honestly shocked this hasn’t been remade or remastered yet. It’s a widely loved horror game that with some new graphics and a few gameplay tweaks, this game would be truly great.

alienr game1 3. Alien Resurrection: the game –

Ok, I know Alien Resurrection wasn’t exactly everyone’s favorite installment in the series so besides being a huge Alien fan, why include it? Well, the game had a damn good atmosphere, the aliens weren’t easy to take out, and I think with updated graphics and some new controls it could be close to what Aliens: Colonial Marines was supposed to be.

trapt 4. Trapt –

This is a strange case. The atmosphere and music are creepy and there are some alarming ways to kill people in this castle but it’s not your typical horror game. I think with a bit bigger story and a few new trap ideas, I think this could be really special.

eternal darkness 5. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s requiem-

I’m really curious why the hell Nintendo never re-released a game many have praised for being ahead of it’s time in horror and now modern systems have more than the capabilities to give this game a grand remake it deserves.

silent hill 2 6. Silent Hill 2-

I know pretty much nothing about Konami except Savior rage quitting the Metal Gear Survive preview but the effect Silent hill has had on the horror field is undeniable. Silent Hill 2 gave us Pyramid Head and a great twist; imagine with a updated camera system and new graphics?

dino crisis 7. Dino Crisis-

The last game on this list and I don’t know why we haven’t heard from the series in decades. Essentially it was if Resident Evil and Jurassic Park had a weird hybrid baby. A reboot could be amazing if done with love and care.


I hope you enjoyed my list and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


She’s Out of My League (2010)

download (1)

We have all met people who were out of our league. But what would happen if you ended up dating that person? That is the story of Kirk(Jay Baruchel) and Molly (Alice Eve) Molly will end up dating Kirk. Molly is a 10 and he is a 5, tops. The story is as you would expect full of friends telling Kirk it won’t work and why and even Molly has a friend saying the same thing. Ex’s show up, both crazy and one even thinks Kirk is gay.

The movie is as you would expect for a romantic comedy quite funny considering he works for the TSA and she is a party planner. Admittedly if I ever found out that is how working for the TSA really was, I would apply that day. So if anyone reading this works for them and has seen this movie and can confirm, let me know.

All that being said while the movie is fun, the acting great and the soundtrack surprisingly well done the movie isn’t perfect. Kirks family and even every ex in the movie is nothing more than a stereotype and we all know how much of a pet peeve that is for me. Come on, put some effort into this guys.  That being said, if you like romantic comedies check this one out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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Conan Exiles: Savage Frontier & Pet Taming Trailer — All The PlayStation You’ll Ever Need.

Conan Exiles is about to get one of those updates that will change the game in many ways. Funcom has brought us some really fun times with building, adventure and combat in the game and now we are about to get pet taming. I have been looking forward to this update since it was announced. […]

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Battlefield: Bad Company

battlefied bad comp

Many younger readers won’t understand this but a long time ago, FPS games weren’t that special. Of course there were games like GoldenEye, Doom, and the severely underrated Red Faction that pushed the envelope. Red Faction, you could blast through walls and back then it blew my mind. You can imagine my surprise hiding from a tank inside a house and having the tank blow the house up with me in it. Progress, eh?

Unlike many other military FPS games, you aren’t saving the world from terrorists or stopping WW3. You are a new recruit to a charismatic group of misfits referred to as Bad Company, who uncover leads to a stolen wealth and they’ll have to fight there way to it before the government snatches it up.

In a world of overblown shooters that try to hard to be cool or effects heavy, Bad Company was a great exception. Your team sells the game with some pretty funny dialogue and over time you do grow to care about these guys. I love that you can jump into almost every house you see, and jump into every vehicle you see so there’s a good amount of variety. The game loses some of it’s luster as you go but the characters and craziness of the stages keeps it fun. Your health doesn’t naturally regenerate but instead you get an injection that  bumps your health back up, the wait time inbetween can be surprisingly tense. Bad Company was a game I felt should have gotten more love than it did but otherwise it’s a real good FPS I suggest checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Glass trailer 2

I’ve become a huge fan of this series over the past year after loving Split and Unbreakable and I’m glad this trailer shows a lot more of Mr Glass. I like the idea presented of the Beast being an anti-hero sort of character; I think the showdown between Dunn and Beast will be epic as hell. This movie is shaping up to be a awesome trilogy ender and I’m still super pumped for it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Pet Sematary trailer

I wasn’t expecting a trailer so soon after images were released of the new Church, which kind of creepy considering he looks like my friends cat. The book and original movie for Pet Sematary is one of my favorite horror story. That being said, the original film was pretty damn close to the book so I can’t think of many ways it can get closer. The thing about the kids with animal masks is weird and while the cast is good, I can’t help but think it feels too Hollywood. Also, the jump scare with the truck made me groan. I cant say shit though because I was one of those people who originally said the IT remake was going to blow, so I’m going to keep an open mind. May the gaming gods bring you glory.