World War Z Free On Epic Store

MAPLEWOOD, N.J. – March 26, 2020 – World War Z, the best-selling co-op shooter from Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive inspired by Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster film, is available to download and keep for free on PC via the Epic Games Store from today until April 2. The game is also on sale for 75% off on Xbox One with Deals with Gold from today until March 30.

In addition, players on both platforms can now play together in PvE missions and the wave-based Horde Mode Z (applies only to matchmaking on official game servers). PlayStation®4 crossplay is expected to arrive in the future. The latest update also includes new weapon variants with unique perks, balance improvements for PvE and Horde Mode Z, and four premium character skins available as a bundle or with the Season Pass.

Deadlands Looking For Artist

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, March 23, 2020. Fatshark and Blackfox are proud to invite new artists to get their work published in Dreadlands.

Dreadlands is a turn-based skirmish game set in a living post-apocalyptic shared world. Explore Dreadlands by travelling across its many regions with your misfit gang of miscreants and mercenaries. The game is set in a Shared World where players frequently encounter and interact with each other. Sometimes they cooperate, other times they pick fights in bloody PvP battles.

Every player forms a team of three, and each team has a logo. This is where you come in. Enter Game Artist. You can create a logo, and all creations approved by the developer will be permanent fixtures in the game. The creators will also be mentioned in the game credits.

More information about how you can get your art into Dreadlands via


New Final Fantasy 7 Books Announced for 2020

SQUARE ENIX® announced two new books being published by the company’s Square Enix Manga & Books imprints, FINAL FANTASY® VII REMAKE: World Preview and FINAL FANTASY VII Poster Collection, which will celebrate the iconic characters, massive world and beautiful visuals of one of the most anticipated video games of the year, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. The titles will be releasing this Fall through all major book sales channels as well as from the SQUARE ENIX Store for $24.99 each.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE: World Preview, releasing on September 8th, is a lavishly illustrated, full-color introduction to the world of the beloved game. The hardcover volume offers both new players and long-time fans essential information on characters, gameplay and more, in addition to exclusive commentary from Director Tetsuya Nomura and Producer Yoshinori Kitase.


Breeder Homegrown (PS4 Review)

First, as always, a big shout out to the guys and gals over at Sometimes You for hooking me up with a review copy to this horror game. It isn’t fancy and didn’t have a huge budget but you can tell it was a labor of love.

The games concept is pretty cool, you play as an old man that is remembering his childhood that was tormented, just like the rest of his family, by a mysterious being. There are a few puzzles to sort out but nothing all that major.

Now, to be honest, the only reason to buy this game is an easy platinum trophy. The game is short and none of them are hard to get. The game itself while having a great concept just wasn’t very fun to me or even good. The writing was cringe at times (come on guys nobody calls their stepmother “stepmother Jane” or “Stepmother Cindy” every time they speak to them. the sounds left much to be desired as well. I won’t mention the graphics because honestly, that is subjective. For example, I rather enjoy the RPG Maker graphics.

This game, however, isn’t one I can recommend outside of for trophy hunters. This is the lowest score I have given a game, but 3/10 and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

SnowRunner New Game Trailer


SnowRunner puts you behind the wheel of 40 heavy-duty, customizable, off-road vehicles from makers like Chevrolet, Caterpillar, Freightliner and more in some of the world’s most unforgiving environments. Explore three new regions with 11 interconnected sandbox maps, bringing you more than three times the square mileage of the original MudRunner for a true test of how you fare against the elements.

Master extreme hazards like snowbanks, ice, rivers and mud — each with their own unique physics and challenges — to get the job done as cleanly as possible. SnowRunner offers a huge variety of missions to take on alone or with friends online in fully synchronous four-player co-op multiplayer! And with mod support at launch on PC made possible by a new partnership with, you’ll be able to expand your experience even further with great content from the community.

SnowRunner is coming April 28 to PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. SnowRunner: Premium Edition includes the base game and its season pass, which will deliver new vehicles, maps, activities and more after release.

Iron Danger Gets March 25th Release Date

Daedalic Entertainment and Action Squad Studios have released a new gameplay features trailer for Iron Danger, the time-manipulating tactical RPG coming to Steam on Wednesday, March 25! This latest video shines a light on the game’s unique story while offering an inside look at its innovative time-rewind mechanics:


Iron Danger adds a new twist to classic tactical RPG action with the ability to turn back time up to five seconds to change the future! Players can dodge or block attacks that were sure to hit them, strategically adjust their position on the battlefield, then choose their next actions to capitalize on the situation. Iron Danger gives traditional tactical combat a puzzle-like element, letting you continuously test new approaches and synchronize your characters’ actions for the perfect outcome.

  • Master unique time-rewind mechanics and experience a new take on tactical combat, fusing the best aspects of real-time and turn-based systems.
  • Adventure into a world of steampunk fantasy inspired by Finnish folklore.
  • Highly interactive environments let you seize the advantage over your enemies.
  • Fight epic boss monsters on the path to fulfill your destiny.
  • No grinding! Character progression is balanced throughout over 15 hours of gameplay!


Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo Thoughts

Now Clearly I played the same demo as everyone else, so these are just my thoughts on it. First, it’s beautiful as hell. The zombies look gruesome the fire and lighting are great. This isn’t anything we didn’t expect. Raccoon City has never looked better.

My only real complaint as I wandered through these streets climbing up ladders, and I hope they straighten out is god damn it why are 3 headshots not killing zombies? They aren’t even special zombies, they were just run of the mill walking dead. Did they start me out with a pellet gun with a sound machine attached to it to make it sound like a real gun?

Truthfully that is my only complaint, all this demo did was make me look forward to this like I did Resident Evil 2. I feel like last years release of two this will also be in the running for Game of The Year, and I truly hope this becomes a yearly thing with part 1 getting the love and remake it deserves next year. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.