Snow Runner (Preview)

For fans of the Mudrunner games, we now have Snow Runner and yes it is a sequel from Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive. This one is expected to be even bigger and grander than the first, with larger levels stunning visuals and a whole host of improvements. Enjoy the trailer below as well as some pictures, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



Pocket League Story 2 (Mobile)

Pocket League Story 2 is another Kairosoft game on mobile, but this time around you are managing a new soccer team. (for the none Americans, that is football. The game mechanics are similar to all the other Kairosoft games. You are given a team to run that you will name, hire some low level and ranked players and play equally bad teams. You will grand your way up the ranks and level your players and hire better ones. As you win games and earn money you will upgrade the team and your facilities.

You won’t actually play the games, similar to Grand Prix Story Mobile story you watch the games play out, which only takes a minute or so. The game isn’t hard, my first game was a draw and my 2nd and 3rd were wins. The game does get harder later depending on how you play and the strategies you use.

I personally am not a fan of soccer, so the game really didn’t hold my interest but I feel like if I was into the sport the game would have been much better. This same game with American football or baseball would have been great. By all means, check this one out if you like the sport, everyone else may want to try a different game tho.

Pocket Harvest (Mobile)

Pocket Harvest is another Kairosoft mobile game that is a bit niche. All you do is build a farm and hire workers to go tend it. Crops are automatically sold, and if you put certain things within the area they affect other things. In the summer, you can plant Sun Flowers to help boost plants and happiness.

You can also give items to your workers to help boost their stats and make them work harder, while other items improve your crops for a few months. As the game progresses you can buy more land and improve the quality and amount of crops you can have and grow. It is all pretty standard and I don’t regret spending a few bucks on it. The graphics are cute and the game functions well, but it is pretty niche. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

5 Games I play to Relax

Sometimes as a gamer, you don’t want a challenge, you just want to relax, or a familiar game to chill out with. We all have games we fall back to for this, amd here are 5 of mine.


Farming Simulator 17 (Xbox One) is a relaxing game for me. Just driving around, growing crops, seeing how bad the physics break when I launch stuff off rocks or try to stack stuff that shouldn’t be stacked. Its just fun to screw around with when I don’t want to take shit seriously.


Oh, Cities Skylines PlayStation 4 , how I love you. You are relaxing, you are fun, and I really don’t care if I ruin the lives of thousands of people by making all the roads one-way streets and forcing them to drive onto the highway just to get home. Screw you guys and your little cars. This game can be taken as seriously or not as serious as you want, but the outcome is the same. Fun.

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NHL 19, or any NHL game really is fun to relax with because I don’t care. I can toss it on rookie difficulty, wrack up a 20 goal win while beating the crap out of the other team or I can pump it up to something harder and get stomped while pretending I know what I am doing. Sports games are good to relax with because they can be relaxing or challenging.

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Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition Kerbal is one of those games that if you take it seriously and you aren’t good at it, it will drive you insane. If you are good at it, it will still drive you nuts. However, if you suck and don’t take it seriously, or just don’t take it seriously at all the game is filled with explosions and dead kerbals and stuff just getting flung everywhere, making it the perfect game to relax with for me.

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BloodBorne review seems like an odd game to be on this list since all the Soulsborne games are notoriously difficult. The problem is after you play through them a bit, they stop being difficult for the most part and it largely becomes more about muscle memory and recognizing patterns. For me, Bloodborne has become something I play to just chill out. The game still has hard parts and bosses that still mess up my day, but for the most part, I just like to relax in the world.

So what about you guys, what do you play when you just want to relax, let me know and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



Grand Prix Story Mobile

Grand Prix Story is a cute little mobile game from Kairosoft. The idea is you start a race car company with a little bit of money, a small car and crew and watch them race while you decide on sponsors, crew, and parts. As you level up you get new cars, better crew, better parts, and harder races.

The game is simple and straight forward without much of a learning curve. That being said, the game itself isn’t easy to master. Putting the right parts on the right car for the right race can be fun in itself. The game, however, does have a breaking point and eventually, you do get so much money and experience you can just toss any car anywhere and win. The game, however, was worth the couple bucks I paid for it, so give it a shot and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Kerbal Space Program 2

Here is a game I thought would never happen, and it turns out it is coming out in the spring of 2020 on PC and sometime later in 2020 on Xbox One and PS4. Some of the things I’ve seen mentioned in their forums is the game being easier to mod, interstellar travel and the ability to make full-blown colonies that can eventually be launched from. There is still plenty of time and we haven’t seen any gameplay, but enjoy the trailer below and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Legend Of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel 3 Story Trailer

As many of you know I have a great relationship with NIS America. They have a habit of tossing me their games when they come out and as you guys know I fully admit to that and am quite honest, I have even told you guys not to buy one of them because I really disliked it. I am in the middle of playing the first game in the series, and while I am enjoying it the game is a bit slow to start but is picking up. There will be a full review before this one comes out, but you should know the 3 games are directly connected, so if you enjoy this trailer you might want to go pick up the other 2. I am being open about my working relationship with NIS because I don’t want you guys to think I was asked to share this info, I was not. I just don’t want you guys to go into this and be blindsided when you buy the 3rd game in a series that is all directly connected. So enjoy the trailer, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.