Farming Simulator 19 Platinum Launch Trailer

As you are all undoubtedly aware by now I am a pretty big fan of the biyearly Farming Simulator games and the 2019 edition Platinum version is launching. With the edition of CLAAS brand vehicles and tools, the total is over 380 vehicles and tools to choose from so you can farm, raise animals and chop down trees until your heart is content and your bank account is overflowing. Enjoy the trailer below, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Iron Dagger (PC)

Iron Dagger is a new game announced by publisher Daedalic Entertainment, a tactical Rpg releasing in early 2020.  Enjoy the trailer and some key points below, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

  • Unique time-rewind mechanics combine the best aspects of real-time and turn-based combat.
  • Highly interactive environments provide advantages to succeed against impossible odds.
  • Adventure in a world of steampunk fantasy, meeting unique inhabitants inspired by Finnish folklore and fantasy.
  • Fight epic boss monsters.
  • No grinding!¬†Character progression pace is controlled by the story, ensuring every fight matters.

Hero Express (PS4)

Hero Express is a driving game in which you will attempt to race across vast hills and valleys in order to deliver items to help a hero save the world. The hero is incompetent, because he honestly forgets the item he needs to defeat every monster which are parodies of other monsters from movies and such.

The game graphically isn’t amazing but it is good enough and the controls function great for what the game is trying to do which is essentially a physics-based driving game where you level up your cars to improve performance so you can complete each level. It is a bit repetitive but is enjoyable, and the platinum is pretty easy to get if you are into that sort of thing. Plus, the game is cheap, like $5. I picked it up on sale for less than $2. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Alliance Alive HD Remastered (PS4)

As always huge shout out to NIS America for hooking me up with a copy of this one. It is always a pleasure to get to review a game for them and this was no exception.

The Alliance Alive is a remaster, obviously, of the game of the same name from the Nintendo 3DS. It has overhauled visuals, sounds and the story should be pretty similar to the 3DS version for those that played it.

The story is pretty standard JRPG stuff. A group of humans will rebel against their beastmen and daemon overlords. The world has long since been split apart, and the sky is no longer blue. It is actually rumored that the blue skies in stories are just that, stories. The story starts out with a simple delivery mission, and as always explodes from there. As always I won’t spoil too much, but you can expect to be bounced around in the early chapters to get a good view of different perspectives. The story is pretty good, tho not very innovative. It isn’t going to reinvent the wheel or even improve it, but it will entertain you.

The battle system is also pretty typical JRPG stuff. Turn-based battles until someone’s HP is gone, tho you can revive your characters with a simple healing spell which is cool. Getting into battles is a simple matter of walking into an enemy on the map, and I like the fact you can basically equip any character whatever weapon you want, tho you would waste talent points learning new skills for those weapons.

Admittedly, while I enjoyed the game you really could tell you were playing a 3DS game on PS4. The visuals and sound were upgraded weren’t quite up to scale and the gameplay was simplistic. It was fun tho and for that, I have to give this game an 8/10 and recommend it to any fan of the genre. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Rocket to Uranus (Mobile)

Rocket to Uranus is a simple concept. The rocket spins around a planet, you tap the screen at the right time and it flys to the next planet, or you get lost in space and start over again. This is about as fun as it sounds. Yes, it’s cool for about 2 minutes.

The graphics and sound are both simplistic and the game itself is..Well lets just cut to the chase, don’t waste your time downloading it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.