Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Review

  Eiyuden Chronicle Rising is a weird game for me. It’s cheap ($15) and is a spin off of a game that isn’t out yet. It introduces you to the world and some of the characters that will be in next year’s Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

  It actually does a very good job of this, C.J. is a lovable scavenger and her relationship with Garoo who is a kangaroo is great. More than once I laughed at how upset or annoyed he would seem to get at her love of stamp collecting.

  Yes I did say stamp collecting. A large part of this game is simply helping rebuild New Nevaeh. While you do this the towns people will reward you with money, experience new tools and stamps. These stamps fill a card that basically show your progress in the game and can be used to get items at the trader, later on some of these items are absolutely amazing so it is worth collecting them, sort of.

I say sort of because the game isn’t really all that hard or long. You only ever get three characters,you can swap between them easily simply by hitting A Y or B depending on who you want to attack with and doing so allows you to use link attacks to cause more damage or solve puzzles. I never found a reason to spend time grinding for levels or materials, simply doing all the missions will set you up nicely.

  The town itself however is nice, rebuilding it is simplistic,just gather the materials people ask for and give it to them. They will build the building in a preset location and give you a stamp.

Honestly for $15 the game is nice but a little repetitive. It is a nice introduction however to a world I can’t wait to give deeper into. It is also on GamePass and definitely worth checking out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Orbit.industries PS5 review

  As always with these reviews I would like to take a second to say thank you to the nice people over at Klabater and LAB132 for tossing is a copy of this one to review, it is always appreciated.

As many of you know I am a huge fan of Kerbal Space Program,so any chance I get to play with rockets or space stations I will. There are no rockets in this game and no need to worry about orbiting things. This time however all you have to worry about is building the best space station you can with a very intuitive system. simply pick the type of object or connection you want to add and it builds.

Another screen allows you to connect what you just build to the stations systems. This screen will also show you exactly how efficient your space station is.

None of this is to say the game is easy,it is very far from easy. There are decisions to be made depending on your goals or even the campaign you are playing. Can you really afford to build that extra research lab instead of more power? There is a pretty fine line between being efficient enough to do things just quick enough to make it worth it and everything you have built becoming a huge slog.

There isn’t a ton to this game compared to others out there in the surface. When you dig deep and see how things can go from great to catastrophic in a few minutes, or from being a simple trade station simulator to having to terraform a planet it becomes very hard not to recommend this game when you see the price point of $20.(US) the game looks amazing with fabulous views and the sounds are pretty much exactly what one would hope for. A solid 8/10 experience that any fan of space, building, or tycoon fans will enjoy. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Crystar Nintendo Switch Review

As always I like to take a minute to give a huge shout out to NIS America for tossing me a review copy of this one and also take a moment to apologize to you guys for this one being a little bit later than usual.

The Switch version of Crystar is simply the newest release of a game that’s already been available on PC and PS4 for a bit already,and unless you simply want a version to play on the go there and really isn’t a big reason to pick this one up. It doesn’t offer much in the way of anything new.

That being said if you haven’t played it this isn’t a bad place to start. Graphically the game does a great job of catching the dark and depressing world Rei finds herself in as she searches for her sister Mirai and her soul that is lost in purgatory. She becomes an executioner of sorts for a couple of demons that give her a contract and promise to give her the power to revive her sister if she does as they need her to do.

The story is pretty straight forward and has no world saving implications really and it does a pretty good job getting Rei’s pain and struggle with depression and sadness across. The battle system however felt repetitive and lackluster to me and even the extra playable characters didn’t do much to change this.

Crystar isn’t a bad game, but it is definitely one you want to pick up on sale. It is a decent 6/10, it’s pretty original but original doesn’t always mean great. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Royal Frontier Xbox Series S Review

As always with these things I like to give a huge thanks to Ratalaika Games games first for tossing me a copy of this one to check out. It isn’t often I play a roguelike but when I do they are usually a blast, and a truly turn-based one is a rare treat.

The game starts off explaining that you are tasked with guiding a caravan from one place to another, a new town being set up. There isn’t too much of a story here. Just a barebones to get you moving and it serves that purpose very well.

The combat also is about as basic as it gets, your team of thee characters will take its turn then the enemy will. You start with the typical knight, priest, wizard type but you unlock three more as you go on. The battles are quick but do have a bit of strategy involved. If you go all out with your spells you will quickly find yourself out of mana for future battles, however, if you don’t fight hard enough there won’t be future battles.

Bears can be particularly rough

The game map itself lets you take one of three paths that you can occasionally switch from one to another. There are various possibilities that can happen from a standard battle to a midlevel boss or random events or even a small town you can choose to recover your mana or hitpoints. At the end of each stage is a boss battle to move on to the next.

There are very few things about this game I don’t enjoy, and the things that do bother me I can not in good conscience complain about at this game’s price point of about $7. It is a little short consisting of only three levels and there are only six characters. There are however an abundance of unlockables to help make each run easier and it will take multiple runs to unlock them all. Fans of turn-based RPGs and roguelikes should definitely pick this one up. I will give this one a 9/10 while pointing out that this is a low-budget game designed for quick fun for a certain demographic, and it nails that exactly.

How I Met Your Father Impressions

How I Met Your Father is a spin off of one of my favorite shows of all time, How I Met Your Mother. So clearly going into this I had low expectations it would be something I enjoy but very high hopes.

It’s a fine line to walk honestly, you need enough of a connection to make people coming back to say hey this is familiar enough to make me want to watch but new enough so they don’t say hey this is a rip off cash grab.

You also need it to be just be a copy and paste because let’s be honest here, if How I Met Your Mother came out in 2022, it would have gotten destroyed. It’s been off the air since 2014 and already Barney Stinson would probably be canceled as a rapist and Robin as being abusive to Ted. And don’t even get me started on Marshal and Lily. Even towards the end the show was acknowledging how messed up the group was.

Honestly that was half the charm of the original and much of that is missing here. Most of us knew a toned down version of all the people from HIMYM. One of the characters from HIMYF however is a very rich British guy (Charlie) that ran away to be with another character ( Valentina) and a third (Sid) legitimately owns the bar they all hang out at.

The main character,Sophie, (Hillary Duff) is equally as unrelatable, while she struggles with dating in the world of Tinder and hangs out with her friends she mostly whines about turning 30 and not knowing what to do with her life, even tho she already has a career.

That’s not to say the show isn’t entertaining, the show is actually quite entertaining. It has it’s laughs and I enjoy that the first episode they out right tell you that’s how she met the father even tho they never tell you which character it is. Some of the characters also live in the same apartment from the original that they got off an older married couple (clearly meaning Lily and Marshal)

The show is by no means bad, it just lacks much of the character of the original. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Monarch PS4 Review

As first with these things, huge shout out to NIS America for tossing me a review copy of this one. Always love working with those guys and this is no exception.

Right out the gate I was a bit nervous about this one, I had never really heard of it and knew next to nothing about it. It looked interesting tho if not a bit cliche. Japanese school gets locked down by magical powers nobody understands and the students try to figure it out.

This turns out to be a huge over simplification of the story. You will start out taking a small quiz if sorts, there are no wrong answers and they simply help build your characters ego based on the 7 deadly sins. This will change during the game anyway based on battles and choices you make as well as other quizzes. I started out with high lust and 0 envy but quickly passed list with wrath and built up a bit of envy.

The battle system is a tactical turn based of sorts and it is really well done, there are some random difficulty spikes. There isn’t anything we haven’t seen here before, and if you don’t mind some grinding it isn’t to bad. Your spirit however acts as experience and money to buy items.

Leveling up with spirit is done by buying or leveling up new skills for each character and won’t happen automatically. This is both good and bad because if the main protagonist goes down it is game over so you can focus mostly on him if you want or be more balanced about it which is what I chose.

Graphically the game is nice, and the story is definitely more adult than I was expecting. As you attempt to take down the walls stopping people from leaving the school you will notice that students are dying and the game isn’t shying away from the how and why.

This game is definitely worth checking out for fans if the genre, and I actually got a very big Persona vibe from it and with very good reason as it is made by former Shin Megami developers. My only real complaint is that some of the puzzles will have you reaching for a guide to figure out, as some of them make little to no sense. It is still easily an 8/10 game and one of the first must plays of 2022 for me. Best wishes and may the gaming gods being you glory.

Thoughts on Peacemaker

Like most people, I had no idea who Peacemaker was until John Cena was chosen to play the part. Honestly when it comes to the comic version I still know almost nothing about him. Having looked him up he doesn’t have any super powers and is basically just a guy that is insanely skilled and talented. In fact one iteration has him as a diplomat that wants peace so much he starts just killing people.

That brings us to the show, where Peacemaker aka the guy with the best opening in comic book show and movie history possibly is pretty much a dark comedy. His best friend is an eagle, names Eagly because why would a guy like Peacemaker have a sense of humor. He is being used by Amanda Waller once again this time for Project Butterfly.

I won’t go to deep into the story so I don’t spoil it on you guys though I honestly love this show. I didn’t expect that I would but seeing John Cena dance around in his underwear after finally getting laid after being in jail for years only to almost get killed and steal important objects, which he decided we’re vinyl albums is amazing.

His watching his friendship with fellow characters Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) and especially Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) is especially satisfying as all the characters show real growth and change as the season goes on.

If you haven’t started watching this yet, now is the time to catch up. Best wishes and may the gaming gods being you glory.

Edge of Eternity Xbox Series S (review)

As always with these things I like to give a huge thank you to my friends over at Midgar Studios and Dear Villager for hooking me up with a copy of this one. It is always appreciated.

A few things to get out of the way first, this review will be all over the place. There are things in this game to love, and there are things I honestly just didn’t even like. There were some pros and cons as always, but this one seemed to be almost a 50/50 mix and it’s up to you to decide what is important to you.

I always like to start with something positive, and I will get the biggest thing out of the way first. To me the make or break if any JRPG is the combat, and Edge of Eternity is clearly a love letter to the old school ATB systems of the past. This one is on a hexagonal field and moving your characters around it can really help with the strategy needed to not get yourself killed.

The game doesn’t reinvent or even perfect the wheel, but if you like the games of the last like me this is where the game shines.

Unfortunately where the combat is great, the story is pretty much the usual save the world story. The time it is from something called the corrosion seemingly brought about by visitors from the sky in metal ships. It’s kind of hit and miss. At times it is fun and exciting but it never truly kicks into high gear. You can however tell they creators loved certain times in gaming history, and they really wanted to pay a certain amount of respect to that.

The world however is also big and beautiful with very little technical issues, tho the Xbox version did have a few people report that after a couple hours of game play during a fight the game would freeze. Not everyone ran into this and by the time you read this the patch will be released to fix that issue.

I don’t tell you this to convince you not to buy the game, quite the opposite in fact. The company is very responsive to people and I played before any of the patches at release. This to me is a huge sign of quality from a company and it should be recognized.

When all is said and done, the game is a fun playthrough. I enjoyed the combat and the simple but fun crafting system there was enough to do to keep me interested, tho I can’t say I will be playing it again. The game is a 7/10 and worth checking out on GamePass or even at it’s price point on PlayStation. Best wishes and may the gaming gods being you glory.

Farming Simulator 22 (PS4 Review)

As always I like to start out by saying thank you to the people over at GIANTS Software for hooking me up with a review copy of this one. As you all know I am a huge fan of the Farming Simulator series and have looked forward to this one.

So how does 22 stack up to the previous years you may ask? Well there are a few spots 22 is a swing and a miss and none of them are in areas I expected. So before I go and talk about all the things the game did right, I am going to go and explain where I feel like this one failed. None of then are game breaking but after playing on my PS4 Pro you can tell graphically this needed a little more time. As seasons change more than once I’ve had snow on the ground that suddenly would disappear all at once.

And not just on a part of the map, my entire farm would suddenly just not have snow. Fields would also suddenly pop into existence with fully grown crops where before there was a black void. Entire buildings would do this as well when things would be there and gone and pop right back into existence. This was always purely visual and would only happen occasionally in the distance. Your vehicle would always stay firmly attached to the road and it never messed with gameplay etc.

Now the news isn’t all bad, in fact despite what I just said about the graphical issues, this game is truly the epitome of the series. The seasons changing is a nice touch and honestly it gives you incentive to do jobs for the other farmers in the game. It helps pass time and make money while you wait for your crops to grow in the early game until you have more fields for yourself to grow a variety of crops. Why you might want to do that will become apparent in a moment.

Another great addition to the game, and my personal favorite is the production chain. You no longer just have to grow crops simply to sell them, which you still can do and early on you pretty much have to. Later for example you can buy the Oil Mill and deposit your canola there. The Oil Mill will then turn it into canola oil which you can then sell for even more profits.

This process also works for things like wheat or grapes and everything else however some go further. For example wheat can be turned into flour which can then be made into bread or combined with other things to be made into cake. The more complex the potential more money to be made.

None of this replaces the older features from past games, there is still money to be made raising animals, making silage, tossing bails around or logging. Honestly I haven’t even touched half of what the game has to offer I think and that’s after easily 30-40 hours of playing.

When all is said and done, if you have played and enjoyed a farming simulator game in the past you will love this one and it is a must buy. If you have always been curious, this is the one to jump on. That all being said, if you haven’t enjoyed them in the past this won’t change your mind. This is however the best in the series, and it isn’t even close. The only thing holding this one back are some graphical glitches that are purely cosmetic, and I have tried my hardest to see if they would do anything to actual gameplay.

Normally I don’t give out two scores for the same game but this time I will. If you are playing on a PS4 pro like me, it’s a 7/10. The graphical issues are annoying tho not game breaking. On the PS5 and Xbox series of systems though these graphical issues don’t seem to exist and the game rightfully deserves a 9/10 for being the top of the farming simulator food chain. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Black Christmas (2019 Review)

I don’t often do this, but lately, I was hanging out with @torstenvblog watching movies and we decided to check out Black Christmas. It is a Blumhouse movie ( I know first red flag) by Sophia Takal. Sophia has made other movies like Always Shine and V/H/S, movies I’ve heard are solid and respectable movies on their in their own right. Based on this movie, however, I have no intention of ever fucking watching them.

Yes, I am about to trash this movie from here on after I say this. The actors did everything they could to save what was basically a dumpster fire that had no real chance of ever being good. The movie starts with poor Linsday leaving the library and being followed by some guy on his cell phone made out to be a total creep that magically has her phone number. It is a horror movie I get it. Get used to this though. If you see a guy in this movie, he is an evil rapist. This isn’t a joke. On some level, he is the bad guy unless he is an extra in the background. Lindy girl is now dead when the real killer turns her into a snow angel.

Get used to this too, every woman in this movie is basically a total moron except the main character. Nobody is going to believe her to listen to her about almost anything.

This is basically the last we will discuss on Linsday. This isn’t my choice, go talk to Sophia about that shit, she wrote and directed this. They will mention her towards the end but basically, everyone is happy to accept that she called her friends right before being murdered, never made it home to her family and nobody was found. She is just gone. This happens more than once.

The movie is full of weird plot holes like this, but they are not even the worst part. Every guy in the movie is made out to be a rapist (one actually is and his death is the most satisfying part of the movie) and every girl (I say this to point out when called girls one always shouts out woman) is a huge stereotype. For example, the “SUPER woke” black woman running around having statues torn down of white slave owner racist and trying to get the teacher fired for teaching English literature but not having enough women or people of color on the class syllabus. That is however basically all she does, besides badger the chick that got raped that it’s been like two years and she needs to rebuild herself already.

The ending is even more insulting because it turns out the killings were all a cult. Basically a cult of “alpha” men controlled by a statue that brings out the real tendency of men. A weak and submissive woman that knows her place would steal items so these men would know which women were causing problems and kill them. And even the two men in the movie decent guys suddenly became violent abusers that attacked women as inferior.

This movie insulted basically all of humankind, and the worst part is the movie SHOULD have been really good. The pieces were there, the concept of a cult that can make horrible men become their true selves was good, and that it could be used to help control already weak-willed women to help scum like that could have been great. Instead, we ended up with a movie that damn near offended me, and I don’t think I’ve ever been offended by anything in my life. Not only was this movie not good, but it also shouldn’t be watched by anyone with class or taste. Best wishes and may the gaming gods have mercy on our souls.