Littlekenny (Season 1)

Those that follow the blog know by now I enjoy the show Letterkenny. You all also know I can’t truly explain why. The show is just funny to me but has no real plot line in the greater sense of things.

Enter Littlekenny. This animated show takes place a long time before season one of Letterkenny when they are all in school. It tells the story of how our little group became a group in the first place.

The season can be watched in less than an hour, honestly probably less than 30 minutes. Each episode is only a few minutes long and simply tells a small story. It never takes itself seriously and knows what it is and I was ok with that. I never wanted much from it other than some laughs and some quick back story which is what I got. Fans should check it out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Big Pharma (PS4)

Have you ever wanted to run a pharmaceutical company and make decisions on what medicines to make? Now it is your chance. Do you want to make a medicine to get rid of headaches and nothing else? Cure headaches but causes headaches? Oh yes, you can do that.

In Big Pharma, you get to run the factory that makes the medicine the world takes. Research new machines, new ingredients and make the place that much bigger. With this space, you will add new machines to change what each chemical does. This sounds complicated but it really isn’t. The game has excellent tutorials that will break things down for you quite well and it truly is a simple matter of just knowing what to build in which order.

That doesn’t make the game easy by any means. The first few levels go quickly and smoothly but it isn’t long until you will need to consider what side effects you will be stuck with and how it will mess with your sales, or if the loans are worth the extra machines or will those scientists be just enough to kill your profits?

The decisions you will make can at times crush your business if you aren’t careful or they could just be annoying when they don’t turn out how you want them too. Regardless of fans of these types of games, this one is a must buy on PS4. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Yes Man (2008)

Yes man is the story of Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) who refuses to do anything, he doesn’t answer his friend’s phone calls and even misses his best friend’s engagement dinner. When an old friend suggested he go to a Yes Seminar, it changes his life forever. He makes a covenant to always say yes.

This leads to some interesting things in his life, for example, he starts approving every loan at work and ends up on a blind date with a woman looking for a husband from overseas.  He becomes a much better friend and we learn the reason for his shutting down socially is the divorce he went through a few years prior.

The movie isn’t perfect and it has a bit too much downtime between laughs for my taste but the movie was still fun enough to be worth a watch. Go check it out, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Good Place (Season 2, Spoilers)

Season 2 of The Good Place picks up where season 1 left off. With them all-knowing what’s going on, Michael had to wipe their brains and started it all over again. Turns out this is about to happen over 800 times. None of the scenarios are entirely the same but certain aspects are the same. For example, Chidi always ends up helping Eleanor tho sometimes they are just friends and others they are a couple. The comedy and moral and ethical questions and the comedy continue.

By midway through the season, however, Michael has lost control of the neighborhood and has become working with our 4 main characters. He is even taking the same ethics classes with Michael as Eleanor in an attempt to be more human and trustworthy. They will, of course, get caught. The season is great and manages to recapture the magic of season one quite well. So check it out, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Good Place (season 1) (Spoilers inside)

The idea behind The Good Place is a simple one, yet an interesting one. What if when you die you go to heaven and it is just a neighborhood where you live with your soulmate in an area perfect for you and those around you? Now, what if 1 person legitimately did not belong there and were supposed and should have gone to The Bad Place?

Well, the answer to that question is nothing good, and Eleanor is that person, and she will do anything to change herself and deserve to be there. Enter Chidi, a philosophy professor. Chidi will do everything in his power to help her be worthy of The Good Place.

During this season there will be plenty of mishaps, and hilarity. Giant flying shrimp, dogs getting kicked into the sun. The show does bring up many moral and ethical questions, and you will even find out that other characters don’t belong there as well. Kristen Bell and Ted Danson (Michael) have amazing chemistry. The twist ending where you find out they have all been in The Bad Place the entire time and they have been surrounded by demons running an experiment to make humans torture themselves. The show is actually surprisingly amazing and I am kind of sad I waited so long to watch it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Truck Driver (PS4)

There are a few games on PC that allow you to drive a massive truck and deliver trailers of goods, for example, American Truck Simulator or Euro Truck Simulator 2 and they are both pretty fun. Console players, however, have been pretty much left out of that niche. Enter Truck Driver, on PS4  and XB1 (tho it is also on PC) The question, however, how does it compare?

Well for starters, this has more arcade-style gameplay than a true simulation. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sure the game is about running random trailers places to help the townspeople in a story and you are the only truck on the road, but there are a ton of upgrades and the way you upgrade skills is simply by playing the game. The truck you use or the types of jobs you do will make driving those things easier. While all this is going on you will have to follow traffic laws and not run over cars, and I was upset I couldn’t hit people with my truck. It seemed a bit unfair to me but I get it.

Anyway, driving takes a little getting used to but it’s perfectly functional. and for me, it was easier than using the mouse and keyboard. It is a lot of fun tho to just see the sites, and they are quite beautiful and being able to choose different designs for your truck is also quite fun. If you have a need for a truck sim on console this will definitely fill that need, if you are on console tho there are deeper sims. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Letterkenny (Season 8)

Here we are again, Letterkenny Season 8. Seriously I can’t quit this damn show. It just does it for me and makes me laugh. From the hockey players and their chirping to Wayne, Dan, and Daryl just drinking beer talking about random stuff, like how you could possibly masturbate in them of December for each date. (Once on the first twice on the 2nd and so on) and yes that is a real example.

That I feel is what makes the show so great, it is simplistic and fun and it deals with things we all deal with while at the same time being so outrageous and out there that it is truly comedic at the same time.

The show honestly is pretty much what it has always been, and if you loved the other seasons you will love this one. So go check it out, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.