Surviving Mars, Green Planet (PS4)

As many of you know I have reviewed this game before once on Surviving Mars (Xbox One) and once on Surviving Mars (PS4). Now I had a lot of nice things to say about the game, but I did specifically say do NOT by the game on the PS4 at that time because the game was flat out broken due to a glitch with the save that always corrupted it. Well, I am back on the PS4 to see if it has been fixed and to check out the new Green Planet DLC.

First the game-breaking glitch. After spending some time with it and messing around exiting the game and turning my system on and off I have not run into it, so I am comfortable to say it is fixed.

Now the DLC. That is quite nice, it adds an entirely new resource with seeds that can be used to grow different types of plants which will help turn Mars into a lush green paradise. You will also be tasked with building a capital there as well.  There are new buildings to enjoy, and you can even launch nukes at the ice caps, there is plenty of new content. Is it worth it? That is entirely up to you. I found it interesting and fun, but realistically it was nothing must have.  Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Dauntless (PS4)

Dauntless is developed by Phoenix Labs and Published by Epic games and is the first game to launch on PS4 and Xbox with full cross-play between those and PC with the Switch possibly being added later. After putting some time into it I can see why so many people are calling it free to play Monster Hunter because that is what it is at its core. There is a core city that you will do all your crafting at, which you will get parts from killing monsters and collecting herbs and such on the map as you fight them.

Graphically and the sound is nice and has a completely different art style which is rather nice to look at, and the controls are vastly different as well. You use the square button for quick attacks and triangle for a slower heavy attack with R1 acting as a special attack that charges up. Each weapon has its own versions of this and guns work even different still. None of them feel bad and they all have their own benefits and weaknesses. The game is fun, but admittedly if you have the option to just play Monster Hunter you should just play that. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Tag (2018)

Tag is the movie of a group of friends that played the same game of tag for about thirty years and is actually based on a true story. There are some pretty big differences that I will get into later, and some outlandish things in the movie that are confirmed based off real life that you will even see the real video of in the end credits. The movie, however, takes place in the month of May, as their friend Jerry (Jeremy Renner) gets married and decides after this year he is retiring. The problem is he has never been tagged, and his friends can not allow this. This year they pull out all the stops to tag him, for example, Hogan (Ed Helms) goes to the mall and dresses as an old lady in an attempt to tag him. This is is based off a tag that really happened for the record. Another attempt was when they all broke into Jerry’s house in an attempt to tag him, which in real life also happened. It is worth noting in the real story there is no Jeremy person that was never tagged and these plans worked unlike in the movie.

The movie is pretty amazing honestly and is worth watching but having looked up the real story to write this I have to say while the movie does it justice, the true story is even better. It is worth watching tho without a doubt.

Some of the differences tho are the real story is 10 friends, not the 5 from the movie and while the movie is based on the story the characters really are not and many things are tossed in for effect tho some things, legitimately happened. Some examples are in the movie they discuss people being tagged at a funeral or giving birth. These did happen in real life, and these guys really did travel all around the country to play the game. Oh, and while the movie takes place in May, the real guys played in February and there really was a written agreement. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Backdraft 2 (2019)

Yes, you are seeing that right, almost 30 years after the 1991 movie Backdraft it got a sequel. A direct sequel. Now I know what you are thinking, Savior is about to shred this movie apart. It is almost 30 years later, it can not be good. Well, I am not.

William Baldwin returns to his role as Brian McCaffrey, years later as his a bit out of control nephew and son of Stephen from the original movie, does his job as an arson investigator. Sean McCaffrey is almost a reverse arsonist himself. He is in love with fire, he understands it in a way most people never will, it is why he is good at his job. However, he uses this love to track down the bad guys and now he must find out who is burning down buildings in Chicago and why.

Along the way, he will also meet a woman, find a dog he refuses to name and maybe discover the truth about his father which will possibly bring him and his uncle a little closer together since they kind of don’t get along very well. The movie is well done with nice effects and if you give it a shot it is a pretty solid and fun movie if you enjoy this type. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Backdraft (1991)

Backdraft is a 1991 Action crime drama that takes place in Chicago and follows two brothers, both firefighters, that do not get along, on their life. Younger brother and rookie Brian McCaffrey (William Baldwin) joins the force and tries to win the respect of his older brother, veteran  Stephen (Kurt Russel) after Stephen bribes someone to get Brian into his unit with him.

It doesn’t take long for this to go horribly wrong as the two always seem to have a reason to be fighting and eventually after seeing a series of fires set by an arsonist that were set to kill specific people Brian gets himself put into an investigation unit and instead of fighting fires with his brother finds himself trying to stop the criminal.

Honestly, the movie isn’t bad. It is well done and the special effects were amazing for its time. The story while at times convoluted and weird to follow is done in a pretty realistic way many times and you aren’t shoehorned into a happy ending for the sake of having one. This is however very much a movie made for firefighters and people interested in that sort of thing. In fact, almost everyone I know that loves this movie and raves about it was a volunteer firefighter at some time. If you like that sort of thing tho, there is no reason not to watch this one. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Traffic Run (Mobile)

Every so often I see a mobile game and I think, that can not be as stupid as it looks. Enter Traffic Run. A game full of annoying ads that is actually as bad as it looks. You basically hold a spot on the screen (doesn’t really matter where) and the car moves. Your mission is to get from point A to point B without hitting other cars and collecting some coins. This is in no way fun or interesting, and if you crash the game asks you to watch an ad to respawn, or you can just start the mission over. Every so often tho the game makes you watch an ad anyway. Now I understand ad revenue is how they make money, it is a free game and I don’t even disagree with them doing this. But there is a point where they are just ruining any sort of attempt at a game experience, and this game dives right into that area for me. This one is best avoided. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Banner Saga (PS4)

The Banner Saga is one of those games I picked up on sale a long time ago and just ended up in my backlog of games. I actually got this and the 2nd one which I also haven’t played obviously. I have no real reason why I haven’t played it, I have always heard good things and I enjoy tactical RPG’s. So I finally got around to checking this bad boy out and I have to say I wish I did it much sooner. The story is great and involves a sort of Viking mythology only the gods are very real and very dead. They also created a race called the Dredge, specifically to make the Humans and Varl stop fighting to join forces and fight them. This game takes place just before a 3rd great war breaks out, one no human alive remembers but some of the oldest Varl fought in, as nobody actually knows how long they live. The game is interesting and has plenty of twist and turns, but does have its issues.

For starters, the game was designed PC and Mobile phones, and it shows. Even when it released the graphics weren’t that great and the game was short, you can beat it in under 10 hours tho for the price this isn’t a big deal to me, tho it is there. Some aspects of the leveling system also are not very well explained and having to use renown to both level characters and buy supplies and items was an interesting idea and with more renown or making it slightly easier to get maybe would have fixed this, as it stands it is rather annoying more than a challenge.

The game, however, is worth buying. You do have to know going into it tho that it is called a saga for a legitimate reason. The 1st one has a legitimate ending and you won’t really be left hanging, but it is not the end of the story. It carries over into the next game, and while you are perfectly capable of just starting with the 2nd, they are very much connected and the decisions you make in one will carry to part 2. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.