Metal Gear Solid Movie

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Many people may not be aware, but there has been a Metal Gear Solid movie in the works for a bit now, well according to director Jordan Vogt-Roberts the movie officially has a script. For more information feel free to check here.


Pokemon Go teases Gen 4 Pokemon


Pokemon go recently posted some new artwork on their official Twitter account, interesting enough however it includes pokemon such as Piplup, Tortwig and chimchar all of whih are not currently in the game. Obviously this could be an oversight, but most likely we will soon be able to catch these cute little guys.

Good bye Friday The 13th

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As always, everyone and their brother has a Friday the 13th post, mine is a simple recognition that thanks to the ongoing lawsuit over the rights to the movie franchise, Friday the 13th the game is essentially dead. Don’t get me wrong, the game is still out there. As I type this a friend of mine is actually on PSN playing it, in fact I think this is all she plays. There however will no longer be any content created or released. For a bigger more in depth write up check out Kotaku and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Jurassic World, All Species Confirmed, Sort of.

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As we get closer to release (by the time this post it will be around 48 hours away) We finally have confirmation of what species will be released in Jurassic World Evolution, sort of. Basically someone has put the information together, I have put the link below. Enjoy and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Battlefield V Updates

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With EA conference being today we did get some new info on Battlefield V today, some of it expected, some of it maybe not so much. We found out houses are now pretty destructible so hiding in them will be more dangerous than ever. This is hardly new, but you can expect it to look better than ever.

Also the usual cannons floating around the map are now able to be moved. We saw a video of a vehicle drive up attached one and just drive away, now making them more useful and more versatile.

Also confirmed, and this one I expected as did most people, yes there is going to be a Battle Royale mode in Battlefield V. Not much detail has been given but we have been promised more before release, but we have been told there will be a Battlefield twist to it with weapons and vehicles.

I must admit the game is shaping up to be beautiful, and I for one am looking forward to it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods smile upon you.

Beyond – Chapter Two Release Date — Elite: Dangerous

At 2:00pm on the 31st May 2018 Frontier announced the release details for Chapter Two of the Beyond series as well as a short teaser trailer. You can see them below or on the official forum here. The relevant pages on this website have been amended to reflect the new information. “Greetings Commanders, “We are […]

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Pokemon Core Game in 2019 for the Switch


For many of us we are already away of the announcement of Lets go Eevee and Pikachu Pokemon for the Switch, Officially.  This however was quickly confirmed to NOT be the core Pokemon game mentioned in the past at E3. That however is coming in 2019 according to theverge.  As a fan of Pokemon this is great news to me, not because I don’t like the look of the let’s go games, I think they look great. I am just looking forward to more Pokemon. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.