E3 Blair Witch trailer

Of all the horror movies to make a game out of, I can’t say I imagined Blair Witch would be the horror series to get a game of it’s own. With the exception of Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows , which I actually liked, the found footage films were never my thing. Nevertheless it looks pretty decent, like a slightly creepier version of Slender-man. In VR this could be kinda cool and I’m intrigued how it will turn out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Carrion Game-play: E3 2019

I have to thank our mutual friend, Autobot for this one. He is a weird horror game where we play as amorphous beast whose sole purpose is to devour living people and grow. I really like the art style and it’s surprisingly gory. It’s a simple premise that follows through and I can say I’d happily try it out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Disgaea 4 Complete+ (Preview, PS4 and Switch)

As you all know i am a pretty big fan of NIS America and the  of Disgaea Series, and it all started with Disgaea 4. To see this complete edition. The game will come with a all the extra content and will have some as of yet unrevealed quality of life improvements, tho I assume they will be graphical and sound upgrades to what was originally a PS3 game.

The story is about an ex Tyrant and vampire, Lord Valvatorez, who has sworn to never again drink blood and has since fallen down the power scale of the Netherworld where he now trains Prinnies. This one will be worth playing I think, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood E3 trailer

I was genuinely amazed how much I loved Wolfenstein: The new Order though I regret to say I haven’t gotten to catch up with the Old Blood or New Colossus. Young Blood looks like everything I loved about the first game with the awesome addition of Co-op, which means a blast for Savior and me. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Ghostwire Tokyo, Don’t Fear the Unknown, Attack It.


There isn’t much known about this new IP from Bethesda and while there isn’t much known about it, it doe’s seem rather interesting and oddly beautiful. The premise is simple. One day, people disappear, leaving nothing but their cloths behind. After this a mysterious and presumably evil force shows up. Your job is to fight that force, and discover the truth about what has happened.

It seems to be pretty action oriented to me but really it is far to soon to tell, tho it is thought to be a new horror game. This one is worth keeping an eye on. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Doom Eternal Trailer E3 2019

I can’t say I feel the hype for E3 this year as I have before, but I can tell you I’m pumped as hell for Doom: Eternal after seeing the story trailer. I love that beside slaying the armies of hell, we’ll also be clashing against the might of heaven as well which opens a lot of new doors for the series. Doom: Eternal is definitely going on my pre-order list. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Final Fantasy 8 Remaster


This one came out of left field for me. With the original source code known to be lost and years upon years of waiting and SE basically just saying sorry guys, not happening, to finally see it getting some love is pretty cool. The only thing more amazing to me than it happening is that it doesn’t have a definitive release date, simply sometime in 2019.

This tho does make sense, if the tale of much of the code being lost it would be much harder to simply port over and remaster than any of the other games in the series. Will it be a good remaster, I don’t know. The fact however that PC already has FF8 but the remaster is coming to PS4,Xbox, Switch, and Steam makes me think they are doing some decent work on the title. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.