Devil May Cry 5 Demo (PS4)

The Devil May Cry 5 demo is a mixed bag for me. It is beautiful, it controls amazingly and has some of the most stunning sounds I have heard in a game in a long time. My issue is honestly, the combat was just boring for me. You can get your rank higher by doing some amazing combos with different combinations or, you can just mash buttons and kill everything that way. Many times your combo will still get up there pretty high. Granted I have no reason to think the main game won’t provide more of a challenge, but even the devil breaker didn’t make me feel like I needed to use it that much to win.

It also felt like they were trying way too hard to make Nero this indomitable badass and he came off like that kid in high school everyone knew was just talking tough when he really wasn’t half of what he thought he was.

While I have no interest in this game any more than I have already played it, I do think fans of the series will love it, possibly more than any game in the series before it and it will attract many new fans. For me personally tho, this isn’t one I will be buying. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly (Steam)

Today from my good friends over at Intragames are releasing this mouthful of a game to say. The game does look quite beautiful.

There is also, of course, a deluxe edition that comes with a digital art book that comes in English, Chinese, and Korean, a PC wallpaper and of course an original soundtrack. Admittedly this isn’t my type of game, but it could be interesting none the less.

Stellaris Console Comes in February.

For fans of grand strategy games that happen to be console only players, we seem to finally have a release date for Stellaris on the PS4 and Xbox consoles. February 26th to be exact. For more of the details check out Polygon. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Meeple Station (PC)

Meeple Station developed by Vox games and punished by Modularity can be purchased on Steam. The premise is quite simple, build a space station, mine resources, trade with other ships, increase the size of your station and crew, repeat. It sounds easy, but it does take quite a bit of effort and time to learn. You will also be fending off space pirates and, well squids. They will both honestly screw your day up. Honestly, there isn’t much to the game, yet.

Some of the future promised content however is quite impressive if true. They are talking about a co-op mode that would be amazing for this type of game as its rarely done and even rarer is that it is done well. There is also talk that they will be implementing a way to build your own trade ships. The game is in early access and they claim it is only about 20% done which if true means there is a ton more stuff coming in. definitely, do not count this as a complete review but as more of a preview combined with a review as I will be revisiting this time in the future. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Mk11 gameplay reveal

You know what goes good with a snow storm? A warm drink, a toasty fire, and obscene amounts of gore. Above we got our first look at the latest Mortal Kombat and damn it’s impressive. I love that it brings back weapons and every character seems to have a nice blend of traditional moves as well as whole new ones. Skarlett particularly seems awesome as hell. I can’t wait to see the new Big Bad Guy in action. So far so gory ( yes, I went and made the pun.) and may the gaming gods help you kick ass.

Breach (Pc)

After playing a bit of the Alpha over the weekend that @Playbreach told me about over on Twitter I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. To be up front, we all know I am not big on these types of games. You can find out all sorts of things on their website here. The game starts out with a pretty simple tutorial and character creator. The controls are the standard, mouse to look around and WSAD to move. It functions like you would expect, tho admittedly there was some lag which I believe was caused by my laptop not quite being up to snuff.

The video shows pretty well what it is. Honestly, after playing it, I enjoy it pretty well. Admittedly the character choices and their abilities aren’t anything you haven’t seen before. Breach in no way reinvents the wheel, but it doesn’t need to. It is fun, and each level gives you something to do and new enjoyment to find, and that is all you need. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Alien: Blackout trailer

Shit. Just Shit… It’s a rare feat to have my hopes crash and burn in less than a minute than the unfortunate news Alien: Blackout is going to be a mobile game. Supposedly there is a main PC/ console game in the works but Blackout is going to pretty much be FNAF with the Xenomorph. With 2019 being the 40 year anniversary of the original Alien, we are getting a new graphic novel, this game, and something else to be determined so needless to say, along with most of the Alien fan base, I’m pretty pissed. There’s going to be Amanda Ripley but it isn’t going to supposedly be a Alien: Isolation sequel which blows and after the disappointment of Alien: Covenant , the anniversary of a sci-fi horror legend seems to be going as a whimper sadly. May the gaming gods bring you glory.