Wishmaster (1997)


Wishmaster is Produced by Wes Craven, and is the only one of the movies with his name attached to it and is the movie about Djinn, more commonly known as genies. Tho not the traditional versions we are used to hearing about. The much older and darker versions that give you exactly what you ask for and are far more vile and evil.

When an opal finds its way to Alex, who finds something odd about it while attempting to appraise it for her boss, she leaves it with a friend, but not before accidentally releasing the before mentioned djinn.

This evil djinn now is now free to grant wishes to collect souls to trap in the opal for his own purposes prior to granting Alex any 3 wishes she desires. This also serves a purpose I don’t want to spoil, just know the movie does contain a pretty respectable body count and is quite gory and graphic,as you would expect from any Wes Craven movie.

The acting, visuals and sound all have a nice 80’s throw back feel to them while maintaining a true 90’s look. Clearly in today’s world you won’t be impressed by any of this but you won’t exactly be sad to see it. This one is worth checking out if you haven’t seen it, it and the sequels are currently on Hulu. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Flashback: A Retrospective Review — RetroboyJon’s Game Stuff

With the upcoming release of Flashback on the Switch, I think it’s time we revisited the original, it’s one of my favourite games of all time and one of the most original games released. Honestly. It really is. I first played this when I was about 12, I borrowed it from a friend for the […]

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The WaterBoy (1998)

the waterboy

The WaterBoy is one of the older Adam Sandler movies, back when he may or may not have still been funny depending on who you talk to since some people never really found him funny. Roger Ebert and Rotten Tomatoes gave this one horrible scores and IMBd was slightly kinder with a 6.1/10.

As for me? Well this one was hit and miss for me. It had its moments really that made me laugh,but all in all the movie was just more of Adam Sandler just sort of being a goof ball. The story itself is pretty ridiculous.  Bobby plays a guy obsessed with making water the best it could possibly be. He also happens to have a bit of a temper which results in some interesting skill at tackling ability which I am also pretty positive most of what he does is against the rules of college football.

Don’t get me wrong, the movie has its funny moments, and when I was younger Sandler yelling “Stop making fun of me” before drop kicking people made me laugh, but 20 years later I can seem to care as much. Don’t get me wrong, there are worse movies out there, and I still enjoy this one. However this one was better when I was younger. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Sony is Building a New San Diego Based Dev Team to Collaborate with a Major Sony Studio — All The PlayStation You’ll Ever Need.

Looks like Sony could be gearing up for the next-gen, if a recent job listing is an indication of what might be next for PlayStation gamers in the future. The job listing, discovered by a ResetEra member, is for a Gameplay Engineer position with a new dev team based in the San Diego area. The […]

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Lucifer: Comic Compared to Show


So when the show Lucifer came out I decided it was a cool concept. The devil gets sick of hell, moves to LA, ends up helping the cops. Turned out it was based of a DC comic (and later printed by vertigo comics), but as a guy that wasn’t big on comics I didn’t want to run out and buy a bunch of them I said screw it and just watched the show. The show was pretty awesome, so I decided to read some of the comics. Now clearly there was going to be some fairly large differences. There always is. Now a few seasons in and about 10 comics in here are some of the bigger ones I have come across.

First and foremost, show while not for kids is pretty safe for teens. The comic however is pretty R rated. Not just nudity, but its pretty violent with Neo Nazi skin heads jamming a bottle up a gay mans..well use your imagination.

Another difference is Mazikeen, while in the show is a demon that takes the form of a beautiful young South African woman with insane physical skills, you rarely see her as an actual demon. In the comic however, she wears mask over one side of her face to hide her skull. Her physical skills and combat prowess is still there, and she still kind of misunderstands many social ideas.

Another big one is Amenadiel himself, who may have undergone the biggest change of them all. In the comics he is kind of borderline evil white angel that seems to think he knows exactly what god wants despite what god has said or done in the past. In the show however Amenadiel is a Black angel struggling to please god (father). The 2 characters may as well be 2 different angels all together.

Finally there is Lucifer Morningstar himself. He is also quite a bit different but not as extreme as Amenadiel. Lucifer is still pretty much overconfident and self-centered. But he lives up to the being evil portion more in the comic, in fact he actually manipulates and kills people quite often pretty early in the series.

Both the show and the comics are vastly different, so much so that watching/ reading one won’t really do much to the story of the other. The comic doesn’t even have Lucifer as a detective. Regardless of which one you check out tho, you will enjoy yourself. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Spider-Sense Tingling! Iron Spider Suit Revealed as Pre-Order Bonus for Marvel’s Spider-Man — All The PlayStation You’ll Ever Need.

During the big re-reveal of Marvel’s Spider-Man, Insomniac Games let it be known that for those who pre-order their PS4 exclusive Spider-Man adventure, you would receive a trio of Spider-Man outfits! The first one revealed was the ROCKtacular Spider-Punk outfit, from the Spider-Verse mega-event from a couple years back. The second suit? As many of […]

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Iron Man 3 (2013)

iron man 3

Iron Man 3 is a weird one, it was one of (at the time) 16 movies to have grossed a billion dollars or more all time and was the 5th highest grossing film of all time, yet only the 2nd highest of that year. Yet it met with some pretty mixed reviews and some people actually consider this to be one of the worst in the MCU. Admittedly I do not personally fall into this category, but I do recognize that while it was a great movie it did leave comic fans much to be desired.

This movie sees Tony Start dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after the alien invasion of the Avengers movie. Really can you blame him? Dude went from fighting terrorist and a Russian dude to finding out there is life on other planets and gods with magic hammers floating around.

Speaking of terrorist, that is what Iron Man is back to fighting, a terrorist named Mandarin.  After bombing a bunch of stuff, Stark threatens him on TV so Mandarin sends a helicopter gunship to shoot up his house. Weirdly the plot of this movie is a huge dick waving contest between Iron Man and Mandarin.

As you would expect from the MCU the sound quality, visuals and acting are all high-class with a strong soundtrack. The story itself for Iron Man 3 is the only part that people really disagree on. I enjoyed it, tho I would call it middle of the road for the MCU, but others have hated it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.