Good Luck Chuck (2007)

Imagine being a small child and being stuck playing 7 minutes in heaven. That’s the game where your friends lock you and a member of the opposite sex in a closet for 7 minutes and expect you to make out. Now imagine you have a crush on a girl at the party and she also likes you. Now you spin the bottle and you get, the scary goth chick that freaks you out. You then find out she is not only in love with you but wants to see your junk and is willing to go way further than kissing. You have never kissed a girl so you would probably freak out. That at least is what Chuck (Dane Cook) did. She also got really pissed off and put a hex on him.

Now obviously this seemed like complete crap. They were kids. Chuck never even paid attention to it. Chuck also never fell in love until he met Cam (Jessica Alba) This is when he discovered that every woman he had ever dated or slept with, married the next person they dated.

That is the story in a nutshell.  Chuck meets cam and they start dating and finding out that the hex is very real. Now he must find a way to not sleep with Cam while breaking the hex. The movie is cute and has some good laughs, but I can see why many people wouldn’t be a huge fan. In fact, it has a massive 5% on Rotten Tomatoes. I think that’s a bit unfair tho. The movie while not great wasn’t bad and even had a pretty great concept behind it. So go and check it out, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Bookbound Brigade Preview

Bookbound Brigade is a Metroidvania style game that will be releasing for PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch in quarter 4 of 2019 from Digital Tales. Digital Games is based in Milan and has offices in both Rome and Miami. The game itself is hand drawn and you won’t play as a single hero, but a party of heroes taken from history itself. They will fight and grow together in this 2D side scroller. I have included the trailer below. It looks pretty interesting, and I look forward to seeing more about it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Another G2A Update

As many of you know there has been some controversy lately between G2A and some game devs. Some Devs Say to Pirate Games Instead of Buying From G2A and G2A Statement On Recent Events

I now find myself getting regular updates from G2A, which is cool. I am always happy to hear from companies. And if any devs happen to be reading this, feel free to reach out to me with your own statements.

With that out of the way, G2A did get some feedback from devs such as Fun infused Games that said on Twitter many times when you release a game people will pretend to be review sites then just sell the review keys. I have been through the process of getting a review key, and there are plenty of hoops to jump through, but I can see how this could easily happen.  G2A Is proposing key blocking, however. The way this will work is once a developer is verified they will gain access to two new tools from G2A. Basically one will be for review keys, which they will be able to put onto the site. This will stop those keys from being sold. The other will be for giveaways. They can do the same here to stop those keys from being sold. Just input them before you give them away. They are looking to see if there is a real interest in this because they say it will be time consuming and expensive, tho it does sound useful for everyone involved. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Dave Bautista’s STX Comedy ‘My Spy’ Pushed to 2020 (EXCLUSIVE) — Variety

Dave Bautista’s action comedy “My Spy” has been moved off of its August 23 release date, numerous individuals familiar with the film’s studio, STX Films, told Variety. The family-centric tale about a hardened CIA operative and his unlikely 9-year-old sidekick is seeking a new date in the first quarter of 2020. It could open as…

via Dave Bautista’s STX Comedy ‘My Spy’ Pushed to 2020 (EXCLUSIVE) — Variety

The Ugly Truth (2009)

The Ugly Truth is honestly Kathrine Heigl and Gerard Butler if the odd couple were to take place at work. Ms. Heigl plays Abby, a serious kind of stuck up control freak producer. She plays the role so well, by the way, I think she might really be some sort of control freak in real life. It seemed like less a role and more of her just being herself. Mr. Butler plays Mike Chadway. He has a public access show called, The Ugly Truth where he is basically brutally honest, at least in his opinion. One night in what can only be described as a freak coincidence Abby ends up watching Mike’s show when her cat steps on the remote. After a particularly misogynistic rant from Mike, Abby calls the show to yell at him and they, of course, get into it.

After seeing this, her boss hires Mike to help save the show from ratings hell. Abby obviously isn’t so happy about this. As you can guess they end up agreeing if he can’t get the guy she likes to fall for her, he will quit his job. As you can also guess, it works. From here it is a stereotypical romantic comedy where some fun things happen, the two fall in love but won’t admit it and he quits his job. Later on, they end up together on tv, fade to black, two people on love. The real question is, was it enjoyable getting to that point? The answer honestly is yes, I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. Kathrine and Gerard have amazing chemistry and are great actors. This one for fans of the genre is worth watching. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Dr. Mario World (Mobile)

Who loved Dr. Mario as a kid? Well if you did there is great news for you. Dr, Mario World is now out on mobile. The sound is as nice as you would hope and the controls are a bit easier to deal with than I expected. Basically, you use the touch screen to slide the pills up and tap the screen to twist them. The game is free to play, so there is no risk in trying it out, and there is also some stuff to buy with real money. I didn’t touch it so I can’t tell you if it’s worth it or not, but it does exist. Nintendo needs to make some cash somehow to be fair.

I honestly have never hidden the fact that I am not big on puzzle games, so this one will get boring quick for me. With that said tho there isn’t anything that made me dislike the game. The sound was nice and the controls work with the game and that is all you need. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Stranger Things (Season 3) Review

So I didn’t really binge this the way I did with Stranger Things (Season 1) or Stranger Things (Season Two) but that really had very little to do with the quality of the show and had more to do with the time I had to watch it. The show starts out a bit after season 2, the kids are a bit older and it is summer time. Just prior to American Independence day, also known as the 4th of July.

The season starts off a bit slow, but it does set up all the characters nicely. El ends up with a nice friendship with Max, we get to know the sister of Lucas, Erica. Mike and Hopper end up butting heads a bit due to Hopper being quite overprotective of El, and it really sticks out in this season. There is a reason for it, and I don’t want to get into why because it spoils some things, but it really makes the end of his story arc for this season that much more powerful.

The story with Billy being more or less possessed by the Mind Flayer is also pretty interesting, and admittedly I think season 3 does a better job with it than season 2 did. In fact, overall I think season 2 is the weakest of the 3, tho that is kind of like being the slowest person in on the Olympic swim team. Sure its the weakest, but its the weakest of a great show. There is as you would expect talk of a season 4, in fact, the creators, Matt, and Ross Duffer have long said there will only be 4, maybe 5 seasons of the show so it really shouldn’t be a surprise there is talk of season 4. Regardless, since season 3 just came out we will have to wait a while to see what’s going to happen, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.