Back 4 Blood, Turtle Rock Studios

As reported by Polygon the original creators of Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios, are working on a new game called Back 4 Blood. Not much is known about it aside from the fact that it will be a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. They were clear to point out it will have a lot of differences but you can still shoot up a lot of zombies Left 4 Dead style. They aren’t really ready to talk about it and haven’t released any screenshots or videos yet. There will be a campaign, a versus mode and they explicitly said no battle royal and is slated for Xbox One, PS4, and PC and has no release date. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Skulduggery Pleasant

skulduggery pleasant

This request has been a long time coming but this review goes out to my friend Danny, a awesome dude. Miss ya man.

Stephanie Edgley is both saddened and surprised when her uncle, a famous fantasy/ horror writer, passes away suddenly; saddened because he was one of the few people in her family she connected with and shocked that he left her with his estate. A strange man outside of her family shows up to the funeral and will reading, dressed from head to toe with a scarf around his face. This stranger is Skulduggery Pleasant, a living skeleton and magic detective who will change Stephanie’s life forever, showing her that there is more to the boring life she knew- magic, intrigue, ancient artifacts, monsters, and ancient enemy who basically wants to bring an end to the world. It’s up to an enthusiastic Stephanie/ Valkyrie Cain ( as she will be known later on), the wise-cracking detective, a sword wielding young woman, and some friends to take down Skulduggery’s old enemy and save the day in this opening chapter of a huge series…

I’m really honestly surprised the Skulduggery Pleasant series hasn’t reached Blockbuster status in the US the way so many other series have because it has some cool ideas behind it. I really like how well magic was broken down and the rules the system was given. The characters are likable and interesting; Tanith maybe my favorite because she did have a epic intro and some cool fights throughout. I also liked the White Cleaver at the end, who I kind of pictured as an anime version of Mr X from RE2. Serpine, the main villain was fine but I found him generic as a bad guy but seeing as it’s the first of a series I can’t say I’m too surprised. There’s a few times in the second act leading into the third kind of slow but nothing damming. Overall, it’s a really cool book I’d recommend to readers younger or older and a series worth checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory…

P.S. I Love You Sequel, Postscript, announced. (Book)

Author of the Book P.S. I Love You, Cecelia Ahern, recently announced on Twitter she has written a sequel titled Postscript. It is set to release in the UK first this fall and in the U.S. in April 2020. Below is the synopsis, enjoy and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

“When Holly Kennedy is approached by a group calling themselves the PS, I Love You Club, her safe existence is turned on its head. Inspired by hearing about her late husband Gerry’s letters, the club wants Holly to help them with their own parting messages for their loved ones to discover after they’re gone. Holly is sure of one thing – no way is she being dragged back to the grief she has left behind. It’s taken seven years to reinvent herself, and she’s ready to move on with her life. But Holly comes to realize that when you love someone, there’s always one more thing to say…”

7’scarlet Review (Steam)

7’scarlet is the newest game developed by Idea Factory and published by Intragames, who full disclosure tossed me a copy to review. I am also kinda glad they did because I truly never would have bought this type of game in a million years. I would have seen it, thought it looked interesting but never got around to it. Why you may ask, well it plays out like a visual novel. I have no issue with visual novels, by the way, they just aren’t my thing. This game may have changed that tho.

The story starts off explaining what is going on, which is you are laying the role of a young woman searching for her brother with her friend from when she was a child. This will lead you to the town of Okunezato which is surrounded by all kinds of mystery and intrigue. From the political atmosphere to the odd relationship between the owner of the hotel and the police officer. I know this all seems pretty vague, but it has too. The entire point of this is the story itself, and it would be wrong of me to spoil that and it is worth the experience. In fact, it is designed to be played multiple times as there are multiple paths to take with various characters. This will allow you to see the entire story and adds plenty of replay value.

The game is also quite beautiful to look at which I feel is pretty important for this style of game since you wouldn’t want to feel like you were reading a book instead of playing a game. That, however, is my only complaint. As aesthetically pleasing as the game is to look at, and as enjoyable as the story is, it is still a lot of reading and kinda felt like one massive cut scene even tho I did have to make choices at times. If you like to read books or visual novels this is a great game, it also was nice to relax with. It just wasn’t very exciting, and if you are used to shooters or action games this may not be for you.

As always tho I judge the games I play based off what the designers were creating and the functionality of it, and with a great story, no serious technical faults that I ran into and nice visuals I feel comfortable giving this one an 8/10, but pointing out it is not for everyone. Enjoy the trailer below that I added because honestly, I love the music. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Neo Atlas 1469 (Switch Preview)

Neo Atlas 1469, Set to release April 9th, 2019, is a game about exploration and trade. You will attempt to build a massive trade empire to fund your exploration, and hopefully not get killed by pirates which can cost you a ton of money. Enjoy the trailer below and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Mola Mola Vivienne — Gaming with Noobs

Theres not much I can say about this game except it’s the easiest 100% game available on steam right now and that is no joke. I purchased the game on a sale for 2 reasons 1 the reviews said it was an easy completion and 2 the game said it had nudity and I wanted […]

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Best Wishes To New Zealand

Normally I try to stay out of politics and such on this blog, there are plenty of blogs dedicated to that and I feel like if you wanted that sort of thing you would visit. However, today 49 people in two mosques in New Zeland were killed today when what can only be described in my opinion as a terrorist attacked innocent people in prayer. Part of why I bring this up is, believe it or not, people that run blogs can see where our views come from (Don’t worry it is very vague) and I get hundreds of views from New Zealand and I hope each and every one of you is ok. Hell if you happen to be one of them please feel free to drop in and let us know you and your family are safe. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you greatness.