Alien: Ore

Happy Easter everyone, and to celebrate, here’s the 5th short Alien film we’ve gotten before this special Alien day. Honestly, this one may be my favorite of the five. The atmosphere is good, the characters solid, and decent effects. I liked the touch with the full grown Alien at the end. It’s a really cool little movie I think true Alien fans will appreciate, may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Child’s Play trailer 2

I’m pretty sure the reason I’m invested in this remake, much like many of us are since the epic reveal, boils down to two words: Mark Hamil. I was all smiling at the end hearing his version of Chucky and I think he’ll steal the show. I’m interested how Chucky can now control tech almost Watch Dogs style. Other than that, it looks decent but I have some fair hopes. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Surge

the surge

I don’t know what it is about Souls type games but they help me unwind. There is just something about having to adapt to a hard situation overcoming some huge obstacles, and feeling awesome after beating them. I also hate machines so a game that combines the uphill battle aspect and the destruction of our possible mechanical overlords was a game for me.

We play as a dude named Warren about to get a job at the Creo corporation . Warren is a paraplegic who is given a robotic exo- rig like a majority of Creo’s employees to help with the heavy lifting. During the process, Warren wasn’t properly sedated and blacks out, waking up in the wastes of there corporate facility. The rigs have caused the workers to go insane and the robots have turned. Armed with weapons and armor made of scrap, Warren finds himself alone to discover what the hell happened…

I found The Surge addictive as hell as many games of this type and while the combat mechanics are pretty similar to Souls or Bloodborne, there are some neat mechanics that make the game stand. Being able to decide whether to finish an enemy quick by aiming directly for there weak spots or trying to smash off there armored pieces and use them for yourself. I also love being able to bank my credits so I can explore more safely. While Warren is kinda bland as a character, the creepy atmosphere and weird enemies make up for it. My only complaints are pretty small like the upgrade system could be better and I have the wavering shoulder lights in the pitch black areas. In the end, the Surge is a cool game that’s a steal for free on PS+ right now and worth checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order trailer

As every main hero of Star Wars has had to deal with, I too feel a powerful sense of conflict after seeing this trailer. The trailer’s story looks awesome; I love the idea of a young Jedi having to live in secrecy, hiding from the Empire and the Inquisitors, not trying to fight a grand rebellion but simply stay alive. BUT, there is a dark side- its a EA game. After the complaints about Anthem, as well as the last hand full of games they produced, it’s no wonder a game fan would cringe. There is hope I’m sure as always, at least I’m praying to the gaming gods there is but I ain’t holding my breath. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Apollo 18

Apollo 18

Starting off I have to say I’m pretty sure this maybe one of the most ambitious found footage horror movies I’ve seen. I can’t say I ever saw one that left the confines of planet earth, going to the moon.

The Apollo 18 mission was the last supposed manned mission to the moon. Officially it didn’t happen; the movie tells us what really happened. Three astronauts journeyed up there and while two landed to surface. All begins well as they collect what appear to be harmless rock samples. Small things begin going awry but questions arise when they find the remains of a Cosmonaut ship and the ravaged bodies of the astronauts. It starts appearing that something is alive on the moon, lurking in it’s dark craters, beneath the rocks. Millions of miles from home, isolated, a lone survivor has to try escaping from his mysteriously infected comrade the horror of our moon…

What the movie does really well is feel period appropriate and I have to admit it’s blended well with stock footage to mostly feel authentic. I like the utter silence and tension in the creepy atmosphere. The acting is solid enough and the sound is solid. I feel the creature aspect hurts the movie on a few levels, mostly because how the hell does a living thing survive without food, water, or any vegetation whatsoever? I think it should have dealt with the psychological aspects of the intense claustrophobia and isolation. What also kills the movie is the pacing, it takes a real long time to build for not a huge amount of pay off considering the movie alludes to the ending in the opening anyway. In the end, it isn’t terrible but you aren’t missing too much if you skip it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Addams Family trailer 1

As a kid I loved the hell out of the Addams Family and the movies that came out in the 90’s, but I have to admit I was kind of bewildered that we were getting a animated movie in 2019. While I like the opening of the trailer, I wasn’t too impressed with the rest of it. I think there is talent in the cast but I’ve never been a fan of this kind of animation. I giggled at the Pennywise joke I have to admit it. I would find myself watching this just because of how much I liked the original, but I don’t have really high hopes. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Pet Sematary 2019

p sem ellie

Pet Sematary is what made me a Stephen King fan as a little kid, making me feel uneasy in the fact cemeteries are always a two minute walk away from everywhere I’ve ever lived. The story means a great deal to me so I was a bit irritable when the remake was announced and hinted in the The Dark Tower . But if It (2017) was any indication, I was willing to give it a shot knowing that it sure as hell wasn’t going to be the story I knew. Was I right to be worried?

The Creeds are a normal family who move into a picturesque farm house in the middle of the country. Lewis is a Dr who wants to slow down and spend time with wife Rachael and kids spirited Ellie and baby Gage and Church the cat. While exploring the back woods, Ellie stumbles upon a creepy procession of kids in animal masks going to bury a dead dog in the Pet Sematary, where kids have buried there pets for generations says Judd Crandall, the Creed’s neighbor. Much the like original Lewis is being warned by the ghost of Pascow who he tried to save to avoid the Sematary, or rather what’s behind the dead fall. Some barriers were not meant to be crossed…

I give this remake credit, it does play with your expectations of either the original or the novel and that’s where it’s strongest. It was a huge mistake I believe to ruin the big twist that sets it apart in the trailers; I’m not going to spoil it but I actually really like how it turns out. The performances are really good but the girl that played Ellie I thought was fantastic and I hope to see more of her. The new imagery is cool but somehow feels close to the original. I warn people, do not go in expecting a A to B adaptation but more of a what if type of scenario. A few times the pacing was off throughout all three acts, sometimes dragging but other times feeling a little too fast,  and there is a WTF moment involving a cow I’m sure Savior is going to bring up in his review that made us laugh. while I’ve heard others say there was too much exposition, I feel too much of Judd’s backstory was cut out and the Wendi-go stuff  was mostly irrelevant. Overall, Pet Sematary is a good remake and a good, solid horror movie I recommend to all needing a good scare this spring. May the gaming gods bring you glory and remember…sometimes dead is indeed better.