Wonder Woman 1984 trailer 1

I have to admit, while a far cry in tone from the first Wonder Woman I’m still pretty interested to see where it goes. I know Cheetah plays a role in this movie, and I’m glad they don’t show her. Gal Gadot is still a knockout as Diana and I’m sure she’ll steal the show. I’m curious how it’ll turn out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Resident Evil 3 remake announcement trailer

The remake I’ve been waiting for is finally announced and a release date is given: Resident Evil 3. The Nemesis is one of my favorite horror icons of all time. The graphics are beautiful and the horror feel is stronger then ever; I love the the emphasis on the dread of Nemesis’s pursuit. The character redesigns are well done and I can’t wait to get a full glimpse of Nemesis. I’m definitely hyped for it and it’s already my most anticipated. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Kong: Skull Island

kong skull island

Besides the MCU, I consider the Monster-verse probably the second best out there. Godzilla King of Monsters (Savior) opened my eyes to why this series has garnered so much love for so long, so I took a bit to catch up on the universe and see how they approached the legendary ape, King Kong.

Monarch is a small organization with a huge problem, they are about to go extinct because frankly, why waste money on paranormal shit, especially in the wake of the Vietnam War. Bill Randa, head of Monarch, desperately has a plan to find the ancient creatures he seeks- the mythical Skull Island. Assembling a crew of scientists, soldiers, a anti-war photographer and a professional merc and tracker they set off to discover a hostile land teeming with giant beasts, the hideous Skull Crawlers, and the king of it all, Kong..

This is probably the most fun, most epic adaptation of King Kong to date. The Monster-verse takes him a new direction, making him angrier, bigger, and smarter than ever before with a new motivation while surprisingly keeping a lot of the character’s pathos. Sam Jackson, John Goodman and John C. Riley steal the show, especially Riley during some sad moments. The action scenes are plentiful and well done, set mostly to well placed 70’s rock. The Island itself isn’t boring, it’s the opposite. The beginning is a bit slow and feels pretty cliche at first but once Kong is introduced, the movie picks up the pace. In the end, it’s a fun monster brawler with some good performances that’s worth checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Black Widow trailer 1

So the day finally comes when we got our first peak at the first movie of phase 4 in the MCU, Black Widow’s solo movie. While I rock with a majority of Marvel fans thinking this movie should’ve been a solid R rated movie, what we got so far looks pretty solid. The stunts look badass and I’m just happier to dive deeper into Widow’s character. I hope for a nice solid start to phase 4. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Carriers is an odd movie for me. It is a movie about a sort of plague illness that spreads across the world that is quite contagious but seems to only be in certain situations. If you get blood on you from a carrier or such you can catch it, but not being near someone with it. But everyone is wearing masks as if you can get it from the air.

The movie itself is about a couple and a brother and a random girl they never really explain very well as to why she is there. They are attempting to get to an old beach house the two brothers used to vacation at. Chris Pine, the oldest brother, plays the role of the hard headed jerk that does what needs to be done very well. In fact they all do.

As the movie goes on they slowly turn on each other, which is done in a rather interesting way. The issue really is much of the story is pretty much filled with weird holes that easily could have been filled. Like where did the 4th member of the group come from and why? It’s never explained very well. And if Pines character worked buring people with the plague how did he never get it if the thing was so easy to get? Any why the mask if you can’t get it that way?

The movie was fun, but far from great. Go check it out but keep expectations low.best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



Here we come to another anticipated movie I awaited this year and sadly had to skip on til my Black Friday haul. I’ve heard plenty of hype around Peele’s work so I was excited what he had to bring to the horror table.

Adelaide suffered trauma as a little girl, wandering off from her folks during a beach trip. As a an adult, her husband what’s to return to there summer home near the same beach. Adelaide begrudgingly agrees to go, but the whole time she feels an impending dread. Her suspicions seem valid when a family of strangers shows up on there lawn, all dressed in matching dark red jumpsuits. There night of terror has only just begun against the the greatest enemies we have, ourselves…

I’m going to be blunt here, Us is one hell of a subjective movie. The cinematography and score are great. The family chemistry is genuine and the actors are believable while Lupita Nyong’o steals the show for me as Adelaide and her Tethered self. The plot is downright strange and multiple viewings maybe required to grasp everything to do with the Tethered and there endgame. While I  appreciate the mixture of humor, horror, and WTF Twilight Zone style sci-fi, I feel there was a little too much comedy that hurt some pretty vitally creepy parts. I can’t say for sure if I liked it, but I will say it’s a unique movie and I do respect it and think it deserves a watch. May the gaming gods bring you glory.



I was so hyped for this movie with an awesome premise, what if Superman was a horror icon instead of a superhero. During Black Friday I went nuts admittedly catching up on all that I missed in movies, one of which being this. Did it live up to my hype but the hype of so many others?

Tory and Kyle Breyer are good folks living in the small town of Brightburn Kansas who wanted nothing more than a child to love. They get there wish in a startling event when a ship crashes in there front yard, giving them there son Brandon. For the first twelve years of his life, Brandon Breyer is a sweet kid until he hears a voice calling out to him from the barn. Not long after he begins discovering marvelous but terrible things about himself and how powerful he truly is. How far will Tory and Kyle go before they see there son maybe wasn’t such a gift from above?

If you saw the trailers and thought this was going to be a horror twist on Man of Steel than I’d say you are kinda right. I do love the concept and the actors do give the movie there all. Brandon Breyer is a cool horror icon who feels unique but also pays tribute to Superman a lot too and there are some messy kills to make him a badass. My biggest issue is the pacing. This movie feels destined to be a full fledged two and a half hours but it’s only 90 minutes. I feel like more could’ve been explained and things like his change happen too suddenly or where the design of his mask came from. It does have a nice after credit scene that gives us a window into a sequel but I hope next time it’s more explained. In the end, while not a mega hit, Brightburn is a fine horror movie and worth checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.