Omen Of Sorrow (PS4)

Omen Of Sorrow is an old-school 2D fighting game that honestly I did not have high expectations for. It kind of looked like a sort of Killer Instinct clone which really probably wouldn’t play very well, but it did look pretty awesome at the very least. Here is the trailer so you can see what I mean.

When Aone Games gave me this one to try it out, which I am always grateful for I figured I would stream it and give my impressions live. For those that watched you saw me jump right into an online battle and get annihilated. After that, I jumped into the Arcade mode, picture a sort of Mortal Kombat Tower experience where you pick a character and fight your way through opponents. This mode went much better on the I didn’t get killed.

After this, I was encouraged to hit the story mode. The story mode will see you going from character to character as you attempt to discover the secrets behind what happened behind a village of monsters. I won’t go into this but the chat agreed the story was quite compelling and interesting, with some planning to buy the game themselves.

That being said the characters are quite varied and based off the lore of monsters and more with characters such as Imotep and Quasimoto. There is a werewolf and a vampire and more. The characters are beautifully designed and control nicely, each with their own moves and personalities to go with them. In fact, my only real complaint here is the voice that says the characters name and introduces the rounds. She seems disinterested and out of place to me more than anything.

Now the reason you are all here, should you buy this, or simply move on to something else. Truthfully for a fighting fan, this is a good buy, the game could use a few more characters but in a world dominated by high profile fighting games, it is hard for a newcomer to enter the arena. Mortal Kombat and Injustice basically have the genre on lockdown with DBZ right there. Omen of Sorrow isn’t perfect, but it is the best 2D fighter to come along in many years and it is nice to see a fresh face that is fun to play. 8/10. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Most Likely To Murder (2018)

Most Likely to murder is the typical story of the king of the school returning home to find out he isn’t really the king any longer. Billy’s (Adam Pally) old friends hate him, his old fling hates him, really only his best friend is happy to see him. Who can blame them tho, he is trapped in high school to the point he even came home and expected to cruise around in the same car.

When Billy runs into Kara (Rachel Bloom) and discovers she may or may not be dating the guy he used to bully, Lowell (Vincent Kartheiser) he kind of looses it a bit, goes on a drinking bender and witnesses a murder he attempts to prove that Lowell’s mom died not on accident, but because is former torture target is the weirdo he always claimed he was.

The movie is at times honestly cringe worthy with how billy behaves and comes off and others the movie does an amazing job showing how people obsessed with high school being the best time of their lives can truly lose sight of how times and people change even when they do not. The movie isn’t bad by any stretch but it would hardly be fair to call this a masterpiece. It isn’t a great comedy, but it is an interesting one. It isn’t for everyone but it is enjoyable, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Masterminds (2016)

Masterminds starring Zach Galifinakis and Kristin Wiig is the story of a robbery gone right believe it or not. A cool $17 million and a trip to Mexico. The problem is after David (Zach) is sent to Mexico before meeting up with Kelly (Kristin) whom has no intention of going there he is betrayed by Steve (Owen Wilson) and the feds are now after him.

Things get worse for David when Steve sends an assassin, Mike (Jason Sudeikis). Luckily for him the fake name they used for Dave happens to be Mike McKinney. Yes they used the assassins name and life as his alias. In a weird twist tho they become friends.

The movie itself is pretty solid but isn’t great. The most interesting thing about it tho, is it is actually based on a true story and to this day around $2 million dollars of the $17 million in the Loomis Fargo  Bank heist is still missing. Feel free to check this one out, if only just for the story. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Daddy’s Home 2 (2007)

Daddy’s Home 2 is a rather odd movie for me. The movie has a ton of talent with Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell,Mell Gibson and John Lithgow. The movie weirdly tho bounces between a by the numbers comedy and a hilarious comedy. The acting as you would expect is always top-notch however.

The story is quite simple. Take two families, and 2 grandparents with mixed style of parenting and stick them in a cabin and watch as things progress. The issue is the laughs that exist are amazing, they just come few and far between. There isn’t anything wrong with the story or anything like that it is just hit and miss with the script.

There are some memorable moments tho, for example the hunting scene is one of my favorite scenes in recent memory and it was quite hilarious when Wills character cut down a cell phone tower instead of a tree. The movie isn’t truly bad, it just isn’t as good as one would expect. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Our favorites, day 31: Slither


Happy Halloween everyone from Savior and I. Isn’t it funny that our second Halloween special ends with our Valentine’s day special. Well, there’s a reason. As he stated in Our Favorites Day 31: Slither (Savior) this pretty much our bromance movie. If our fat asses got caught in a movie, this would be it and I’d be the one freaking out because there was no fucking Mr. Pib. Every year we’d meet up and watch horror movies, usually obscure ones at that, and this is our favorite. So que the Yahoos, have a safe holiday, and give me me some damn Mr. Pib.

The Hatred Revisited (2017)

download (6).jpg

It wasn’t to long ago I watched this movie, and honestly I didn’t really know what to do with it. Here is my original review. The Hated (2017) I decided to watch it again because honestly I forgot I watched it already until about halfway through. Maybe that should be an indication of how good the movie is. You can see from my other review the movie had potential,and I stand by that. The movie could have been amazing, and the acting was really well done, I have no complaints there, and there is a scene where the little girl insist her baby sitter checks under the bed and when she does it’s the little girl telling her to shush because that isn’t her. When the sitter looks up, yup its a ghost.

Many aspects of the movie are great like that, and even the beginning explains how the house got into the state it was in showing an Nazi post WW2 living in America hiding an old object given to him from a friend as a reward from Hitler and a letter telling him to protect it.

The movie is definitely worth checking out tho, with how torn on it I am I can see other people enjoying it tho it does have pretty bad reviews from IMBd (3.7/10) and 59% from  Google users, so maybe not. Maybe do like the girls in the movie and drink a bottle of wine before deciding anything, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Our Favorites Day 31: Slither (Savior)

Here we are, Halloween and the final day of our favorite horror movies. You will notice that me and @torstenvblog are both doing a movie today and it happens to be the same movie, Slither Slither 2nd opinion (2006)

Why are we both covering a movie we have both already reviewed? Well a long time ago we both worked at the same place and didn’t know each other. He was some guy pushing carts in the parking lot and I worked in the garden section. He did his thing and I did mine. One day I got dragged out of my department and sent outside to help that dude in the parking lot and while bullshitting about our shared hatred for our job we discovered we had much in common. Video games, books, horror movies and mostly that we hated our damn boss.

About 6 months later I left that hell hole for good, but he needed help moving and of course I had my friends back. We got him settled in, unpacked played some games and decided to get together for what would become a tradition we have followed ever since. Once a year for Halloween we get together and watch horror movies, but the first one I remember was this movie.It had it all, some silly jump scare attempts, a mayor screaming for his Mr. Pip, death and gore and the greatest love song of all time.

I don’t care what you all say, it’s a love song. “Queue The mother fucking Yahoos!” Seriously, I got that text from @torstenvblog the day him and his girlfriend broke up. She was insane. Seriously upper tier insane.

Regardless that is why I love this movie, it solidified what became the best friendship I have ever had and gave us one of the best inside jokes I have been part of. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.