American Horror Story: Asylum

ahs 2

So, you know how you get nervous going to the doctors as a kid? Hell, damn right scared even; your heart beats tenfold and you scream in terror when you have to get a shot? Well, old school medical treatment was 1000 times scarier than a shot. So I was really looking forward to jumping into the Asylum for the second American Horror Story .

Our location is BriarCliff, an asylum for the insane during the 1960’s. A reporter, Lana, is investing the estate and finds herself locked within it’ walls by the conflicted and corrupt Sister Jude and her underling Sister Mary Eunice. After Lana’s false incarceration and a new prisoner arrives who claims to have been abducted by aliens, strange things begin happening. Mary Eunice begins changing, patients disappear when a Dr with a dark secret comes in, and Lana falls for a young, handsome therapist at the asylum who has has his own terrible secret that will follow Lana decades after the asylum, the psychotically brutal Bloody Face…

Of the series Asylum is my least favorite, but it’s still a solid season. I liked the new time period and how I look it as a representation of the cruel, gritty age of medicine ending and our more modern age of more ethical treatment taking over. The performances were better this season but I have to give a huge round of applause to Zachary Quinto for a surprising as hell performance that made damn sure I’ll never watch Star trek (reboot)  the same ever again. I loved the plot about Nazi experimentation and the Bloody Face Arc; what hurt the season for me was the alien abduction story. Don’t get me wrong, I found it intersting as hell but it dragged on too long and I felt it held too much weight on the overall narrative while other stories dried up too soon. Also, the ending of that arc made the end too sugary for me. In the end, AHS: Asylum was ambitious and while I find it my least favorite of the series, I think it’s still worth seeing. May the gaming gods bring you glory.



American Horror Story


A few days ago I talked about the American Horror Story: Apocalypse teaser and I think it’d be a good idea to cover what I know of the series.

Season 1 is simple in concept, almost cliche, as we see a family with issues move into a new house in California. Viven, the mom and wife, had a miscarriage and in the aftermath, her husband Ben had a affair. There teenage daughter Violet acts out. They want peace for there family to heal in there new house, despite the strange neighbor’s and the house’s dark, morbid history. The neighbor’s troubled son Tate and Violet become close as a series of events start happening, leading to Viven getting raped by a freak in a gimp suit. It seems the Murder House may have new victims to add to it’s long list…

I didn’t know what to expect going in, just the popularity. Season 1, while not perfect, is really cool. The characters are flushed out and I actually was invested in them and there plights. Evan Peters as Tate stole the show for me. This is a show that blends aspe of real life fact and fictional horror, making some interesting stories. Where I felt a flaw was the last few episodes of the season, the pacing of the ultimate plot felt off, feeling somehow rushed and lagging at the same time. The end is clever but a little too chipper for me. In the end, season 1- Murderhouse is totally solid and I recommend it to New comers. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Spider-man: the new animated series

spiderman new animated

Ok, so a while ago I talked about how much I loved Spider-man: the animated series from the 90’s, well little do people remember MTV’s animated series that jetted out after the huge success of the first Spider-man movie. Supposedly taking place after the events of the first movie and before Spider- man 2 we join the soap opera of Peter Parker’s life as he deals with Harry’s pain over losing his father, his balance between being friends with MJ and being more, and fitting in at college while being the friendly neighborhood Spider-man and meeting such bad guys as Electro, Kingpin, and Lizard along the way…and it lasted with 13 episodes on a cliff hanger or real downer ending, however you look at it.

I find it hard to say if it’s worth watching. It doesn’t sync well with the films even though it references thing from the movie. As a drama, it’solid as is the voice acting; Neil Patrick Harris is a pretty good Spider-man. There’s not many classic villains sadly, pretty much who I named; you never get to see Doc Ock, Venom, or even another Goblin. Pretty much nobody bad guys that are alright but don’t beat those we love. The animation at the time was groundbreaking but hasn’t aged that well in my opinion. It ain’t horrendous but not great, and you’ll notice there’s a lot of stock scenes of Spider-man swinging to pad stuff out. I’d say it’s worth it if you’re a die hard Spidey fan but otherwise it’s ok to pass. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


American Horror Story: Apocalypse teaser

This maybe a surprise but I’m a pretty big fan of American Horror Story. While not perfect, I love how each season manages to cram in strange and WTF stories and good characters and make them work. So far, I know season 8, Apocalypse, we’re getting mutants and the Antichrist, which was part of the first season. The teaser is cool and I can’t wait to see what we get in 2018. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Teen Titans Go!

teen titans go

Here we come to the exact opposite of the Titans live action trailer , a goofy comedy featuring respected characters Robin, Cyborg, BeastBoy, Starfire, and Raven in there whacky adventures. That’s pretty much the gist of it. This is in no way like the classic Teen Titans ; this isn’t a show with complex characters and storylines. The characters are pretty much simplified and dumbed down and there is no real super hero stuff. What we get is a real trippy WTF show that pokes fun at the genre, characters, and DC itself. In season 1 alone I saw a Kaiju sized burrito fight a giant robot burger, Robin in a sped making some pretty damn adult fish jokes, and poor Starfire getting screwed at least half a dozen times by her asshole friends because she ain’t from earth. That being said, as much as I want to hate this show, I can’t. I laugh a lot and it’s got a fun, colorful art style and I like the jabs they make at other DC characters. Is the show stupid, yeah. Will it piss off fans of the classic, oh yeah. But it’s just a fun show that ain’t for all, but alright in doses. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

SDCC 2018- Torsten’s Summary

sdcc 2018

SDCC 2018 has been surprisingly epic  and as a nerd and blogger I’m truly thankful. At the end of this post I’m leaving all the links to the posts I’ve done regarding trailers from this year’s SDCC. I’m sure I missed stuff and I know there’s plenty to cover so feel free to leave suggestions in the comments and I’ll be happy to look into it. For right now I’d like to take this time and pretty much just talk about stuff that really popped out to me and bring up stuff I wish we got.

Normally, I’d say let’s start with the positives but this time I want to start with the worst thing I’m pretty sure most of us came out of this year’s SDCC, a trailer the internet, fans, and haters alike have banned together to trash and that’s the Titans live action trailer. Fuck Batman? No, fuck you trailer, enough said.

I have to say my favorite thing to come out of SDCC this year was the Glass trailer. I’m genuinely pumped for that movie and I hope Shyamalan makes a comeback. My close second favorite trailer was for Aquaman and thankfully I don’t think I’ll be disappointed come December.

I was surprised by quite a bit by a lot this year. Shazam looks funny as hell and I’m not even a huge fan of the character so that says something. The same can also be said of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, it’s hard to not get goosebumps during the trailer. Alita: Battle Angel I feel could be the surprise gem of the bunch while Overlord’s trailer was the hardest hitting surprise for me.

With the exception of Overlord trailer, I’m a little disappointed at the lack of new horror content. I was hoping for a new Halloween 2018 trailer or a new trailer for the Nun. Predator 4 is shaping up to look sweet and though I’m sure it will dominate next year’s Con, I wish we got a little bit more of IT: Chapter 2.

The lack of Disney/ Marvel presence was sorely missed. Seriously, besides a trailer for Iron Fist season 2 and the return of Clone Wars, that  was all they brought to the table. No Avengers 4 tease, no Captain Marvell tease, no Daredevil season 3 peek, no Star Wars Episode 9 news. Hell, even the Fox part of Marvel was quiet; I was expecting a Xmen: Dark Phoenix trailer.

In the end, it was a great year. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Goosebumps 2 trailer 1  Overlord trailer 1  Glass trailer 1  DragonBall Super movie: Broly trailer  Aquaman trailer 1  Shazam trailer 1  Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer 1  Fantastic Beasts 2 trailer  Alita Battle Angel


The Purge-USA event trailer  Star Wars: The Clones Wars, final season trailer  Walking Dead season 9 trailer  Deadly Class trailer  Legends of Tomorrow season 4 trailer  Black Lightning season 2 trailer  Supergirl season 4 trailer  Riverdale season 3 trailer  Arrow season 7 trailer  Flash season 5 trailer  Titans live action trailer


Marvel Spider-man SDCC trailer

Slender man trailer 2

Well, I’d say its a huge improvement over Slenderman preview but I’m not entirely convinced. Yes, the atmosphere has improved and the Slender Man doesn’t look too bad and I like the way the lore was used. I’d  seriously laugh if they try to plug the games though. A big problem I have is that I get too much of a Ring vibe from it and the fact it’s PG-13, which means there’s going to be a lot of teen pandering and jump scares. In the end, I’d RedBox it but that’s about as far as I’m willing to go. May the gaming gods bring you glory.