Black Summer (Preview)

Black Summer is the soon to be released prequel to Z Nation from SYFY channel except this will be on Netflix. Set during its namesake, the Black Summer is when the whole zombie apocalypse started. The first season will be 8 episodes. Enjoy the trailer below and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


5 Favorite T.V. Shows

We all have favorite shows, some of them comedies some of the horror but we all have them. I know a guy that is obsessed with the news, tho he is a bit odd. These, however, are mine, tho admittedly first on the list is an entire series since it would be a bit unfair to separate them. Also, this isn’t in any order.

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Yup, Star Trek. Who didn’t see this coming? Sure the show has had its ups and downs and Enterprise wasn’t always a great show but the show itself was amazing and changed the history of television forever. Also for the record, as awesome as Kirk was, Picard was the better captain.

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Scrubs, which I don’t care what anyone says was the best medical show ever. Between the bromance of Turk and J.D. to the greatness that is the Janitor. The show is just good old fashioned fun.

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Supernatural as you all know is one of my favorite shows and has been for a while, which is odd since I waited forever to even start watching it. You do mostly need to see the entire thing or you will be lost, but it is totally worth it.


How I Met Your Mother is another one of those shows I was a little late to the party on. By late I mean I watched it after it aired and I already knew who the mother was. Some o the running jokes alone are amazing, such as slapsgiving or what the hell does Barney do for a living?  Plus the songs are great.

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Married With Children, a show that wouldn’t work today. Seriously check it out. Why Married With Children Wouldn’t Work In 2019 Its a great show, and hilarious and I doubt we will ever see another show like it. Between the jokes, and the fact that many people can actually relate to the family itself it is no surprise the show was so popular and also still has a cult following today.

So that is my list, what shows do you guys got? Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Doom Patrol trailer

So while I had a huge amount of reservations about DC’s live action Titans series, I have to admit I really dug the Doom Patrol cameo. As for looks, the main characters actually look pretty good. Cyborg looks better to me here than in Justice League (2017) and I have to admit I always liked Robot Man. I’m actually kinda excited to see how this progresses. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Smallville Season 6

Smallville Season 6 is kind of insane honestly. From the start when Clark is stuck in the Phantom Zone until the very end when Lana leaves Lex there is just a ton going on, and in between, we have Clark attempting to stop all the things he unleashed from the Phantom Zone when he escaped. There are a few things I dislike tho.

The first example would be the entire story arc with Zod ends far too quickly. Zod has always been one of Supermans greatest enemies and is also one of his oldest, yet in a few short episodes, we end the whole thing with Zod and move on. This to me was a huge missed opportunity, and while the season was great and entertaining there was no need to rush through Zod.

The set of for season 7 was even worse, not because it wasn’t awesome which it was, but because it sets up Bizarro Superman. How do we start with Zod and end with Bizzaro in one season when each of these could easily have been a season each.

That all aside it was rather nice seeing Green Arrow make his appearance and it is always fun to see Aquaman along with the other heroes that have shown up in the show. All in all, I enjoyed the season but you can see where the yare rushing through some things. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Lucifer Season 3

Lucifer season 3 is a bit odd. The ending is on a major cliffhanger, then the show got canceled, we got 2 bonus episodes, then the show got renewed for season 4 by Netflix after a massive save Lucifer campaign.

That being said this season is three things, the longest, the best, and oddest. The oddest because of those bonus episodes. We get a great season, with love and loss, realizations and friendships born and lost and the best ending to any season yet. Then the stand-alone episodes kick in and honestly ruin the ending. They aren’t bad episodes by any means, just after the ending we got they just feel like a tease. The season itself, however, is insanely exciting.

The season itself largely follows Lucifers attempt to discover the Sinnerman an eventually help Cain die, yes Cain as in Cain and Abel. The side of all this is Amenedeil trying to get his wings back, Maze continuing her bounty hunting and Chloe doing the usual. really it is a busy season. This season truly was my favorite despite the bonus episodes kind of ruining the flow. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Lucifer Season One

With Lucifer on Netflix, I decided it was time to revisit one of my favorite shows on television. I have a few times visited the difference between Lucifer: Comic Compared to Show and even did a Lucifer 1-3 Impressions but I never really look at each one individually. So this is season one.

The show starts with Lucifer (Tom Ellis) being pulled over by a police officer. This is where we discover that Lucifer Morningstar has the uncanny ability to get people to confess their deepest desires. He uses this to get out of his ticket.

Throughout this season Lucifer will make friends with Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and even manages to get himself onto the police force as her partner, as a sort of civilian consultant. This leads to all sorts of interesting cases where he helps solve murders, as well as him smoking pot at a crime scene which is rather humorous.

The show itself is well written and entertaining, possibly one of the best on television, tho I suppose now it is accurate to say it is one of the best-written shows on Netflix. It is however vastly different from the comics. Weirdly the show also drew harsh criticisms from the group One Million Moms that tried to get the show canceled before it ever aired claiming it was dangerous for it to even exist, tho thankfully that failed miserably. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.