Dragonball Z: Lord Slug

dbz slug

Here is where the DBZ movies turned for the awesome, part of which helps is the badass soundtrack featuring old school Deftones, Disturbed, and Finger Eleven to name a few.

The Earth is in panic as a colossal meteor is about to collide with the planet, a planet inhabited by life. Goku and Krillin intercept only to get blasted away as it lands and an army emerges lead by an ancient tyrant known as Lord Slug. Slug has come for the Dragonballs to give himself eternal youth. After being restored to his prime, him and his army set off to terra-form the Earth to create a new cruiser out of it. Goku and his friends can’t compete with young Slug who is revealed to be a Super Namekian, but Goku finds a strange power of his own, but can it bring down a towering Slug?

The Lord Slug movie is badass. The fights are epic and the music perfectly compliments them. Slug as a villain is pretty solid and his henchmen are interesting to watch. How Slug is defeated is pretty creative and it brings a cute scene early in the movie. If you want a quick, fun, badass DBZ film I highly recommend this to anime fans. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Murder Mystery (2019)

Murder Mystery is the new Adam Sandler movie from Happy Madison Productions starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. They play a married couple, her a hair dresser, him a cop trying to become a detective, tho she has been lied to and thinks he already is one.

After 15 years, they are finally going on their European honeymoon. On the plane they meet Charles Cavendish (Luke Evans) the nephew of a billionare going through a rough break up that invites them on the family yacht, just to piss off his uncle that married his fiancee.

The movie is getting mixed reviews, critics don’t seem to enjoy it but viewers seem to be enjoying it. I fall into the I enjoyed it category. Ms. Aniston and Mr. Sandler have great chemistry and perform well together and the story is well put together and easy to understand but has just enough twist and turns to be fun.

My only real issue with the story is there is nothing new here either, Murder Mystery is very cliche and by the book, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing I just would have liked a bit more to it. That being said if you like mystery movies this one is solid. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Dragonball Z: The Namek Saga

dbz 2  We continue on with the epic tale that is Dragonball Z. After saving the Earth, Vegeta has fled, Goku is wrecked, and with Piccolo and Kami dead there are no more Dragonballs. Mr Popo shows Bulma the ship Kami came in as a baby and she’s able to find the coordinates to Planet Namek, which has it’s own Dragonballs. Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan set off for Namek to restore Piccolo and there friends. Vegeta, pissed at his defeat, is stronger than ever after being beaten nearly to death because of Saiyan genetics and sets off to Namek as well. Despite Piccolo’s original bitter nature, Gohan and Krillin discover the Namekians are a peaceful people who are being slaughtered by Vegeta and a much darker force- Frieza. His army and right hand men Zarbon and Dedoria are searching for the balls as well so Frieza can achieve immortality. Before killing Dedoria Vegeta discovers the Saiyans weren’t destroyed by an asteroid as he was led to believe but Frieza himself, which boosts Vegeta’s blood lust. While a cat and mouse game ensues between Krillin and Gohan and Vegeta, Bulma tries to survive the alien world, and Goku trains with gravity as he races to help his friends on Namek. When the Dragonballs are in there grasp, the pair find themselves having to join forces in order to face Frieza’s squad of strange but powerful mercenaries- Enter the Ginyu Force…

Season 2 was a good blend of adventure and fights. I like how half of the story is Vegeta going on a murderous rampage and he does have most of the best fights in this season. The Ginyu Force is goofy but they are pretty cool. The pacing is a bit off and it it is slower than last saga but it’s worth the wait for what will come next. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Dragonball Z: Tree of Might

dbz tree

Admittedly Tree of Might was my intro to the DBZ movies and it’s a fair place to start. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of Dragonball Z: The Dead Zone and Dragonball Z: The World’s Strongest , these were the early years of DBZ.

Much like the story of Dragonball Z ( The Saiyan Saga) , a band of aliens come to Earth, only this time pirates. Gohan and Krillin save a young dragon from a massive forest fire and they set off to find the Dragonballs to undo the fire. Meanwhile a band of space pirates sets down, led by Turles, who plans on destroying the world to grow the Tree of Might. The fruit from the tree grants incredible tree, but the tree itself feeds off of the world it’s planted on until it dies. The Z fighters face the pirates but are no match for Turles, who looks exactly like Goku. Can Goku beat his doppelganger and save the world?

Of the original 3 movies, I’d say Tree is the best. You get to see all the Z fighters in action which is pretty cool. The fight against Turles has some decently brutal moments and the story is pretty solid. If you are a fan of the series, I’d definitely check it out and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Letterkenny Season 7 Announced

As promised I had some news on our friends over at Letterkenny, and here it is. As reported by deadline Letterkenny will become a Hulu original on October 14th for its 7th Season which will consist of 6 episodes and while details are scarce it seems our hick friends will be starting some sort of agricultural call-in show. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Letterkenny Season 6

I know what you guys are thinking, another quick review of  a show where savior says it doesn’t change, its still funny, was only 7 episodes and you should check it out. Just like I did the last few days. This is mostly true, except this season things did change a bit.

This season while still being the same formula of episodes mostly being unconnected in anyway, just being a bunch of one liner jokes and just being a cheap laugh and a guilty pleasure this one actually connect things across multiple episodes in a small way. For example it is heavily implies that Wayne is either going to, or has proposed to his girlfriend, but they never really mention it again.

Some of the characters that rarely interact also start doing so more, with some pretty hilarious consequences tho they are also pretty interesting. All in all this season while maybe not the best, was possibly the most interesting. I do have one more bit of Letterkenny news tomorrow then it will be tossed away for at least awhile. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Dragonball Z: The World’s Strongest

dbz worlds strongest

So, you ever want to see the one and only Goku fight a giant ass robot with an insane huge human brain in it? Well, if you have, then here’s a movie for you.

A scientist named Dr. Kochin is out searching for the Dragonballs, while Gohan and Oolong just so happen to be. Kochin’s wish: to shatter the mountain of ice encasing his master, the cybernetic behemoth Dr Wheelo who plan on transplanting his massive brain into the world’s strongest body. Kochin sends his freakish trio of Bio-men to at first attack Master Roshi, who was originally the world’s strongest. After being defeated, Kochin turns him over. Next goes Piccolo. Finally Goku, Krillin, and Gohan are lured there to save there friends, but can they stop Wheelo?

I have to admit, with the exception of Bio-Broly, this is my least favorite of the DBZ movies. The plot is meh. Wheelo and Kochin aren’t too memorable as villains,  but the Bio-men were pretty cool. I kind of had to laugh, when taken over there eyes turn bright pink and they look high as hell. Honestly, the movie is pretty forgettable and it’s fair to skip. May the gaming gods bring you glory.