New Suicide Squad: Pure Insanity

suicide squad insaneSuicide Squad

Amanda Waller, one of the grayest characters in DC, heads Task Force X, aka the Suicide Squad. In Pure Insanity, we begin with her being removed from the spot and hot shot politician Vic Sage. Sage wants to reinvigorate Task Force X by making some radical changes to the crew. for one, he enlists the help of super mercenary Deathstroke to provide support for the team, despite the antagonistic relationship between him and Deadshot and against Waller’s strong wishes as well as the new criminal calling herself “Joker’s Daughter”, which pisses off the already unstable Harley Quinn to say the least. Joker’s Daughter and Deathstroke aren’t tagged with the accustomed nano-bombs. The bright side is  the crew has Aquaman’s nemesis Black Manta. The team’s mission- infiltrate a Russian facility on there soil while fighting deadly robots. After the team dissolves into madness, Deathstroke betrays them, Deadshot is damn near crippled, and Manta takes charge, they are thrown into service, this time aided by ninja Manbats and notorious Flash villains Captain Boomerang and Reverse Flash, the team is sent to infiltrate a lab in China experimenting with creating Meta Humans. Waller has her luck cut out for her as bad decisions and the madness of the Suicide Squad threatens to damn them all…

This book is a good example of what I loved from the  Suicide Squad  movie without the dumb shit. The stories are fast paced but there’s still some great character moments- especially from Waller, Harley, and Manta. Manta steals the show in my opinion; this was my first real experience with him and he quickly won my heart. there is some good dark humor and a lot of action. In the end, if you’re new to DC or the new 52, this is a good solid place to start. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


My 10 favorite Spider-man villains, part 2

spidey comic 2

Here we continue with my list of favorite Spider-man villains, starting from the 5th spot to number 1. Here we get a lot of the big well known Spidey bad guys, the ones that test him the most, starting with…

kingpin spidey 5. Kingpin-

While just as much of a Daredevil villain, Spider-man has given Wilson Fisk a ton of headaches over the years. Fisk is a criminal mastermind and a brutal physical threat that can certainly take a ass kicking.

carnage spidey 4. Carnage-

With all the hype over Venom’s movie and many wondering why he wasn’t the villain revealed in Venom trailer 3 I have to give Cleatus a shout out. He’s a stark raving lunatic that won’t go down, loves Lynard Skynard, and warp his body into deadly things. Ain’t he a bundle of fun for the family?

doc ock spidey 3. Doctor Octopus/ Doc Ock-

My personal favorite rendition was Alfred Molina’s in Spider- man 2 , though I loved him in the animated series too and in Amazing Spider-man: Superior I loved seeing Peter’s former mentor try to live up to his enemy. Ock’s tentacles are some of my favorite weapons in comics that are frankly badass.

venom spidey 2. Venom-

Venom in almost every way is the dark version of Spider-man, and his story is full of sheer awesomeness and revenge. You can’t talk about Venom without bringing  up Spider-man: the animated series or Spider-man (N64)  .Of course Spider-man 3 didn’t do the character justice but the movie has promise. What makes Venom cool is the fact he means to do good at the expense of his hate for the wall crawler, and they do make an awesome pair in a fight.

green goblin marvel 1. Green Goblin-

No villain has really brought Spider-man the pain and hardship as the Green Goblin. Because of Goblin, he lost his greatest love Gwen Stacy, and his best friend Harry Osborn went mad after losing his father Norman, the first Goblin just eventually meet the same fate. The Goblin’s creepy outfit, Halloween themed arsenal, cool glider, and utter madness makes him my number one.

There’s plenty of other villains I’d like to include like Shocker, Hobgoblin, Kraven the Hunter, and Mysterio but that’s part of what makes Spider-man so great, he’s got so many great villains. I hope you enjoyed and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


My top 10 favorite Spider-man villains part 1

spidey comic 1

Spider-man has come a long way in the few years after Tom Holland’s spot on performance as the wall crawler in Captain America Civil War (Iron Man Side) , Spider-man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War . I’ve also been covering a lot of the trailers for the ps4 game. That being said, as much as our friendly neighborhood Spider-man, I love his villains just as much. In this post, from spot 10 to 6, let’s begin with…

lizard spidey 10. The Lizard-

Curt Connors was a teacher, scientist, and friend to Peter who had lost an arm and tried regrowing it with reptilian DNA with monstrous results. My attraction to him has always been the draw of how sympathetic he his on top of how viscous he can be… plus he was my favorite part of Amazing Spider-man

electro 9. Electro –

Ok, this is going to blow a lot of minds but I didn’t hate The Amazing Spider-man 2 as much as many did. I’ve never been a huge fan of Electro but I loved the power he had in the movie. Every game I’ve faced him in kicked my ass and electricity powers are sweet so here’s to the 9 spot.

scorpion spidey 8. Scorpion-

I always felt kinda bad for Mac Gargon, a guy who found himself in a raw deal. Yes he got strength, agility, and a suit that can up the damage he can take with a tail that can spray acid but the drawback is he’s stuck in the suit. Besides being awesome, whether its in Spider-man (N64) or Spider-man: the animated series , he’s a force to be reckoned with.

hydro man spidey 7. Hydro Man-

Water is everywhere, in fact, it’s a majority of what makes us up. Hell, most of our planet is water. When your girlfriend’s crazy asshole ex boyfriend is virtually indestructible and has an extremely accessible power source at his disposal, well Spidey is in for a hell of a fight.

vulture spidey    6.Vulture-

I have to admit, before Homecoming I never really understood why I liked Vulture so much. He looked cool in the Spider-man movie game, but he was easy as hell to take down, In Homecoming, Michael Keaton gave a great performance as a father trying to do right for his family.

I hope you enjoyed the first half of my list, the second half will be up later today. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vol 4

power rangers 4

Picking up where Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vol.3 left off, the remaining Rangers find themselves being lured lured into Drakken’s clutches. Finster has created a small army of perfected Gouldars to meet them for an ambush once they cross worlds. The rebellion Zach and Trini lead is about to be crushed by Drakken’s army as Trini tells Billy how he died giving them the only chance they have left- the Triceratops power coin. Zordon finds himself dead in that time, caught in the loop racing in to help his rangers there. After a brilliant move on Trini’s part, Drakken’s power is disrupted as well as his army’s but can Tommy stop his evil self once and for all?

It was a badass end to this part of the story, but I do wish I got to see the final clash between the Green Ranger and Drakken, instead of them powered down. It is cool in the flashbacks to see rangers of other eras mix but ultimately fall to Drakken. the way they beat Drakken is kinda kooky but hey, it’s Power Rangers. If you’re a fan, I’d suggest the comics definitely for a good story and the nostalgic value alone. Thanks to my friend Autobot for loaning me the books; below are links to other Power Ranger comic reviews. May the power protect you and the gaming gods bring you glory.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: vol 1 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vol 2  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vol.3

Power Rangers Shattered Grid Trailer

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vol.3

power rangers 3

So without a truckload of back tracking, please refer to my posts on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: vol 1 and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vol 2 before continuing with the story. So Tommy and Billy are trapped in a alternate future dimension without there powers and without the other rangers, who sharing Tommy’s Green Ranger power, have started trying to restore Alpha and bring the fight to Rita. Billy and Tommy find themselves in a time of great destruction, where Rita has taken over and the Power Rangers have lost to a sinister Lord Drakken. Powers that once were theirs have been scavenged, given to Drakken’s army. On the other side, Trini discovers the Black Dragon shares some striking similarities to Tommy’s DragonZord. Lord Drakken is revealed to be a older Tommy, a Tommy that that stayed loyal to Rita and who killed Jason, who failed to harness the White Ranger power in time. Drakken fused both together and destroyed most of his former teammates and friends. After barely escaping, the duo find a resistance led by an older Zach, but what can they do without there powers?

I can’t help but be impressed by the Boom Power Ranger comics. I enjoyed the more intimate look into Billy, who was always one of my favorites. Drakken is menacing and well written, a cool and much needed threat against the Rangers. If you enjoyed the show or want a really good comic story, these should be high on your list. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Batman: Year One

batman year 1

There have been many upon many retelling of the origin of Batman and one of the most iconic is Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, which helped inspire Batman Begins. Year One as far as story is pretty self explanatory. Gotham is a crime infested hellhole full of crooked cops and mainly controlled by mob families. Young Detective Jim Gordon transferred willingly here with his budding family in search of money and a new start but quickly learns Gotham is no place for a good man. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne returns after nearly a decade abroad, prepared to seek vengance on the crime that took the life of his parents. At first, dressed in black he attacks the small time crooks to no avail. Using his fear of bats, his natural intellect, and the skills he learned across the globe, he chooses a new identity, something to scare the wicked. Gordon and the newly emerged Batman of Gotham are fighting for justice, but can they work together?

I admire the book for it’s intamcy in regards to Gordon and Wayne’s thoughts and stories. I enjoyed how Batman’s origin wasn’t tied to a specific super villian but fighting the crime families of Gotham. It was cool to see the thought processes behind Batman’s transform, as well the impact he makes on others. There’s an iconic scene where he engages the family heads directly that always stuck with me. I found it weird Catwoman started off as hooker in this and didn’t really think she needed to be there. I did see the animated film which was adapted really damn well and I recommend seeing in conjunction with the book or just on it’s own. If you want a cool origin and a good crime drama, this is well worth the read. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vol 2

power rangers vol 2

Again, another shout out to Autobot for letting me borrow these books. Picking up where Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: vol 1 left off, tensions are at a all time high between Rangers, especially Zach and Tommy. The reason for Zach’s paranoia stems from a secret encounter he had with Rita, before the Green Ranger even appeared. Using his nature against him, he offered him the Green power to help bring order to the world if he would just abandon his friends and achieve the greatness he sought. He turned it down but he felt the overwhelming ease and guilt at the wanting he felt. A new monster, the Black Dragon, has descended on them, kidnapping Billy and zapping all the Rangers expect for Tommy’s, leading to Tommy and an unpowered Jason to lead a raid on Rita’s palace to free the captured Blue Ranger…Once again, I was really into this comic. The characters are done well, being fun but heartfelt, and the action is awesome. Seeing the Dragonzord in space was pretty damn sweet. If you liked the first volume, feel free to jump to into the second and may the gaming gods bring you glory.