Infamous: Second Son

infamous second son

Here we come to the first game I played for PlayStation 4, the continuation of the Infamous story, leading off of the good karma ending of Infamous 2 where Cole sacrificed much of the Conduits as well as Himself and the Beast to preserve mankind. At first I was hesitant to follow the series with a new hero/ villain but eventually I caved, but what did I find diving into Seattle as Conduit Delson Rowe?

The world has changed since the Beast came and now Conduits are seen as monsters, freaks. An agency called D.U.P is on the warpath against them, lead by Augustine and her concrete abilities. She’s called to a small Native American reservation on the outskirts of town in search for a Conduit fugitive that we meet our main character, Delson, the rebellious young graffiti artist who discovers his own abilities- he can copy other Conduit’s powers. After Augustine harms his people, it’s up to Delson, his cop brother Reggie, and a couple of Conduit outcasts to ban together and take D.U.P and Augustine down.

I’m just going to say, Infamous: Second Son is a hell of a first game to jump into PlayStation 4. The gameplay is remarkably smooth, especially switching between all four power sets: smoke, neon, video, and concrete (which sucks). each power has its own set of traits, strengths and weaknesses and epic as hell ultimate moves. Visually the game is colorful and striking and a treat for the eye. Because it was a launch title, there was some interesting uses of the new controller functions that work well like waving it to spray paint or getting calls through the controller’s microphone. The story is above solid on good karma but honestly the evil karma side is weak as hell. the story is inferior, all the powers replace there vast color pallets and styles with shades of red and purple. Another drawback is the fact I couldn’t help but feel the X-Men comparisons in this story. Augustine isn’t a really remarkable villain either. Overall, it’s a damn fun game but I have to say it loses it’s replay value and feels cliche but if you stay good, the game is well worth it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.




Avengers 4 trailer

The day has arrived at last, our first trailer for Avengers: Endgame has come. Thanos has won and what few Avengers remain are lost and desolate. The feel of the trailer is a perfect follow up to the end of Avengers: Infinity War . I was glad to see Hawkeye return as well as  Antman’s funny bit at the end. I wish they showed a little bit more but the feeling of defeat and loneliness was perfect. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Ultimate Fantastic 4: N- Zone

ult f v3

Originally my plan was to cover volumes 3 and 4 together but the next volume is literally like 3 stories in one where as volume 3 is one solid story. Also to avoid a recap, check out my review on Ultimate Fantastic 4: Fantastic / Doom but essentially we’re wrapping up there primary origin as the 4 embark into the N- Zone, where it’s believed they got there powers.

After facing the nefarious Mole Man and Dr Doom, Reed Richards ( Mr Fantastic) discovers a means to travel to the Negative Zone, the place who’s mere exposure caused there mutations and Doom’s deformation. It takes some talking with the volatile General Ross but Reed gets clearance to venture unto the breach with there custom shuttle, the Awesome. The N Zone is a dying universe, cold and near lifeless. The rules of physics are nearly null and void. The environment has a nasty, almost lethal effect on Johnny and his powers but they can’t go back without answers or empty handed. They come across a mangled space station inhabited by the starving dwellers of the universe, overseen by Nihilus, a eerie fly like creature who is desperate and wants a way out by any means necessary. Can the Four overcome this new threat with a man down and escape this dying hell?

This is a solid book but there is some drawbacks. There are some strong character moments between Sue and Johnny as brother and sister and I like seeing the conflict in Reed stemming from his ambition.  Nihilus does have a creepy vibe to him his motives are sympathetic. A problem that kills the story for me is the fact he’s honestly a wimp. One punch from Thing basically takes him out, and once they return to our dimension Johnny pretty much roasts his damn posse in 30 seconds. I felt like the pacing was off and the beginning was a little too long and the end game was too quick and there were a few times there could have been some sweet action scenes. In the end its a good solid story I think many would enjoy. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Captain Marvel trailer 2

After Captain Marvel trailer 1 I was pretty excited but I have to say now I’m pumped up ten fold. Seeing her red and blue costume in full, kicking ass in space was pretty damn sweet. We finally get to see the Skrull which look better than I thought they would. It’s good to have Sam Jackson back in the MCU once again. With the Avengers 4 trailer coming soon, the timing was perfect and the hype was real. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Infamous 2

infamous 2

Infamous left off with Cole standing over Kessler, enlightened that a dark future was coming. The Beast was coming and Cole was going to fail against it. Infamous 2 begins right after the first leaves off, with the foretold Beast invading Empire City and Cole faces off against him, failing miserably and the city does fall. Cole and Zeke fall back to the Cajun town of New Marais so Cole can heal and grow his shattered powers to new heights he has yet to achieve. Monsters emerge from the Bayou, the gangs are fighting over the streets, a hate filled politician with a dark secret is fueling the hate against Conduits, and Cole finds himself facing bigger, harder choices that go beyond New Marais, but the future of man and Conduits. The Beast is coming…

Infamous 2, like many sequels, kicks up the crazy factor up 10 fold. Cole’s electric powers from the first return, now with multiple options to each attack, a cool new set of melee attacks, faster travel, and the ability to splice your powers with icey Kuo or firey Nix making a epic ton of options. The story maintains good quality and once again there is a lot of replay-ability. While the Beast wasn’t as interesting or as challenging as Kessler in the first, Bertrand makes up for it as a interesting villain. One huge issue I have is even on hardest difficulty, the Beast is too easy. A smaller issue I have is with all the attack options, having to stop the game to open a menu to readjust everything can be cumbersome but you get used to it. The game is epic as hell as the first one and definitely worth playing. May the gaming gods bring you glory.



We all have the ability to be special, and we all have the ability to ride our paths towards good or evil. Infamous took this very much to heart and made one of the few games where I could be a real superhero or the ultimate outlaw. The choice comes down to you.

Cole Mcgraph was your average guy living in Empire City: he was a bike messenger, he had a girlfriend Trish and a best friend Zeke…until he delivered the wrong package. The Ray Sphere. He accidentally triggers it, starting a cataclysmic event that would lay part of Empire City in ruin, many dead, and Cole changed. He discovers the power to control electricity.  Empire City becomes quarantined by the feds and hell breaks loose amongst the gangs that emerge under the First Sons and there leader, Kessler. As Cole learns to control his power, and fights for survival, will he become a symbol of hope or dread?

For those who played the game, you’ll know how much I over simplified some pretty good plot points. Either way you play, there is a good story that is very much worth 2 playthroughs.  That’s where Infamous shines, depending on how good or evil you become, you’re the side effects to your powers change, even getting a special ability based on your karma (evil was my favorite). Much of the gameplay is divided into parkour and third person shooting and flows pretty easy between the two, as the game progresses you do start feeling almost god like which is awesome, especially if you go evil. For the good story and fun gameplay, there are some peeves I have with it. Cole can die easy as hell in the beginning and not being able to touch water is annoying as hell; another aspect I found irritating as hell in the beginning was the parkour which felt clunky but thankfully other abilities you get throughout the game make traveling more fun and way faster. The score varies from bland to epic and the voice acting is solid. In the end, if you want to play a different kind of superhero game that tries to be special, Infamous is well worth a try. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Mo Amer: The Vagabond

As some of you may have noticed I have been back on my stand-up kick lately, so today I was checking out Mo Amer. I hadn’t seen him before or even really heard of him beyond seeing him as I scrolled pass on Netflix. The good news is, I am happy I decided to watch this. This Arab American Muslim uses his experiences to make people laugh in unexpected ways. Admittedly in today’s world, many people would see some of his jokes as inappropriate, for example, he talks about how his brother Omar decided to become a pilot or that he has a nephew named Osama and he can’t really use his name at Walmart and has to use fake names. Which he finds it unfair because all the terrorist attacks from white people haven’t forced people named Timothy to change their name.

Again obviously with context, these jokes make more sense, but if reading about this strikes a nerve with you, maybe you shouldn’t watch him. However, I enjoyed it including his story of going back to Kuwait, the country his family fled when he was 9 to do a comedy show for the troops. For me, it was a pretty cool perspective from a comedian. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.