Haven’t we all wanted to be superheroes at one time or another? What if you could just utter a word and instantly with a streak of magic lightning be turned into the ultimate you? Super strong, fast, bulletproof, able to fly and control electricity are just some of the gifts bestowed on Billy Batson after crying out the name Shazam…

Billy Batson is a troubled youth, after losing his mom as a toddler he’s spent the better part of his life searching for her while doing everything in his power to ditch foster care. After so many families, Billy’s last chance is in a group home headed by two good people. After kicking the asses of some bullies picking on Freddie, his disabled, superhero obsessed foster brother, Billy’s life is changed on the subway when he’s taken to a dying wizard who passes on his powers to Billy, hoping he’ll stop a angry, demonic infused Thad Sivana who has unleashed the evils of the 7 deadly sins after being rejected to adopt the powers of Shazam as a kid. It’s all fun and games for Billy, using his newfound powers and body to live out most kids fantasies, but will he make the right choices when the time comes and become a real hero?

Unlike the dark as hell Batman Vs Superman or edgy wannabe Suicide Squad , the DCEU has turned over a new leaf starting with Wonder Woman and Aquaman . Shazam is a lot of fun but I have to say I prefer WW and Aquaman more. There is a surprising amount of heart in this movie and a lot of scenes that tug at your heart strings. All of the kids and family are great but Zachary Levi as Shazam steals the show, he’s funny as hell, energetic, and fun as the grown hero. While Mark Strong, always a great villain, is good here I couldn’t help feeling his character could’ve been made more compelling instead of cartoon like bad guy ( not to mention I wish he could have continued playing Sinestro in a Green Lantern sequel) I do have to say the pacing is off a few times and the movie does drag here and there but the end is way longer than it has to be. Another issue I have is the CGI on the sins isn’t great and kinda took me out of what could have been some great scenes. In the end, Shazam isn’t perfect but it’s a good time I’d say worth checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.



Deadpool vs Carnage

dp v carnage

A while back I talked about this story in my list of 5 of my favorite Deadpool stories and randomly before heading off to my job that ain’t Saviorgaming, I plucked this bad boy off my comic bookcase and started reading it for old time sake. Both insane, murderous, red wearing smartasses that are nearly unkillable, this was bound to get messy…

The story begins with Cleatus Kassidy, the human part of Carnage, in prison for the murder sprees and mayhem he’s known for. This time he’s broken into near sanity without his other. Nearly hundreds of miles away the Carnage symbiote is being experimented on, yearning for it’s perfect host to bond with again. It breaks free of captivity, leching from one body to another until reuniting with Kassidy, becoming Carnage once again- vowing to serve true chaos once again, ditching plans of bigger things and devoting himself to pure bloody anarchy. And that he does in a horrendous killing spree, virtually unopposed, until Wade catches him on the TV one night. Wade, Deadpool, believes the ” TV people” are telling him he’s the only one crazy enough to be able to hunt down psycho and with that, the hunt is on. Blood spills on both sides until Carnage’s girl Shriek joins him and Deadpool seems screwed but he finds the mysterious Mercury team, trying to use the symbiotes for military use and suddenly Wade finds himself trying to fight fire with fire…

A majority of this comic feels like a R rated, bloody lost episode of Looney Tunes and it’s awesome. Both characters are evenly badass and have sweet moments throughout. I like how Deadpool of all people is the voice of reason and we get a good glimpse of him being disgusted by Carnage’s ruthless nature, making a more complex contrast than expected. The artwork is really solid and like typical Marvel fashion there is a nice prologue in the beginning, explaining both characters for the new comers so it’s very easy to pick up. I recommend as a good, funny, action packed quick read. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Joker trailer 1

I’ve always had a weird feeling about knowing Joker was getting a solo origin movie. Much like Venom , I wasn’t sure if a villain movie could be as effective without the heroes they counter. But Joaquin Phoenix is a very talented dramatic actor and I actually found the new look interesting. The trailer looks eerie and I like Phoenix’s narrations. I’m now pretty invested in this now and I’m excited to see how the movie plays out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Explain-All: The Infinity Stones in the MCU

infinity stone This Explain-All has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while but with Avengers: Endgame just around the corner this comes as the perfect time. With Captain Marvel being the 21st movie of the MCU, it’s easy to see how some many casual fans maybe confused on the nature and abilities of the Infinity Stones, where were they in the MCU leading up to Thanos getting them, what are they to begin with? So lets begin with the first and most prominent of the 6 we’ve seen…

tesseract 1. The Tesseract ( The Space Stone)-

Introduced in the end credits of Thor but expanded upon more in Captain America: the First Avenger and the Avengers . This stone contains the vastness of Space itself. Essentially distance becomes nothing- hence why Thanos can get from Titan to Earth in like 2 seconds. It transported Red Skull to Vulmir and with this Loki was able to transport Thano’s army to Earth from galaxies away. The Asgardians held it after the end of Avengers, it found it’s way back to Loki and eventually back into Thano’s grasp.

vision mind stone 2. Loki’s scepter / Vision’s brain ( The Mind Stone)-

Besides the Tesseract, Loki was granted a scepter by Thanos for his attack on Earth. Besides emitting energy blasts, it had the eerie ability to control people, including Hawkeye. After getting the scepter off of Loki, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner were experimenting with it while programming Ultron. The scepter helped taint the program leading to his going rogue in Avengers: Age of Ultron ; to create his perfect offspring, Ultron breaks the weapon, using the Mind Stone inside for Vision’s brain, explaining his extreme intelligence and incredible powers. It was the final stone Thanos needed, resting in Vision’s skull.

aether 3. The Aether ( The Reality Stone) –

The Aether is a strange specimen, the essence of reality itself. Unlike the other 5, this doesn’t have a set shape. Introduced in Thor: The Dark World , Jane Foster gets infused with it and Maleketh tries to break it out of her to pretty much crash realms together. After Thor beat the dark elf, his friends handed the stone off to the Collector for safe keeping, as wishful thinking as that was…

the orb 4. The Orb ( The Power Stone) –

Speaking of the Collector, the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) tried selling this artifact to him, unknowing what was inside. Ronin wanted the stone for it’s immeasurable power; the Guardians together used it to destroy him and hand it off to the Nova Corps. Thanos laid waste to Zandar to acquire it and with just that he beat Hulk within an inch of his life. It was the first he got hold of.

stranges amulet 5. The Eye of Agomotto ( The Time Stone)-

What would any of us give to be able to control time itself, what not even the almighty Dormammu can fight against as Doctor Strange ( 2016) proved when he caught him in a time loop. The Ancient One and the sorcerers she trained protected it for ages in this amulet only an extremely powerful sorcerer can unlock. After defeating the Ancient One’s old student, Strange and Wong possessed it until the battle of Titan. After seeing the near countless failed outcomes in the fight to come, Strange surrendered the stone in exchange for Iron Man’s life.

the soul stone 6. The Soul Stone-

Before Avengers: Infinity War this was the stone unaccounted for. Essentially this stone is ultimate life and death; traditionally in the comics Adam Warlock wields the stone and while his creation was hinted at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) , Gamora led Thanos to the distant reaches of Vulmir for it. A barren Red Skull tells Thanos a sacrifice must be made to possess the stone- those who desire it must sacrifice what they love the most. Thanos, despite the millions of deaths and thousands of worlds he’s brought down, deep in his heart, he loved his adopted daughter Gamora, ending her life so he could bring order to all…

I hope this Explain all helps before Endgame comes this spring. Also, I’m dedicating this entry to my newly engaged lil sis and her fiance who requested this a while ago- this is for you guys. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Jimmy Carr The Best Of Ultimate Gold Greatest Hits World Tour (2019)

Oh Jimmy Carr, your dry British offensive humor. Seriously if you are easily offended, do not watch this. There are jokes about pedophiles, hookers, religion and a whole host of other things. The show runs for about an hour and is quite funny as usual. The biggest issue is not everyone will appreciate his brand of humor because it is quite offensive and he does have very dry humor that is mostly just him standing around delivering one-liners.  I do suggest you check him out tho, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Avengers: Endgame trailer 2

I always love waking up to a good movie trailer, especially a awesome superhero movie. We got the best look at Endgame so far here; I went nerd crazy seeing a armed up Rocket perched on War Machine, both in there classic gear. I love Cap’s narration about the struggles of moving on after tragedy. Having Thor and Captain Marvel staring each other was pretty awesome. I’m really pumped for Endgame as I’m sure almost all nerds are and we here at Saviorgaming are, may the gaming gods and Avengers bring you glory.

Captain Marvel

capt marvel 3

Admittedly there’s been a lot of controversy Captain Marvel’s film debut, much like there was over last year’s release of Black Panther . I’ve heard plenty of reviews going into this, but as always I try going into everything with an open mind, so with that being said, how was the first female lead Marvel film?

Carol Danvers was a young woman who seemingly died in a test plane accident; this was not fully the case. Her memories nearly wiped clean and with powers she can’t fully understand, she was rescued by the Kree and drafted into Star Force, trained as a soldier to protect the greater good in a intergalactic war between the Kree and the devious, shape shifting Skrull. During a conflict between the two, she crashes on Earth during the 90’s where she meets a young Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D who gets drafted into her hunt for the Skrull as her memories unfold and her allegiances are tempted as she discovers herself and her true power…

First, I have to say I disagree with almost every review of this I’ve seen. It’s a fun movie with some issues. I liked Brie Larson as Marvel and I thought she had had a overall good character arc through the movie. Sam Jackson steals the show as a young Fury, followed closely by Goose the Cat. The acting is overall solid. The soundtrack and score are pretty good. The effects are great but the opening battle isn’t filmed very good, too dark, and it was hard as hell to track. I wasn’t a fan of the first act of the movie, but it picks up once you get to Earth. After seeing it, a problem I feel is I think it’s misplaced in the MCU; I feel if it was placed in Phase 2 it would’ve fit better- I feel her character would have benefited from more time and development with the story at play. Now, what irked me, Sniper, and I’m sure will piss off most hard core Marvel fans I can’t spoil but if you are a stickler for Marvel lore it will piss you off. Hopefully to counter balance, the Stan Lee tribute in the beginning did almost make us cry a little. In the end, Captain Marvel was a fun movie, certainly not legendary but certainly not worth many of the poor reviews I’ve seen. May the gaming gods bring you glory.