Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

suicide squad h2p

Suicide Squad was one of the movies said to break the DCEU; Savior and I are perfect examples of polarizing opinions on the movie ( ( second opinion) Suicide Squad ). Well, I’m happy to say DC gave us a animated option if you weren’t a fan of the live action…

We see Task Force X, the Suicide Squad, at work again under the command of Amanda Waller. After a successful mission, Waller gets some hard news- she has a terminal illness. She assembles a new crew consisting of Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Copperhead, Bronze Tiger, and Killer Frost to obtain a mystical card that automatically grants whoever holds it at death free access into Heaven. If tensions weren’t high enough with such a despicable, volatile team but they are being hunted down by a gang of super-powered freaks led by a desperate Reverse Flash while the card is in the immortal, cruel hands of Vandal Savage. Can Task Force X pull themselves together and survive this road trip from hell?

Admittedly, after about 20 minutes in I wish this was the movie we got on screen. Instead of the neon mess we got in live action, Hell to Pay goes for a more Grindhouse style that is much more fitting. It’s way bloodier, a lot more dark humored, and much more grounded which was damn welcome. Savage and Reverse Flash are much better villains to face the squad, which may I add the squad’s load-out is much more fitting. The voice acting and score are really well done and while there are some pacing issues here and there, it’s a cool movie I recommend. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Doom Patrol trailer

So while I had a huge amount of reservations about DC’s live action Titans series, I have to admit I really dug the Doom Patrol cameo. As for looks, the main characters actually look pretty good. Cyborg looks better to me here than in Justice League (2017) and I have to admit I always liked Robot Man. I’m actually kinda excited to see how this progresses. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

6 epic Green Lantern villains

jon stewart

I’m sure if anyone has been following my villain lists as of late or are fans of the blog, I’m sure this list wasn’t a huge surprise. Of DC’s huge list of heroes, The Green Lanterns are my second favorites, so let’s talk about there foes, some in fact are huge scaled terrors and this time I have a controversial 7th I feel needs talking about. So, in no particular order, let’s start with…

manhunters 1. The Manhunters-

Before the Corps and the Guardians decided to harness the green light of willpower, they created the Manhunters to keep order in the universe. They were machines they went hay-wired and started slaying instead being police. Several worlds fell under these mechanical cops gone bad and they still fight the Lanterns that came after. There influence brings us to my next villain…

atrocitus 2. Atrocitus and the Red Lantern Corps-

Atrocitus was a murderous fiend with a bloody grudge against the Green Lantern Corps because the Manhunters paid his world a visit, killing his family and slaying his race. He forged the red ring of Rage, creating his hate fueled Corps. With superior strength, the ability to create red constructs, as well as disperse molten blood from there mouths, the Red Lanterns are a force to be reckoned with, “We’ll burn you all, that is your fate!”

hammond 3. Hector Hammond-

Hammond is one of the creepier, underestimated bad guys on this list. This one is obsessed with Hal Jordan and envies him to a psychotic degree but hates him for being the man he can’t ever be.  He was exposed to a energy source that grossly mutated him, giving him both telekinetic and telepathic abilities as well as greatly enhancing his intellect. What makes him creepy is the lust he has for Carol Ferris and the the errie thoughts he has running through his giant head.

black hand 4. The Black Hand-

William Hand has had a weird life. Sinestro and a cadet Hal Jordan saved him from a pre Red Lantern Atrocitus. His obsession with death lead him down a frankly disturbing path that lead him to kill his family and launch the prophecy of Blackest Night. His arm kills what ever he touches and one of his main weapons is a device that absorbs a lanterns light and fires it back. With his master, Nekron, The Black Hand is the small time villain that almost damned the universe and killed all the light..

sinestro   5. Sinestro and the Sinestro Corps-

What greater threat to the Green Lantern Corps would there be than one of there own? Arguably the second most powerful Green Lantern of all time, Thal Sinestro learned the power of fear trying to cease a civil war on his home world. He used fear to bring peace, which cost him his ring and had him exiled, where he found the means to forge the gold ring of fear and start his own Corps of the fiercest monsters and killers of the universe to spread fear.


6. Parallax-

Sinestro controls fear; The Sinestro Corps enforces control through fear. Parallax is fear. He inhabits the bodies of others, causing cataclysmic devastation. After possessing Hal Jordan, with the power of will and fear, he caused nearly destroyed the galaxy and brought the Green lanterns to near extinction. Of all the Green Lanterns have face, none have done more damage than Parallax, except for maybe..

guardians dc

7. The Guardians of the Universe-

Here is the controversial part, folks. The Guardians don’t have direct malcontent: they want to provide peace and order to the universe. But because of them there were the Manhunters who slaughtered millions and created Atrocitus, they hid things like Parallax, Larfleeze, Volthoom as well as neglected the prophecies of Brightest Day and Blackest Night and turned several of there own Lanterns into the Manhunter / Lantern hybrid Alpha Lanterns. In essence, these immortal blue bastards caused more harm than good.

Besides these 7, of course I have to give a shout out to Larfleeze, The Star Sapphires, Dr Polaris, Volthoom, Krona, and Nekron who are badasses but these stuck out more to me personally. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Batman: White Knight

batman white knight

If you’ve been following our humble blog lately, you’ve likely noticed the villain posts lately, including such as 5 great Superman villains and 5 great Flash villains . Well, let’s face it, when it comes to super hero and villain relationships, none are more enigmatic, traumatic, and psychotic than Batman and Joker. But White Knight asks the question, what if Joker went sane, what would become of Gotham’s Dark Knight?

After the millionth or so go between the iconic figures, enough starts to seem to be enough. The collateral damage Batman inflicts on Gotham is huge but the day is saved; Joker bets Batman he he can be a greater hero and idol in Gotham than him. In Arkham Asylum he begins taking an experimental medication that does the impossible- makes the Joker sane. As Jack Napier, he wins his freedom back in the court of law and begins his long road to saving Gotham. He reignites his relationship with Harley, while breaking the second Harley Quinn’s psyche in the process and begins aiding the police. Meanwhile, Batman is riding the line as Alfred lays dying and he has become more quiet and violent than normal. Not even Mr Freeze’s aid can aid him and his anger is affecting Nightwing and Batgirl, who fight amongst themselves what to do with Bruce. If that wasn’t enough, a horde of Batman’s deadliest villains is running amok and the second Harley, now christened Neo-Joker, is out to get her psychotic hubby back but who be the one to save us and the one to damn us, the former clown prince of crime or the Batman?

I consider this a modern Batman classic but I have some tiny issues. The story is complex and exciting, raising some good points about Batman and exploring the relationship between the two enemies. There is a really good villain cast and Mr Freeze has some good character moments. Napier steals the show for the book and that’s actually refreshing because he’s a separate, flawed character in his own right. The artwork is cool and there is a lot of action. An issue I have is that the story takes a few liberties with Batman’s lore that don’t outright piss me off but one I feel can be used to make a tired ass sequel if followed. In the end, it’s a great story and I consider it to be one of the better Bat stoies. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

5 epic X-Men villains

classic xmen

Whether you were a 90’s kid and grew up with X-Men the animated series or were like me and grew up in love with the first X- Men movie. So today, let’s cover the badasses that dare to bring trouble to Xavier’s School beginning with a character I loved, got butchered in X Men: The Last Stand but thankfully got the treatment he deserved in Deadpool 2 …

juggernaunt 1. The Juggernaut-

He’s big, mean, and literally unstoppable in almost every way possible. Kane Marko is the angry step brother of Professor X, having his latent mutant ability unlocked from a mystical artifact, as his name suggests he became a powerhouse. Foes like Wolverine, Colossus, and even the Hulk have a hard time stopping him, his only weakness is his mind which is protected by the large dome shaped helmet he wears. Good luck getting it off cuz he’s the Juggernaut bitch.

sentinels 2. Trask and the Sentinels-

X-Men: Days of Future Past covered Trask pretty well and how much damage a human man could do to a world full of super powered mutants. Bolivar Trask designed and created the Sentinels, machines specifically created to at first handle mutant threats and would eventually run amok, running to a future where both humans and mutants are near extinct. Isn’t it swell how one man can make a difference?

phoenix 3. The Dark Phoenix-

Here we begin hitting the truly devastating entities of not only the X-Men universe but the whole Marvel universe. The Phoenix force is a wandering cosmic entity that came across the seemingly deceased Jean Grey, one of the original X Men who gave there lives trying to save the world. As the Phoenix, her power is multiplied nearly a thousand fold. In fact, she has destroyed planetary systems with relative ease. What makes her a great villain is the emotional toll she takes on her friends, loved ones, and the amount of sheer destruction she causes. Beware the Phoenix.

apocalypse 4. Apocalypse-

You know the saying “survival of the fittest”? Apocalypse is one of the first mutants in recorded history, a figure so powerful he was seen as a god in his native ancient Egypt; thousands of years later he’s pissed at the state of mutant kind and yearns to enslave man and lesser mutants to serve him and those he deems fit. The ones he finds most exceptional, he makes his Horsemen, donating some of his enormous power to radically increasing there’s. Apocalypse has super strength, speed, durability, telepathy, telekinesis, energy projection, shape shifting abilities, and is extremely intelligent with thousands of years of knowledge under his belt.

magneto and the brotherhood of mutants

5. Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants-

Of course I have to talk about Magneto if you talk about X-Men. After surviving the Holocaust, Erik Lensherr ( we’re using his movie name, I’ve never been a huge fan of his comic name) realized history would one day repeat itself  so he made what are essentially the anti X-Men, bent on mutant superiority. With an army of some the most nefarious mutants he could gather including the likes of Mystique, Sabretooth, Pyro, Blob, and Toad just to name a few. Magneto has the ability to control metal and magnetic waves, which let’s face it, in our modern world means we’re pretty screwed. Even Wolverine with his adamantium skeleton and claws is rendered useless and the helmet Magneto wears protects him from telepathic intervention from Xavier. Time and time again, whether as there arch enemy or unlikely allie,  Magneto and the Brotherhood is a force to be reckoned with…

I hope you enjoyed my list and not to be forgotten is a shout out to Mr Sinister, the Morlocks, Onslaught, The Hellfire Club, and Vulcan who are badasses but I just couldn’t fit them here. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Green Lantern: Earth One(V 1)

lantern earth 1

Sometimes I love long ass wait times on games to install. While doing just that I picked up a story I’ve been much anticipating, the Earth One version of Green Lantern. During my Man of Steel review I talked about how much the movie took from the first volume of Superman: Earth One. What makes the Earth One series unique is it is a more grounded re-imagining of our favorite DC heroes, so I was really curious how Lantern would turn out.

Hal Jordan was just another crew member on a mission to mine materials from a rock in space, escaping his past on Earth and wishing he wouldn’t have to return. During this mission, him and Volkov discover the remains of a destroyed vessel. Inside the wreckage they discover corpses, a metal skeleton, and a glowing green ring and what appears to be a battery. On there way back to the rest of the crew, Volkov places the ring on his finger and destroys there’s lander but in the mysterious artifacts keep Jordan alive in dead space. The metal corpse attacks him and almost instantly Jordan destroys it before blacking out. He awakes on another world with a alien named Killowag who explains these are the weapons of the long gone Green Lantern Corps that once protected the universe, before the mechanical Manhunters exterminated them, leaving relics and myth behind. It’s up to Hal and Killowag to cross the oceans of space to find more lanterns and answers while being hunted and survive with what little powers they have dying. Can the Green Lanterns resurface and destroy the machines?

I was in no way disappointed by this story and I can’t wait for volume 2, which we have some great teases at the end of book 1. I really like how much of the superhero pretext is stripped away and we get a dark sci-fi epic. I enjoy the changes to the characters and I enjoy how the story is layered to keep you guessing what really caused the Lantern’s downfall. The art is bleak with ques to scenery from the first Alien as well as Star trek (reboot) . My only real complaint is the action scenes can be a little confusing and there’s a rough story transition into the third act but otherwise it’s some of the best Lantern I’ve read in a while. I really recommend this story to fans and new comers alike. May the gaming gods bring you glory and beware Green Lantern’s light…

5 great Flash villains

flash running

Barry Allen, Wally West, Jay Garrick, whichever Scarlet Speedster you love, it’s only fair some in Central City may not like the guy despite his good nature. I could cop out here and just name the Rogues but I’m going to try to bring some variety. Before we begin, I’m giving a shout out to Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, Heatwave, the Trickster, Pied Piper and Hunter Zolomon as great Flash villains too but these guys go a little farther, so let’s begin with…

weather wizard 1. Weather Wizard-

What if you had a baton that let you control the weather? Would you use it to melt snow on a cold day, clear the rain for a picnic, or drop a tornado on a bank and rob them blind? Wizard picks the later route of course. He was a good choice for the first villain for Flash in Flash, season 1 because while devastating, it’s fun watching him getting his parade rained out ( pun intended).

grodd 2. Gorilla Grodd-

The mighty ape is a fierce beast in natural, gentile and smart but will wreak your ass if you piss it off. Grodd is not gentile but a mad tyrant bent on enslaving his fellow ape and man who he views as inferior. Besides being able to speak and a damn good strategist as well as the strength and agility of a ape, he is also a powerful telepath and has psychic abilities. With an army of damn dirty apes at his command, Grodd is a force to be reckoned with.

captain cold 3. Captain Cold-

Leonard Snart and the Flash have a weird respect for each other. He isn’t out for blood or world domination; Cold is all about the money. He refrains from killing at nearly all costs. Armed with his cold guns and other cold tech, he’s a good mastermind and decent fighter which helps him as the leader of the Rogues and one of Flash’s greatest enemies.

future flash 4. Future Flash aka Blue Flash aka Savitar (on the show)-

Aren’t we all our own worst enemies? Future Barry lost it when Kid Flash was struck down and he watched enemy turned friend Cold die, with his connection to the Speed Force at it’s strongest and no restraint, he goes back through time to slay his greatest enemies and eventually face a younger, more naive him. Blue Flash is a badass and it’s pretty insane how much he has to hold back in order to be good..

rflash 5. Reverse Flash-

Eobard Thawne is the Flash’s greatest enemy for the sheer fact this yellow suited son of a bitch has proven time and time again he will stop at noting to hurt Barry Allen, whether it means murdering the ones he loves, destroying time and space even if it means killing himself in the process. Thawne is almost always two steps faster and prods Allen to reach new heights.

I hope everyone enjoyed my list. May the gaming gods grant you Speed Force.