Marvel Avengers Reveal Trailer


I am just going to piss everyone off today. Seriously, what the hell is this? It is a story based game with only five characters, but they will be adding more for free with no loot boxes, which is usually code for get ready to buy a ton of cosmetics. They reveal an entire game with no real game play, and they all pretty much look like Avenger stunt doubles from an unreleased generic 90’s cartoon. I’m not saying the game won’t be good, nobody can say that, because they didn’t really show the damn game.

It could be interesting, but this E3 just made me stop looking forward to it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Marvel Spider-man: City that Never Sleeps DLC

spidey dlc Marvel’s Spider-man (PS4) was one of my favorite games of the past few years both as a gamer and comic book fan. I finally got my hands on all three chapters of the City That Never Sleeps, which acts like a epilogue to the main story. New York is in the midst of a violent crime family war, seemingly being stirred by Spidey’s old flame Black Cat. If that wasn’t bad enough, Hammerhead is back and his gang has there hands on Silver Sable’s advanced tech

As far as DLC expansions go, there is decent amount of content here. There’s new bases, side missions with Screwball, and new collectibles as well as new suits available too. I’d say between the three chapters there is easily a good 6- 8 hours of story that is pretty well done and stands pretty well on it’s own; it’s not rushed or half -assed like many tend to do. My only issue is the full price tag : either $10 a chapter or $25 for the complete package is rather steep. I paid $20 for it all and that’s a fair price; I don’t recommend paying chapter by chapter unless hugely on sale like I did. Either way, it’s a good buy. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Avengers

gotg bk 1

A huge complaint I hear from many a nerd about comic books is the age old question: where to begin? With multiple story arcs, renditions, and multiverses it becomes pretty hard for new fans to pick up. I admit, I wasn’t a fan of the Guardians, let alone knew who the hell they were until I read this, a year before Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)came out in theaters. My world was rocked…

The book starts with a quick origin of Peter Quill aka Star-Lord and how his mother was assassinated by aliens that were hunting him down because of his absent, royal father J-son. Years later, Quill has grown to be a hero, scoundrel, and leader of the famous and infamous Guardians of the Galaxy. One day while trying to get in a alien babe’s pants, his father approaches him after years of fighting against him with a warning- stay away from Earth. J-son, along with a secret galactic coalition consisting of the All-mother of Asgard, the Brood, The Badoon, and the Gladiator who all deem the heroes and mutants of Earth have become a threat to the universe at large and have quarantined the planet. The Guardians jump in to piss off there old foe, but do there plans ever go as planned, even when helped by the one and only invincible Iron Man?

For newcomers to comics in general, I can definitely recommend this book. It’s a great introduction to Star-Lord, Gamora,  Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot as well as cool cameo by Iron Man. The characters are fun and there are some cool big scale fights. I like the contrast of Quills and J-son is a fair villain to start. It’s the first volume of a great run, part of which is Guardians of the Galaxy/ All New X Men: The Trial of Jean Grey  which is partially why I’m reviewing it now with Dark Phoenix in theaters but I do recommend it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.