Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul, Rest in Peace


It is with great sorrow I must say that at the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin passed away today of pancreatic cancer as reported by People.  This one of a kind woman was loved by many and rose to stardom at a time when not only women, but people of color in general struggled to have a voice. Aretha Franklin would go on to become the Queen and icon of not only soul but an entire era of musicians that to this day look back at with pride and in awe of what she accomplished. It wasn’t just her music that people loved, with hit songs such as Respect that became a battle cry for the civil rights movement and women’s rights. movement.

Aretha Franklin will be missed my millions, may she rest in peace and the gaming gods bring her glory.


Movie Pass Limiting Options.


Movie Pass, the awesome service that lets you go see a movie once a day for an insanely low price just got a bit less awesome. They are now limiting 2 movie choices a day. Screen Rant has more of the details, but I honestly am not sure how anyone thought this was sustainable as a business model. The idea that millions of people would be able to see a movie everyday for the insanely low price of $10 (rounding) a month is asinine. Tho I suspect that maybe the plan was to get a bunch of people to sign up, then raise the price in hopes most people would stay or that similar to a gym member ship most people simply wouldn’t go. Either way it will be interesting to see how this goes. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Margot Kidder’s Death Ruled Suicide


As many of you may be aware Margot Kidder died back in May. While it was at first thought, or at least announced, that she died peacefully in her sleep, her family and Park County Coroner Richard Wood confirmed she died of “Self inflicted drug an alcohol overdose.”

Margot Kidder reportedly has spent her life suffering from mental illness including bipolar disorder. For more info feel free to check Screen Rant. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Nintendo Killing Rom Sites


Yup, in recent months Nintendo has sued 2 huge rom sites ( more on that here) which I get, from a business sense they need to. They are selling their own emulator machines with the NES and SNES classics and the rumored N64 classic. It wouldn’t make sense to let people give away the games they themselves are attempting to sell. On the flip side, it isn’t easy to find the games we all loved growing up. Most of the time finding them isn’t easy. It has gotten easier in the internet era obviously. Gone are the days of hitting flea markets and such in hopes of finding your favorite game. Granted it is still fun and I love doing it. The hunt is actually half the fun.

Sadly sometimes the game you want is just impossible to find, enter game emulators and roms. Just pop those suckers onto your computer, maybe handheld or one of the aforementioned classics Nintendo released and away you go.

Now however out of fear of legal action from Nintendo some sites are shutting themselves down. Emuparadise is the latest site to stop shelling out retro games, tho this one is self-imposed. PC Mag has the full story. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Superman and The Witcher

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According to various sources, Henry Cavill also know as Super Man would love to play Geralt, also known as The Witcher in the upcoming Netflix adaptation of, of course, The Witcher. He has also admittedly to no only playing the games he has also read the comics which the games are based on. For more info feel free to clock here. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Flash Movie Set to Film in February


Going to be 100% honest,the lego flash picture has nothing to do with anything, I just liked it. Anyway reportedly the solo Flash film will start filming come February 2019. Anyone that saw Justice League (2017) will probably be expecting this to be a pretty comedic role, much like I am. So for flash fans, next year shall be interesting, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Halloween and William Shatner


No I am not here to tell you something pretty much every horror fan already knows and explain about The Halloween mask and the Shatner mask. The producer of Halloween would actually like to work with William Shatner and some how get the Iconic Star Trek captain that has essentially lent ( unwillingly admittedly) to the Halloween universe. Now I am not a huge fan of Halloween tho I do enjoy it, but I would love to see this happen. Check out more here and let me know what you think. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.