Super Punch Out

Super Punch Out is another game I love to go back and play occasionally. It is a boxing game where each fight follows a set pattern and each one has its one set of moves. Tho I still don’t get how I can get kicked in the damn face so often in a boxing match.

Anyway the first fight is against a guy that has a record of 1-99. Not sure who he beat, you can basically win this fight randomly smashing buttons.

As the game goes on the fights get more challenging. Some guys you have to stun before you can hit a weak spot or you have to dodge and counter a certain move. The last two guys have a similar record tho one is undefeated and the other has one loss against the other which I always thought was fun.

This is another game that seems like it wouldn’t be fun but to me was the best this series had to offer. Best wishes and may the gaming gods being you glory.

No Time to Die trailer

I was never a huge Bond fan until Craig’s portrayal. I liked the grit and evolution he brought to the character so I’m kinda sad this will be his last Bond film. While I’m totally outta whack with the events of these movies, I like how they are going about replacing James Bond as 007. The action scenes look badass as to be expected and I hope the fans are pumped. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Super Mario RPG

Every so often I love to go back and play what I consider a classic, and Super Mario RPG is one of those. You play as Mario and start out by raiding Bowsers Keep to save the Princess. Suddenly a giant sword slams through the castle and everyone is tossed out.

After this you will set off on a journey to find the Princess, tho this time you will be doing it in a turn based RPG filled with characters to join as you try to find magical stars. These characters do include the Princess herself and Bowser along with a few others. Each character has their own play style and moves to master.

It was always just fun to see the Mushroom Kingdom in this way, and to see new enemies, a new boss and even new characters made it even better honestly. The story is still great and graphically for its time it was phenomenal, and holds up well with controls that to this day are fluid and easy to use. If somehow you missed this one, go try it wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Black Widow trailer 1

So the day finally comes when we got our first peak at the first movie of phase 4 in the MCU, Black Widow’s solo movie. While I rock with a majority of Marvel fans thinking this movie should’ve been a solid R rated movie, what we got so far looks pretty solid. The stunts look badass and I’m just happier to dive deeper into Widow’s character. I hope for a nice solid start to phase 4. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Carriers is an odd movie for me. It is a movie about a sort of plague illness that spreads across the world that is quite contagious but seems to only be in certain situations. If you get blood on you from a carrier or such you can catch it, but not being near someone with it. But everyone is wearing masks as if you can get it from the air.

The movie itself is about a couple and a brother and a random girl they never really explain very well as to why she is there. They are attempting to get to an old beach house the two brothers used to vacation at. Chris Pine, the oldest brother, plays the role of the hard headed jerk that does what needs to be done very well. In fact they all do.

As the movie goes on they slowly turn on each other, which is done in a rather interesting way. The issue really is much of the story is pretty much filled with weird holes that easily could have been filled. Like where did the 4th member of the group come from and why? It’s never explained very well. And if Pines character worked buring people with the plague how did he never get it if the thing was so easy to get? Any why the mask if you can’t get it that way?

The movie was fun, but far from great. Go check it out but keep expectations wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Terminator: Genisys


Ok, I have to jump on a crowded bandwagon of complaints but dammit I have to- who the hell decided on the Genesis spelling? That irked the living crap out of me for almost a year before the movie came out, despite the whacked out plot that pretty much not only pisses on the series but also on the classic Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day . Let’s look to where a great franchise truly caught fire and crashed…

The war against the machines is at its peak. John Conner is getting ready to send his father, Kyle Reese, into the past to save his mother when she was young. Kyle serves his best friend and hero loyally. The timeline has seriously changed however. A T-800 named Pops intercepts the Terminator meant to kill Sarah, who is well trained and prepped. Ahead of time, a T-1000 is sent through that they have to dispatch. Kyle finds out a Terminator was sent to kill Sarah as a child, but Conner sent one prepared to protect her and raise her. It’s not long before Skynet’s new plan is unfolded in the form of Genisys, a new app that will carry out what was meant to happen on Judgement Day while the ultimate hero turned enemy from the future stalks them, John Conner himself.

Don’t watch this movie for a interesting, cohesive plot I beg of you. If you love the first 2 movies, it’s really going to piss you off as much as Dark Fate will. As a action movie, it’s surprisingly entertaining but its strictly because of Schwarzenegger who gives his all to save this dumpster fire. The other actors are fine but terribly misplaced in a crap script. Its a fine action movie to veg out to but as a Terminator sequel its absolute crap. May the gaming gods bring you glory.




Here we come to another anticipated movie I awaited this year and sadly had to skip on til my Black Friday haul. I’ve heard plenty of hype around Peele’s work so I was excited what he had to bring to the horror table.

Adelaide suffered trauma as a little girl, wandering off from her folks during a beach trip. As a an adult, her husband what’s to return to there summer home near the same beach. Adelaide begrudgingly agrees to go, but the whole time she feels an impending dread. Her suspicions seem valid when a family of strangers shows up on there lawn, all dressed in matching dark red jumpsuits. There night of terror has only just begun against the the greatest enemies we have, ourselves…

I’m going to be blunt here, Us is one hell of a subjective movie. The cinematography and score are great. The family chemistry is genuine and the actors are believable while Lupita Nyong’o steals the show for me as Adelaide and her Tethered self. The plot is downright strange and multiple viewings maybe required to grasp everything to do with the Tethered and there endgame. While I  appreciate the mixture of humor, horror, and WTF Twilight Zone style sci-fi, I feel there was a little too much comedy that hurt some pretty vitally creepy parts. I can’t say for sure if I liked it, but I will say it’s a unique movie and I do respect it and think it deserves a watch. May the gaming gods bring you glory.