The Valiant Console Release Date

Release Date July 11th,2023

About The Valiant

Embark on a journey of brotherhood and redemption in The Valiant, a squad-based RTS set in 13th Century Europe and the Middle East. Command and level up your medieval knights as you fight through an epic single-player campaign, then take your skills online in both cooperative and competitive MP modes.

Squad-based RTS with a range of units, from tanky swordsmen to quick cavalry
Select hero-squads and auxiliary squads across 15 exciting, hand-crafted Single Player missions, each with custom cinematics, narrated journals, difficulty levels, and more
Six Hero Squads each with 3 different skill trees provide players with unique passive and active skills to choose from while leveling up their heroes
Large array of weapons and armors to loot and equip throughout the campaign, each with their own stats and special skill options
Combine hero skills and weapons/equipment for a huge selection of hero builds
Play cooperative with friends in the 3-player “Last Man Standing” mode, where you face hordes of enemies and earn experience to level up your knights and unlock new skills and cosmetics
Play competitively in multiple PVP game modes that support 1v1 and 2v2, with cosmetic meta-progression and special rewards for ranked play

Solarpunk Preview

Solarpunk is a survival game in a technically advanced world of floating islands. Alone or together with your friends, you can construct buildings, grow food, craft gadgets and explore distant islands with your own airship.

Use sunlight, wind and water to create an energy system and automate your processes like gathering resources and watering your plants.

Multiplayer: Play alone or in co-op mode with your friends.

Building: Gather resources and build your own home in the sky.

Farming: Grow plants to secure your food supplies.

Crafting: Craft technical gadgets and automate your processes.

Energy: Use sunlight, wind and water and create an energy system for your gadgets.

Airship: Build your own airship and explore distant islands in the sky.

DROVA – Forsaken Kin Unleashes Gameplay Trailer

Drova is an upcoming RPG expected to come out in early 2024 from Deck13. Deck13 has a pretty great record for RPGs and this one is looking to be no exception. Enjoy the trailer and keep an eye on this beautiful looking game That is coming to PC, PS 4/5, Xbox one and of course Nintendo switch.

Welcome to the promised land of Drova, where the priests have praised this new world. Full of hope you travel through a portal into this new otherworld – just to realize that you are on your own and no one seems to appreciate the paradise. Instead, Drova is a grim world where every man is for himself.

Two factions – one trying to enslave the spirits of nature, one trying to save the spirits to keep the world alive – which path will you choose? And, more importantly, will you be able to survive in a world which will always try to kill you?

The new Gameplay Trailer gives players the chance to take a first look at the atmospheric open world, gruesome enemies and the harsh conditions where bandits might just knock you out to rob you. And maybe even a first look on the magic abilities players will be able to cast if they make use of the spirits of nature.

Replikator Xbox Review

Replikator is the newest title from R_Games that they were kind enough to toss me a review copy of. This game is a small indy top-down roguelike shooter that is quite simple to get into. Just pop it on, run around the station, and shoot the enemies with one of your two weapons. You can choose from multiple characters, my favorite was the one that fires rockets.

Each character has pros and cons, one might be faster than the others or be immune to acid while another simply takes no damage from certain traps. None of them offer a huge advantage over the others to the point I felt that one was better than the others, but they were different enough that I had a preferred character for how I liked to play.

While Replikator is a fun game to mess around with, and at the price they are asking none of my complaints are major I do have a few. For example, the character movements all felt painfully slow to me. It felt like a chore at times to go anywhere if there weren’t enemies to be shooting. The four playable characters also feel quite generic.

The pros however do outweigh these complaints. The amount of different weapons and powerups is insane for an $8 game. I didn’t bother counting them but they are all laid out in a room to see and I still haven’t unlocked them all but there is at least a couple dozen. The game offers a challenge that can be overcome if you learn how to use these, but we aren’t talking about some insane amount of dedicating your life to learning the game either.

All in all, the price point of this game means if you like roguelikes or top-down shooters, Replicator is a great buy. it is a nice 7/10. I enjoyed spending about 20 hours with it so far and I will probably spend a few more with it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Limerick: Cadence Mansion

Indie developer Jenito Studios is today at Momocon 2023 showcasing their upcoming action-horror adventure game Limerick: Cadence Mansion to the public with a playable demo and a chance to win a free copy of the game. Limerick: Cadence Mansion is meticulously handcrafted using Unreal Engine 5 by solo developer Daniel Hall who will be in attendance; the game is due to be released later this year on PC via Steam. Solve puzzles, outwit evil creatures and explore the arcane halls of Cadence Mansion as you dive deeper into a story of manipulation and dark science.

In Limerick: Cadence Mansion, explore an abandoned mansion inhabited by monsters, both beast and man, and discover its secrets in your attempts to escape. Solve puzzles to progress through increasingly haunting environments, fend off or hide from evil creatures and tear through the fabric of reality in cinematic boss fights. Scavenge for resources throughout the forgotten mansion and use Panic closets to escape from harm.
A new ballad sounds across Nightsonnet Isle.
Awaken, Proofreader, and solve the ancient writ.

The seas will swallow light with darkness. The boulders will shatter and shake.
The Poets will be silenced and the Resplendent will rise.

Will you take the quill and right the wrongs of Splendor?
Can you unlock the mysteries of its games and riddles?
What will you learn of the Anachronism, of the Dissonance and Cacophony, of the Dark Refrain and Prism?

And when you face the darkness, will you be ready?
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REPLIKATOR -out Friday, (PS/XB/NSW) Teaser Included!!

Replokator is the newest top-down shooter from Ratalaika Games and has roguelike elements, which we all know I love. As always I will be copy and pasting their official release to make sure there is no misinformation, and you can know exactly what to expect, and I am hoping to have a review for you guys in the coming weeks. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Death Walks Beside youReplikator offers shooter fans a sci-fi setting where gameplay centres around exploring the intricate labyrinths of space stations and fighting with hordes of enemies. Dozens of weapons and implants (passive skills) help the player but a sharp eye and evasive movement are also required to avoid hail of bullets and monsters that lurk. If the player’s character dies, then he will be reborn at the very beginning, but thanks to the resources found, he will be able to buy permanent improvements that will help him move forward in the next run.
Disaster StrikesIt appears that an accident occurred at the classified research complex, which led to the death of all personnel but all is not quite clear. A group of mercenaries led by the smuggler Khan will have to find out the reason for what happened.
To keep explosive action ‘unpredictably’  challenging, station mazes and items in them are generated procedurally, so each attempt is essentially unique. Gradually, the player will find blueprints of new items as well as finding entries from the crew of the complex which will  reveal what happened here. At the same time, the player has the main goal – to get to the Replicator and defeat it.
Inside InformationDynamic battles. You will have to constantly move and aim well to survive!Danger at every turn. Many different enemies and traps will not let you get bored.Dozens of upgrade items. Explore stations looking for new upgrades for your character.Meta progression. In this game, each death will only make you stronger, because after death you will be able to buy permanent improvements for your character and the hub ship.Procedural generation! The location of rooms, enemies and traps, as well as weapons and all items, are generated procedurally.Space raccoon! and three more playable characters. All of them differ in starting characteristics, preferred weapons and special techniques.Intriguing story. Explore the abandoned science complex and find out what happened here!
The player needs to complete 12 levels, including 5 bosses and as the player progresses the challenge becomes harder so many attempts may be required! Constant battles with ‘bosses’  with new attacks and moves as they become stronger will have to be faced!  During the exploration of the stations, the player will find nanocubes that remain with him after death.
They can be spent on the purchase of permanent improvements – for example, you can increase the maximum supply of ammunition or open access to a new workbench to improve weapons.
Replikator delivers masses of new content as the game progresses,  and action is unashamedly fast, precise and deadly!. This twin stick shooter is red hot with hordes of crazy and blood thirsty enemies out to get you or one of the playable characters you select – of which there are 4! Top down action has never been so demanding, so can you win out?
‘The game is designed for one player. Approx 8-9 hours will be enough to defeat the last boss, however, it may take 30 or more hours to study all the content’ , R_Games.

 Good Shepherd Reveals “Dicefolk,” a Tactical Roguelike with Dice & Monster Collecting (PC)

Good Shepherd Entertainment has announced Dicefolk, a new single-player tactical roguelite game built around dice and monster-catching mechanics, coming later this year to PC. Developed by Leap and Tiny Ghoul, Dicefolk gives you unparalleled control over every battle: take command of the dice and the order of enemy turns to gain the tactical advantage. Discover dozens of uniquely powerful creatures to recruit and create the perfect squad to win!

Key Features

  • Thrilling Roguelite Adventure: Collect new and more powerful chimeras to build your perfect squad while unlocking talismans to uncover more of the story. Discover different combinations of chimeras to enable new strategies for each run with endless possibilities and replayability!
  • Take Control of Combat: You decide the fate of the dice! Command your chimeras while choosing the faces of the dice and the order in which each party takes its actions. Your choices will determine your success as you battle a variety of wild creatures in combat.
  • Master Your Chimeras: Recruit your squad from a range of dozens of mighty monsters, from hardy tanks to quick attackers and more. Each chimera offers a unique set of abilities to help you shape your strategy and adapt your play style for whatever challenge comes your way!

Dicefolk is available to wishlist now on Steam. For all the latest updates, follow the team on TwitterTikTok and YouTube.

Monster Menu: The Scavenger’s Cookbook PS5 Review

As always with these things, I would love to thank NIS America For tossing me a copy of Monster Menu. It is always a pleasure to work with these guys.

Like many games, this one sets out to accomplish not only to be an RPG but also a roguelike. You will be fighting monsters, starvation, dehydration, and of course, the inevitable death that restarts you at level one. Each end however will leave you better equipped to get further faster next run.

This is your camp

Unlike most roguelikes however, Monster Menu doesn’t completely toss away your progress, for example, defeating bosses does give you a sort of checkpoint you can jump to, so there is no concern that you will constantly be restarting an entire RPG over again. This however doesn’t mean much since the story is basically non-existent.

There is a pretty good crafting system involved however, you can create different food for both your characters to use in battle and food, which can be fed to your characters for buffs or to enemies for debuffs. In a tactics RPG this can be invaluable, and it is no exception here. The only issue is you pretty much have to find recipes randomly to make anything.

Admittedly my biggest issue with this game is simply how repetitive it is. The battles, each layer all feel the same eventually and the gaming loop eventually feels like you aren’t improving so much as you just treading water at times. The game definitely has its place however and many of you will find hours of enjoyment. If you do not like RPGs and roguelikes this game won’t change your mind. It is a solid 7/10 tho, Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten Release Date Announcement & Gameplay Trailer!

Join Oshtor as he journeys to discover the secrets surrounding his father’s mysterious death. Destroy enemies in combat alongside your comrades using the Action Ring. Then, unleash your Overzeal to turn the tides of battle in your favor! There are many ways to switch up the turn order and gain the advantage so stay alert and seize the opportunity.

Title: Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten

Developer: AQUAPLUS

Genre: RPG

Audio Language: Japanese

Text Language: English

Number of Players: 1

Release Date: September 5, 2023