A simple favor trailer

Now when the name Paul Feig gets brought up, your mind goes directly to GhostBusters 2016, which sparked an idiotic amount of controversy and outrage. I have no prior knowledge of his work, but I’m intrigued by the trailer for hi latest, A Simple Favor. The premise seems basic, tried but true, but the music, tone, and retro elegance of Blake Lively’s costumes brought on a otherworldly quality I’m a sucker for. I love Anna Kendrick as an actress and I’m glad she’s rising up. I hope the Ghostbusters remake hasn’t scarred this film; I laughed a little at the opening of the trailer that states it’s from the “darker side” of Paul Feig. In the end, I hope it’s a redemption for the guy, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Railway Empire PS4 Pro Vs Xbox One X

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After getting to play both the PS4 pro version and the Xbox one version Railway Empire I decided some of you may have wondered, what is the difference between the two versions of the game?

Well for starters the content is exactly the same, so if you have to choose don’t worry there. You will be buying the same game regardless. There is some DLC available opening up Mexico, but I have no experienced that on either console so I can’t say if that is worth purchasing.

Graphically they both look great, but I do honestly have to give a slight advantage to the Xbox One X. This isn’t to say the pro looked significantly worse. In fact it is truly splitting hairs to say one looks better than the others,I truthfully can’t even say why I like the Xbox versions looks better, I just do. It just seems a bit more crisp.

As for controls, I have to give it to the Pro. They respond better and function better. Again, this isn’t by a significant amount and I am by no means putting down the Xbox version. The difference is slight and you can go wrong with either console.

Both versions of the game look and play great, the sound of both as far as I can tell are exactly the same so really its tasters choice on which one to pick. I do prefer the Pro version. It just seemed to play a little better to me, not by any substantial margin, but just enough to make me like it more. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Dr Sleep release date announced

Dr sleep movie

In the The Dark Tower we saw a brief glimpse at a picture of the Overlook Hotel, the setting and antagonist of The Shining . I groaned, expecting a remake of Kubrick’s classic but months ago we got news that Ewan McGregor will be playing a grow up Danny Torrence in the film for Dr. Sleep. Mike Flannigan, as seen above, is set to direct; with credits including Oculus (2013) , Ouija: Origin of Evil, Hush, and last year’s Gerald Game, it seems Dr Sleep is in capable hands. Rebecca Ferguson is also cast. We have a a release set for 2020; January 24th according to IMDB. Film Buffs out there may find this alarming; January has always been a notorious month for shit movies, and I pray this isn’t the case. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

First two-day Pokémon GO Community Day announced for August 11 and 12 featuring Eevee, 3x Catch Stardust, 3-hour Lures and new exclusive move for Eeveelutions — Pokémon Blog

Pokémon GO developer Niantic has announced its first two-day Pokémon GO Community Day, which is set to take place on August 11 and August 12 across the globe. It will feature increased spawns of the iconic Evolution Pokémon, Eevee, 3x Catch Stardust, 3-hour Lures and a new exclusive move for Eevee’s evolutions. Based on all […]

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review — Witcher’s Tonic

It’s time to review my all time favorite RPG released on the PS4. Obviously I have a lot of positive things to say about this game but I’ll try to be as objective as possible. This review is for people who have and haven’t played this game. For those of you that have started it […]

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It (1990)


The 1990 version of It has been a classic since, well since 1990. When the remake was announced people kind of lost their minds. Who could possibly play Pennywise better than Tim Curry? Well this isn’t about all that, but if you are interested we did cover that you can read more here.

Watching this movie made me remember that this wasn’t truly a movie, but a made for t.v. series. This does show by the lack of swearing and blood, something the 80’s and 90’s usually didn’t shy away from. This being made for t.v. tho, they did have to find a way to tone down what is actually a pretty violent and disturbing book. This is where they succeeded quite well.

In fact this may actually be the most successful part of the whole thing. When I was younger this movie actually was pretty freaky, but as an adult there were things that actually annoyed me more than anything. For example the constant jumping back and forth between childhood and being an adult as they introduced characters seemed completely unnecessary. It was also a 3 hour series that easily could have been two hours with much of it being feeling stretched out for no reason I can think of.

That isn’t to say the whole thing is bad, each character is played magnificently and Tim Curry still plays an amazing Pennywise the clown. I also feel comparing the two may be a bit unfair seeing as how one is made for t.v. and the other is a full-fledged movie.

At the end of the day however I have to admit, the 1990 version of It just doesn’t hold up very well for me. It’s still solid enough but it just doesn’t compare to the remake for me which I would much rather watch. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



Pokemon Go teases Gen 4 Pokemon


Pokemon go recently posted some new artwork on their official Twitter account, interesting enough however it includes pokemon such as Piplup, Tortwig and chimchar all of whih are not currently in the game. Obviously this could be an oversight, but most likely we will soon be able to catch these cute little guys.