Captive State trailer

Was I the only person who saw this trailer and immediately thought of The Purge ? Seriously, the intro to the trailer as well as the “give thanks” chanting and some the imagery automatically made me think Purge knockoff…until after rewatching the trailer you see the giant ass meteor at the end. I really hope the next trailer is a lot better and give us a better, less derivative look at the movie so I’m voting to wait for next trailer to see if this turns out to be something cool or a dud. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


The Land of Steady Habits (2018) — Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews

Retirement’s kind of lame, right? Feeling trapped by his family and his work, Anders (Ben Mendelsohn) finally decides one to give it all up. Meaning, he retires from work so that he can finally go on and do what he really wants to do with his life, and then divorce his wife (Edie Falco), who […]

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Captain Marvel trailer 1

The day has come not long after Captain Marvel suit revealed and we get the full trailer. After Wonder Woman proved the world was ready for some badass super women, Captain Marvel is going to be Marvel’s first female lead superhero flick in the MCU. From the image of Carol Danvers crashing into BlockBuster (if 2 eyed Nick Fury wasn’t enough of a hint, the movie takes place in the 90’s.) to the last moments where she goes Binary, I was really impressed with the visuals. Honestly, I wished Green Lantern looked half as visually pleasing. I’m intrigued to see the MCU dig deeper into the cosmos and I wish the movie well. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

First Image of the New Joker

download (5)

As we all know there is a new stand alone Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix. His name will be Arthur Fleck in the origin story and recently we got our first view of him as you can see here in Rolling Stone.

Honestly I am not crazy about it, nor am I all that much of a fan of Phoenix as an actor but that being said my biggest issue is I am mostly just burn out on the Joker character as it is. I understand that from a business point he sells and in the end it will always be Batman vs Joker but I would love to a different villain get some love. That is honestly just my opinion on the matter, but for me I just can’t care about this movie or the character anymore. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

As above, so below

above below

When it comes to found footage, it’s a real niche genre. There is Paranormal Activity and The Last Exorcism which were at least convincing, and then you have movies like The Devil Inside blew the concept. As Above So Below is one of the later.

We follow a history student named Scarlet as she sets out on a documentary to find the legendary Philosopher’s Stone. Her search leads her to believe the stone under the catacombs under Paris, deep below the City of Lights is a network of winding, endless tunnels and thousands of bones gathered over centuries. It’s believed the tunnels rest between our world and hell, and lies the stone. Would you descend into hell for the key to ultimate wealth?

The concept for this movie is great; the catacombs are a fantastic setting for horror. The rest of the movie is a train wreck. The characters are thinner than tissue paper; the plot is too. I’m still trying to understand how the hell the ending works. Characters face secrets they hid in hellish visions but they haven’t really established the characters enough to care or connections to what we see later so it’s just random. There’s a hell of a lot of shaky cam and jump scare noises- in fact I’d say it’s 90% of the movie. This movie is one of those sad cases of great potential lost in artless trend and I don’t recommend it at all. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Bethesda Hints for Next Gen


Gamespot recently reported that during a recent interview Pete Hines made some interesting remarks about the Next generation of consoles. He went so far to say he is “privy” to some info but can’t talk about it. It also seems to that many suspicions that the new Elder Scrolls would skip this generation entirely is most likely true. Check out the Gamespot link for more details, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Mary Poppins Returns trailer

So we finally get a real trailer for the surprising sequel to the beloved children’s classic. Mary Poppins Returns teaser was just that, but I can now say it looks promising. Emily Blunt doesn’t seem like a bad choice to reprise the role Julie Andrews made iconic. I like the technicolor effects for the vintage Disney vibe. In the end, it will be something interesting to see; may the gaming gods bring you glory.