Blood Of Steel Delayed

Evolution Studio, Chinese-based development studio of YC Games have announced that free-to-play MOBA Blood of Steel will not launch today as previously planned, due to public holidays in China being extended in order to suppress the effect of the Coronavirus. This delay has had a knock on effect on the development cycle, meaning that extra time is needed to add the final polish to the game.

The studio explained that “development has stopped and the team is still holding off at home, so the scheduled release in February would not be possible. The new release date is TBD but the team will try to make it happen in Spring”. Blood of Steel was initially scheduled for release on February 20th.

In Blood of Steel, you command the army of a legendary commander from world history to conquer cities and expand your territory against other players online to ultimately rule the world. Set throughout the Middle Ages, players choose from multiple authentic battlefields as they engage in 5-v-5, 7-v-7 or 10-v-10 legion-based battles, with each individual player allowed to lead up to 40 AI soldiers. Clever use of terrain, management of different troop types and adapting to dynamic weather systems incorporating variables such as rain and snow are the keys to victory. As well as the  legion-based warfare, players can play a one-on-one duel in PvP battles in the Heroes Arena, offering them a chance to truly show their mastery of the complex fighting system.

Blood of Steel has been out in China for 3 years since it’s initial closed beta, and has accumulated more than 20 million downloads. With over 100 thousand DAU players on the Chinese server already, Blood of Steel is ready to officially join the global market with the upcoming English version, coming to Steam. Over the past 3 years the development team have introduced a greater diversity of heroes and improving the balance of the game fully preparing it for the global market.

New Resident Evil 3 Remake Screenshots Surface, And They Are Terrifying

For those looking for more Resident Evil 3 fun my friend Apex has written a great article you can find a link to below. He also does a lot of other stuff for the series fans will love (some of which I will be sharing later on in the week) So if like myself you are looking forward to this one go check it out along with some screenshots, tell him Savior sent you, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Final Destination (4)

fd 4

So, for all of those wondering, no The Final Destination is not in fact the final movie and why the hell putting “The” before Final Destination would indicate it’s the fourth movie is beyond me. So 3D and more teens getting killed in hilarious ways controlled by the grim reaper, what’s not to love? Nick and his friends are attending a car race that he gets the premonitions will end in disaster so they evade the mayhem only to get  killed one by one.

Final Destination 4 is pretty much what anyone who’s seen one of these movies should come to expect from this series. If you want genuine scares, look elsewhere, but if you want camp and gore than stick around. There are some pretty decent kills  and the two main leads are likable enough so you are ok with rooting for them. The 3D feels pretty wasted sadly unlike in Final Destination 3 where it was more prominent. The other issue I have is how generic it all feels, there is nothing special about this movie but it is quick. In the end it’s not bad or great but an alright sequel to an alright franchise. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Blaze Revolutions (Preview)

Developed by Little Chicken Game Company, Blaze Revolutions is an RTS set in a dystopian future, where the totalitarian SomaCorp surveys all, pollutes the environment and rules through misinformation campaigns. It’s up to you to cultivate your product, hack drones, evade SomaCorp surveillance and manage your resources as you turn this grassroots movement into an eco-friendly empire!

Aside from being an RTS with stealth and economic management mechanics, Blaze is a thriller with a deep narrative and strong character development about the effects big business and government corruption have on our planet. Our environment is suffering pollution, small businesses are going under as big corporations grow increasingly stronger, and governments are tightening their chokehold on the common man. The revolution is industrial, as well as social: Blaze Revolutions envisions a future where society rises up and creates idyllic enterprises using the natural resource of cannabis!

Blaze Revolutions is more than a fun RTS, it’s a topical look at where society is heading if we don’t do something about it,” said Little Chicken Game Company Lead Developer, Erik Kors. “We realize that cannabis isn’t legal in all parts of the world, as it is here in Amsterdam, but we’d urge people to look past the green leaf. Cannabis is just a symbol of resistance: organic, medicinal, useful for crafting, and hopeful. We hope you’ll embark on this journey with us. Viva la revolucion!”

A Haunted House

haunted house

Comedy is subjective as much as horror is so I can say I get why most critics hated the hell out of this movie. The critic in me thinks this is one of the stupidest movies I’ve ever seen, and that it’s a lazy ass cash grab on the Paranormal Activity craze about a decade ago. Malcolm’s girlfriend Keisha moves in with him and supernatural hi-jinks ensue, that’s pretty much it. This movie is co written and staring Marlon Wayans of Scary Movie fame so whatever your feelings were there, it’s going to be here. All of this being said, I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off at certain parts just because as far as comedy is concerned, I ain’t much older than a twelve year old. The jokes are predictable and go mostly for sex and fart jokes. Weirdly, if I’m going to recommend it, I would if you were wasted off your ass but not if you’re sober or want a real laugh. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Othercide (Preview)

Focus Home Interactive and Lightbulb Crew have revealed that the gothic tactical RPG Othercide will come to PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC this summer. Othercide marries the dark art design and world-building of the horror genre with the deep systems and challenges of a strategy game for a truly gripping experience.

Combat in Othercide is a spectacular dance of actions and counters built around a dynamic turn system. Command an army of Daughters, haunting echoes of the greatest warrior to ever live, in deadly battles against horrific dread creatures and bosses birthed from the worst of humanity’s crimes. Interrupt enemy attacks while planning and setting up your own chain of actions later in the timeline to perform devastating assaults on your foes.

Othercide’s visually stunning universe is ruthless: you’ll face deadly missions, roguelite features like limited resources and permadeath, and the difficult decision to sacrifice one Daughter to make another stronger. Your prowess in combat will decide the fate of your Daughters, shaping their stats, abilities and personalities for better or worse, evolving over time into a reflection of your actions.