Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled

wishmaster 4

Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled is the 4th and final Wishmaster movie, thankfully. Once again John Novak returns as the Djinn, and this one is a bit different. Still bad, still the same plot, but this time the Djinn tries to be nice to our chosen one with the 3 wishes. He still does the usual with everyone else, you know kills people while twisting their wishes or taking things way to literal with their wish.

The nudity is still here for I assume the same reason as the last one when it suddenly showed up, covering up a bad story. This time a woman (Lisa) is trying to help her boyfriend win a lawsuit after a motorcycle accident. Her lawyer that loves her gives her a gift that turns out to contain a stone that once again releases the Djinn. Lisa uses her first 2 wishes to unknowingly help her boyfriend and the third, weirdly creates a paradox. She doesn’t know the Djinn isn’t her actually her lawyer and wishes she could love her for who he is, which messes things up a bit since love must be given freely and only she could grant that wish.

The whole thing is convoluted and makes no real damn sense. Honestly I would watch the first 2 Wishmaster movies and pretend the other 2 don’t exist. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


2 Games I Hope Are At E3, And 1 I stopped Caring About.

With E3 closer than we think, there are a few games I hope are there, some realistic, some not so much and one honestly, I just don’t give a damn about anymore. So let us start with the good stuff.

borderkands 3

Borderlands 3, I enjoyed the first, loved the 2nd and even loved the pre sequel as well as the telltale game. So any info on Borderlands 3 would be great to me as long as it was it was coming relatively soon. This comment will make sense later. And that brings me to…

bloodborne 2

Bloodborne 2, above all I am really hoping we get a release date for this bad boy, or at least confirmation that it is in the works. I loved the first one, in fact I still play it to this day on occasion.The story, the game play itself, the setting, the excitement of finding a new boss, it is just a feeling that is hard to recreate. This brings me to my last game

final fantasy 7 remake

This may surprise many of you. Here is why Final Fantasy 7 retro review What I hope FF7 Remake keeps . I love Final Fantasy 7. The original to this day is one of my all time favorite games. Hell I have probably finished the game damn near 30 times from beginning to end. I for years I was the only person I knew that managed to beat emerald and ruby weapon as a kid. So why don’t I care? Well the rumors started back in 2014, with confirmation coming in 2015. That is 3 years ago, with various amounts of information coming and going. From the initial mistaken of saying it would be episodic ( tho it was later clarified it was meant episodic in the way Final Fantasy 13 was, not in the way Telltale games are) and the battle system going from what was originally its turn based active time system to what seems to be more in line with Kingdom hearts or Final Fantasy 15 it is hard to remain excited for a remake that has so far gutted a game you loved so much. While I understand that a lot will need to be changed and things will be added and removed for various reasons as social norms changing and technological changes and even changes within the gaming community, they seem to be alienating not only the original fan base, but many RPG fans as a whole and just gamers in general. A three-year wait on any concrete information, or much new information at all is simply unacceptable to many of us when a game is officially announced and I can’t find myself caring anymore. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Thor: The Dark World

thor 2

I’m going to start by saying this: I don’t think this is the worst movie in the MCU as many I’ve heard proclaim it be. My personal vote is tied between Iron Man 3 (2013) and Captain America: the First Avenger , but I digress.

Thor 2 picks up after Avengers with Loki in captivity after he was naughty in New York. Thor is kicking ass and being awesome with his Asgardian buddies while his love interest on Earth, Jane Foster discovers glitches in physics popping up in London; glitches in reality itself. She falls through a glitch and ends up coming into contact with the Ether (the Reality Stone) and it bonds to her. Thor has to help her break free of it but an ancient threat descends on Asgard, the dark elves led by Malekith, leading Thor to save the day again while having to join with Loki again..

Thor 2, much like the first, ain’t nowhere near perfect but I had a lot more fun with this entry. There is more action and laughs and I give it credit, the final fight is one of my favorites in the MCU. The biggest issue is Malekith, who is the definition of cookie-cutter villain who sadly had a hell of a lot of potential that fell flat. Besides him, the characters are solid with great performances again from Hemsworth and Middleston as Thor and Loki. In the end, it’s a fun fantasy movie pure and simple. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Wishmaster 3:Beyond the Gates of Hell (2001)

wishmaster 3

Wishmaster 3 brings the Djinn back again, tho  played by John Novak this time and honestly the change just isn’t good to me. In fact almost everything about this movie represents a huge fall about the movie for me, minus the fact that I am a dude and the nudity content shot up for the next 2 movies for some unexplained reason. I can only guess this was to cover up for the fact that the story takes a wide turn into ridiculous and nonsensical.

This time a teachers assistant awakens the Djinn and the Djinn now terrorizes a college to find the one that freed him, once again to free his kind to rule the world. Diana however has a plan, and that plan is St. Michael the Archangel. Yup, good old St. Mike shows up with his sword to defeat the Djinn, but he can’t. For some inexplicable reason this angel shows up with no powers other than a magical sword and he can’t even win, he needs this college student to finish him off. The movie just makes no real sense, the death scenes aren’t even all that fun and the movie is a huge step down from the last two. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Dark Souls Remastered (Nintendo Switch)

dark souls remastered

As Dark Souls fans await the release of Dark Souls remastered in May 2018, owners of awaiting the Switch version this week were given some not so good news. According to Polygon it has sadly been delayed until later this year, sometime in the “Summer” tho everyone else should get it as scheduled.



We arrived to our final MCU installment before we finally talk Avengers; sadly our local theater closing screwed up us seeing Black Panther til it hits blu-ray. The fourth movie in Phase 1 introduces Thor, god of thunder.

Thor and Loki are the sons of Odin, king of Asgard, a beautiful kingdom in space. Thor is arrogant but powerful as he is set to one day become king; Loki, believing his brother a shitty king, plots to embarrass him and when Thor nearly reignites a war with the frost giants, Odin banishes Thor to earth, stripping him of his power and his hammer  before going into Odin-sleep, leaving the treacherous Loki to reign. It’s up to Thor to reclaim his power and hammer and learn what it is to be king and kick his brother’s ass…

As superhero films go, Thor is a solid film. It’s not great; there is a lot of dialogue that makes it feel a bit longer than it really is and not very much action, though what we get is nice. Where it succeeds is Chris Hemsworth and Tom Middleston as Thor and Loki and visually the movie looks great. I got some good laughs and a few moments I still quote today. In the end, it’s a decent movie that’s pretty much a prequel to Avengers. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Wishmaster 2:Evil Never Dies (1999)

Wishmaster 2

Our favorite Djinn is (Andrew Divoff) is back, this time accidentally released by a thief in this made for T.V horror movie. Honestly, it looks like a made for T.V. movie. Released in 1999 it looks like it was made in 1989, tho honestly that is part of its charm. I do however use the word charm vaguely because it will take a special horror movie fan to enjoy this. Rotton tomatoes trashed this movie with a 10%, but it did fair better on IMBd with a 5.1/10.

The story itself isn’t bad, tho again pretty cliche and straight out of the 80’s and quite simpler Djinn gets released, collects souls, attempts to grant the one that released him 3 wishes to release the rest of his kind and take over the world and in true Djinn form all of his wishes are granted very literally and take a quick turn for the gross and deadly as he collects 1000 souls.

The movie however is fun in that gross and weird way, but it isn’t for everyone and doesn’t offer anything your average horror fan hasn’t seen a million times. All in all, however I enjoyed it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.