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Jennifer Lopez and Antonion Banderas are among this year’s Imagen Awards nominees, which span a range of categories including informational programming, on-air advertising, outstanding individual performances and prime time programming in film and television. The Imagen awards were first established in 1985 upon recommendation from TV veteran Normal Lear in an effort to recognize more…

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The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

rocky and bullwinkle

For the past 17 years now, mainly after reading Dark Tower 6: Song of Susannah I’ve feared inter-dimensional rifts where the characters I created would walk amongst us and likely waste my ass in the process. Well before that, I saw the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie…

Who doesn’t know the beloved cartoon characters Rocket J Squirrel (Rocky) and Bullwinkle J Moose? Throughout the old days, the adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle charmed and entertained folks for years to come, thwarting the plots of Fearless Leader and his lackeys Boris and Natasha. When the 90’s and early 2000’s bring a time when they are nearly forgotten, until a movie executive accidentally  brings the nefarious trio into or real world and begin trying to take over our world. Our only hope is in young special agent Karen Sympathy who sneaks into Hollywood Studios and green lights Rocky and Bullwinkle into reality. Can our Cartoon heroes save the day in a world far from theirs?

The Rocky and Bullwinkle movie, while corny, awkward, and a little dated, it’s a charming fish- out- of- water story. It was really cool the voices of Rocky, Bullwinkle, and the narrator are the classic voices; Deniro, Alexander, and Russo do really well as live action versions of the villains. The acting is all around solid and there’s a lot of cameos throughout. The movie is extremely meta which may or may not turn some people off but I liked how it was done. In the end, the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie isn’t a bad movie and its a charming little comedy for the kids. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

A Quiet Place 2 Starts Filming

A Quiet Place 2 is officially being filmed and considering the first had a budget of 17 million and made over 300 million, there is no surprise we get a second. John Krasinski posted on Twitter to confirm this. You can see that on Screenrant.com tho it does seem to contain some spoilers for the first film. I don’t want to go into too many details about how just be careful reading it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Dragonball Z : Bojack Unbound

dbz bojack

I love the idea of treating Bojack’s  movie as an epilogue to Dragonball Z: Android Saga (Cell Games) and honestly it does work pretty well in concept. Gohan’s on his own and he’s the strongest fighter Earth has to offer so there’s a lot that can done. So how does Gohan’s first time leading the Z Fighters go?

After Cell was destroyed by Gohan, Hercule gets the credit and becomes arguably the biggest celebrity on the planet. A spoiled rich kid has Hercule host a huge tournament with the opportunity to face real aliens. Of course the Z fighters show up and advance to the real show, only to discover the aliens they were supposed to fight were killed by a group of space pirates that King Kai had stored away, unleashed by his planet getting destroyed. The band is led by Bojack, who means to go on a rampage unless Gohan and his friends can stop him…

This movie could have been awesome but there is a huge flaw I have with it. Gohan isn’t a bad hero on his own and it was cool to see him in Goku’s colors; it was also cool seeing Trunks again and I like the detail about Vegeta mourning over Goku. I really like the opening fight with Trunks and Tien, two of my favorite characters in the series. There are some cool fights with Bojack’s crew and the Z Fighters throughout. The problem is Bojack. He predominately let’s his minions do the fighting for him, jumping in for a few cheap shots. Once Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2, Gohan mops the floor with him and it doesn’t remotely feel like Bojack was a challenge. If you don’t mind a disappointing end, it’s not a bad movie and worth a watch. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Aziz Ansari: Right Now

Aziz Ansari has always been a comedian I enjoyed, tho I first saw him in Parks and Recs. I enjoyed the show and watched a few other things with him. After his brush with the #MeToo movement, I kind of figured he was done. (Also thank god I am not famous, they would have a field day with some jokes I have made) However, he is back with his new stand up, Right Now. One of the first things he does is talk about this, which I think was a good choice since honestly, it did need to be discussed. I am pretty sure many went to see if he did talk about it.

As for how funny it is, it is quite funny. He discusses topics such as visiting his grandmother or how he once called a family member fat in a stand-up and he probably shouldn’t have one that (tho he then calls him fat again) If you like hi stand-ups you will enjoy this one.

That all being said, the really great part is how well he carries himself during all this. He is very interactive with the crowd. He is also very introspective and emotional in the end which was nice to see. He truly did seem to be sharing a moment with them that he was grateful to be having. It was nice to see. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Aggelos| Launch Trailer-PS4 — All The PlayStation You’ll Ever Need.

It is so awesome when something like Aggelos releases and you had no idea it was coming. The action RPG that plays like a 16-bit is inspired by non-linear Japanese retro adventures such as Wonder Boy In Monster World. The look, feel and retro music of this title reminds me so much of the games…

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