Friday the 13th, Produced by LeBron James?

Yea you read that headline right, ScreenRant is reporting that none other than LeBron James is in talks to reboot Friday the 13th as producer. This may seem odd but with him being heavily involved with Space Jam,  his career most likely winding down and the new era of horror in full swing this is quite a smart move on his part if its true. It will be interesting to see where if anywhere this leads. Best interest and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Our Favorites Day 22, The Strangers

the strangers

The Strangers did something special and scared the hell out of me not as a kid but a 18 year old adult. I grew up in the suburbs of Scranton- a very quiet unassuming place. We lived in a picturesque house, a house that had a lot of windows downstairs so first seeing this downstairs, at night, imagining people watching you, lurking around your house without you knowing was somehow easy to visualize. I also have some deep seeded paranoia issues, so this movie stayed with me in the dark for years later which is why it’s on this list. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

G-Star 2018

Coming up in November is G-Star 2018 in Korea. For those of you like myself that are not familiar with it, here is a link with some info. G-Star. G-star seems to be similar to American E3 with events set up for the press and companies to show off upcoming products as well as having an E-Sports event.

I actually heard about the event when i was asked by a representative of Intragames if i would be attending and if i would be interested in visiting their booth, which sadly for me being in America that really is not a realistic trip for me to be making as much as me and @torstenvblog would have loved to have gone. Mostly I am sharing this so that hopefully others can keep an eye out and learn about another even that features all kinds of games. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Netflix Cancels Luke Cage and Iron Fist

Recently it was announced that Netflix canceled both Luke Cage and Iron Fist, and many are worried that Jessica Jones may be next. (who knows by the time you read this it may already have happened) There are plenty of ideas as to why this may have happened, lack of interest maybe. I however feel it’s a different reason. See in late 2019 Disney will launch its own streaming service and in a world that already has two major services in Netflix and Hulu and many other smaller ones Disney will need a way to draw in customers.

There are a number of ways to this, for example they will obviously have plenty of their own Disney movies but they also own Star Wars and the Marvel. What better way to bring in customers to a fledgling streaming service than with the already established Marvel shows being revived or the entire MCU being available at launch?

I also would not be surprised to see them open the Disney vault and put their classic cartoon movies on there like Bambi and Aladdin. Disney is a power house and has a huge amount of resources to draw from and they will likely abuse that fact. For the time being losing your favorite show sucks, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they come back. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Our Favorites Day 21, Aliens


Aliens started it all for me. Because of this movie, I was terrified of a 8 foot Xenomorph grabbing me in the bathtub to lay eggs in my chest- thanks ma and dad. Seriously though, this is the only real movie I’ve ever seen to perfectly blend tense horror and asskicking action. Also, the Queen Alien reveal is one of my favorites of all time. I had action figures, replayed the levels of Alien Trilogy and even got suckered into the game for which we do not speak ( Aliens: Colonial Marines ). Hell, I even quote this damn movie 20 some years after seeing it. May the gaming gods not lay eggs in your chests.

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane is a horror, slasher, killer movie that starts out okay enough. It has some potential. Many was apparently some less than beautiful girl who suddenly became hot over a summer and got the attention of the all boys in school. After being invited to a party and insisting on bringing her long time friend. After one of the jocks hits on Mandy and gets a little to touchy her friend shots him with a squirt gun and a small fight follows.

Later her friend Emmett ends up on the roof with the Jock and convinces him to jump on an attempt to impress Mandy. He misses the pool, cracks his skull and dies. Yes I realize this chain of event makes very little sense that two high school guys that got into a fight over a girl would suddenly become friends, try to help each other get the girl. Only believable part is a drunk kid missing the pool.

The movie fast forwards a bit, Mandy and Emmett aren’t friends anymore because honestly who would stay friends with this psycho? This is when for some reason that is never actually explained there is a party at a ranch. This is where the death happens, which honestly is pretty underwhelming. Worse yet the story itself is essentially everyone is obsessed with one girl, the killer is exactly who you think it is with a small twist at the end and even that twist is essentially easy to see coming. The movie is entertaining, but far from good. Check it out, but don’t expect a life changing experience. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.