Visage Review (PS4)

As always, first thing is first a huge thank you to the guys over at Plan of Attack for hooking me up with a review code for this one. It is always great to be considered and even better to be chosen.

The first thing to cover is the graphics, they obviously are not AAA quality but you shouldn’t expect them to be. They are still both beautiful and creepy as hell. They serve their purpose magnificently and truth be told, I wouldn’t change them at all even if I could. The way lights flicker during certain events and things seem to just flash on the screen. As a life long fan of horror movies and games, I was excited to play this game but I was quite nervous. It looked great, but I wasn’t sure it would deliver.

The sound, was 100% what it needed to be. The subtle moans or or creeks you can hear in the background at times are outstanding. When a lightbulbs break they sound pretty much like real lightbulbs. When you slide a door open and and enter a room and you hear the static on a T.V. it all just sells the experience in ways that I couldn’t have asked for more.

I won’t get into the story because that was my favorite part, but I will say this, it is dark and beautiful and SadSquare has my respect for being willing to tell the story they did. In good conscience I can’t forget to tell you the opening is essentially the reason trigger warnings exist. It doesn’t shy away from the story is telling. These things aren’t done for no reason and it will all be explained. It isn’t there for shock value.

The controls themselves work well, though the first person thing isn’t really my thing it is pretty cool and I thought using the L and R buttons to pick things up and such was pretty awesome. I liked to just randomly pick things up and move cups and stuff. It didn’t serve much of a purpose but I did enjoy putting cups on on random shelves. I am easily entertained. The actual purpose of this is to put candles for light on plates or on candle holders that are placed around and to fix lights.

Now the part we are all waiting for, is this game worth buying? Quite honestly, Yes. Absolutely yes. Fans of horror games need to add this to their must play list. This game is an 8/10. With multiple endings there is plenty of reason to play more than once, and each one changes more than enough to make them worth seeing. It is 100% savior approved. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

P.T Influenced Horror Game Visage Unlocks PS4/X1 Stretch Goal, VR Support  Goal Is Next
was a nice kitchen at one point
Terrifying PT-inspired psychological horror Visage finally leaves early  access this week •
Yes, the images on the T.V. change.

Batman: Soul of the Dragon trailer

Batman has literally been to both sides of the tonal spectrum: from the goofy Adam West show to the gritty, tortured portrayal by Ben Affleck in Batman Vs Superman and with that being said, I don’t know where this goes. With the tone and music, I couldn’t help thinking of a 70’s exploitation film with Batman. While its a different pace from Batman’s recent animated movies, I cant help but wonder how it’ll turn out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Breach trailer

Ok, I love Bruce Willis with all my heart, but not even he could save what I saw here. Breach looks like a hodge-podge of the 2005 Doom movie with The Thing and a touch of Aliens . Granted the actors could pull this through but honestly what doesn’t look generic looks cheap and I’m while I hope it’ll be alright, I not holding my breath. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Tom and Jerry trailer 1

There are few times in life where I find myself truly speechless not only as a nerd but as a cognitive, sentient human being. The Tom and Jerry trailer froze made the gears of my mind come to a screeching halt. Why does this movie exist? Why are their good actors in this movie? Didn’t we learn from the Smurfs, Rocky and Bullwinkle, the Chipmunks, and the various Looney Tunes movies that perhaps people aren’t too thrilled to see classic cartoon characters mingling around in the real world? Sadly we haven’t learned. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Farming Simulator 19 Alpine Farming Expansion Review (PS4)

First thing is first, as always, a huge shout out to the guys and gals over at Focus Home Interactive for giving me a review copy of this expansion. Anyone that follows the blog knows I am a huge fan of the series and have been for years. For those that aren’t familiar with this expansion here is the launch trailer.

This expansion has a lot of content, starting with a new map. Of course this is where I started things. I was surprised to discover, cows. Yes instead of the typical have some fields and machines to grow and harvest some crops you are given a couple cows, some money and the machines you need to feed them.

This is your first taste of the new things in the game as you can instantly just walk over and grab the walking mower.

This thing is oddly relaxing to walk around with.

The new map is honestly one of my favorites in the series, it is simply beautiful. It also may be one of the biggest in the series, but that I truthfully can’t say. The views are great though, and if you are like me and you occasionally just like to go for a quick drive around the map this is a great place to do it. That all doesn’t matter because while the map is great, is there anything new to play with?

The answer is a resounding yes. There are around 30 new ones, many of which I still haven’t gotten to play with. There are new small tractors, plows and cultivators from companies like pottinger, Sip and Rigitrac. As you would expect they all function amazingly and serve a specific purpose. Many of them actually made raising animals for me much easier.

This one is just fun to drive, and I LOVE the look.

The only really down side to the expansion is simply this, if you don’t love Farming Simulator, this isn’t going to change your mind. This is more of the same, and for fans of the series that is what we wanted. We have more things to play with, new ways to raise our animals and a new place to do it in. Honestly, that is all I really wanted and expected from it. For fans of Farming Simulator 19 looking for a reason to step back onto the farm, this is it. A must own expansion for fans. 9/10, pretty much everything an expansion should be.

Farming Simulator 19 getting a new expansion: Alpine Farming
Farming Simulator 19 Alpine Expansion - Is it worth it?Farming Simulator 19 Alpine Farming Expansion map and vehicles Revealed |  Invision Game Community

Electabuzz Pokémon GO Community Day Box featuring 1 Elite Fast TM, 3 Super Incubators, 3 Incense and 30 Ultra Balls now available for 1,280 PokéCoins

Niantic has announced that there will be two Pokémon GO Community Day events in November 2020. Electabuzz Pokémon GO Community Day will take place on November 15, while Magmar Pokémon GO Community Day will be held on November 21. Read on below to learn more: Electabuzz and Magmar will be featured during November’s Community Day […]

Electabuzz Pokémon GO Community Day Box featuring 1 Elite Fast TM, 3 Super Incubators, 3 Incense and 30 Ultra Balls now available for 1,280 PokéCoins


Vampyr on

Dark, English towns where mists billow cobblestone streets, amongst the ladies and gentlemen fearing a plague…so how about we add vampires into the mix? Vampires rival zombies as the most popular of horror fiends in American culture, and while there have been plenty of games involving the children of the night, I can’t say I’ve played many of them. So what did this offering from the current console gen bring?

The year is 1918 and we play as Dr. Jonathan Reid, a surgeon and physician freshly returned from the trenches of WWI to his sister Mary. After a run in with a stranger, Jonathan is bitten and in the midst of an unholy suffering, he’s thirsty. In almost a trance, he kills Mary, draining her of blood. Besides the unquenchable blood thirst, Jonathan finds himself with super strength, speed, stamina, reflex a s well as a host of deadly powers making him a apex predator in civilized society. Rescued by a Dr. Edgar Swansea and given a job at the rundown at Pembroke hospital, funded by fellow vampire, Lady Ashbury, it’s up to Reid to shape the fate of the city and face the horror of what he has became as well as find his maker.

There’s nothing that burns worse than art in any medium that’s not lived up to it’s fullest potential. Vampyr is a prime example. First, the story and characters kept me going through the game. Reid is a sympathetic character I enjoyed playing as that never felt too sappy. The other characters I also really enjoyed, on top of the scenery and score that channel the classic, gothic vampire movies I grew up with. There’s the highlight. In theory, the list of powers you get are impressive but the inventory loadout doesn’t allow you to experiment with much at a time. While I loved plunging London into absolute chaos, that’s honestly you’re only real option. The game deals heavy with the karma system and if the base mechanics made sense, it’d be quite effective. Combat, which stales quickly, offers dismal XP and completing missions offers little more; most of your XP comes from mesmerizing and feeding off of other characters. You’re mesmerize level only advances as you progress the game but there are prompts to snuff characters you simply can’t yet. Without slaying every character you can, leveling up is a absolute crawl and the game becomes insanely hard. I hate the inventory system which feels really small and doesn’t get much room to expand. The character UI and AI are stupid as hell and randomly the game breaks into sometimes lengthy loading scenes. The game becomes repetitive after the first big boss was introduced. In the end, the game is a irritating slog but the good story and characters may keep you around. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Trails of Cold Steel IV PS4 Review

As always with these things, I would love to give a huge shout out to NIS America for hooking me up with this one and this time a second shout out to my friend Erik that helped me review this one. The game is massive as is the series itself going beyond just these four games, so having a second set of eyes to help me catch certain things was greatly appreciated.

There are a few things to get out of the way, for example you can play this game without the other three, you will however you will be doing a great disservice to one of the best stories you will find on the PlayStation 4. I won’t go into the story of the other three games because that isn’t why we are here. The story to this bad boy however finishes off the story of Class 7 nicely. With  The Erebonian Empire about to be at one hell of a war, you will go on a quest to save the world. You should know it takes place right after where three leaves off as a cliff hanger with one of the main characters in captivity.

Now if you are worried about the game play itself, the battle system is essentially the third with some upgrades. This isn’t a bad thing though because the battle system has always been a strong suit here. The classic turned based battles, beautiful graphics and amazing sound mixing together to create an experience not to be missed for RPG fans.

I honestly don’t have a lot to say about the game itself because I feel like I would be betraying the experience. From the very start as you get to know the new class 7 as you try to find Rean to the very end when you are fighting side by side with some of the series most iconic heroes, there is just something to always be looking forward to.

As for the score, this one is obviously going to be 9/10. Loved this game and thought it finished off everything nicely. Erik however as a fan of the series gave it a 10/10 and thought it finished everything up pretty much perfectly and gave us something from not only the Trails series the entire games series.

The Thing (2011)

Review - THE THING (2011) - PopHorror

Whether it was the black and white horror flick The Thing From Another World or John Carpenter’s horror remake masterpiece The Thing , this story played a huge part of my upbringing as a sci fi horror fan. So in 2011, I was pissed thinking Carpenter’s remake was getting remade (to be fair, naming your prequel the same as your original probably wasn’t the smartest move); finding out this is in fact a prequel gave me hope. How does this prequel fair?

Kate is a American paleontologist who gets recruited to a high profile excavation in the Arctic. The venture is a American and Norwegian; the only info most of them have is that a unknown structure is involved and an unidentified specimen. They take the specimen, incased in ice, back to base and celebrate, unaware of the terror about to be unleashed. If destroying a killer alien in the frozen tundra wasn’t a problem enough, what if the creature could be you?

Ok, so bullshit aside, Thing 2011 doesn’t offer pretty much anything Carpenter didn’t do better. Essentially, if you saw the remake, you knew these people were screwed from the get go. I will give the team credit for paying attention to detail so you can backtrack many of the imagery to things seen in the remake. While the acting is solid, no one really stands out. The effects are solid but too CGI heavy and too many times I felt like I was watching a cutscene for a video game rather than a movie; the ending especially has some of the most questionable effects. While the movie moves at a pretty fast pace, it does lack the suspense and intrigue of the remake. In the end, it’s not a bad movie or a great movie, but does good enough at being a prequel to a way better movie (think the Rogue One of horror prequels). May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Halloween ( 2007)

Halloween (2007) — The Movie Database (TMDb)

So folks, this blog has been going on a few years now and with the exception of a brief mention in 5 remakes that went and pissed me off and I’ve praised Halloween as well as Halloween (2018) so it comes full circle having to talk about Rob Zombie’s remake. Oh boy…

The Myers family was a white trash family in a busted down home in the otherwise decent neighborhood of Haddonfield, Illinois. Michael, the middle child, is a mentally unstable kid from an abusive home and consistently being bullied at school loving only his mom, baby sister, and the masks he’s obsessed with. Come one Halloween night, Michael snaps, slaughtering his sister, her boyfriend, and step dad. He’s sent away to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium where he was fruitlessly treated by Dr. Sam Loomis for fifteen years, until he escaped and picked up where his killing spree ended…

Ok, if this wasn’t a remake of one of my all time favorites, I’d be fine with it mostly. Adult Michael is a badass and I do really like the withered mask and his ultra violent nature. I like how Zombie uses a mix of Carpenter’s classic scores as well as a intense, updated version of them. I really like how the movie overall tries to treat Michael Myers as the main character and I was surprised at how heartfelt the relationship between Michael and Loomis was at times. I even liked how it ended between Laurie and Michael. All of these are positives he brought to the table and genuinely you can tell he was into it. BUT the negatives absolutely kill this movie. First, I can’t stand the overusing of language and sleaze in Zombie’s movies; I’m really open minded but Zombie overuses foul language and sleaze to where it becomes just annoying and makes pretty of his characters unlikeable. Young Michael was simply annoying as shit and if you couldn’t peg him as a future serial killer, no one would be, missing almost the whole point of the original. Between the scummy town, dickhead teens, money grubbing Loomis, and whiney Michael, no one in this movie is likeable and the whole point of Michael Myers is thrown out the window. I also feel like this movie is a somewhat decent prequel but the whole third act feels like condensed, rushed remake of the original. I’m also wondering how the hell a chubby kid grew into a jacked up 6’8 behemoth locked away in a asylum for 15 years. Michael’s mask obsession bothered the shit out of me and seemed cliché. In the end, the movie is ok but doesn’t hold a candle to the original or 2018 but it’s way better than House of 1000 Corpses . Happy Halloween everyone and may the gaming gods bring you glory.