Terminator: Salvation


I’m going to say this first and foremost: this movie has one of my favorite trailers ever but damn it spoiled 90% of the movie. Being ten years old as of this date, I feel spoilers aren’t a big deal now and this movie gets truck loads of hate anyway.

The future is grim and the resistance against the machines is on the brink of defeat. John Conner is fighting to keep control of a military that believes he’s unhinged because of the foresight he has towards the mechanical threat. The machines have stopped there slaughter, kidnapping people for experiments in making what Conner believes is the legendary T-800. When a young Kyle Reese goes missing, Conner goes in search of him, finding a horrifying anomaly in Marcus Wright- a machine who believes he’s human. The future has changed, but can we save ourselves from uncertainty?

While not a great movie, this movie doesn’t deserve a fraction of the hate it gets; I’m going as far as to say it’s my favorite Terminator movie besides the original and Terminator 2: Judgement Day . I like that this movie doesn’t involve time travel and doesn’t recycle the old plot formulas. I like Christian Bale as John Conner and feel he’s the believable badass Conner should be and Marcus Wright was a interesting character in his own right. I thought it was interesting getting glimpses  of the early Terminators leading up to the dawn of the T-800; added points for making the classic Terminator model badass have gravity again. A problem I had was the PG-13 rating, which meant it couldn’t delve into the nightmarish horror elements of the first 2 films. Another issue I have is I thought the ending was pretty cheesy. The movie deserves a watch and if you don’t like it, at least it tries to do something different. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Outlast 3 announcement trailer

I always wondered when the hell this was going to show up. If you saw my list of  5 more games that were a huge bummer, you’d know I’m not on the Outlast hype bandwagon. So far it looks like a run for the course for the series but I’m sure the sound and visuals will be good. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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Black Adam poster and release announced

black adam poster

If you watched Shazam and know you’re DC lore, you picked up on the Black Adam references but surprising revealed Mr Mind instead of him in the after credit scene. I’ve heard whispers that Black Adam is set to face his nemesis in Shazam 3 but I haven’t seen anything concrete to substantiate this. Anyhow, Adam is getting his own movie without Shazam;  Dwayne Johnson is playing Adam the movie, as the poster depicts is coming  out 12-22-21. Honestly I love his look and I like the grim god-like presence he has in the poster. I’m a bit worried Adam’s story may come off too humorous or they may try making him too much of a hero instead of the tragic, badass villain/ antihero he is. Time will tell. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

5 Games That Had an Impact on me

This is a simple list, but an important one for me. It is just 5 games that had an impact on my life, whether it be how they changed me as a gamer or that I played them in an important time in my life. So with no real order, enjoy my list.

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Mortal Kombat is one of those games that changed the face of gaming in a way, so when your mom decides to let you play it, it changes how you view games. At the time was viewed as the most violent game on consoles, and to this day I can’t figure out why. The blood didn’t look realistic at all and the fighting wasn’t anything you couldn’t see on a Saturday morning cartoon.

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Phantasy Star 4 Sega Genesis Classics this is one of those games that again I got on accident, my parents bought it for me randomly and truly introduced me to the role-playing game. I  had played one or two before then but this and my next one were the first 2 I had ever truly owned, and they changed my gaming life forever.

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Shining Force 2is the other game my parents bought me that day and sent me on a search to find the other games in both series, a search that took decades. One I don’t regret at all. I still pull these games out once a year or so and relive my childhood.


BloodBorne review.

Look anyone that follows the blog knows this game was going to show up. This one is special to me for an odd reason. See years ago I was at @torstenvblog house like I would spend many of my days and he was fighting Father Gascoigne for probably the 30th time. Now I had no interest in the game because I had played the original release of Dark Souls and it was a broken mess and had no interest in playing anything else from Fromsoftware.    However watching him struggle made me wonder, does he suck or is this game that hard? So I bought it a few days later. It wasn’t long before I beat Father G, and told him how I did it. From then on it was was a race between us both to finish the game first. It was the first time in our long friendship we played a game side by side like this and challenged each other to see who could do it first. I won, but not by much and I think if he wasn’t working so much he would have done it first.

We later co-oped the game and had a blast and felt it was challenging but fair.

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GoldenEye 007 is a classic FPS from the N64 era that I would play with my friends for hours trying to unlock cheats or just doing random stuff in multiplayer, like using rocket launchers only in closed areas or proximity mines. The game, however, does not hold up well at all. I tried playing it a couple years ago and it is a nightmare to play now. It does, however, hold a special place in my heart for the memories. So I hope you enjoyed my list, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.