Disaster Report 4 Summer Memories (PS4)

As always, a huge shout out to NIS America for hooking me up with a review copy of this one. It is always appreciated and I am very grateful as always. That being said, let’s get this started.

Have you ever wondered how you would react during a major earthquake? With Disaster Report 4 now is your chance to find out. From the very start, you will make a few choices about your character before everything hits the proverbial fan. You will then find yourself outside of a crashed bus with buildings down all around you. This first part will basically introduce you to the game. You will find some people to talk to, maybe help a teacher find some kids or give some directions and avoid some falling debris. I say maybe because with most things in the game you have some options. For example, you can be helpful at one point and get a guy some toilet paper. To do this you will need to run a store for a few minutes to find out where it is. So are you going to be decent and sell it for the price its marked, or jack the price up? Or maybe just go in between and try to pocket some of the money for yourself?

The game does give you moral points for the good and bad you do in the world, so this does put a twist on what you do, but there is a reward for the bad behavior. See things cost money, and you aren’t exactly a rich person. The game does a great job of making things feel pretty broken and run down. From aftershocks randomly shaking around to buildings falling over, which by the way they can kill you. There are even fires everywhere and cars busted and burning.

The game is beautifully crafted and the music and sound make the setting very well done tho my biggest complaint is simple. Its voice acting is all in its native language. Normally this doesn’t bother me, but it seemed particularly distracting here and really took me out of feeling like part of the world I was in. This is obviously just a personal preference, and I never came across any glitches or issues with the control. The only other issue for me was the lack of anything to really do besides talking to people and wandering around.  The game was interesting it just wasn’t my cup of tea so to speak. I personally did not enjoy it much, but I wouldn’t advise against it if you enjoy this time of game or even the concept. It is a solid 7/10, it isn’t for me but there are definitely people out there that will love it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Snowrunner Progression and Exploration Video

Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive have released a new gameplay trailer for SnowRunner breaking down the upcoming off-road driving game’s progression and exploration systems. With over 40 vehicles to unlock and upgrade, you’ll find a huge open world of driving challenges with true-to-life physics and lots of surprises.

SnowRunner’s maps are massive, and you’ll even discover missions that span multiple maps, raising the stakes and the rewards if you succeed. Tackle missions with total freedom to earn money and experience, which can be used to acquire a variety of new and better vehicles. As you get jobs done, the world will be shaped by your actions — with new bridges built and roadblocks cleared, you’ll be able to expand your influence to the farthest reaches of the environment.

But don’t stop there! Explore the world and you’ll find plenty of hidden vehicles and upgrades waiting for you. Towering peaks, deep ravines, raging rivers and snowstorms… modify your ride with the right gear for the task at hand, and take on the journey solo or with friends in four-player co-op multiplayer.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (classic)

nemesis classic

Ok, I try not to do this often, but I have a honest disclaimer here: I never finished this game. In fact, I never even got that far in this game but holy shit did this game have an impact on me as well as the horror community as a whole, giving us the both terrifying and legendary badass named Nemesis.

Jill Valentine thought she saw the pinnacle of horror and macabre after surviving the Spencer Mansion. The terror isn’t over for Jill yet; it wasn’t long after the mansion that the T virus found it’s way into Raccoon City and the city became overrun with monsters and the undead. Trying to escape, she encounters a group of Umbrella soldiers tasked with aiding in evacuations and allies herself with Carlos Olivera to try escaping, while being hunted by a new kind of horror trying to exterminate the old surviving S.T.A.R.S members. Enter: The Nemesis.

From the get go, the intro movie blew me away as a kid. Seeing the silhouette of Nemesis in the firelight after wasting the police with his iconic rocket launcher was simply badass and set the stage. The cut scene graphics  were impressive for the day and besides the intro, the Nemesis reveal was grisly and freaked me out back then. Whether you’re on the streets or in the police station before  the events of Resident Evil 2 ( classic) there is a great sense of claustrophobia and even after encountering Nemesis for the first time, hearing his groans or pounding on the walls adds another layer of dread. It was cool that you were presented with choices and given split seconds to decide and each has consequences. Fighting Nemesis is hard as hell because of the sheer amount of damage the bastard takes and he can dish out just as much. So where’s the downside? Well, the gameplay. The game ran ok in the old days- mainly because it was mainly a norm back then- but now it runs like dogshit and a lot of the game’s graphics are muddy as hell, and this is amplified if you can’t fit it to your screen proportions. In the end, I have to say this game has a lot going for it but holy crap it needs a new coat of paint to it and I can’t wait for the remake. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Life is Strange Demo Out Now

SQUARE ENIX®, is pleased to announce a free demo of Life is Strange 2, the critically-acclaimed adventure game from the Life is Strange team at DONTNOD Entertainment and Square Enix External Studios, is available now.

The five stunning Episodes of this BAFTA award-nominated adventure tell the story of two brothers, 16-year old Sean and 9-year old Daniel Diaz, who have to flee their home in suburban Seattle after a tragic event that changes their lives forever. Further complicating matters is the manifestation of an exciting new telekinetic power that has far-reaching implications for Sean and Daniel and puts pressure on the relationship between them. Life will never be the same again.

Life is Strange 2 is a narrative experience we are extremely proud of. We love Sean and Daniel, our new protagonists, and the socially relevant story of prejudice, loss, brotherhood and hope that this game brings to life,” said Jon Brooke, Co-Head of Studio at Square Enix External Studios. “We’re excited for everyone to have the opportunity to try it for themselves.”

Play the free demo now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The complete season of Life is Strange 2 is available now in boxed and digital editions on PC/Steam, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One family of devices.

Imperiums: Greeks War Enters Beta


Imperiums: Greek Wars is a unique combination of turn-based 4X and historical grand strategy with a mythological twist.
Inspired by our previous award-winning title Aggressors: Ancient Rome, we bring you a fresh look at a Greco-Persian world of schemers, warmongers, and ruthless politicians. This merciless world is enhanced by myths and stories about heroic deeds and hidden treasures as only the Greeks were able to imagine.

The game starts in 359BC when Philip II of Macedon takes the throne. Macedonia at the time is a backwater on the edge of the Hellenic world, but Philip is an ambitious man. He has a dream to become leader of the whole of Greece, a dream he will follow until his death…
Choose one of 30 playable factions ranging from mighty Sparta or Athens, ambitious Macedonia, slowly declining Achaemenid Empire and its power-hungry satrapies, to a number of smaller Greek city-states and groups of semi-nomadic societies living on the outskirts of the Hellenic world. Lead your nation to glory if you can.

Your task is to do more than survive. You are divine ruler, supreme military commander and political leader who seeks glory and prosperity for all your subjects. Lead them to magnificent victories, manage the economy on all levels, and provide successful livelihoods as well as stable and just government.
It is not a task for the weak; all problems rest upon your shoulders; every crisis is a test of your political and military prowess. Decisiveness, tactical thinking, political shrewdness, and above all an adventurous spirit is what will cause one person to stand out – to rise as a star shining through the darkness of millennia to come.

Everybody can apply for the Beta of Imperiums: Greek Wars here

Terminator: Resistance


Terminator, as I’ve said, is the poor franchise that never should have been. The series has plummeted in quality since Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and most fans wish it completely ended after Terminator 2: Judgement Day . It’s hard to remember the dark, nihilistic tone set by the original film’s visions of the future but this game remembers, and I thank them for all the old school fans out there.

Jacob Rivers is a Tech Com soldier on the run in the early years of the Resistance. His squad was wiped out by heartless Terminators and Skynet machines and is looking for a outpost so he can get link back up with Conner and the Resistance. He meets a group of survivors he becomes attached to as well as a mysterious stranger who is protecting him from a new kind of Terminator that appears human, the new Infiltrator model. Can Rivers and the Resistance launch there attack on  Skynet’s core or will the Infiltrator terminate Rivers and help seal humanity’s fate?

I’ve played Terminator games in my time, each it’s own bitter disappointment, but I was highly impressed with this game. I give a huge amount of credit to the team for capture the apocalyptic feel of the original 2 movies and respecting how badass and frightening the Terminators really were.  The machines are hard and feel like worthy threats. The gameplay feels like a simplified version of Far Cry and Fallout 4 but it’s more than solid and strangely addictive. The story is pretty good and the characters are pretty flushed out and interesting. Sadly there are some issues. Explosions have some hit detection issues- you’ll be far enough from a explosion and it’ll kill you. On top of that, dying is rather easy and I have experienced more than my fair share of bullshit deaths. Also I don’t like how multiple functions are shared by the same button but different pressures ( ex: hold triangle to use health but tap to use your melee attack). In the end, I had a hell of a lot of fun and I had a lot of fun but this game isn’t perfect. May the gaming gods bring you glory.