Battlefield 5 reveal trailer


A few days ago we got the highly anticipated trailer for EA’s Battlefield 5 after the disastrous year they had with Star Wars: Battlefront 2 , Mass Effect Andromeda , and of course R.I.P Visceral Games . I mentioned Battlefield 5 as the game I’m not particularly looking forward to in my post of E3 games I want, and don’t ( Torsten version) . The trailer itself looks great and what little gameplay they show looks solid and might I say surprisingly fluid. I’ve heard the controversy about the main character on the poster as well as the focus of the trailer being a woman; she was my favorite part of the trailer and I’m glad to see a woman featured prominently in a major FPS title. In the end, just because I am a Battlefield fan, I do want to play it but I can’t say I’m overly hopeful given my last big experience with EA. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Galactic Civilizations 2 (PC)


So I got this game for free from Humble Bundle, because they were giving it away and I like free stuff. I had actually never heard of it before that day but hey it was free. So I got my game and installed it and then decided to see what it was about.

It turns out it is a turn base strategy game in space where you choose a race, or create your own, then build an empire. You can even design your own ships if you want. As you explore space, settle planets and mine asteroids you will meet new species which you can trade with and get to know. Unless you are me then you hit a wrong button and accidentally start what I call intergalactic World War one. See I accidentally declared a war on a species and his friend declared war on me. So I asked my friend for help and they were happy to help. That makes 4 of the 6 races involved….whelp it turns out my friend brought a friend and this pissed off the last race. Yup, 6 for 6.

After a few years of everyone beating the crap out of, well me. Myself and the next closest civilization had very few ships left and everyone else seemed fine it was time to rebuild tho I was listed as a warmonger and taxed extra by the intergalactic community. So let this be a lesson, the graphics are simple yet nice, the sound is ok and the game is fun, but one wrong button can start a huge war. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Halloween: Resurrection

halloween 8

I briefly mentioned this less than popular sequel in my list of 5 fun horror sequels after talking about the “Thorn” trilogy which at least has cult status. I maybe one of the only son of a bitches on this planet that loves this movie for none of the right reasons.

After H20, which had a perfect end to the whole damn saga much like Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers , we find Laurie Strode catatonic in a asylum after accidentally killing the wrong Michael. But years later, he would find her and he finally succeeds after one of the stupidest scenes I’ve seen in a horror movie. So what does the legendary Michael Myers do when he has no more family to kill? Hangs out at his house and kills a bunch of people filming a bullshit reality show there. That is basically the movie in a nutshell…

Ok, Halloween is one of the best horror movies of all time and Michael Myers is an icon of horror. If you go into this movie as a purist, this movie is going to really, really piss you off. Busta Rhymes is my favorite WTF actor I’ve ever seen in a movie, and why the hell Tyra Banks was in this is beyond me but damn was this movie absolutely hilarious from Rhyme’s kung fu noises and one liners, the cast of reality show wannabes, and some crappy stock horror molded into the traditional score. As a Halloween movie and horror movie, it’s god awful but as a comedy its great. May the gaming gods bring you glory, and as Busta Rhymes once said, ” Trick or Treat motherfucka”

The Alolan forms of Kanto Pokémon are coming soon to Pokémon GO — Pokémon Blog

Pokémon GO developer Niantic has revealed that the Alolan forms of Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region are coming soon to Pokémon GO. This includes the Alolan forms of Rattata, Raticate, Raichu, Sandshrew, Sandslash, Vulpix, Ninetales, Diglett, Dugtrio, Meowth, Persian, Geodude, Graveler, Golem, Grimer, Muk, Exeggutor and Marowak. The official announcement from the development […]

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Halloween: the curse of Michael Myers

halloween 6

So we come to the end of the “Thorn” trilogy that began with Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and on a sad note, the final performance of Donald Pleasance. Unfortunately I didn’t see the director’s cut, which varies heavily from the original cut and I heard is a superior cut, much like the case with Alien 3 .

So years after the WTF ending of 5, Jamie was taken by the mysterious man in black, the same guy that busted Michael out of the pokey and held captive in secret. And impregnated with what I’m 99% sure was Michael’s man gravy. She gives birth to a baby boy in a satanic ritual. She takes the baby and flees, being chased down by Uncle/ Baby Daddy Michael who eventually kills her, but not without hiding her baby. Tommy Doyle, one of the kids from the classic Halloween movie, finds the baby; over the fifteen plus years Tommy became obsessed with Michael, wanting to know the Key to Michael’s seeming invincibility. Part of that key rests with his neighbor’s son who hears voices and lives in the Strode house of all places. Michael descends upon the Strodes as we get answers to none other than the “origin” of Michael Myers.

Well, I’ll give it this, it’s a better movie than Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers but that sadly ain’t saying much. Michael looks better and generally is good in this installment. The acting is meh except for Pleasance who does the best he could as always with a really freaking lackluster script. Paul Rudd, Ant-Man of all people, gives a ok performance but you can tell horror may not be his thing. Pretty much the movie is a bland 90’s slasher movie that is pretty forgettable. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Island (@islandthegame)


As many of you know on occasion I like to check out indy games I come across on Twitter or on my travels across the internet. Well not long ago I got a follow from something called simply “Island”. At first I assumed it was some weird bot or something so I gave it a quick look only to discover it was an indy game, which I checked out.

While the graphics weren’t what you normally expect in this day an age, people like to try to trade in substance for flash, the good people over at Wanderers Studio decided to stick to basic and solid looks and give you a whole lot of substance. Many people will see this and say “hey Savior why are you taking a shot at their hard work?” I am not. This is something the gaming world needs more of. This game looks good, I enjoy the art choice. What I enjoy more is that this island seems to come to life. You not only must search for water and food, but you must  find shelter.

This also isn’t the typical find food,water and shelter deal. There are different levels. not all water is clean, not all food is equal and not all shelter is going to protect you. There are also hundreds of situations that will change at any time to change your situation, and not only your torch going out to leave you in the dark. Wind and ocean currents can make what was once a safe trip, not.  That place you once travel freely could become a predators hunting ground.

You can read more for yourself here, and always many things can change between now and its 2019 release, but I will be following this one. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.