Chris D’elia: Man on Fire

Chris D’elia, from now on known as Chris because honestly, I don’t know how to say his last name. I also didn’t really know who he was but he seemed pretty funny. Not like your typical comedian funny but more like Georgie Carlin style where he simply comments on life. This mostly was the case tho he did tell a few stories about his personal life, such as his friend buying him pants that fit for his birthday. This will probably piss a few people off honestly but I thought it was quite hilarious.

He also goes on about how people, in general, aren’t special nor are you the main character in movies like you think you are. He is obviously much funnier but he has a valid point as well. The standup does have quite a bit of swearing and offensive language, which for me is no big deal but do not watch this with kids or if you work out a lot and don’t like having your balls busted about it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Rick and Morty season 3

rick and morty 3

After the sad conclusion to Rick and Morty, season 2 Rick found himself incarcerated for his countless crimes against time, space, reality, and even versions of him and his grandson Morty. Meanwhile, Beth and Jerry’s marriage crumbled as well as Beth’s concept of her own existence, leaving Summer to try finding refuge with some new ” questionable” friends and Morty becomes too aware of how much he can’t remember…oh and Rick turned himself into a pickle to escape family consoling. PIckle Rick!

Season 3 continues the trend of being outrageously funny and deep at the same time, which will always be the show’s greatest strength. This season I really started to feel for Beth, especially during FroopyLand. There’s a few episodes that are slow but for the most part I laughed my ass off the whole way, especially the Pickle Rick episode. If you loved Rick and Morty, season 1 and 2, you’ll love the 3rd but I do recommend starting from the beginning because there is continuity to the show. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia

Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia is the new stand-up from Trevor Noah, and it is a bit different than usual. That isn’t to say it is bad, it is quite humorous. He will discuss topics such as his vacation to Bali and why he shouldn’t have let his friend plan it all, his first experience with tacos and the difference between racism in American and his homeland. The runtime is around one hour, so it isn’t a long watch but honestly, this one isn’t for everyone and certainly is not for children. The portion on racism will be uncomfortable for many people simply because of the language he usees. It is interesting and quite funny, but for some, he may use certain words more than you would like.

As a whole however this isn’t the typical stand-up I expect from him and while I enjoyed it the special is different than usual, but give it a shot. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Most Likely To Murder (2018)

Most Likely to murder is the typical story of the king of the school returning home to find out he isn’t really the king any longer. Billy’s (Adam Pally) old friends hate him, his old fling hates him, really only his best friend is happy to see him. Who can blame them tho, he is trapped in high school to the point he even came home and expected to cruise around in the same car.

When Billy runs into Kara (Rachel Bloom) and discovers she may or may not be dating the guy he used to bully, Lowell (Vincent Kartheiser) he kind of looses it a bit, goes on a drinking bender and witnesses a murder he attempts to prove that Lowell’s mom died not on accident, but because is former torture target is the weirdo he always claimed he was.

The movie is at times honestly cringe worthy with how billy behaves and comes off and others the movie does an amazing job showing how people obsessed with high school being the best time of their lives can truly lose sight of how times and people change even when they do not. The movie isn’t bad by any stretch but it would hardly be fair to call this a masterpiece. It isn’t a great comedy, but it is an interesting one. It isn’t for everyone but it is enjoyable, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Masterminds (2016)

Masterminds starring Zach Galifinakis and Kristin Wiig is the story of a robbery gone right believe it or not. A cool $17 million and a trip to Mexico. The problem is after David (Zach) is sent to Mexico before meeting up with Kelly (Kristin) whom has no intention of going there he is betrayed by Steve (Owen Wilson) and the feds are now after him.

Things get worse for David when Steve sends an assassin, Mike (Jason Sudeikis). Luckily for him the fake name they used for Dave happens to be Mike McKinney. Yes they used the assassins name and life as his alias. In a weird twist tho they become friends.

The movie itself is pretty solid but isn’t great. The most interesting thing about it tho, is it is actually based on a true story and to this day around $2 million dollars of the $17 million in the Loomis Fargo  Bank heist is still missing. Feel free to check this one out, if only just for the story. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Daddy’s Home 2 (2007)

Daddy’s Home 2 is a rather odd movie for me. The movie has a ton of talent with Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell,Mell Gibson and John Lithgow. The movie weirdly tho bounces between a by the numbers comedy and a hilarious comedy. The acting as you would expect is always top-notch however.

The story is quite simple. Take two families, and 2 grandparents with mixed style of parenting and stick them in a cabin and watch as things progress. The issue is the laughs that exist are amazing, they just come few and far between. There isn’t anything wrong with the story or anything like that it is just hit and miss with the script.

There are some memorable moments tho, for example the hunting scene is one of my favorite scenes in recent memory and it was quite hilarious when Wills character cut down a cell phone tower instead of a tree. The movie isn’t truly bad, it just isn’t as good as one would expect. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Our favorites, day 31: Slither


Happy Halloween everyone from Savior and I. Isn’t it funny that our second Halloween special ends with our Valentine’s day special. Well, there’s a reason. As he stated in Our Favorites Day 31: Slither (Savior) this pretty much our bromance movie. If our fat asses got caught in a movie, this would be it and I’d be the one freaking out because there was no fucking Mr. Pib. Every year we’d meet up and watch horror movies, usually obscure ones at that, and this is our favorite. So que the Yahoos, have a safe holiday, and give me me some damn Mr. Pib.