The Package (2018)


The Package is a um, interesting movie. The basic idea is ridiculous to even explain. When five friends go on a camping trip and decide to get drunk shit goes bad very fast. See when you have a drunk idiot playing with a butterfly knife while taking a leak bad things happen. Especially when your drunk idiot friends decide to scare you. The med evac gets there pretty fast so Jeremy gets there alive and well. His penis on the other hand, well that got left at the camp site when they accidentally gave the medics the beer instead of the penis.

Yea, that entire movie is a group of 4 friends trying to get Jeremy his dick back. The journey is quite eventful honestly. There are some injuries, a stolen boat, an 11-year-old pervert got slapped ( he deserved it) and even the heinous act of lost cell phones. Seriously tho the movie is weird, but in a fun way.

The movie has some solid acting and a fun premise. It isn’t new but can be exciting at times, if not goofy as hell needlessly. It is definitely worth watching if you like weird and awkward comedies.  Just don’t go into this expecting greatness, the movie is fun but it isn’t life changing or new, simply fun. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you greatness.


Mystery Men

mystery men Some love Batman, some love Spider-man. I love Mystery Men.

Mr Furious, The Shoveler, and the Blue Rajah (who doesn’t wear blue by the way) are superheroes in Champion City that get there asses kicked every night while the city’s flagship superhero, Captain Amazing, gets the glory. Well, Captain Amazing is dealing with a peculiar problem: he’s too good at his job and his pot of villains is drying up.So, using his alter ego, he influences the asylum to release his arch nemesis, Casanova Frankenstein. Casanova one ups the Captain and this trio of losers is left to free him. After recruiting The Bowler, The Spleen, and the Invisible Boy and getting a new arsenal and training from the Sphinx, can this team of average Joes save there city and Captain Amazing?

I love this dorky ass movie. Everyone is funny as hell; Ben Stiller is over the top, Hank Azaria is great as the cutlery throwing Rajah, and the Spleen’s killer farts. I love the music and costumes. This is a really cool, underrated superhero comedy with a good message I recommend checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Like Father (2018)

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Like Father is of course the new Netflix movie, which isn’t saying much as they seem to be multiplying like bunnies in a Viagra factory. This one is the story of a daughter left at the altar ( Rachel played by Kristen Bell) while her dad (Harry played by Kelsey Grammer) she hasn’t in 26 years shows up. They will then go out, get drunk and end up on a cruise together.

The story is pretty cliché honestly, there is absolutely nothing in this story to surprise you except that Seth Rogen (Jeff) randomly shows up as a love interest for Rachel and then just as randomly he is gone. They explain the whole thing just fine, and it’s not badly done. It’s just Seth randomly being in a movie then randomly not which honestly might be the most Seth Rogen thing possible.

Kristen and Kelsey do put on a great show and the take what easily could have been a relatively boring and forgettable movie and make it enjoyable. They feel like a real father and daughter that struggle to reconnect but have a lot in common, right down to both being workaholics to the point of it being almost an addiction. The movie isn’t great and has its issues, but its enjoyable. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Puppet Master: the littlest reich trailer

WTF man, Puppetmaster is back. I was never a huge fan of the franchise but I know many who are. I can say this newest installment looks pretty retro which honestly made me kinda smile. I miss 80’s slasher movies. Anyway, if you’re a fan, what’s your thoughts on the new Puppetmaster? May the gaming gods bring you glory.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse teaser

This maybe a surprise but I’m a pretty big fan of American Horror Story. While not perfect, I love how each season manages to cram in strange and WTF stories and good characters and make them work. So far, I know season 8, Apocalypse, we’re getting mutants and the Antichrist, which was part of the first season. The teaser is cool and I can’t wait to see what we get in 2018. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

teen titans judas contract

After the sad disappointment and utter outrage over the Titans live action trailer I needed some sort of balance to bring me back to my nostalgic teen love of the show. the Judas Contract is one of there most famous storylines, done amazingly on Teen Titans discreetly over 3 seasons. Also in my My Top 10 favorite DC villains- part 1 post, I brought up Terra, who this story centers around. So what makes this a great story?

The Teen Titans are a group of powerful youths out to do good on the world. Led by veteran Titans Nightwing and StarFire, they are joined by Blue Beetle, BeastBoy, Raven, Robin, and Terra who are on a mission to thwart a religious zealot called Brother Blood and his rising cult. While the battle against Blood seems to be going alright, life ain’t easy for the Titans. Nightwing and Starfire announce there relationship to the group, Beetle is distanced from his family by the temperamental alien Scarab that grants  him his power, BeastBoy crushes hard on the rough, edgy Terra who Robin doesn’t trust. Robin’s suspicion turn out to be true when Terra and super badass mercenary Deathstroke take him out; together they have infiltrated the Titans with Terra as a spy, hired by Blood to dismantle them cruelly for his ultimate plan. Hearts are broken and the Titans face a threat from within…

The live action Titans should seriously learn from this movie. Like the early 2000’s show, there’s a well done balance between light and dark moments. The biggest plus is the characters are really well flushed out and the action scenes are pretty epic. I kinda wish Raven had more to do and I think Terra’s betrayal was done a lot better in the show but her back story is dark is hell. What I admire is the movie does go over some really dark shit but it does stay balanced. It’s a really good animated film that’s paced well I recommend checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.




Before Guillermo Del Toro became a huge name in film with the HellBoy movies, Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim and The Shape of Water, we got Mimic. And no, not the Mimics from the Souls game.

Mimic begins with 2 scientists tasked with killing a terrible epidemic. Their solution is to kill the spreaders, by genetically creating cockroaches to kill off the carrier insects that spread the disease; after a generation, the insects would die and life would go on. Years later, then scientist responsible comes across massive versions of her work, which leads her and her husband to search them out. But unexplained disappearances suggest there creations have evolved to be more than they bargained for, evolving into hideous humanoid creatures under the subway…

This particular review is going to be pretty subjective. I know a lot of people that love this movie as a 90’s cult classic and back in the day, the effects were solid. I don’t have that nostalgia however. I never saw it until a week ago and I ain’t really a fan. The characters are pretty forgettable, the effects haven’t aged very good, and I couldn’t help feeling like it was a poor man’s Alien . While some set pieces and creature designs are very Giger- inspired and hell, you have Charles S Dutton via Alien 3  the script doesn’t have the suspense or characters to hold it up. The movie ain’t terrible, but unless you are nostalgic or curious, I can’t really recommend it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.