Thanos Not the Villain?


Ok before we go any further I have to be really up front. There will be spoilers for Infinity Wars in this posting. Like massive spoilers, if you have not seen the movie this post is not for you. I can not stress this enough, I will be spoiling various major parts of the movie including major plot points and the ending to the movie. Do not read this unless you have seen the movie. Last chance to back up and come back later.

Ok I assume if you are still reading you have read the title and thought this dude is nuts, and have seen the movie. Let me preface this by saying I am not condoning the actions of Thanos, but maybe he isn’t as evil as we think. I actually heard someone say he was basically space Hitler, but Hitler was just an evil dick that thought an entire race of people were inferior. Thanos however, well we will get to that. Lets take this one step at a time

First let’s get his motive out-of-the-way first. There is no way around this, he wants to get rid of half the universes population. That is his actual reason for wanting the stones. Now knowing that instinctively you are going to want to say well case closed. Homeboy is evil as evil gets. Keep that initial thought on the back burner tho and lets move on.

Thanos is one of the last remaining of his race after his home world Titan died out from over population, something he predicted would happen, and he actually knew how to solve but nobody would listen. Yes his way of solving it was pretty brutal but it would have saved his planet and the race. His solution was to randomly select half the population to be out to death, regardless of age, wealth or any other status. Because of their refusal to listen however they are all gone.

It is a well-known and undeniable fact that resources on every planet in the galaxy are in fact finite and will eventually run out, regardless of technological advances. Thanos simply wants to rid the universe of half its life to make sure the rest of life can survive.

Think of this on a small-scale. If you have a small farm that can grow enough food to feed 5 people at a time but you have 10 it won’t take long for you to run out of food and everyone will die. However if you kill half of them everyone can live as the farm is capable of supporting everyone. This is what Thanos intends to do. Make sure the farm can feed everyone, tho in this case the farm is the universe.

Now clearly there are some flaws in the plan. For example clearly every planet does not need such treatment. Earth at the time the movie takes place did not need this, tho Titan obviously did. Gamora’s home planet may not have but Thanos hints that it is doing better since than, but clearly knowhere did not need it and neither did Asgard. Also theoretically if the power of the stones could wipe out half the life in the universe as Thanos did at the end of the movie it should be able to create enough resources to sustain life indefinitely as well, after all they did help create the universe.

At the end of the day however, Thanos isn’t truly evil or even a bad guy. He simply disagrees on what the best way to sustain life in the universe actually is. After all there is plenty of evidence that over population is a problem on numerous planets in the Marvel universe is an issue. What do you guys think? Best wishes and ,may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Phantasy Star Series


Every so often a series will catch your heart for various reasons, usually as a kid. For me those games were Shining Force 2 and Phantasy Star 4. That being said I was able to play many of the Shining Force games but as a kid, I was limited to Phantasy Star 4. See the internet wasn’t much of a thing yet so I was limited to what I could find and afford locally, and the Phantasy Star games simply were not in the cards for me. Once day through the power of the Sega Channel I was able to play Phantasy Star 3. Yes I will back up a step. At one point in the 90’s, way before Netflix and Xbox life and Gamepass Sega had a monthly gaming service called Sega Channel

download (2)

It worked through your cable hooked into your Sega Genesis and you could play a bunch of games as much as you wanted that month. Yea it was PlayStation Now/Gamepass about 20 years before they existed. Ok history lesson over.

The issue was in the time I had to play back in 1994 or so between being 10 and having homework and school and such I couldn’t beat the game then of course the game went off the channel. It would be years before I was able to play it again or Phantasy Star 2. In fact the next game in the series I would play is Phantasy Star Online, great games in their own right.

It would be years more before I would finally play the original Phantasy Star, and it pains me to say I have never beat any of the numbered series except number 4. I know the story, when I finally got access to the internet I read them many times. I love the story, and I hope to eventually sit down and beat the games. It would be nice to play a remaster, in fact there was one for the PS2 years ago but it never made it to the west. Sadly I doubt we ever see one, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Are Mobile Game Players Gamers?

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Every so often I hear someone mention gamers and consoles or PC but then add “except mobile/cell phone games” which always leads to the discussion, do people who play cell phone games really count as gamers? Well to truly answer this question we need to ask, what is a gamer in the first place? urban dictionary describes it as any one that plays a video, computer or tabletop game while merriam-webster defines it as a player who is game OR a person who regularly plays computer or video games.

Now that we have established from two sources that a gamer is anyone playing a video or computer game, we now have to establish, are people playing mobile games in any real numbers? Well according to business insider in 2017 mobile and tablet games were expected to bring in 42% of gaming global revenues, 32% of that specifically from mobile. In comparison console being 31% is the next biggest piece of that revenue pie, narrowly losing to mobile games.

Now we have to ask ourselves, if anyone that plays a video, computer or table top game counts as a gamer why would we not count mobile games? And more importantly, who is spending billions of dollars on cell phone games if not gamers? There must be a crossover where people who own consoles and computers are buying cell phone games, but also people that down own these things are simply spending a lot of money on cell phone games. Whether it be just microtransactions for one or two games or simply buying a bunch of different games, they clearly spend as much money and play as many games as console and PC. For me the answer is obvious, if you play on console,computer, tablet or even your cell phone, you are a gamer. We all worship the same gods, and those gods are the gaming gods, and they love us all. Except RNJesus, he is a dick. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Lucifer Cancelled, Save Lucifer Trends

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As many of you know I am actually a pretty big fan of both Lucifer the show and the comic book, and most of you are probably already away Lucifer has also been cancelled as Fox was clearly taken over by Thanos and he kills everything we love. Well to be fair I guess if Thanos took over fox half the shows would have survived. Anyway there was a fun side to this, for a little bit the hashtag #SaveLucifer was a trending topic on Twitter. Some of you may be wondering why this is fun, well you guys and gals know what the show is. Imagine being someone who doesn’t know or at least doesn’t know the show was cancelled and happens to be very religious.

Yes, I am wondering if someone saw this and took the message the wrong way and actually thought people wanted to save the literal devil. I happen to have a weird sense of humor tho. Other sad news is it seems season 3 ends on a cliffhanger, and as of now there won’t be a season 4. Yea I am real happy about that. For more info click here. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Rambo 5?

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No, this isn’t a weird click bate article or even a joke. According to and other sources, while unconfirmed (or maybe confirmed by the time you read this) Rambo 5 is actually in the works with Stallone himself looking to both star in and direct the 5th installment of the series. While the last couple did underwhelming in the box office it could be interesting to see if an older John Rambo would be portrayed as an older man attempting to help a younger man accomplish some impossible mission, or if we simply get an old man gunning down people in a jungle. Either way we will have to wait to see if anything happens, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

A quick Update

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Hey everyone, as time goes by and we get new followers for the blog and every where else you are coming here from whether it be Twitter or Pinterest I figured I would make a quick post to not only thank you all for following us and making the last almost year more successful than I thought this would be, but toss everything into one spot so you can find us where ever it is you happen to do your time on the internet, so if you want to follow me or @torstenvblog on Twitter or our Facebook page you can or even my twitch page or just buy a T-shit or coffee mug ( yea you can do that) it will all be easy to find. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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Bloodborne 2, and What I Hope to See.


As many of you know I love the Bloodborne series and have mixed feelings on Dark Souls. That being said From Software made some great games but people often forget Sony owns Bloodborne, not From Software so we could get a Bloodborne 2 with or without From Software. However here are just some things I would love to see if we get that ever elusive sequel.

First and most important, I want From Software at the helm. I may even go so far as to say without them I don’t really care if the game never comes out. They have the experience with the genre and know exactly where everything came from and where it was going. I don’t see a reason to mess with what worked.

Second while I want more of the Victorian high-speed bosses we had in the first, I really would hate to see a bloated beast of hidden bosses that were all the same like we did in Dark Souls 2. That really killed that game for me and many others.

The trick weapons for me were amazing, they were all pretty much viable options and I hope that stays. I am sure they will add more weapons, but they really need to keep the ability for any of them to be usable for PVE. They all felt different but they all felt like I could use them to beat the game with the proper build and set up.

Another cool thing to see would be while I love the insight and all the things you do, the necessity of it to use co-op is rather annoying. Early on it limits you even being able to use it which is a pain and later on unless you are just burning thru it at the insight well you will have so much it becomes pretty meaningless to need it. Just let me run though the place butchering stuff with my friends please.

The one last thing I would like, is please bring back the chalice dungeons. Some people loved them, some people hated them or ignored them all together, but in the end they supplied so much replay value I can would hate to not have them at all. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.