5 Games I play to Relax

Sometimes as a gamer, you don’t want a challenge, you just want to relax, or a familiar game to chill out with. We all have games we fall back to for this, amd here are 5 of mine.


Farming Simulator 17 (Xbox One) is a relaxing game for me. Just driving around, growing crops, seeing how bad the physics break when I launch stuff off rocks or try to stack stuff that shouldn’t be stacked. Its just fun to screw around with when I don’t want to take shit seriously.


Oh, Cities Skylines PlayStation 4 , how I love you. You are relaxing, you are fun, and I really don’t care if I ruin the lives of thousands of people by making all the roads one-way streets and forcing them to drive onto the highway just to get home. Screw you guys and your little cars. This game can be taken as seriously or not as serious as you want, but the outcome is the same. Fun.

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NHL 19, or any NHL game really is fun to relax with because I don’t care. I can toss it on rookie difficulty, wrack up a 20 goal win while beating the crap out of the other team or I can pump it up to something harder and get stomped while pretending I know what I am doing. Sports games are good to relax with because they can be relaxing or challenging.

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Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition Kerbal is one of those games that if you take it seriously and you aren’t good at it, it will drive you insane. If you are good at it, it will still drive you nuts. However, if you suck and don’t take it seriously, or just don’t take it seriously at all the game is filled with explosions and dead kerbals and stuff just getting flung everywhere, making it the perfect game to relax with for me.

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BloodBorne review seems like an odd game to be on this list since all the Soulsborne games are notoriously difficult. The problem is after you play through them a bit, they stop being difficult for the most part and it largely becomes more about muscle memory and recognizing patterns. For me, Bloodborne has become something I play to just chill out. The game still has hard parts and bosses that still mess up my day, but for the most part, I just like to relax in the world.

So what about you guys, what do you play when you just want to relax, let me know and may the gaming gods bring you glory.




Please Stand With Hong Kong — The Dark Hound

The autonomy of Hong Kong, my home, is under threat by China as a result of the introduction of the Extradition Bill and the Election Reform Package amongst others. We may no longer be as free as we always had following China’s intrusions into our autonomy. We may no longer express ourselves, we may no […]

via Please Stand With Hong Kong — The Dark Hound

For those that aren’t aware, there are some bad things happening to protestors in Hong Kong right now, Which my friend over at The Dar Hound was kind enough to share info about. The picture I used was from a news report I saw about how some of the protestors were waving American flags and singing the American national anthem. See while America has its problems, and there are many, at one time it was a symbol of freedom for the world and for many it still is that symbol even if it is debatable that it is just a symbol as opposed to a reality.

I try to avoid political talk on my blog because that isn’t why you are all here. This is a place where we can worship the gaming gods. But when a friend of Savior Gaming asks us to share info about serious stuff in their home country, I feel obligated to do it. I wish him and his homeland the best possible outcome, and may the gaming gods bring Hong Kong glory.

Angel (Season 3)

After getting through Angel (Season one) and Angel (Season 2) getting to season three was a bit odd because it starts the season off with Buffy having died over in her show, which is also where season two ended. Season 3 is one of the more wild seasons truth be told. Angel becomes a dad, Wesley betrays the group, a human from Angel’s past is trying to kill him and Darla. The whole thing is just pretty insane.

His son Connor is born when Darla Stakes herself to save her son when she realizes she can’t possibly give birth properly and even if she did the only reason she loves him now is because the baby is inside her.

This is just some of the crazy and weird stuff going on this season. It truly is enjoyable and weirdly the show doesn’t go downhill or lose anything up until this point. The characters have continued to grow and change like real people, including the bad guys from Wolfram and Hart aren’t the same as they started out. You can slowly see the cracks where they aren’t so much as evil as they are regular humans doing bad things for selfish reasons or simply for survival.

My only real complaint at this point is much of the story has gone away from Angel finding redemption and helping people. The reason for this makes sense but I still wish that was more of a thing. regardless, the show is still a great watch. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Time to Blame Games, Again.

It seems like every year this happens. We get a mass shooting and a politician blames video games. Ok, I live in America, we get a mass shooting every week or two. The blaming video games thing tho doesn’t quite happen every time. They break it out here and there like your mother breaks out the fine china to impress a house guest, usually right around election time. It makes things look better to the people they want to impress than they actually are. Most of them realize games don’t actually cause violence. There are dozens of studies that show it, here I will link a few.

University of Oxford

APA Review

Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Now if you don’t want to bother reading all three of those links, which I understand, the general idea is simple. There might be some link between increased aggression similar to how watching a football or hockey game will increase aggression, causing trash-talking or yelling and maybe the occasional fight, but they aren’t causing large scale violence or criminal activity. Hell, we have all seen fights at the grocery store, does that mean buying waffles causes mass shootings or crime? No, clearly not. So why are so many people willing to accept games cause mass shootings but not accuse movies of doing it or football games creating NFL players? Well, honestly it is easy.

People desperately want an answer to why these things happen and want to know how we make it end, but they don’t want to risk sacrificing anything that affects them. So what better scapegoat than video games? Many older people don’t play them, most don’t understand them and see no benefit to them and they sure as hell don’t respect the people that play or create them.

It is easy to cling on to faulty research from decades ago or beliefs that didn’t pan out, but it is hard to abandon those for new information. Video games don’t cause mass shootings, guns in the hands of psychos do. Guns in the hands of fanatics do. I’m not just picking on guns, giving psychos and fanatics knives or air places would have the same results. Video games, however, are not a cause. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Angel (Season 2)

As I continue to make my way through Angel, season 2 has a different tone than Angel (Season one)  We learn much about the past of Angel and how he became a vampire to begin with. We always knew he was pretty much one of the evilest vampires to ever live, but he and his creator Darla pretty much went through Europe and Asia killing men, women, and children until he was cursed by gypsies for killing one of their own.

This season will also introduce a new and loved character, Fred, she is a bit crazy and out of touch after spending 5 years in a hell dimension however who amongst us wouldn’t be?

Each episode does a great job of showcasing how the characters have changed since season one and continue to change during season 2. Lorne also really comes into his own with his club Caritas becoming a frequent place the crew will visit for much-needed advice and wisdom. Caritas is a karaoke bar and sanctuary where demons are incapable of violence. It is a really nice touch and a good way to explain how demons can interact without things going badly. It is also a nice addition to the show and worth checking out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Disney+ can be an Add on for Hulu

While the exact price for this hasn’t been announced yetGamesradar has reported that Hulus SVP has stated you will be able to get Hulu and Disney+  ( tho Disney plus will cost 6.99 a month or 69.99a year on its own) as a package deal. I would assume it will cost around $10 a month as a package but that is just speculation on my part so take that with a huge grain of salt. Regardless, I am sure it will be a pretty fair deal. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

James Cameron Congratulates Endgame on Beating Avatar

As reported by Screenrant James Cameron had a message shared by the official Avatar twitter congratulating Marvels Endgame on ending the 20 year run of Avatars box office dominance. Not to be outdone the Russo Brothers pointed out to James he is a big reason they fell in love with movies in the first place and can’t see where he takes them next.

Many people are already speculating how long the run of Endgame will last, with some saying the next Avatar may even be the one to top Endgame. However, I think it’s a bit too early to be considering any of that since Endgame, for now, is still in theaters. Let’s see where it ends and enjoy the moment. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.