Pokemon Go teases Gen 4 Pokemon


Pokemon go recently posted some new artwork on their official Twitter account, interesting enough however it includes pokemon such as Piplup, Tortwig and chimchar all of whih are not currently in the game. Obviously this could be an oversight, but most likely we will soon be able to catch these cute little guys.


Is evil, evil?


Below there will be spoilers for multiple movies and TV shows that I will list.

  1. Supernatural 2. Marvel Infinity war 3. final fantasy 9


When I was young I remember never questioning things like this. The good guys were good, the bad guys were bad. That was it. There was no in between. The character I played or the protagonist in the movie was the good guy, the people they faced off against was the bad guy and that was how I viewed things. But then I got older and things didn’t seem so simple. However in my old age I have to wonder, maybe it isn’t so simple.

Watching Supernatural I see Gordon Walker, obsessed with killing Sam who happens to be the Antichrist. Now for those that watch the show, this isn’t entirely wrong. He actually does help mess things up pretty badly. The Winchester brothers while a force for good and saving the innocent numerous times do inadvertently cause some problems, like start the end of the world. While maybe not the best way to go about it, was Gordon a bad guy? Killing Sam would stop all kinds of bad things from happening and save many lives.

Thanos is another good example in the MCU Thanos Not the Villain?    while he may not be the typical example of a hero, and he may have a messed up way of going about it, he is far from being truly evil. What he says is factually correct, and his solution will actually work.

On the flip side, many of the people we see as heroes, aren’t truly good. Captain America in the same movie in his refusal to trade lives is guilty of the same “evil” we accuse Thanos of. He took the choice as to living or dying away from countless people in both Wakanda and in the universe as well as for Vision when he refused to let him sacrifice himself. By the time Vision was allowed to make that choice, it was far to late. Both Thanos and Captain America are arguably equal on the scale of good and evil.

There was a time in video games this wasn’t very common however, it was simply a good vs evil story. There are however exceptions to the rule. Garland from Final Fantasy 9 for example, he was a bad guy but only mostly. While he is responsible for Kuja and some unsavory things he wasn’t lets destroy the world evil like Kuja.

Now I am not saying all evil characters aren’t evil and all good ones aren’t good. But as a kid the subtle things were lost on most people and as an adult going back and seeing these things is rather odd. Fun, but odd. Now there is no real reason for this, just some random thoughts. Tell me what you think or any examples you have, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Is Cross Play Important?


The question today is simple, is cross play important? This kind of depends on how you look at it. Sony recently has been getting a lot of flack for not really being involved with it which honestly isn’t as true as it is made out. They have plenty of cross play with PC games for example DC  Universe online. That isn’t to say it is great with it, but the idea that Sony is completely against it and has none is false.

The other problem is people keep throwing around the term anti consumer in reference to it, but that also isn’t true. Anti consumer is when a company’s policy is unfairly against the customer in favor of the company. Sony being against cross play is in no way unfair to anyone. You aren’t being punished or hindered from playing the games.

vgchart If you look at total consoles sold for PS4, Xbox one and the Nintendo Switch The PS4 has outsold both the Xbox and Switch, combined. To say there is some anti consumer practice going on where PlayStation 4 users are being hurt and lack people to play with is insane. There is no anti consumer practice occurring.

Companies do things to benefit themselves on a business level and to help their customers, but cross play with Xbox and Nintendo honestly doesn’t add much for Sony. They already have the biggest player base outside of PC gaming. They would simply be giving their competitor access to their customers. And when something goes wrong, they would be blamed. And as a person that owns both Xbox and PS4 I can’t help but acknowledge that I run into far more issues with people on my Xbox than my PlayStation, and I spend more time on my PS4.

Now on to the flip side of things. While I do agree and acknowledge Sony is 100% right for not embracing cross play in a wide-spread manner because truly it does not help them, and people are also ignoring that in the early days of online game play it was Sony that attempted to make cross play happen and Microsoft that said no, and it was because they had the bigger online population which nobody seems to care about or want to acknowledge, there are some games I think Sony would be smart to simply bite the bullet on and just let it happen with. Minecraft and Rocket League for example have been out for so long at this point anyone that is going to buy the games, have basically done so. While it doesn’t benefit them I don’t think ti will really hurt them to go along with it either.

Sony has outsold everyone at this point, and as such they are smart not to let their competitors simply have access to their players at every turn. Especially since most people I have personally come across and know personally legitimately don’t care and can take it or leave it. But to save face and pacify some, Sony would be smart to simply embrace cross play for some older games and see how it goes. Most people don’t care, and with older games it won’t cost them anything. And while right now they are undeniably king of the mountain, at one point so was Sega and Nintendo, being right and being smart aren’t always the same thing. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Last of us 2

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Just in case you have been living in a cave these last few weeks, I am going to go the opposite way and show the trailer first which is the opposite of what I normally do.

There we go, now we are all caught up. Or not, I can prove you actually watched an over 10 minute video. But the The Last of us 2 isn’t without some controversy. First and to a minor scale, many people have claimed the game play was scripted or even in more extreme cases completely fake. I can buy scripted, because let’s be honestly nobody wants an E3 catastrophe. Fake? That is pretty unlikely considering the backlash they would face when caught, and they would get caught.

The other controversy, people are pissed off, that Ellie is a lesbian. Just like she was clearly was in the last game. Seriously were these people not paying attention, and this is especially true if you played the DLC, she had what amounts to a post apocalypse date with the girl right before she ends up infected.

The game looks amazing by the way, The story of the first seems to be carrying over nicely into the second. Ellie has grown up and her combat skills have aged to fit into her more adult frame. No longer does she struggle to do simple things, yet she clearly isn’t some super human woman either which I like. Tho admittedly the game isn’t exactly realistic either, but hey the game isn’t realistic to begin with, look at what you fight. Either way what are your thoughts? Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Elder Scrolls Blades


The Elder Scrolls Blades, look I am just going to be honest, I love the elder scrolls series. I fell in love when I played Morrowind for the original Xbox and never looked back. I enjoy the card game, I play the online game, I am enjoying the Summerset chapter. That being said, who the hell asked for this? The game seems to be a weird mobile walk around use your finger to slash enemies sort of adventure game. Now admittedly I may be overly critical here. Also it should be noted it Pete Hines said in an interview they want to put it on “every platform that will run it, including VR” The game however just doesn’t look fun to me for some reason. I do hope I am wrong,  but I will definitely be waiting on this one.

Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield


There isn’t much to say on this subject honestly, not much is known on Elder Scrolls 6 except the fact that it is being worked on, and at E3 they showed a short video that ended in a mountain shown in the picture. There are plenty of theories floating around about where this is, some say its a never before seen place, some a returning area. Personally I have no clue. I do know this, I don’t count on seeing it this generation of console like a few people are hoping. I have no clue why they think they will. With Fallout 76 coming this year and as the video at the bottom will show Starfield also pretty far along I can imagine Elder Scrolls 6 being to far along in its development.

Now on to Starfield. This is the game we will see towards the end of this gen and probably get a next-gen version of. Now honestly I have no real reason to think this besides the fact that it will probably be releasing on that edge of one generation ending and the next starting. These are just my random thoughts, take them for what they are and please, don’t read too much into them or take them as gospel. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Death Stranding


A game From Hideo Kojimo that for the longest time nobody knew anything about, and at E3 we finally got some game play from and now we know, basically still not much about. But Norman Reedus carries a baby around. There is a video that I will of course share later. The game play is a bit weird, a lot of time walking as a delivery guy avoiding something. Kinda looks like hand prints forming in the ground fast forwarding time. Look its Kojimo, there is going to be some weird and awesome shit.

The weirdest part tho, is that character seem to be some how immortal unless these invisible creatures kill them. The babies that are carried around in the jars seem to act as some sort of sensor system, which is quite interesting in itself but the real question for me is this. Can I weaponize this baby? Seriously that is the whole reason I want to play this game, to see if I can weaponize a baby. So enjoy the video and may the gaming gods bring you glory.