Avengers Endgame to Be Stan Lees Last Cameo on Film

In a recent interview with comicbook.com the Russo brothers confirmed what many of us suspected, Endgame will be the last cameo for Stan Lee. They were however very careful to say last committed to film. This leads me to believe they will continue to carry on the tradition in other ways, maybe with pictures or something of the sort. Either way, I think the legacy of Stan Lee and his cameos will continue. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Pet Sematary, 2019 (Savior)

So I feel I should tell you, I am probably going to make some statements that some may feel are a bit controversial. Some may agree, some may not. Feel free to berate me in the comments.

First, let me say this. The 2019 version of Pet Sematary is better than the 1989 version. Second, the 1989 version wasn’t all that good anyway. Third, how did I not realize the movie was spelled with an S?

images (1).jpg

That really isn’t important, just weird I never noticed. On to the review. If you are reading this, I am sure you read the book or saw the original. In the grand scheme of things, the story hasn’t changed. Doctor Louis moves with his family to the country to slow down and spend more time with the family. His wife, Rachel as a troubled past that will come and go throughout the movie and then the kids Ellie and Gage try their best to adjust to the new life. Gage is young and his one job most of the movie and that is to be cute, and Hugo and Lucas (Yes twins) Lavoie do the job amazingly. Ellie (Jete Lawerence) also does a commendable job and plays her role very well tho I feel John Lithgow steals the show with his role as Jud.

As the movie goes on their cat, Church (sorry guys, no name here, Church was played by multiple cats) dies and Jud introduces Louis to what is beyond the place the locals bury their animals. To a place where the dead doesn’t stay dead. The cat comes back as we all know, but Church isn’t what he used to be. The friendly cat is hissing and scratching and bringing home dead animals and even stops Louis from getting some man and wife time with Rachel. The cat is truly evil.

Now I don’t want to go any further in the story as there are some changes, and you will be happy to know it has been reported a few places that the man Stephen King himself approved of the changes. I enjoyed the changes personally tho I do have to admit while the movie was good enough (but not great) it isn’t a very good book to movie adaptation. It was, however, a good movie. If you are looking for an accurate to the book experience you are not going to get it. If you are looking to simply be entertained, this is worth a watch. Tho before I go, anyone that has seen the movie can you answer a question for me and @torstenvblog? How the hell did they get the cow to the burial place? Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Friday The 13th (2009)

There is so much an so little to say about the 2009 reboot on Friday The 13th. For example, Jared Padalecki plays the role of Clay amazingly. Tho we can debate how good of a character Clay actually is. This perfectly sums up the whole movie really. For everything the movie does right, there is a counterpoint that makes you question why some decisions were made. The opening scene, in fact, the opening credits are essentially the first movie done in about 2 minutes ending with the beheading of Jason’s mom with a machete. After this Jason as a child finds the machete and locket and a killer is born. This leads to the movie and the introduction of the characters. Well sort of.

We then meet a group of kids whose names I won’t bother telling you because in typical Friday the 13th fashion they are all basically going to have sex and get murdered. To the movies credit the murders are amazing and I won’t spoil them. Now, the opening credits end with a title shot of the movie name. Yes, this was the opening scene and nobody you have seen is a main character in the movie nor are they all that important except of course one.

Finally, we come to the movie itself. Fans of the series will be happy and sad. I say this because in the ’80s and 90’s all you wanted of a slasher flick was boobs and a body count and that is all you will get. You will be sad tho because all you will really get is boobs and a body count, and it is 2009. The formula hasn’t changed, the story is bare bones and the little attempts they have made at a story leave you scratching your head. Now I will be spoiling huge chunks of the movie in the next paragraph. The movie is 10 years old, if you haven’t seen it by now I assume the interest is not there. Feel free however to stop reading now and know that I was entertained, but did not feel the movie was good.

You guys ready for spoilers? Seriously if not, stop now. Go. You were warned. They spent a very large part of the movie-making Jason out to be a regular guy. He was a kid, grew up into a man. Built a ton of stuff, feels pain, misses his mother the whole nine yards. Then this dude gets stabbed through the chest and gets his head sliced up by a wood chipper. For reasons, I can’t understand they untie him and toss him in the lake. Now there was no need for this but surprise, twist ending. Jason leaps up through the dock and the movie ends with Jason grabbing Clay’s sister.  Basically, Jason goes from regular dude to immortal and doesn’t come back to life until they dump him in the lake. Worse off, the twist ending leaves you to assume his sister dies and he probably died trying to save her. Who knows tho, they have beat him once. It became a choose your own ending. A  decent enough movie was ruined by an ending that wasn’t even needed. Regardless, feel to let me know what you thought. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Far: Lone Sails (PS4)

As always I like to get my full disclosure out of the way, Far: Lone Sails is made by Okomitive who was kind enough to give me a review copy of the game. It is always appreciated.

Far: Lone Sails is a simple concept. Take your machine (shown below) and travel this seemingly post-apocalyptic world.

download (5).jpg

You have quite a bit to manage between keeping your engine going, picking up the items you use for fuel and not smashing into things. The further you go however you can upgrade your ship. I won’t spoil what upgrades you get, but they do make certain things easier or give you fewer things within your ship to focus on, but this does come with a trade-off. While things are easier within your ship things outside get a bit tougher.

The game, however, is never all that hard, and I don’t believe it is meant to be. I had quite the relaxing time with this game. Watching the scenery go by was amazing and beautiful. The weather changing, the ever-changing world as amazing to look at.

The sound was also nice, the chugging of the engines the steam pushing the ship faster, me slamming it into a wall. All the sounds in game served their purpose well and the music set the scene in ways I never expected going into it. I was constantly thinking about what could possibly have happened to this world, wondering why it became what it is, where am I going, where did this ship come from? These are the questions I had kept me going. Are there answers? I won’t tell you. I knew nothing about this game going into it and you shouldn’t either. The true joy of the game is simply going and seeing it all.

The game isn’t perfect, as no game is but I truthfully can’t point to anything truly wrong with it aside from it being rather short and for its price point ($14.99 I believe on Steam and consoles I believe) that isn’t an issue. This one is a solid 9/10 worth buying. I greatly enjoyed it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Games I keep going back to.

We all have games that for whatever reason we just can’t quit, even if we want to. Maybe we just love the challenge or we simply need to prove we can beat the game or maybe there is something else. Here are just some random games I can’t seem to quit.

download (1).jpg

For my long time followers, you probably knew Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition (and its many DLC and PC versions) would be on the list. You also know I am not great at the game, tho looking at my trophy list I seem to be better than many. People seem to fall into three categories, gods at building stuff and can’t get off Kerbin. The smaller third category is like me and can get to a few places, but not many. Either way, I will probably play this for years to come.

download (2).jpg

Dark Souls 2 Scholars of the First Sin is another game I don’t stop playing despite my many issues with it. I want to beat it because I personally don’t know anyone that has finished it and I feel one of us has despite it being such a bad yet good game.


Cities Skylines PlayStation 4 is another game I go back to and I know why. I loved Sim City as a kid. This is my new Sim City and sometimes I just want to sit down and see what can happen and I come up with. Will my city do well? Will it burn? I have no clue, but I like to find out.

download (3).jpg

Phantasy Star 4 Sega Genesis Classics is one of my favorite games of all time, and I play it probably once a year or so and have since it was released on the Sega Genesis.

So what about you guys? What are the games that keep you all coming back? Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Playstation To Allow Returns On Preorders, Provided You Don’t Download It.

As reported by TechRadar Sony will now be allowing returns of preorders with a few rules of course. First, you can’t download it, and yes that includes pre-loading the game. However, this is good until launch if you ordered more than 14 days before launch. There is more to it and the TechRadar link provides more details, but those are the big points you need to know, most notably the don’t download it part. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

My Thoughts On Jordan Peele

In case somehow you haven’t heard, recently Jordan Peele said something along the lines of he doesn’t see himself casting a white lead anytime soon because he has already seen that movie. Now a lot of people have got pretty upset over this, and on the surface, this seems pretty understandable. What if Abrams said he didn’t see himself casting a black lead anytime soon, wouldn’t people be pissed? The answer is yes and it would be an equally emotional response. But let’s stop for a second here, and think of this logically. Who is Jordan Peele?

Well, it probably goes without saying, I do not know the man. I can’t just call him up and ask. I do know he is a writer, actor, comedian, and director that has won more than one Academy award. His newest movie, Us (2019) has already made millions in the box office. He is the son of a white mother, Lucinda Williams, and his father was a black man, Hayward Peele and he was raised by his single mother in New York City where he graduated High School and dropped out of college after 2 years. This you can find in a few minutes with a google search. You know what this tells me about Mr. Jordan Peele? Nothing. Not a damned thing. I know he is funny and makes great movies and shows. He might be an asshole. He might be the nicest guy you will ever meet. Maybe he kicks puppies, I couldn’t tell you.

What I can tell you is if I ever wrote a movie, I would probably never have a Mongolian lead. I have nothing against the Mongolian people or culture, I just don’t know anything about them and have no interest in seeing a movie about them. I couldn’t write a convincing character for one to play. I would write a movie about what I know and I am interested in. Probably some fat white guy drinking a Monster playing video games wishing his girlfriend would finally bring home her hot friend or at least a pizza. Hey, it’s my dream don’t judge.

Jordan, however, is more talented than I am so he writes blockbuster movies and shows like Key&Peele and Us that have strong black leads because that is what he knows and wants to see. There is no reason at all to think what he said or how he writes movies is racially motivated, any more than Stephen King mostly having White leads or me saying I probably wouldn’t have a Mongolian lead is racially motivated. He is just a guy living his dream writing movies he would like to see and that obviously his fans want to see. That is a good thing, it is what every writer in existence does. So please, stop reading into what he said and enjoy his movies for what they are and appreciate someone being honest for once, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.