Time for some small talk

As many of you know I always strive to be upfront with you guys and gals about things. For example, I always tell you guys when I and @torstenvblog are tossed a review copy of a game and despite my great relationship with NIS America I even recommended against buying The Princess Guide (PS4 Review) because I didn’t enjoy it, something they were very cool about.

Now I haven’t talked about this lately but many of you know I am not a professional writer, and I doubt any of you have mistaken me for one. I started Savior Gaming as a hobby when my dad left me a little bit of money after he died a couple years ago under the condition I did something I enjoyed with it. So as a stay at home dad I have my kids, girlfriend, and ex-wife some money ( she is also my best friend) and started this blog as a way to keep busy while baby savior was sleeping or the older kids were at school.

I also have some pretty severe back and neck problems that come from my time in the military, as a wrestler and working in warehouses along with just generally being an idiot. About a month ago I took a job for the holiday season in a small music store to help out a friend and to earn some extra cash figuring it has been a few years, I have healed up enough to handle it.

Now you may have noticed the last week or so has been very hit or miss with my writing and that is because I was very wrong. The last couple of days have been full of doctors’ visits, new or increased meds and just generally being in pain. I can not state this clearly enough, I was NOT hurt at work, this is just an old injury that being back at work aggravated, with this came being more depressed than usual in a time of year that is always rough on me. This isn’t to say me or Savior Gaming is going anywhere, because it is not.  I just felt you guys deserved an explanation of why the last week or 2 has been a bit off. Thanks for reading this far down, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Favorite Monster, Godzilla (Savior)

There could be no other choice for me except for the king of monsters, Godzilla. As a child, I was obsessed and in love with him, the noise he made the monsters he fought was all just so amazing to me as a kid. It was also a fond memory I had with my father as once a year we would stay up all night watching the movies. It also so happens that one of my favorite songs is about him.

Over the years Godzilla has changed drastically, started out as nothing than a guy in a suit to being a huge computer-rendered beast but he has always been my favorite and will continue to be so. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! It is me and @torstenvblog favorite holiday in case you somehow didn’t notice. Later today we will be finishing up our favorite monsters, taking my kids Trick or Treating. but before all that, I wanted to thank you all for another amazing month and I hope you are all careful and have a great night. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Day 13, Wyverns

Hello! I’m SaviorGaming’s daughter, LittleSavior! It was his idea for the name, blame him. 

Wyverns are often confused with regular dragons, however, they differ in some ways. Whilst both parties have wings, wyverns’ wings are attached to their arms, instead of them just free-forming like a wart on a foot. This is where you’re supposed to laugh, by the way. You yourself may have seen them in movies, TV shows, and even video games, but always thought they were just dragons. But guess what; you were incorrect. Wyverns’ distinctive wings attached to their arms is possibly the easiest way to tell them & dragons apart.

Now, onto my favorite part; the mythology!

In the Middle Ages, wyverns were associated with the devil and represented sin, pestilence, & war. Of course, the wyvern had many other associations! In the sixteenth century, wyverns were symbolic of courage, envy, war, might, & strength. Fun fact, Leonardo Da Vinci claims to have seen an encounter between a wyvern & a lion, however, there is no hard evidence, so who really knows? Some say they are vicious creatures, whose breath causes pestilence & disease. Meanwhile, some say they are gentle creatures, who cares about nature & will pass their wisdom onto those they meet. Their breath, in accordance to this, is also said to lead to inspiration.

Now, their powers they’re said to possess!

Besides their breath leading to either death or to pushing you to finish that chapter (I really should finish writing that), they have other powers! Shocking, I know; they have fooled us again! Me attempting to be funny aside let’s move on. Much like dragons, these creatures are excellent flyers (they better be), and have many of the same powers in general. They also really like treasure, however, I don’t quite know if that counts as a power; though according to rich white men, it does. It’s unknown if they can breathe fire, however, some say they have little ‘spoofs’ o fire, just enough to burn down your straw hut.

Oh, by the way, they’ll steal your spoon you got for 50 cents from your creepy neighbor; you know, the one with the 10 cameleons? Seriously? Who has 10 cameleons?! I love the buggers, but jeez. I can hardly deal with my baby sister! She counts as an animal, right?



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‘Comedy’ courtesy of your’s truly~

Day 12, Slimes

Honestly, I have no clue where these things came from. You can find them everywhere, from things like  Dungeons and Dragons to Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. They are also sometimes called Ooze. I assume they come from Japan really because most things like this seem to. They have even made their way into movies. That is why they made this list for me, not because they are all around great but because they simply are into everything. So enjoy some examples, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Day 10, Bahamut

Bahamut is very odd in the sense of depending on where you are looking at it from it changes. For example, if you are Playing final fantasy it is a huge dragon, but in Hebrew lore, he is more of a giant fish. He is kind of all over the place and has a bunch of different names, tho as a gamer I love the Final Fantasy version. So enjoy the evolution of Bahamut and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Day 9, Grendel

Grendel is a descendant of the Biblical Cain, the world’s first murderer that killed his brother Abel over God choosing his offering over his brothers. Originally appearing in the epic poem  Beowolf. He is considered evil and cursed by God to never be happy.

The interesting thing about Grendel tho is how his actual description is actually debated since in the original poem he isn’t described really tho he is thought to be human-like. Since than Grendel has appeared in other stories, video games and even movies. Grendel is proof that sometimes you can create something and never know how far it will go. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.