Carrie (1976)


Not sure what anyone expected from Stephen King, but Carrie is just a demented story. The book is even worse than the movie to be 100% honest. We start out in gym class playing some volleyball. Sadly poor Carrie sucks at sports and the other girls know it, so they hit the ball her way and game loss. Later in the shower Carrie, who is in the middle of the type of super religious upbringing that would make Scientologist tell her mom to lighten the hell up, gets her period. The problem is she has no idea what this is, thinks she is dying and freaks the hell out. You can imagine how this goes for a high school girl. She gets pelted with pads and tampons and towels.

The gym teacher doesn’t like this and severally punishes the girls for how they treat Carrie and this leads to eventually the usual prom trick of guy asks girl to prom that he doesn’t like just to play a vicious trick. There is a small problem, our girl Carrie has some um.. special abilities that involve how do we say moving things with her mind and unexpectedly disassembling items..and people.

The movie is considered a classic horror movie for a reason, the story is great, the acting is great and for its time the effects are great. Some of it is a bit cliché but for its time I suppose much of it was new, Regardless if you like the genre there is no reason not to check this one out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Ghost Team (2016)

ghost team

Ghost Team is an odd movie, it’s a comedy that isn’t funny but is not, not funny. The story is about a group of friends that decide to go on a ghost hunt, just like on their favorite television show. So they borrow ( well steal) some equipment, go to an abandoned place in the woods and start their hunt.

Things start getting weird pretty damn quick. There are voices, and images on cameras and electricity going on and off. Things are just horrible. It doesn’t take long for things however to get even worse.I won’t spoil that surprise for you tho.

The movie itself, isn’t bad. It does seem to try way to hard at times tho to be both edgy and immature at the same time and fails completely to do both. The movie simply isn’t good, which is quite upsetting for a movie with Jon Heder and Justin Long since both are amazing actors and are great in everything they do. Even in this they play their parts well, they simply weren’t given anything to work with. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Wishmaster 3:Beyond the Gates of Hell (2001)

wishmaster 3

Wishmaster 3 brings the Djinn back again, tho  played by John Novak this time and honestly the change just isn’t good to me. In fact almost everything about this movie represents a huge fall about the movie for me, minus the fact that I am a dude and the nudity content shot up for the next 2 movies for some unexplained reason. I can only guess this was to cover up for the fact that the story takes a wide turn into ridiculous and nonsensical.

This time a teachers assistant awakens the Djinn and the Djinn now terrorizes a college to find the one that freed him, once again to free his kind to rule the world. Diana however has a plan, and that plan is St. Michael the Archangel. Yup, good old St. Mike shows up with his sword to defeat the Djinn, but he can’t. For some inexplicable reason this angel shows up with no powers other than a magical sword and he can’t even win, he needs this college student to finish him off. The movie just makes no real sense, the death scenes aren’t even all that fun and the movie is a huge step down from the last two. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Wishmaster 2:Evil Never Dies (1999)

Wishmaster 2

Our favorite Djinn is (Andrew Divoff) is back, this time accidentally released by a thief in this made for T.V horror movie. Honestly, it looks like a made for T.V. movie. Released in 1999 it looks like it was made in 1989, tho honestly that is part of its charm. I do however use the word charm vaguely because it will take a special horror movie fan to enjoy this. Rotton tomatoes trashed this movie with a 10%, but it did fair better on IMBd with a 5.1/10.

The story itself isn’t bad, tho again pretty cliche and straight out of the 80’s and quite simpler Djinn gets released, collects souls, attempts to grant the one that released him 3 wishes to release the rest of his kind and take over the world and in true Djinn form all of his wishes are granted very literally and take a quick turn for the gross and deadly as he collects 1000 souls.

The movie however is fun in that gross and weird way, but it isn’t for everyone and doesn’t offer anything your average horror fan hasn’t seen a million times. All in all, however I enjoyed it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Lost Boys (1987)

the lost boys

The lost boys is one of those movies that came out in the 80’s and is a vampire movie done a bit differently with a twist ending, but both done right. With a family from Arizona moving to California an older brother meets some friends and falls in with a bad crowd. The younger brother meets some comic book nerds obsessed with vampires they claim live in the area and the comics they claim are evidence of this. Turns out that group are those vampires and those nerds are not wrong.

What follows is the classic tale of a quest to escape the clutches of these vampires, their leader that wants to marry their mother, enslave them both and take over the town.

The movie is amazing and has its funny parts but is full of suspense and action with a great sound track, but I will always remember the end when all is said and done. Dead vampires everywhere, a huge hole in the side of the house, and the grandfather that everyone thought was just some old guy saying ” the area would be great if it wasn’t for all the damn vampires” Definitely check this one out if you haven’t already. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Planet of the Sharks (2016)

download (3)

Planet of the sharks is an interesting concept. Due to climate change the ice caps have melted and the world has flooded. Humans now live on floating cities in small numbers. Sharks freely roam the world since water now covers pretty much the entire planet. One shark however has seemed to have transformed into a special shark that now leads and controls the others. With the ocean temperatures riding even more food is becoming more scarce. Since food is harder to find sharks are now hunting the humans in the floating cities.

The story sounds fun and has a lot of promise, the problem is despite solid acting and an interesting story the movie falls flat. The script itself leaves much to be desired and the entire sun story of a single rocket fixing the global warming problem is at best idiotic and at worst a complete waste of time and misguided. Don’t get me wrong, it could have been great. The entire movie could have been amazing, it just fell short. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.