Surviving Mars, Green Planet (PS4)

As many of you know I have reviewed this game before once on Surviving Mars (Xbox One) and once on Surviving Mars (PS4). Now I had a lot of nice things to say about the game, but I did specifically say do NOT by the game on the PS4 at that time because the game was flat out broken due to a glitch with the save that always corrupted it. Well, I am back on the PS4 to see if it has been fixed and to check out the new Green Planet DLC.

First the game-breaking glitch. After spending some time with it and messing around exiting the game and turning my system on and off I have not run into it, so I am comfortable to say it is fixed.

Now the DLC. That is quite nice, it adds an entirely new resource with seeds that can be used to grow different types of plants which will help turn Mars into a lush green paradise. You will also be tasked with building a capital there as well.  There are new buildings to enjoy, and you can even launch nukes at the ice caps, there is plenty of new content. Is it worth it? That is entirely up to you. I found it interesting and fun, but realistically it was nothing must have.  Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Dauntless (PS4)

Dauntless is developed by Phoenix Labs and Published by Epic games and is the first game to launch on PS4 and Xbox with full cross-play between those and PC with the Switch possibly being added later. After putting some time into it I can see why so many people are calling it free to play Monster Hunter because that is what it is at its core. There is a core city that you will do all your crafting at, which you will get parts from killing monsters and collecting herbs and such on the map as you fight them.

Graphically and the sound is nice and has a completely different art style which is rather nice to look at, and the controls are vastly different as well. You use the square button for quick attacks and triangle for a slower heavy attack with R1 acting as a special attack that charges up. Each weapon has its own versions of this and guns work even different still. None of them feel bad and they all have their own benefits and weaknesses. The game is fun, but admittedly if you have the option to just play Monster Hunter you should just play that. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Hustle Castle (Mobile)

Hustle Castle lets you build your own castle in a similar way to building a vault in Fallout Shelter. You also collect people for your castle and assign them jobs whether it be in the kitchen or as soldiers to fight for you. You can even toss two adults in a bedroom to get a baby if you want.

The game starts off pretty standard, but it won’t take long to realize you will be tossing a lot of time into it waiting for things to build or tossing a lot of money into it to hurry things along. The game isn’t exactly paid to win, you can play it and proceed without real money, but you are at a distinct disadvantage by doing so. It is a fun little time sink if you just want to mess with something, but expect to be waiting for a lot of things. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Traffic Run (Mobile)

Every so often I see a mobile game and I think, that can not be as stupid as it looks. Enter Traffic Run. A game full of annoying ads that is actually as bad as it looks. You basically hold a spot on the screen (doesn’t really matter where) and the car moves. Your mission is to get from point A to point B without hitting other cars and collecting some coins. This is in no way fun or interesting, and if you crash the game asks you to watch an ad to respawn, or you can just start the mission over. Every so often tho the game makes you watch an ad anyway. Now I understand ad revenue is how they make money, it is a free game and I don’t even disagree with them doing this. But there is a point where they are just ruining any sort of attempt at a game experience, and this game dives right into that area for me. This one is best avoided. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Banner Saga (PS4)

The Banner Saga is one of those games I picked up on sale a long time ago and just ended up in my backlog of games. I actually got this and the 2nd one which I also haven’t played obviously. I have no real reason why I haven’t played it, I have always heard good things and I enjoy tactical RPG’s. So I finally got around to checking this bad boy out and I have to say I wish I did it much sooner. The story is great and involves a sort of Viking mythology only the gods are very real and very dead. They also created a race called the Dredge, specifically to make the Humans and Varl stop fighting to join forces and fight them. This game takes place just before a 3rd great war breaks out, one no human alive remembers but some of the oldest Varl fought in, as nobody actually knows how long they live. The game is interesting and has plenty of twist and turns, but does have its issues.

For starters, the game was designed PC and Mobile phones, and it shows. Even when it released the graphics weren’t that great and the game was short, you can beat it in under 10 hours tho for the price this isn’t a big deal to me, tho it is there. Some aspects of the leveling system also are not very well explained and having to use renown to both level characters and buy supplies and items was an interesting idea and with more renown or making it slightly easier to get maybe would have fixed this, as it stands it is rather annoying more than a challenge.

The game, however, is worth buying. You do have to know going into it tho that it is called a saga for a legitimate reason. The 1st one has a legitimate ending and you won’t really be left hanging, but it is not the end of the story. It carries over into the next game, and while you are perfectly capable of just starting with the 2nd, they are very much connected and the decisions you make in one will carry to part 2. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Mass Effect 3

mass effect 3

Continuing after the events of Mass Effect 2 Shepherd has returned to the Alliance on Earth and Cerberus has began running amok. If that wasn’t troubling enough, the Reapers have began harvesting more races and changing them into monsters. The story begins with the unimaginable, the Reapers descending on Earth, obliterating Alliance HQ and Shepherd, traumatized by the devastation watches as the clock starts ticking. Generations of conflict between races  must be settled if any race across the universe is to survive, but can Shepherd unite entire worlds in a seemingly hapless war when time is short and the Illusive Man still lurks around…

Mass Effect 3 has been said to be one of the biggest disappointments in modern gaming and arguably it began the decline of EA’s reputation. Of the trilogy, I admit its the weakest entry but still an awesome game. The opening is awesome in it’s sheer scope and sets up an emotional final entry. While you get a smaller roster of characters as you’re allies this time, with the exception of one, you have prior relationships with your team. Many for the characters you’ve encountered through the trilogy come have satisfying conclusions and throughout the game there are some great tear jerk scenes. Gameplay is still fun and fluid but while in the Normandy, there are some new check points that slow you down all of a sudden. It’s also kind of point less that they have a stealth take down mechanic but I rarely found a time to use it. The ultimate endings are meh but as I see it, with such a epic build up, its rare a ending could have matched the hype. In the end, it was a solid end to what many consider one of gaming’s greatest trilogy. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

After Burner Climax (Mobile)

As we all know I try to check out the Sega Forever games when I get the chance to see how the function. The general idea is you fly a jet and blow up other jets, pretty simple. The sound is pretty much what you would expect from a Sega Genesis game and so are the graphics, but that isn’t why you are here.

Does the game function. The answer is yes, the controls are simple. Your left thumb will control the plane in all directions using the touch screen and your right thumb will control your missiles and guns as well as a slider that can make you go faster or slower. There isn’t really much to the game, but it is good to kill some time with tho, so if you just want a simple game to screw with on the bus this one is worth checking out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.