Disaster Report 4 Summer Memories (PS4)

As always, a huge shout out to NIS America for hooking me up with a review copy of this one. It is always appreciated and I am very grateful as always. That being said, let’s get this started.

Have you ever wondered how you would react during a major earthquake? With Disaster Report 4 now is your chance to find out. From the very start, you will make a few choices about your character before everything hits the proverbial fan. You will then find yourself outside of a crashed bus with buildings down all around you. This first part will basically introduce you to the game. You will find some people to talk to, maybe help a teacher find some kids or give some directions and avoid some falling debris. I say maybe because with most things in the game you have some options. For example, you can be helpful at one point and get a guy some toilet paper. To do this you will need to run a store for a few minutes to find out where it is. So are you going to be decent and sell it for the price its marked, or jack the price up? Or maybe just go in between and try to pocket some of the money for yourself?

The game does give you moral points for the good and bad you do in the world, so this does put a twist on what you do, but there is a reward for the bad behavior. See things cost money, and you aren’t exactly a rich person. The game does a great job of making things feel pretty broken and run down. From aftershocks randomly shaking around to buildings falling over, which by the way they can kill you. There are even fires everywhere and cars busted and burning.

The game is beautifully crafted and the music and sound make the setting very well done tho my biggest complaint is simple. Its voice acting is all in its native language. Normally this doesn’t bother me, but it seemed particularly distracting here and really took me out of feeling like part of the world I was in. This is obviously just a personal preference, and I never came across any glitches or issues with the control. The only other issue for me was the lack of anything to really do besides talking to people and wandering around.  The game was interesting it just wasn’t my cup of tea so to speak. I personally did not enjoy it much, but I wouldn’t advise against it if you enjoy this time of game or even the concept. It is a solid 7/10, it isn’t for me but there are definitely people out there that will love it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (classic)

nemesis classic

Ok, I try not to do this often, but I have a honest disclaimer here: I never finished this game. In fact, I never even got that far in this game but holy shit did this game have an impact on me as well as the horror community as a whole, giving us the both terrifying and legendary badass named Nemesis.

Jill Valentine thought she saw the pinnacle of horror and macabre after surviving the Spencer Mansion. The terror isn’t over for Jill yet; it wasn’t long after the mansion that the T virus found it’s way into Raccoon City and the city became overrun with monsters and the undead. Trying to escape, she encounters a group of Umbrella soldiers tasked with aiding in evacuations and allies herself with Carlos Olivera to try escaping, while being hunted by a new kind of horror trying to exterminate the old surviving S.T.A.R.S members. Enter: The Nemesis.

From the get go, the intro movie blew me away as a kid. Seeing the silhouette of Nemesis in the firelight after wasting the police with his iconic rocket launcher was simply badass and set the stage. The cut scene graphics  were impressive for the day and besides the intro, the Nemesis reveal was grisly and freaked me out back then. Whether you’re on the streets or in the police station before  the events of Resident Evil 2 ( classic) there is a great sense of claustrophobia and even after encountering Nemesis for the first time, hearing his groans or pounding on the walls adds another layer of dread. It was cool that you were presented with choices and given split seconds to decide and each has consequences. Fighting Nemesis is hard as hell because of the sheer amount of damage the bastard takes and he can dish out just as much. So where’s the downside? Well, the gameplay. The game ran ok in the old days- mainly because it was mainly a norm back then- but now it runs like dogshit and a lot of the game’s graphics are muddy as hell, and this is amplified if you can’t fit it to your screen proportions. In the end, I have to say this game has a lot going for it but holy crap it needs a new coat of paint to it and I can’t wait for the remake. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Terminator: Resistance


Terminator, as I’ve said, is the poor franchise that never should have been. The series has plummeted in quality since Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and most fans wish it completely ended after Terminator 2: Judgement Day . It’s hard to remember the dark, nihilistic tone set by the original film’s visions of the future but this game remembers, and I thank them for all the old school fans out there.

Jacob Rivers is a Tech Com soldier on the run in the early years of the Resistance. His squad was wiped out by heartless Terminators and Skynet machines and is looking for a outpost so he can get link back up with Conner and the Resistance. He meets a group of survivors he becomes attached to as well as a mysterious stranger who is protecting him from a new kind of Terminator that appears human, the new Infiltrator model. Can Rivers and the Resistance launch there attack on  Skynet’s core or will the Infiltrator terminate Rivers and help seal humanity’s fate?

I’ve played Terminator games in my time, each it’s own bitter disappointment, but I was highly impressed with this game. I give a huge amount of credit to the team for capture the apocalyptic feel of the original 2 movies and respecting how badass and frightening the Terminators really were.  The machines are hard and feel like worthy threats. The gameplay feels like a simplified version of Far Cry and Fallout 4 but it’s more than solid and strangely addictive. The story is pretty good and the characters are pretty flushed out and interesting. Sadly there are some issues. Explosions have some hit detection issues- you’ll be far enough from a explosion and it’ll kill you. On top of that, dying is rather easy and I have experienced more than my fair share of bullshit deaths. Also I don’t like how multiple functions are shared by the same button but different pressures ( ex: hold triangle to use health but tap to use your melee attack). In the end, I had a hell of a lot of fun and I had a lot of fun but this game isn’t perfect. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Breeder Homegrown (PS4 Review)

First, as always, a big shout out to the guys and gals over at Sometimes You for hooking me up with a review copy to this horror game. It isn’t fancy and didn’t have a huge budget but you can tell it was a labor of love.

The games concept is pretty cool, you play as an old man that is remembering his childhood that was tormented, just like the rest of his family, by a mysterious being. There are a few puzzles to sort out but nothing all that major.

Now, to be honest, the only reason to buy this game is an easy platinum trophy. The game is short and none of them are hard to get. The game itself while having a great concept just wasn’t very fun to me or even good. The writing was cringe at times (come on guys nobody calls their stepmother “stepmother Jane” or “Stepmother Cindy” every time they speak to them. the sounds left much to be desired as well. I won’t mention the graphics because honestly, that is subjective. For example, I rather enjoy the RPG Maker graphics.

This game, however, isn’t one I can recommend outside of for trophy hunters. This is the lowest score I have given a game, but 3/10 and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Infamous: First Light

inf 1st light

With many of us quarantined and the world dialed to the max on crazy, I needed to escape into a good superhero game. I took a dip back into the aged classic Batman: Arkham Asylum and I wasn’t ready to revisit Marvel’s Spider-man (PS4) , I thought it might be a cool opportunity to give First Light a try.

First Light is the story of Abigail Walker, better known as Fetch, and the tragic events leading up to her fighting Delson in Infamous: Second Son . Fetch and her brother, Brent, have been on the run since there parents tried selling out Fetch for her powers. Homeless, desperate, and battling her demons of her neon powers and drug addiction, Fetch is sent on a revenge quest against a aspiring drug lord Shane as she learns to accept her gifts…

Doing a Fetch solo DLC was a smart idea because she continues to be one of the coolest part of Second Son. I loved zipping around at super speed and the amount of abilities you get are pretty impressive and some different than what you get from Second Son. The story is quick but the finale is satisfying and Fetch is a compelling character to follow. I must admit though, in a rare turn of events, I actually had more fun with the side stuff than the main game; the sniper missions got annoying quick and I failed a lot because of the sheer amount of guys on screen. The biggest problem I had was the colorization of the map which is a lot of similar colors that can be a pain in the ass to read. While not perfect, it’s a good quick burst of game if you don’t want to devote days or weeks to. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Two Point Hospital Review (PS4)

As always, I would like to thank the ladies over at Clever Communications and the fine folks of Two Point Productions, Bullfrog Productions and Sega and Electronic Arts for this review copy. This one is special to me for a lot of reasons, and I will tell you why before we get started. As a kid, there was a thing called Sega Channel. One of the games I played was a game called Theme Park, and this introduced me to a whole new genre of game. I fell in love with it and played it for days. Eventually, I played a game called Theme Hospital for the original Playstation. I loved that game, and my mother would watch me play for hours. So all these years later for them to make Two Point Hospital, and be chosen to review it, is amazing to me and something if you told me back in 1997 would happen, I would never have believed you.

Let’s start with the bad. As of right now, there is no sandbox mode. This for me was really bad because they did include both the Bigfoot and Pebberly Island DLC. They also did not include the Superbug Initiative. These weren’t oversights however but choices made and they will be added as free updates around the end of March 2020 across all platforms. I just wish they were there from the start. View the video below to see more about the Superbug Initiative.


Another couple of bad things I noticed were at times placing items is a bit weird, you should have the space to fit them but because of how the curser works you just don’t really have the ability to get into the tight spot to place it. This is, of course, normal on a console. Killing the bugs in your hospital is also rather a pain for much the same reason.

That isn’t to say the controls are bad, they aren’t. That is a general flaw with all the games of the genre. The controls for  Two Point Hospital are actually quite well done. They are smooth and function well and the graphics are downright beautiful. I love watching the people with the Mock Star illness just dance around the hospital or seeing people with lightheadedness walk around with their lightbulb heads. Seeing them get screwed off and fixed is always fun.

Building rooms is always easy, it is a simple matter of holding a button, spreading out where you want it then picking where items go. It is also super easy to simply copy a room if you need a 2nd room. This is important to me because it shouldn’t be a hassle to build multiple GP offices for example.

The sound is also great, my favorite part is listening to random announcements from reception. For example, if the hospital is dirty she will apologize about the litter the patients dropped on our floor, and if the hospital is haunted she will tell people not to feed the ghost since they are already dead.

Everything about this game is designed to be humorous and it succeeds easily. The best part about this is while it is clearly a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital there are many things different and improved on. I am hoping this is the first of many Theme games in this universe, and this one is a must buy. I don’t believe in perfect scores and will probably never give one out, but if a game ever came close that I’ve reviewed this is it. easily a 9/10. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Langrisser 1&2 Review (PS4)

As always, first and foremost, thank you, everyone, over at NIS America for hooking me up with a review copy of these games. I say games because while you buy them together they are two games in the same series.

First I will get the stories out of the way. In Langrisser 1 you play as Prince Ledin. After your home country is attacked you set out to retrieve the sword that was stolen and you are bound to protect as it can be used to unseal the forces of darkness.

In Langrisser 2, you play as Elwin, a man trapped between two warring factions and it will be your job to figure out the best way to bring peace to the world.

The games themselves play basically the same way. They are strategy RPG’s from the bygone era when the likes of Shining Force and such were just getting started. You move your characters across the map and different characters are better against other unit types. Enemy charging you with horses? Defend yourself with spearmen. Counter spearmen with regular infantry or take down those pesky flying enemies with bowmen. Is it better to take down individual soldiers one at a time or to aim for enemy commanders so the whole squad retreats? These are all choices you will have to make in each battle and those choices I never got tired of making.

This game has seen many upgrades from the original version from sound to visuals and even new characters. This helps when you are trying to see the over 20 endings both games offer and well over 500 outcomes for each character. The games have great replay value and as a fan of old fashioned RPG’s like this, and someone that missed the original release I truly appreciate the ability to bounce between the remastered and original art styles. This is one of those series I didn’t know I missed or wanted until now, and I am happy I found out. The game is beautiful, the sound is great and any fan of the genre should pick it up. 9/10 from me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.