Override Mech City Brawl: Preview

Override: Mech City Brawl is exactly what it sounds like, a mech brawling game. Over the weekend I was lucky enough to be part of their preview this weekend with Modus Games. I honestly never expect much from mech games. In my experience, they are usually clunky to control lack any real replay value. There are obviously a few exceptions, and I am happy to say Override is one of them. The preview was lacking the arcade and single player modes and focused on beating the crap out of your friends and other people, it also let you add CPU bots into the mix which me and my friend added in a few times. I will add a few videos below so you can see the game in action.

The controls felt nice tho and with so many mechs to choose from I really thought at least a few would feel like just copy and pasted versions of another but I never felt that. Each mech had its own special moves and strengths and weaknesses. Some take more skill than others to master but all are very viable contenders with none being at a particular advantage. This game will absolutely be on my list of games to watch when it releases on PC and PS4. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 first impressions

cod black ops 4

As is customary, I’m starting this semi review with a shout out to my friend Autobot who played what I did. Always awesome dude.

First things first, there isn’t a campaign which brought on a lot of rolled eyes and angry fans. This is strictly multiplayer. Essentially the game boils down to three major game types: the pretty common, fast paced, multiplayer modes COD is famous for by now,  the zombie stuff people love, and the battle royale shit because well…Fortnite. We didn’t touch zombies, hence why I call this a semi-review, but I played a good half a dozen matches or so in the other two- enough for a good feel.

For the standard multiplayer, much of it feels like it did in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 without the wall running and the super slide. The guns handle nice and it’s easy to die, but this time there is a med injector feature much like Battlefield: Bad Company   in which adds a little spice to the matches. The maps are a little wider than my previous experience and a little strategy can go a long way but ultimately it comes down to reflexes and the guns you’re packing. They pulled back on the specials from 3, now if a player uses them it doesn’t feel as game breaking, and thank god they ditched those pain in the ass wheels from 3.

Battle Royale plays almost exactly how Fortnite does. There’s a pre-game screw off, you jump off onto a island that looks pretty much like a twin to Fortnite’s and let the games begin. I always liked the concept of Fortnite but never liked the actual gun play  but I have to admit I personally believe COD fixes the problem. Matches are challenging but the gameplay is crisp and well done in COD fashion. I think the storm bubble could close in faster but it’s not a huge complaint.

From what I played, I can say there is a surprising amount of fun to the game but not $60 worth. 30 I would think about it but I can’t evade a empty feeling with it and I’m sure Activision will beat more maps and such out of us with DLC and such. May the gaming gods bring us glory.

Omen Of Sorrow (PS4)

Omen Of Sorrow is an old-school 2D fighting game that honestly I did not have high expectations for. It kind of looked like a sort of Killer Instinct clone which really probably wouldn’t play very well, but it did look pretty awesome at the very least. Here is the trailer so you can see what I mean.

When Aone Games gave me this one to try it out, which I am always grateful for I figured I would stream it and give my impressions live. For those that watched you saw me jump right into an online battle and get annihilated. After that, I jumped into the Arcade mode, picture a sort of Mortal Kombat Tower experience where you pick a character and fight your way through opponents. This mode went much better on the I didn’t get killed.

After this, I was encouraged to hit the story mode. The story mode will see you going from character to character as you attempt to discover the secrets behind what happened behind a village of monsters. I won’t go into this but the chat agreed the story was quite compelling and interesting, with some planning to buy the game themselves.

That being said the characters are quite varied and based off the lore of monsters and more with characters such as Imotep and Quasimoto. There is a werewolf and a vampire and more. The characters are beautifully designed and control nicely, each with their own moves and personalities to go with them. In fact, my only real complaint here is the voice that says the characters name and introduces the rounds. She seems disinterested and out of place to me more than anything.

Now the reason you are all here, should you buy this, or simply move on to something else. Truthfully for a fighting fan, this is a good buy, the game could use a few more characters but in a world dominated by high profile fighting games, it is hard for a newcomer to enter the arena. Mortal Kombat and Injustice basically have the genre on lockdown with DBZ right there. Omen of Sorrow isn’t perfect, but it is the best 2D fighter to come along in many years and it is nice to see a fresh face that is fun to play. 8/10. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Cryptract (PS4)

Crytract is a fun JRPG with a full story that is told almost like a storybook with nice graphics, with the classic turned based battles. The story itself is quite solid and concerns a mystical beast and the gameplay itself can be quite entertaining. Here is where the issue comes in, the game is free to play.

Free to play sounds like a good thing considering I just said I just complimented a JRPG, but the reality is it is essentially a pay to win cell phone game on the PS4. Sure you get plenty of free orbs to buy new characters with, but many of the best characters are locked behind “can only be bought with paid orbs” sure the characters you get with the free orbs are useful but against some of the heavier hitting monsters they start to be less desirable. Now the game is less pay to win than many mobile games but the game is greatly designed to get you to spend real money in order to compete in the events. The game is fun and you can grind out and with a little luck get some great monsters, but money makes the world go around. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Laser League

laser league

Here’s a weird one folks. Laser League is a sports puzzle game with a high neon colored vibe like Tron. In either 2 V 2 or 3 V 3 matches, two teams face off against each other on an arena with a simple goal: eliminate the players on the other team. Every team has the ability to activate a series of force-fields to wipe the other players out. There are power ups on field that can help you or screw them as well as combat attributes to help your team’s chance of survival.

After some tests with Savior and Sniper, I can definitely say this game ain’t for everyone. After the tutorial I can’t recommend enough, there is a learning curve. Chances are, the people you are playing against are way better than you at this so expect to get you’re ass kicked a lot. I personally don’t mind the game but I can’t deny there are problems. While the graphics are pretty good and the colors are extremely eye catching, your player on screen are ant tiny and it’s easy to lose track of yourself in the heat of it all. Another issue I have are the long ass loading times, even being a free game on PSN the wait times are pretty long and frequent at times. Overall, the game is alright and worth checking out for free but I don’t recommend it higher than $20. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Epic Dumpster Bear Dumpster Fire Redux (PS4)

First and foremost I would like to thank Log Games for tossing us a review copy of the game. It is always a pleasure to be given the chance to check out a game that a company works hard on making. Now without more waiting, let us check out Epic Dumpster Bear.

The first thing to know is the game is a side-scrolling platformer much like the Super Mario games, in fact, you will be collecting coins, both gold, and red as you make your way through levels.

Epic Dumpster Bear_20181111095018

The controls aren’t perfect but they are more than serviceable for the task at hand. The staples are all here, wall jumps and sliding down walls as well and of course after a few levels you will be able to eat fish heads to do double jumps. For a little childish humour the double jumps are caused by farting.

The one major flaw to this game is the graphics. They are quite honestly not that good, but for the price point of $4.99 I won’t complain or hammer them too hard. Especially since the gameplay goes beyond expectations for a game of that price. The game takes a solid amount of time to beat as well and has numerous bosses. They certainly did not cheap out on this one anywhere else.

Epic Dumpster Bear_20181111094955

Now for the end where I tell you a score and recommend you buy or not. A score is hard to say, I don’t like to compare indy titles to AA titles so obviously, this won’t be compared on the same 1-10 scale as say Red Dead Redemption 2. I wouldn’t feel right comparing a small dev like this to a dev that has tens of millions at a title. For an indy title, this is a 7/10 must buy for any fan of this type of game. They did an amazing job and the only real downside is the graphics and even that is usually much worse when you see games in this price range. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Smallville Season 2

Smallville Season 2. I have to be honest, these things seem so much longer than Supernatural. I am really enjoying it, but they seem longer. That being said season 2 starts off with Clark having saved Lana from the tornado from the end of season one and will dig much deeper into the love triangle with Lana, Clark, and Chloe.

The season also will see one of his friends, Pete discovers Clark’s secret tho it is more accurate to say he tells him in epic fashion, by running down his car and stopping it from driving. We will see the return of old enemies and the death of friends and even family. There is even some destruction seen on a scale most shows will never see.

This season actually takes on a much darker tone and the ending that I won’t spoil leaves you wondering how things could possibly turn themselves around. Friends are no longer friends, deals have been made and things that seem impossible have come to pass, we also learn that in Clarks world green means stop and red means go. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.