Super Punch Out

Super Punch Out is another game I love to go back and play occasionally. It is a boxing game where each fight follows a set pattern and each one has its one set of moves. Tho I still don’t get how I can get kicked in the damn face so often in a boxing match.

Anyway the first fight is against a guy that has a record of 1-99. Not sure who he beat, you can basically win this fight randomly smashing buttons.

As the game goes on the fights get more challenging. Some guys you have to stun before you can hit a weak spot or you have to dodge and counter a certain move. The last two guys have a similar record tho one is undefeated and the other has one loss against the other which I always thought was fun.

This is another game that seems like it wouldn’t be fun but to me was the best this series had to offer. Best wishes and may the gaming gods being you glory.

Super Mario RPG

Every so often I love to go back and play what I consider a classic, and Super Mario RPG is one of those. You play as Mario and start out by raiding Bowsers Keep to save the Princess. Suddenly a giant sword slams through the castle and everyone is tossed out.

After this you will set off on a journey to find the Princess, tho this time you will be doing it in a turn based RPG filled with characters to join as you try to find magical stars. These characters do include the Princess herself and Bowser along with a few others. Each character has their own play style and moves to master.

It was always just fun to see the Mushroom Kingdom in this way, and to see new enemies, a new boss and even new characters made it even better honestly. The story is still great and graphically for its time it was phenomenal, and holds up well with controls that to this day are fluid and easy to use. If somehow you missed this one, go try it wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Cell To Singularity: Evolution Never Ends

Cell to Singularity on the surface is a fun idea. You start by creating the world, slowly add different things like amino acids until you create simple life forms and eventually work your way up to bigger things like fish and such. In reality, you are just playing a tap game like any other. hit the screen to earn currency faster, buy things to make you earn it faster when you tap or are idle and when you set your phone down spend what it makes while you are away.

I’m not bashing that style of game, some of them are really well done and quite addictive. This for me was not one of them. It is free to play so it may interest some of you, but the game is more of the same and to me is done much better elsewhere. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Dragonball Z Boudakai Tenkaichi 3

dbz bt3

Has anyone ever picked up a licensed video game, yearning for the experience to live out your favorite series? You ever feel a heap of soul crushing defeat when you realized this game was crap? Well, good news, this post won’t be about that terrible experience.

Dragonball Z Boudakai Tenkaichi 3 is is the best DBZ gaming experience I’ve had. Combat is fast and the areas are open. The character roster spans from Dragonball Z ( The Saiyan Saga) to DragonBall Z: Buu Saga (Kid Buu) and the full list of movies while including key moments from the original Dragonball and Dragonball GT as well as having a few What IF segments that are pretty good. The roster is impressive, including transformations that are show accurate; Saiyans can go ape during the night stages, you can fuse Goku and Vegeta as well as Goten and Trunks mid fight and the story mode evolves as the story does, instead of multiple one fight missions. Besides a full sized story mode, there is also a variety of tournaments and even a mini RPG surrounding a fight with Cell. Throughout the story, Dragonballs are hidden throughout  the environments and once all 7 are collected, the Dragon can be summoned and exclusive items can be found which is epic as hell. The entire time, I felt like I was in the show. It’s one of my favorite fighting games of all time and I highly recommend checking it out if you have a Wii or PS2. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Orna: GPS RPG (Mobile)

So I was bouncing around the play store looking for something to mess around with and I came across what looked like an old fashioned Final Fantasy style game and figured hey let’s give it a go. You build a character, choose a class and away you go. Battles are turn-based and you can choose to attack or use spells and such. This isn’t really anything special but the map is based on your current location. For example, you get rewards based on areas you have claimed, I own the area my house and my mother’s house is in. You can travel around fighting bosses and claiming land. You can also form parties with other people, tho sadly at least in my area the game isn’t very popular.  It is free to play, but not pay to win tho there is some cool stuff to buy. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Outlast 2

outlast 2

I tried…I really, really tried. I tried my ass off to hop on the Outlast bandwagon. When I wrote 5 more games that were a huge bummer , I briefly talked about my experience with the first game. When the second game came out I gave it a week long shot, driving myself forward after the Outlast 3 announcement trailer . As I said dear readers, I freaking tried…

We play as Blake, a journalist investigating a series of brutal kidnappings and homicides in the deserts with his wife and fellow journalist, Lynn. Unexpectedly, in the dead of night, there chopper gets shot down and crashes on the outskirts of a rundown old mining town. The deformed, mad townsfolk take Lynn to appease there twisted religion and it’s up to a helpless Blake to rescue his wife and uncover these isolated atrocities while uncovering his own childhood sins as well…

Sin is the name of this game and I warn those with weak stomachs, don’t even bother. This game is gory as hell and there is some great imagery and some great, intense atmospheres. The graphics are pretty impressive. The sound is really good, though the chase gets really annoying really fast. The story has promise but most of it is told through missing bible pages and hidden notes and a lot of it feels cliche. My biggest problem is the gameplay itself. Running is 90% of the game’s content; hiding is hit and miss at best but most of the time running, even not knowing where the hell I was going, solved most of my problems. The night vision on the camera, which is a vital tool in the game, drains batteries super quick so you constantly have to keep a look out. I’m fine with the idea of flight over fight but it’s irritating as shit to get killed by these withered meth-head looking motherfuckers in surroundings loaded with dangerous farming tools and all you have is a damn camera; I mean seriously, a rational bastard would at least swing at these nut jobs.  In the end, Outlast 2 is meh at best but I really can’t get the hype over the series. I won’t tell anyone not to try the series, but I will tell you this game will piss you off. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Clicker Heroes (PS4)

Clicker Heroes is an odd game. There is very little to do as you mostly mash a button to attack a monster, but you don’t even have to do that. It will just attack while you watch, mashing the button just kills it faster. However, you don’t even have to watch. Stuff dies and you gather monther while you are gone and playing other games or sleeping.

That being said, it is oddly addictive. I look forward to checking in on my heroes, seeing how many levels they cleared, upgrading my fighters with new abilities, mashing the button to help kill a boss and then going away for a few hours. It’s just a relaxing thing to check in on once or twice a day. Every so often you can restart to get hero souls which give you a boost to all the damage. When the game restarts you keep certain things but heroes go back to level one and you start from the very beginning.

This is definitely a game you may want to check out since it is free to play. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.