My Thoughts on Remasters

Remasters are a surprisingly touchy subject for some people. Go into any comment section for any upcoming remaster, Tales of Symphonia, Baton Kaitos hell even the long awaited but amazing looking (yes I am bias as hell) Suikoden. You will quickly see comments about stop remastering and remaking games and make original things and IPs etc.

  Don’t get me wrong this isn’t an exclusive thing, plenty of people love them. There is nothing wrong with any of this,I actually agree we need to make new IP’s. We also need to keep games we love or even in the case of Baton Kaitos and I don’t understand why people enjoy it.

We have seen over 5 million games created,many simply cannot be played anymore.There are assorted reasons for this, arcade machines created by now defunct companies that you can’t get parts for, just as an example. Another example is they were online only games and the servers are simply shut down.

Remasters not only give a new generation a chance to play these games but also keep them alive instead of being lost to time. Just as importantly they give companies the chance to earn money to make new products with and even gauge interest in reviving old IPs. What better way to test the waters and see if a series needs to come back than see if people are still interested in the older games? Bring them back and if they sell well it may be safe to move forward with a sequel.

I understand both sides of the argument,but for me there is room for both new games and Remasters. In fact, I’d argue it doesn’t make sense from both a financial and a historical sense to ignore old titles people are still interested in. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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