Choice of Life: Middle Ages 2 – Switch Review

So I was at home when I got an email this morning from the company Red Black Spade. I don’t know a ton about it, but Slava Gris was kind enough to toss me a review code for the upcoming title Choice of Life:Middle Ages 2 for the Nintendo Switch.

Before I get into that however, I did discover this isn’t the first game from Red Black Spade I have played, they are also responsible for Catmaze Xbox series S/X Review which was another title I covered.

That brings me to Choice of Life which is essentially a series of choices given to you on cards. Starting as a baby you are given simplistic things, some of them as amusing as simply trying to communicate by saying goo goo or gah gag. As your young prince grows the decisions also grow. Do you want to sleep through class? Throw a tantrum on your birthday? Or do you want to study hard and learn even when it isn’t the most fun time.

The repercussions for these decisions can be anything from getting scolded by an Aunt or Uncle, to losing an item like I don’t know,your crown getting stolen (not that this happened to me…) Or death. Ok these aren’t random examples, I enjoy screwing around and seeing what happens. This prince probably doesn’t like me very much.

The graphics these play out in are simplistic and have no voice acting which is fine because this isn’t some massive AAA experience,in fact when I mentioned I got an email from Slava Gris, he happens to be the one guy in the company and it might be a bit odd if he were doing all the voices. They serve their purpose well and I actually believe the game is better because of it.

I sank more than a few hours into this game today, much to the dismay of my family because I wanted to see what happened to this prince,and what sort of bad things I could make happen to him. The game thankfully makes this quite easy because unlike most games like this death doesn’t send you back to the start,it simply lets you make choices again. If you simply want to play a stress free story, this one is great. 8/10, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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