Pokemon Sun and Moon (The Series)

As a long time Pokemon fan I decided to check out Pokemon Sun and Moon. I have to admit at first the new art style kinda bummed me out. Ash looked weird and so did team rocket. The story is also a bit weird with Mr. Mime clearly cheating to win Ash and his mom tickets to the Alola region. Speaking of which I have some serious questions about the relationship between Ash’s mom and Mr. Mime.

All that aside the basic story isn’t bad. Ash attends a school for kids because we all know ash has been 12 for 20 years now. The issue is after 43 episodes he spent most of his time at the school. On occasion they would leave to check out a different island and he does get through a couple of the challenges. But the entire series is mostly just watching him go to school. The true greatness comes in episode 42 and 43 is when they return to the Kanto reason for those episodes.

This also brings the return of Misty and Brock to meet the new crew and hang out with Ash, where you will also see Ash and Misty battle with Misty having a Mega Evolution now. The series isn’t bad, it is just quite a bit different. Tho to me it did feel like the worst in the series. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Supernatural Season 13


Supernatural Season 13 deals with the son of Lucifer, Jack. Sam and Dean will travel across dimensions to save Jack and their mother Mary from a dimension where Sam and Dean were never born and the apocalypse was never stopped. The race itself is rather interesting since Lucifer wants to save his son simply because he is the most powerful entity in the universe besides God and his Sister. In fact Jack can even create new angels, which is why Heaven wants him so badly.

The issue is while in the apocalypse world their archangel Michael decides he wants to come to our world and take over since his world is kind of a hell hole. See their Michael is a lot like our Lucifer in the sense that he just wants to rule everything and doesn’t much care who gets hurt in the process. Season 13 is great but it does have its high and low moments. The end of it however is worth the entire trip. Obviously I won’t spoil it for you, but we get to see a few things come full circle from far earlier seasons that most people probably didn’t really expect. I am very much looking forward to season 14, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Supernatural Season 12

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Supernatural season 12. What the hell are you doing to me guys? This season focuses around the guys trying to stop the birth of Lucifer’s son and dealing with the British chapter of The Men of Letters. See at first aside from a minor incident of torture they are quite helpful, until they go back to not being helpful.

This season is pretty great, except for the ending. Don’t get me wrong the end of season 12 is great, but be prepared to be pretty damn upset. I won’t spoil it for you but the series in a way is going to go through a pretty massive shake up.

Aside from that we once again get a pretty definitive ending to one arc that will bring us firmly into the next story in season 13. Tho this time we had a pretty major story that brought us into another pretty major story. My only real complain is if you remember waaaaay back into the apocalypse seasons where Lucifer was this big dangerous evil being, they seem less worried about him now. Not that he isn’t still powerful and invincible, but the rush before of stopping him seems to be gone. In fact the entire act of figuring out a plan and stopping him is largely just the last episode or 2 of the season. After 12 seasons I am still enjoying the show, and I don’t see season 13 changing that. But there are some things you have to look past. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Supernatural Season 11

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And here we are, season 11 of Supernatural. We are catching up fast guys, I may need a new show soon. This is the season where we get to see the showdown between Amara and Chuck. This can also be known a the Brother/Sister showdown between God and his sister.

The season is on and off in terms of excitement. In terms of lore and back story however there is a lot to unpack and its a great time to do it. This season also bounces back and forth between hunting regular monsters and the main story dealing with Amara herself.

You won’t run into the big G himself until about episode 20, from there things move pretty quick. I won’t spoil any of those things for you but that is where season 11 goes from on and off to simply amazing. At one point the end seems a bit meh only to discover it isn’t even the end which honestly I liked. This season tho definitely was an interesting one in terms of story. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Supernatural Season 10

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And here we are at season 10 of Supernatural. Its been a long road so far with a few more seasons to go. This season starts in the aftermath of Deans death and his becoming a demon. Admittedly demon dean is pretty great. The season revolves a lot around curing him and finally getting rid of the Mark of Cain and figuring out the Book of the Damned. This season has some great surprises, and some very sad points.

This season also sets up season 11 amazingly. It is actually one of the strongest endings to a season in a while and I am happy I am basically binge watching these because having to wait for season 11 would have been horrible. While season 10 isn’t perfect it does pack a lot of great lore and back story into it and is quite interesting. Personally I had always wondered how a show like this stayed on for so long, but having seen all 10 seasons and started season 11 I understand now. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Supernatural Season 9

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Season 9 of Supernatural follows Sam and Dean as they attempt to deal with Metatron and the fall of the angels from Heaven and the continued search for a way to defeat Abbadon. We will find out some lore about histories favorite first murderer, Cain and why he killed Abel. The season is actually very interesting, and meeting Cain proves to be a minor yet very great part of the season. I won’t spoil why for those that haven’t seen it yet but it is worth the wait.

The end of the season also plays out much as you would expect, setting up season 10. As always I won’t be explaining much on that either since that would also spoil quite a bit of things for you. The season focuses very heavily on a war between angels and the struggle Cass has with everything that happened which honestly at times gets a bit annoying. I love Cass but I’d like to see him be a bit less whiny in the future. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Supernatural Season 8


Supernatural season 8, as you can see I am blasting through these at a decent pace. This season covers what happens when Dean escapes from purgatory after a year and comes home. He also brought a friend, a vampire.

Season 8 will see a lot of things happen, it’s another season really used to set up the next big story arc of the series but this time it is done much better. We will see Cass become a hunter, learn it is possible to slam shut the gates of hell forever and even find about an angel tablet and Metatron, the angel that wrote the tablets. There is a whole lot more going on but as always I don’t want to spoil things. All things considered this is a strong season that sets up season 9 and will leave a lot of unanswered questions. Until next time, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.