Letterkenny Season 5

If I am being 100% honest if you have read Letterkenny Season 1 review or Letterkenny Season 2 or any of the others, you can basically get the gist of what i am about to say. This is really more of a status update for the show. Again Season 5 has 7 episodes and season 6 does as well, and the show doesn’t change. Seriously each season is just 7 episodes that aren’t all that connected except for a girlfriend here or there and that is it. Just some laughs, people getting punched and cheap insults. Check out some clips on YouTube. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Letterkenny Season 4

And with Letterkenny Season 4 the streak continues. The show still serves no real purpose, has no real overall story arc and is still pretty damn hilarious. The show however seems to be quite the cult type show, the people that love it really love it, the people that don’t really seem to hate it, but most people don’t seem to know about it. It has some great reviews for every season up to this point, and I feel it probably has to do with the short seasons. None of the episodes feel forced or like they were reaching for content. We will see if it lasted into season 5 tomorrow tho. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Letterkenny Season 3

Now I know it seems like I am just blowing through these seasons and can’t possibly have a life. Well I am, and I don’t. It does however help that each season is only 7 episodes. I actually like the format they have going on tho. With each episode simply being its own stand alone episode with no real overarching story and it being a ton of one liner or rhyming jokes, the short season with half hour episodes really doesn’t give it a chance to get stale so far.

The show is however very much for a niche group of people. I don’t want to say it has a low class sense of humor, but it kind of does. It is a group of people living in a small farming town after all. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Letterkenny Season 2

Letterkenny season 2 did nothing to change my mind about this show being weird as hell and making no real sense. Seriously the show is mostly people standing around insulting each other in weird one liners. This may sound insulting or bad, but it isn’t a complaint.

The show is quite honestly mindless fun. It really doesn’t serve much of a point, and each episode is mostly just discussing some random small town event, like ice fishing or the sale of cigarettes from the local natives. The fighting for Wayne from season one is still there as well, which is admittedly also kind of intriguing. It also serves no purpose and mostly isn’t even a plot point, it is just tossed in there for entertainment.

I’m not saying any of this to discourage anyone from watching by the way, in fact I think you should all check it out. I have since moved on to season 3 and I am still having a  good laugh watching. So go, check it out and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Letterkenny Season 1

Every so often a friend will recommend I check out a show, this time a friend said dude check out Letterkenny. So he sent me a YouTube video that was basically just a bunch of female hockey players insulting each other. It was kinda funny tho so I hopped on Hulu and watched season one.

I was left wondering what in the fuck I just watched. There is no real overall story, it simply tells you there are 5000 residents of the town of Letterkenny and these are their problems. The majority off the show is just Wayne, who seems to be the main character, fighting people and just stoically walking around.

The odd thing is despite each episode more or less being independent of the others and it largely being based on one liners of Canadian humor, as the show is a Canadian show that takes place in a fictional town in Ontario, it is really enjoyable. The trailers don’t make it look very good, and they don’t really even explain the show, but give it a few episodes before you decide. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Supernatural Season 14

With Supernatural Ending After Season 15 and me finally catching up and finishing season 14 (Thanks Netflix) I have to say season 14 ended with one of the most exciting endings of them all, Sam, Dean, and Cass surrounded by the dead facing what seems like certain doom. But how we got there was also pretty amazing. We had a lot of ups and downs, we lost loved ones and got to see the return of Papa Winchester, at least briefly.

The real amazing thing here is less than halfway through the season is the loss of Jack, but nobody stays dead. With magic feeding off his soul which will become a huge thing later. We will also see the return of God, which will reveal something many of us have suspected for awhile now, and something our boys have been told for seasons but did not want to see.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I was not surprised but I was still a bit pissed about it. Not in a bad way, after all that is what good shows, books and games do. They invoke a response, they get you attached to characters that are real people that do real things and when they do you feel betrayed or happy or whatever just like if your friends had done them. Season 14 does this multiple times, and seeing the end of season 14 it is no surprise the show will end at season 15. While it will end at 15, and there is no way the ending will make a everyone happy, I can say for sure it will go out on top. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Game Of Thrones Ending (Spoilers)

As the title says, this is about the ending of Game of Thrones and contains spoilers so please, stop reading now if you haven’t watched. This will contain spoilers, in fact, this contains the ultimate spoilers.

Everyone here that wants to be here? Cool. There have been a lot of complaints about the last season of G.O.T. and the end is no exception, and let us be honest, this was always going to happen. Everyone had their idea of who would take the Iron Throne and how and why and what Jon and Sansa would end up doing? Well, we finally have an answer after 8 years.

To give you a quick rundown, After realizing what Dany turned into, Tyrion begs Jon to do the right thing, and he does. He gives her one last chance to do the right thing and when he sees she is clearly not going to, he stabs her with a knife and kills her. Drogon in his rage won’t hurt Jon, which there are already many theories on why melts the Iron Throne and takes the body of Daenerys Targaryen and flys away, presumably back to Valyria. This results in Jon being arrested by Grey Worm.

This is where Tyrion explains it doesn’t matter what anyone wants to do, it all is the choice of the new king or queen and since the most powerful people in Westeros are gathered they should just pick one. Samwell Tarly votes to let everyone have a vote, but he gets laughed at. Tyrion has a better idea, to give it to someone with a story because stories unite people and never die. And nobody has a better story than Bran the Broken who fell from a tower and lived, cross the wall despite having no use of his legs and became the one eyes raven. The fact that he can’t have kids is sold as a good thing, because as they have all seen the son of kings and queens can be cruel and kings should be chosen at that spot from now on by the houses of Westeros.

Grey Worm is fine with this but demands Jon still be punished, and he is banished back to the wall and the Night Watch. Meanwhile, Tyrion is once again Hand of The King which he refuses because he doesn’t want it. Bran points out he doesn’t want to be king, but there they are.

The issue is most people are upset and don’t realize pretty much everyone got exactly what they wanted. Jon didn’t want to be king, in fact, he liked the north to the point when Tormund invited him to go he basically says he wishes he could. The show literally ends with him walking out of the wall into the north with Tormund and the Wildlings.

Arya points out nobody knows what is west of Westeros because all the maps end at Westeros and she decides to go there, and interestingly enough the last thing you see of her is her on a ship and the ships sale is of a wolf, the implication being she is the captain of the ship. This is of course what she always wanted, she wanted to go on adventures and do her own thing.

Last is Sansa, and if you think back to season 1 all she wanted was to be queen. Her end is she is the Queen of The North as she told Bran that the North would remain a free realm despite the fact that she loved him.

That is what people are missing, all the main characters in the end that are alive got what they wanted plus they got a king that wasn’t a tyrant or power hungry. While the ending isn’t perfect, it is still a pretty happy ending for the characters we grew to love over the years and the world is a better place. The wheel is broken and most importantly,  Tyrion lived. Tell me what you guys think, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.