Letterkenny Season 7

So here we are, Letterkenny Season 7 at last. This season honestly felt different, not in a bad way just different. Much of it revolves around a farming show they started where they drink and answer questions that basically took to much time during the week. In between this, we see our friends in Letterkenny have a contest to collect pennies, drink a lot, tell the usual style of jokes, revive a hockey tradition.

Fans of the last 6 seasons will enjoy season 7, but honestly, if someone were to start here I can’t see this being the season that brings you into the fold. Each episode while funny doesn’t really stand out, except for the season finale. That one is amazing. I won’t go into detail tho. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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2 thoughts on “Letterkenny Season 7”

    1. I watch it on Hulu ( I’m the United States, not sure if that matters on Hulu) and the show is about a small Canadian town called Letterkenny and the people in it. It revolves around a few Central people and occasionally goes off to involve the local hockey team.


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