Our Favorite Movies Day 9: Jason Goes To Hell

Jason goes to Hell: the Final Friday Is our day 9 favorite horror movie. It is also another movie that is a damn liar when it comes to the title. Tho this movie made the list because for me the ending was iconic and was really our first confirmation that a Freddy Vs Jason (Jason’s side) would actually happen. Just seeing Freddy’s hand rip Jason’s mask down to hell to me was amazing. Me and friends used to debate as kids who would, and that was the first time we saw them together in any capacity. The movie itself was also pretty solid but the ending? That secures it a place from me. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Our Favorites Day 4: Freddy’s Dead

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991) Day 4 of out favorite movies is actually one me and @torstenvblog greatly disagree on. See i have fond memories of this horror/comedy and greatly enjoy this movie. I understand why so many people don’t, but this was the first movie I saw that showed that a movie could be both horror and comedy successfully. Tho I am greatly disappointed Tom Arnold and Rosanne didn’t get murdered.

The movie itself also had everything I like. Gross deaths? Yup, gotta love the nail on the chalkboard scene. Comedy? Yea I laughed at “The map says we’re fucked” after the kept driving in circles.  The movie’s title was a pretty big lie tho. The final nightmare? Come on there were movies after. Regardless this movie made my half of the list, tho @torstenvblog did mock me a bit as always. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

For those that love the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, here is a collection of the original movies on Amazon. Nightmare on Elm Street Collection

Final Fantasy on the Switch and Xbox One


In pretty significant news for RPG fans on the Xbox and Switch as reported by Kotaku a whole list of classic Final Fantasy games are coming in 2019. This includes Final Fantasy 7 Final Fantasy 9 FF10 and 10-2 along with the ever divisive Final Fantasy 12:Zodiac Age. Click the Kotaku link for a more complete list, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

One Last Shot (1998)


One shot is a short film by Mike Clattenberg which most of you know from Trailer Park boys. It featured the characters Rickey, Julian and Mr. Lahey and told the story of Rickey and Julians last day together before Rickey moved to Vancouver.

At first I thought the movie wasn’t very good but I realized it wasn’t really fair to judge a 20-year-old short film shot by friends and 3 guys to harshly. Sure Clerks is basically a cult classic but that is equal parts genius and fluke to be honest.

One last shot was actually fairly well put together, the scenes make sense and for a black and white film the lighting is actually well done. At no point did I feel like the dark parts were overly dark or the light taking away from anything and the acting while a bit bland at times didn’t exactly feel stiff. It just felt like what it was, people who loved movies that wanted to make one and get some experience and honestly that showed. I have seen much higher production value movies feel less heartfelt and honest than this did. Its only 30 minutes and it very much worth checking out if you are a fan of his or the Trailer Park Boys (which I am not) best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Young Guns 2 (1990)

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Young Guns like the first one is a movie I haven’t seen in so long I forgot the story. If you read my review of the first one yesterday you will know I did enjoy both movies and suggest you watch them both. The story of this one takes place not long after the first.

With most of the gang dead or in hiding Billy is still in New Mexico traveling around doing his thing. The story is actually however one big flash back told by a man named “Brushy” Bill Roberts. He is talking to a lawyer in the 1950’s telling the story of how he was promised a pardon years ago and never received it. He would not like to meet the governor to talk about getting it now. The flash back details how him and his crew attempted to run and escape to “old Mexico” to avoid the new sheriff Pat Garrett that used to be part of Billys posse.

Interestingly enough the movie is actually based off an actual man who claimed to be Billy the Kid and was discredited but there is some evidence to support that Pat Garrett killed the wrong man or that him and Billy intentionally mislead people to help Garrett collect the reward money and Billy could finally be free. Bill Roberts died in 1950 but was verified to be billy the kid by some people who did know Billy tho most people don’t believe him. Honestly we will never know, but it is a nice story none the less. Best wishes  and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Young Guns (1988)

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Young guns is a movie I haven’t seen in years, to the point I forgot what both movies were even about. Seriously I forgot it was about Billy the Kid and Doc.  The story starts out with a man named John Tunstall taking in a bunch of deviant basically criminals and giving them a second chance. The problem is him and another local cattle merchant are both going for a government contract for beef and with some powerful enemies John is murdered.

Billy, Doc and the rest of Johns boys are deputized to arrest the murderers and go off to do their thing. Billy however gets a little trigger happy and kills the first guy they go to arrest. This results in a gun fight that kills many and a legend is born.

What follows is an interesting take on the Billy the Kid story. Emilio Estevez and Charlie sheen do an amazing job at their roles as does Kiefer Sutherland as Doc Scurlock. In an era when westerns died off it managed to be a great movie that even warranted a sequel, a movie that I will be covering as well and I promise will be getting my recommendation just as well as this one. If by some chance you haven’t seen the Young Guns movies, Hulu has them both and Netflix has the first and now is a great time to check them out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Supernatural Seasons 1 through 5

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I wouldn’t say I joined the Supernatural trip late, its more accurate to say I fell off the bus around season 3 and jumped back on when it was a few seasons later. And by that I mean Netflix has 13 seasons and 14 will start airing way before I finish catching up. Seriously, one day Jared is on Gilmore Girls (Yea I liked the show, you can mock me if you want)then boom it’s over 13 years later and he is still on Supernatural. I won’t lie I know Jenson was on Smallville for a bit and Dawson”s Creek but I honestly can’t say I remember seeing any of it.

The shows first couple seasons really set up the brothers dynamic and how they came to be hunters in the first place. From the death of their mother and Sam (Jared) leaving Dean (Jenson) and their father John Winchester  (Jeffery Dean Morgan) to do things on their own. When dad goes missing on a hunting trip Dean bothers Sam at college to help find him. While this doesn’t go well Sams girlfriend shuffles the mortal coil the same way their mom did. The search for dad and revenge will move on.

As the seasons progress more and more things are dealt with, ghost, shapeshifters, demons you name it. We will see them go through god knows how many bags of salt, silver bullets and they will set more than a few things on fire.Should also probably mention by the end of season 5 we will find out that angels, Lucifer and even God are all real and are all honestly pricks.  Tho most of the gods we read about are real the in the world of Supernatural and apparently very killable.

Honestly I think that may be why the show has the staying power it does, beyond the fact that women like men enjoy watching good-looking people doing stuff. It takes a very simple and popular topic, put a different spin on it people aren’t used to, and away you go. The characters are mostly likable except for a few that you would rather have dead but to be fair,they are mostly the bad guys anyway. There is also significant character growth over the seasons which is quite rare on most shows that go on this long. I don’t want to spoil too much since like myself some people may be a bit late to the party and trying to catch up, but for any fans of monsters and ghost and the like the show is very much worth watching. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.