Top 5 Final Fantasy Games


Yesterday I did the top 5 games not named Final Fantasy, so today its top 5 Final Fantasy games. These are also in an order for once but because hey why not.



Number five happens to be Final Fantasy 5, the game is terribly underrated game. The job system was great, the cast of characters were fun and varied including a female pirate pretending to be a man. and the quest to save the crystals from Exdeath was fantastic.



Final Fantasy 10 seems a bit low on the list, and hey i’m sure some of the higher ones will come across as nostalgia but I will explain my logic later. FF10 was actually fairly linear but it worked out, a big part of why is it went with the story of the summoner being on a pilgrimage. They did a great job at making you feel like you had to be in a hurry without actually rushing you around. The game may not be perfect, but damn if it didn’t come close for its time.



Final Fantasy 7 may actually be the most influential title in the series. Before that the series and JRPG’s in general were kind of a niche hidden secret of the gaming world in the west. Actually many people in Japan thought the western world was to stupid to even play them properly at one point. Then this game showed up and exploded and opened up a whole world to people. The game graphically hasn’t held up great, but the materia system is top noth, and to this day is still one of the best systems in a game and the story is fun. Tho, as you can tell I don’t believe it is the best in the series.



Final Fantasy 9, what many believe is truly the best Final Fantasy game. In fact most of the time I hear people arguing between 7 and 9, and while 7 is great and far more influential 9 is just the better game to me. The story is better, most of the characters are better. The only real flaws is the materia system was better and the final boss of 9 made no damn sense at all, he just kind of showed up. But I am sure many of you are wondering, if 7 is number three and 9 is number two, how the hell do I choose number 8 as number one? Well I didn’t. In fact the best Final Fantasy doesn’t have a number.



Yes, Final Fantasy Tactics, the War of the Lions is to me the best of the Final Fantasy games, and easily the best Tactical RPG ever made. With dozens of classes and monsters to choose from with plenty of characters and an amazing story about the tragedy of war, betrayal and the secrets of history. It is actually a great tragedy the game never got a true sequel, tho there are some theories that Final Fantasy Tactics and FF12 are connected as well as Vagrant story, tho its not really the same thing. All in all however Final Fantasy Tactics is one of those games I would love to see remastered again for the PS4. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Top 5 PS1 RPGs, Assuming Final Fantasy Didn’t Exist.


If you were to make a list of best RPG’s for the Playstation one, or even of all time you couldn’t do it without a Final Fantasy game showing up on the list. Hell you probably would have to include at least one of them in the top 5 if we are being honest, whether it be 7 for the influence it had, or 6 because for some reason I don’t understand people think it was amazing or even 9 because it was actually as good as people think 6 or 7 was. But what would a list look like if we pretended it simply didn’t exist? Well here is my top 5 list, for once from 5-1 as if Final Fantasy just didn’t happen.

beyond the beyond


Beyond the Beyond is a title many people didn’t seem to play and as such doesn’t get much love. Its also a typical RPG in every fashion. Your home kingdom is attacked, you set out to find your dad, you flee the country, you end up as the chosen one to fight evil. But with how its presented and it turns out better than most on PS1.



Long before Persona 5 practically perfected balancing a home, school and dungeon life and before 3 introduced the concept, we were given Persona. Persona didn’t introduce the idea of an adult philosophical RPG, but it certainly was the most in depth and best done at that point. With the power of the PlayStation starting to hit its stride we were challenged to ask which one is the real you, and even shown why you don’t mess with crossing dimensions.



Grandia is one of those games I don’t even know how I ended up with. I think my mom thought hey hey this looks like the stuff Matt likes and my dear dead dad went ” hey this chick has green hair” and bought it ended up as a Christmas gift one year. Be that as it may it wasn’t long before I was calling Justin an idiot for not knowing Feena was in love with him and wondering how the hell I was supposed to win that fight against Gadwin, which it turns out I wasn’t supposed to.



This game was damn near number one, but you will see why it wasn’t. Breath of Fire 3 has multiple endings, great battles, character customization to rival many games even today with its master system and ability to learn moves and transfer them to others and it even had dragons. Add to that an amazing story about a war between dragons and a god and a possible betrayal and its no wonder this thing is remembered so fondly.



Anyone that knows me knew Suikoden was going to be number one, that being said while I prefer one over two, they are pretty much interchangeable to this spot. Both are amazing games, with amazing stories and their sprite characters hold up well even in 2018. Both involve wars in their respective kingdoms that take place in the same world, just different kingdoms. In fact you will visit the kingdom from one in 2 and many of the characters show up in multiple games in the series. Regardless collecting the 108 stars of destiny is an amazing feat to undertake that is both manageable and challenging at the same time. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Crazy Taxi (Sega Forever)


Crazy Taxi is one of those games I played as a kid and finally got around to trying out the Sega Forever version. I won’t lie, I was worried about this one. Graphically it is one of the more impressive games they released and the sound is also higher end of the stuff they have given out. So how does it hold up?

Well honestly it holds up pretty damn well. Graphically my G6 played it very well and the sound played beautifully. Both of these things actually surprised me but not as well as the actual controls worked themselves. I was expecting this to be the worst in the series of Sega Forever games so far but in fact it functioned the best, so if you are a fan of Crazy Taxi give this one a shot. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Caddyshack (1980)


Oh caddyshack, you beautiful classic bastard. Its hard to believe this movie is going on 38 years old. The late Rodney Dangerfield is hilarious playing a brash new member of a very exclusive golf club as a very young Bill Murray plays an obsessed grounds keeper just trying to kill a gopher, and directed by the late great Harold Ramis, so at least he has that going for him. This movie is one of those classic 80’s movies that people today still quote and look at as an all time great and with good reason. People just loved this movie from the very beginning. Even today sitting down to watch it just brings a smile to my face. Any movie fan needs to watch this movie, even if its just for the history. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Karate Kid 3 (1989)

download (2)

Karate Kid 3 is viewed by most as the worst of the originals staring Daniel, and its not hard to see why. While it was nice to see Johnny make a come back his quest for revenge leaves much to be desired as does his assistance from a seemingly random business man and Vietnam war vet that coincidentally owns a toxic waste disposal company.

Don’t get me wrong the movie isn’t a train wreck, and if all you are after is to see some karate action and a small story this will fill the gap, but I have actually met many people that forget this movie exist or have never even seen it. So don’t be that person, go check it out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Karate Kid (1984)


The karate kid, a movie that sent an generation to learn martial arts and probably made their tournaments far more popular than ever before. It is a timeless classic of Daniel taking on bullies with the help of the local handy man. Learning the meaning of wax on, wax off and not in his bedroom. It would also spawn multiple sequels all of which can be found on Hulu right now.

It is a classic for a reason, it was much loved by many and even now people born in the 80’s stillĀ  only know Ralph Maccio as Danial and Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi. Tho in recently years there has been some conspiracy surrounding the movie. Was danny boy the bad guy the entire time? Well watch this video and you decide. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Decap Attack (Sega Forever)

decap attack

This game has always been odd. You basically play as a monster killing other monsters. But if you are reading this you know that, you know what the game is and you are saying hey savior is it worth my time on the cell phone. Yea, it will scratch that nostalgia itch. It sounds good and plays well on my cell phone. If you liked the original or even heard good things and want to try it, now is your time. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.