Of mice and men

of mice and men

So to start the year 2019, let’s begin with a classic: Of Mice and Men, a story most American kids nowadays are forced to read in middle school or high school English class much like Animal Farm and Lord of the flies (usually if you got a cool teacher or were an honor student).

Of Mice and Men follows two migrant workers and traveling partners and companions making there way to a much needed job during the depression. Life isn’t easy for George, the thoughtful and ill tempered of the two, who just wishes he can live a life less hard, put some roots down- but life with Lenny isn’t so easy. Lenny is a gentile giant with the mind of a child and some pretty harsh strength to match. Lenny’s curious and cumbersome nature makes life harder in a hard time but a dream George keeps telling Lenny keeps them afloat- a dream of a home and stability, and rabbits…but it’s with that sad truth George realizes some dreams are only that as he faces the hardest choice of his life after trouble comes for the last time…

Before I go onto my final verdict, I’m stating this now: this book is not for everyone. 11 year old Torsten though this book was long, drawn out and boring as shit. 25 year old Torsten found it a quick read that nearly brought a tear to his eye. It is slow paced, despite the actual minuscule size of the book but damn it hits you in the feels by the end. It is better a second time around because the foreshadowing becomes rather ominous and foreboding which I really liked and the ultimate tragedy hits harder. Overall I can’t recommend this book to everyone but if you want a great tragedy, definitely give this short but powerful book a go. May the gaming gods let you pet the rabbits…


God of War 2

gow 2

I admit I didn’t play God of War first but started with the second game first. Among the kids in school, God of War was a favorite and I admit I didn’t get the hype at first. 10 minutes into playing the second game I understood..

Kratos, now the god of war, finds his city under attack by the colossus and his powers mysteriously drained. Zeus grants him the Blade of Olympus, the weapon Zeus used to cease the war against the titans; but to access it’s full power, Kratos needs to drain his godly power into the blade. seeing no other choice. Kratos does, slays the colossus but is laid crippled until Zeus appears, revealing the colossus was his doing and it was his plan to  kill Kratos because of his constant defiance of Olympus. Kratos is sent to hell where the titan Gaia makes contact with him, telling him of the Sisters of Fate, who can help him rewrite history itself, along the way Kratos will find the depths of Zeus’s cruelty and the secrets of the god king…

God of war 2 cranks up the epic level in almost every way but I admit there are some flaws. While I enjoy the sequel’s story more as well  better graphics and more epic set pieces, the final twist at the end kind of bummed me out. The new weapons are sweet but not  as cool as the set in the first game and I felt a little bit too overpowered at times. I still have to say, the game is fun as hell and looks amazing and definitely a great sequel I recommend. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Silent Night, Bloody Night

bloody night

Let me start off by saying a special thank you to Savior and his family for taking me in during the holidays, I love all you guys. The holidays are about love, togetherness and good will onto others; they’re probably not meant to watch shitty, free public domain Christmas horror movies that aren’t about Christmas. Sorry Savior.

Disclaimer: this is not a review of Silent Night, Deadly Night. No killer dressed as Santa. No abuse of kid by tyrannical nuns. No “Garbage Day” ( high five to those of you who get the reference). Truth be told, and I quote Savior himself ” I don’t think the damn people that wrote this fucking movie know what it’s about.” The basic gist is there is a house where a guy died ( he was accidentally burned to death but it was no accident) and his grandson decades later goes to sell it, but there’s a killer killing people involved with the sale because I guess it was a mental asylum at some point and this dude’s mom was wrongful killed by the inmates who killed the rich owners and took over as the movers and shakers of this town. Sound like a mess, eh? It is.

Silent Night, Bloody Night is a dumpster fire. The plot and story for this movie are damn confusing to where it’s nonsensical at times. The actors seem unmotivated to where I swore they were drugged on some heavy ass downers. There is some ok atmosphere and music and random gore that made us laugh. This movie made Savior salty as hell and I got some cheap laughs as we asked WTF was going on. As I mentioned earlier, it’s public domain- hell, we watched it on YouTube for free on perfect quality so if you and your friends, family, or pets want to get drunk and watch a movie, this is a good pick. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

God of War

gow 1 Anger is a powerful thing, and very few characters in gaming are as brutal and angry as Kratos. The first game in this epic series follows Kratos on his violent quest for revenge against Ares, the God of War.

Incredibly strong with white ashen skin, Kratos was a fierce spartan warrior on his way back to Athens. After a battle at sea, he receives word from Athena, the only god he mildly trusts that the time has come: Ares has gone too far and must be brought down. The gods of Olympus can’t actively aid Kratos but they offer a sample of there powers and Athena tells Kratos of the fabled Pandora’s Box, which contains a power great enough to slay a god. Ares used Kratos, leading to the ultimate tragedy that drove Kratos so if its the last thing Kratos does, he will stop at nothing to kill Ares…

God of War is a hell of a game that started a brutal legacy. Gameplay is simple but awesome hack n slash. Besides Kratos’s signature blades are reliable with a great reach and combo options but on top of that you get storm powers from Poseidon, summons dead souls from Hades, throw lightning bolts from Zeus as well as other gifts. There is some puzzle solving and platforming which is fun but Hades part of Pandora’s temple is notoriously a pain in the ass as well as the pillars out of hell. Kratos is a cold character but once you understand why he’s on this quest and his reason for hating Ares, you do feel sympathy for Kratos and he has some deep moments of sorrow. The character designs are really cool but I must admit some of the graphics and some mechanics didn’t age well over the years. The gameplay can also be monotonous after a while and is only really challenging after the harder difficulties. In the end, the original God of War is a really cool game that deserves some love but it’s not timeless and it’s a product of its time, still well worth playing. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Wave Race 64

wave race 64

Nostalgia is a great thing. The other day I talked about Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire which was my first ever video game. While Empire kicked my ass, my first finished game was Wave Race 64. The concept is simple: you choose from 4 jet skiers and race in a variety of courses and modes while fighting against the waves and doin sweet tricks.

This game is simple as hell but simply fun. In fact, you literally can play the game with one hand and be perfectly fine- I’ve done it. The tricks are pretty simple to execute but can be somewhat stiff. The game does good to gradually get harder as it goes, adding more viscous waves and obstacles though I felt like more could have been added.

The worst thing about Wave Race is also the best unfortunately: it’s bare bones simple. You get 4 racers, each with an alternate costume. That’s it. At most, there’s about 10 courses if you through the hardest circuit and the practice map. That’s it. You got standard races, time trail, standard Vs, and stunt rings. That’s about it.

Wave Race is a fun game but don’t expect much. There is some fun solo or with friends but because of it’s limited options, I can’t say it’s a must play. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

star wars shadows

Love isn’t perfect and no journey ever begins with a perfect step. I got my N64 at age 7, my first ever game system, and suddenly my life was changed. The first game I ever got was Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. Set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi we follow some dude named Dash Rendar who looks like young Hano Solo but ain’t Han Solo because… well ,reasons. The game begins during the battle of Hoth via Empire, and we’re treated to a pretty impressive snowspeeder segment that is pretty badass. A majority of the game we play as Dash as he shoots and platforms his way across different worlds and bosses. At first, the game is fine. Damn near awesome I’d say. First 3 stages run good but things start to unravel. Stage 4, for most of my young life was the hardest shit I had to deal with and that evil mechanical son of a bitch I G 88 was the bane of my existence. A decade later, after some hard gaming experience I kicked his ass only to really see the flaws unfold. Boba Fett’s level pissed me off enough where I nearly smashed the TV and controller and well…I never finished it.

Shadows of the Empire isn’t a bad game, regardless of how it aged, but damn it’s flawed. Platforming can be a royal pain in the ass, the shooting can be crap and feel automated, and there isn’t much really tying it into the Star Wars we know but it is a interesting time capsule of a game, though for the love of the merciful gaming gods find the cheat codes for it so you can unlock all the stages and get some booze for the horrors of Stage 6’s speeder bike controls. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Smallville Season 2

Smallville Season 2. I have to be honest, these things seem so much longer than Supernatural. I am really enjoying it, but they seem longer. That being said season 2 starts off with Clark having saved Lana from the tornado from the end of season one and will dig much deeper into the love triangle with Lana, Clark, and Chloe.

The season also will see one of his friends, Pete discovers Clark’s secret tho it is more accurate to say he tells him in epic fashion, by running down his car and stopping it from driving. We will see the return of old enemies and the death of friends and even family. There is even some destruction seen on a scale most shows will never see.

This season actually takes on a much darker tone and the ending that I won’t spoil leaves you wondering how things could possibly turn themselves around. Friends are no longer friends, deals have been made and things that seem impossible have come to pass, we also learn that in Clarks world green means stop and red means go. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.