Smallville Season 2

Smallville Season 2. I have to be honest, these things seem so much longer than Supernatural. I am really enjoying it, but they seem longer. That being said season 2 starts off with Clark having saved Lana from the tornado from the end of season one and will dig much deeper into the love triangle with Lana, Clark, and Chloe.

The season also will see one of his friends, Pete discovers Clark’s secret tho it is more accurate to say he tells him in epic fashion, by running down his car and stopping it from driving. We will see the return of old enemies and the death of friends and even family. There is even some destruction seen on a scale most shows will never see.

This season actually takes on a much darker tone and the ending that I won’t spoil leaves you wondering how things could possibly turn themselves around. Friends are no longer friends, deals have been made and things that seem impossible have come to pass, we also learn that in Clarks world green means stop and red means go. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Smallville Season One

In much the same way I did the Supernatural series I decided to check out Supernatural starting in season one. Now I saw the first couple seasons years ago years ago when it was on the air but honestly, the show started in 2002 so it wasn’t long into the show I joined the Army  and had my first kid, so I lost track of the show and many other things so after a point I will be seeing this show for the first time.

Season one starts as you would expect, introducing us to the characters, Tom Welling as Clark Kent, Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luther, Sam Jones III as his best friend Pete Ross Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang and the much less popular these days due to her very odd legal troubles, Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan. The stories are mostly self-contained, for example in one episode he is trying to solve how fires are popping up all around school only to discover they are controlled by a very angry football coach trying to protect his legacy and his soon to be a record-setting amount of games won.

The season does have a few over-arching stories tho, for example, the love triangle between Clark, Chloe and eventually Lana. Clark and Lana despite living close together won’t start out as friends, in fact, the meteor shower is what brings Clark and kryptonite to Earth, which killed Lana’s parents and she wears a piece around her neck. It will take a while before Clark figures out what makes him sick, and at least in season one it simply called meteor rocks, but we all know what it is. The first season tho is enjoyable, and I Having already started season two I feel like that will be even better. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Sega Forever Shining Force 2

Shining Force 2 is one of my all time favorite games and I don’t even have to stop and think if this belongs on the list. Once again I will not be giving you a full review simply saying how it works on android. Which is a good thing, because it doesn’t. The game is actually quite unplayable. It sounds and Looks good but as soon as you start to fight and use a spell with Sara the games healer the game freezes and quite honestly the game is essentially useless that way. This I am sure will eventually be fixed but until that day, don’t waste your time. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Sega Forever:Shining Force

Shining Force has been a game I have enjoyed for a long time so it being added to Sega Forever was pretty exciting for me. Now I will be reviewing Shining Force one and Two separately but they do come in one download with Shining in the Darkness. Obviously as I have already reviewed the game I won’t be fully reviewing it but more saying how it plays on android.

For starters it looks and sounds as good or better than the original release so have no worries there. The controls are a bit stiff tho but truthfully they were always a bit stiff but sadly this feels even more noticeable on a cell phone. This isn’t a deal breaker by any means but honestly if you have access to it on one of the many collections that it is available on you really should go with one of those unless you really want it to play on the go. It is definitely playable, but it isn’t the best way to experience it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

PumpkinHead (1988)

Oh Pumpkin Head, the 1988 cult classic. The story is simple, some city folks accidentally kill a child with their dirt bike, and dad (Lance Henriksen) goes to an old witch type woman to call upon the folklore monster of Pumpkinhead to come and kill those city bastards. The problem is when Ed Harley starts to actually see the deaths happen he starts to have some buyers remorse. When it turns out he can’t undo what has already been done he sets out to stop the monster himself.

The creature actually looked pretty solid for the 1980’s and the story itself is pretty fun. The movie isn’t actually all that special and offers nothing new really. It is just a tail of revenge and a creature being fought, but what makes this different is that Ed really seems to regret it and tries to stop it even tho he is the one that was wronged in the first place. Pumpkinhead himself isn’t even truly evil as he can only be summoned by someone against someone who has done something really bad against them. You can’t summon him because your neighbor like keyed your car or because she won’t go out with you on a Friday night. The movie is a fun watch, but it isn’t a great movie. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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Final Fantasy 6, Why Its Only An Average Game.

As I promised this morning here is an opinion that will probably annoy a lot of people. Final Fantasy 6, is only an average game. The story is good yea. The first 3/4th of the game or so is really good, the traveling around, the war itself. Kefka is a pretty demented guy poisoning people and even managed to demolish the world and take it over. For more details on all that check here.

This is where many of my issues come into it tho. First Kefka taking over the world and all was 100% accidental. He had no intention of destroying half the surface of the place like this and clearly if that is true taking over the world this way was also not the plan. You can’t really claim this guy is a great villain when his plan wasn’t a plan but a happy mistake.

After this point in the game the entire rest of the game is negated and pointless. You wake up on an island, your party scattered. You will now spend this entire section of the game finding and recruiting people you already recruited. Maybe. Why maybe? Well many of them are now option characters, some of those important characters from the first part of the game you can now go beat the game without. There is no trick to this by the way or game glitching needed, they are simply optional.

This brings me to another issue I have. There are 14 characters in this game, 11 main characters and 3 optional. Sort of, as stated before after the world is destroyed you only need to recruit 3 characters. (Celes, Edgar and Setzer) That is it, after those 3 are back in your party it is actually possible to go finish the game. You can go collect the other 11 main characters and 3 optional characters (and Gogo and Umaro have 0 backstory by the way and Mog isn’t much better) so aside from being strong are pointless.

Hell even Shadow and the other characters aren’t exactly well made, tho some for their time are greatly done. Much of the game tho is busy work simply to add play time. Now the game isn’t by any means bad, but to say it is great or even one of the best is insane to me. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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Final Fantasy Anthology

Horror games that deserve a remaster


Hi folks, meet Lisa Trevor. Lisa Trevor is a undying, hauntingly tragic character from Resident Evil (remake) who helped set the remake apart from the original. I’ve played a good deal of horror games that would do some from touch up and could actually compete today. In no particular order lets begin with a particular favorite of mine…

a51 1. Area 51 –

I love crazy ass government conspiracies one thing I loved was how all the collectibles were linked to famous conspiracies like Sasquatch, psychics, aliens, super soldiers, cloning, and the JFK assassination.  Touch up the graphics, add some new depths to Area 51 and these days we have a wealth of crazy things to ponder..

fear 2. F.E.A.R

I’m honestly shocked this hasn’t been remade or remastered yet. It’s a widely loved horror game that with some new graphics and a few gameplay tweaks, this game would be truly great.

alienr game1 3. Alien Resurrection: the game –

Ok, I know Alien Resurrection wasn’t exactly everyone’s favorite installment in the series so besides being a huge Alien fan, why include it? Well, the game had a damn good atmosphere, the aliens weren’t easy to take out, and I think with updated graphics and some new controls it could be close to what Aliens: Colonial Marines was supposed to be.

trapt 4. Trapt –

This is a strange case. The atmosphere and music are creepy and there are some alarming ways to kill people in this castle but it’s not your typical horror game. I think with a bit bigger story and a few new trap ideas, I think this could be really special.

eternal darkness 5. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s requiem-

I’m really curious why the hell Nintendo never re-released a game many have praised for being ahead of it’s time in horror and now modern systems have more than the capabilities to give this game a grand remake it deserves.

silent hill 2 6. Silent Hill 2-

I know pretty much nothing about Konami except Savior rage quitting the Metal Gear Survive preview but the effect Silent hill has had on the horror field is undeniable. Silent Hill 2 gave us Pyramid Head and a great twist; imagine with a updated camera system and new graphics?

dino crisis 7. Dino Crisis-

The last game on this list and I don’t know why we haven’t heard from the series in decades. Essentially it was if Resident Evil and Jurassic Park had a weird hybrid baby. A reboot could be amazing if done with love and care.


I hope you enjoyed my list and may the gaming gods bring you glory.