House by the Cemetary

house by the cemetary

I’ve been watching some horror movies as of late, the first in the set was the unofficial third part of Lucio Fulci’s “Gates of Hell” trilogy ( City of the Living Dead and The Beyond being the first two parts.) Over a decade ago I watched The Beyond and a couple years later I saw Fulci’s Zombie, both films impacted me a lot so I was glad to see another.

The Freudstein house has had a long a sordid history of gruesome activity and murder. A young family takes the house over, the father working on research to jump start his budding career. His wife and young son are predominately left alone in this murky old house where the mom hears noises and her son keeps meeting a mysterious little girl that tells him to get out of the house, but something is lurking below them and it’s not friendly. Could it be the old Dr never left his home?

This review is rather tough. House by the Cemetery is a very eerie movie with terrific atmosphere, a great score, and some haunting practical gore effects BUT the dubbing is goofy at times, Freudstein looks likes he walked off the set of Goosebumps and there are some unintentionally hilarious things, especially with the damn son. It’s really freaking hard to say which side of the spectrum the movie falls on and in the end, that’s it’s biggest flaw. If you want something different in horror, it is a respectably freaky movie that deserves a watch, though you will laugh a few times you probably shouldn’t. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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