GoldenEye 007 Xbox Review

GoldenEye is one of those classics from 1997 that most people seem to have fond memories of,and I am no different. I don’t even know how many hours were spent with Friends on my N64 playing with proximity mines on multiplayer and rocket launchers panic shooting each other in the face or taking turns seeing you can beat The Dam the fastest (nobody ever beat my friend Robbie,dude was a beast) and of course because we were teens and unlocked paintball mode we would make a penis on random walls.

When I saw this was coming to GamePass or course I wanted to relive the golden days, unfortunately Robbie lives in Europe now and many of my other friends from back then are dead or I have no clue where they are. I could still however enjoy the single player aspect.

You will hear mixed things about this port, because it is just that. It is a port of the original in all its 30FPS N64 graphics glory with modern controller support,and the only multiplayer in existence is the good old fashioned split-screen. I actually don’t have an issue with this,in fact it is all I wanted. Added in some achievements for unlocking the chests and beating the levels and I am happy. Others however are upset about what is not included,and I understand that to an extent. Online multiplayer would have been nice since I am told they did add that to the Nintendo Switch version.

Compared to many of the shooters out there now and since then this one didn’t hold up very well. As a kid I never noticed how bad the AI was or how bad some of the levels actually were, but it was still fun to play for a bit. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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