5 Best Written Characters on Television

As always with my list, they aren’t in any real order. They simply get tossed on here in whatever order I feel like putting them on here. For me to get tossed on this list they just have to be characters I enjoyed that seem either realistic or just all together interesting.

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Al Bundy of Why Married With Children Wouldn’t Work In 2019 is easily on this list because he comes across as an everyday man. He works at a shoe store, his wife and kids annoy the hell out of him. He more or less reminds you of a lot of older guys you know that are just generally sick of life, except much more exaggerated.


Lucifer Morningstar of Lucifer Season One is possibly my favorite on this list because he represents a side of the bible many people never stop to think of. That may be the devil (who is an angel himself) isn’t so evil as he is simply misunderstood. He is given a personality but it isn’t perfect, he is, for example, egotistical and oblivious much of the time. He is not only well written he is also quite unique.

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Norm Peterson from cheers is another character I always loved simply because of how realistic he is. Come on, let us be honest. We all know at least one functional alcoholic that goes to the bar and everyone knows him and probably has a favorite seat. That is actually a good chunk of my family weirdly.

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Angel (Season one) is another character I always enjoy because of how well he grows from his time on Buffy until the end of his own show Angel. His character growth is just always fun to watch and while maybe not the best show ever his character itself is worth checking out.

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Lorelai Gilmore is possibly my favorite on this list if I am being honest. Her relationship with Luke alone is worth watching the show for, and she is also another great example of an exaggerated figure that we all know. She is a silly and crazy single mother that loves her coffee a little too much that can kind of a be a bitch. She also happens to be pretty hot so that helps.

So what do you guys think? What are some of your favorites? Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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