Stranger Things (Season 3) Review

So I didn’t really binge this the way I did with Stranger Things (Season 1) or Stranger Things (Season Two) but that really had very little to do with the quality of the show and had more to do with the time I had to watch it. The show starts out a bit after season 2, the kids are a bit older and it is summer time. Just prior to American Independence day, also known as the 4th of July.

The season starts off a bit slow, but it does set up all the characters nicely. El ends up with a nice friendship with Max, we get to know the sister of Lucas, Erica. Mike and Hopper end up butting heads a bit due to Hopper being quite overprotective of El, and it really sticks out in this season. There is a reason for it, and I don’t want to get into why because it spoils some things, but it really makes the end of his story arc for this season that much more powerful.

The story with Billy being more or less possessed by the Mind Flayer is also pretty interesting, and admittedly I think season 3 does a better job with it than season 2 did. In fact, overall I think season 2 is the weakest of the 3, tho that is kind of like being the slowest person in on the Olympic swim team. Sure its the weakest, but its the weakest of a great show. There is as you would expect talk of a season 4, in fact, the creators, Matt, and Ross Duffer have long said there will only be 4, maybe 5 seasons of the show so it really shouldn’t be a surprise there is talk of season 4. Regardless, since season 3 just came out we will have to wait a while to see what’s going to happen, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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2 thoughts on “Stranger Things (Season 3) Review”

  1. I am a fan of the characters but not necessarily a fan of the writing, if that makes sense. I watched seasons 1 and 2 back in 2017 after I heard so much about the show. I agree with you: season 2 was weak. The acting across the board is brilliant. The character development and growth is amazing.

    Season 3 was good. I kinda binged it so it was over pretty quickly for me. Hopper is a great character. I love him. David Harbour does a fantastic job, but I felt like his anger and aggression was a little too much, especially the scene with him and Mike in his car. That was uncalled for tbh. Mike is still a kid… kinda. I felt that Billy did not get the redemption arc he deserved.

    The characters are a lot in this show, so some characters get pushed to the wayside, like Lucas. However, my favorite character this season is Robin. No question. Robin was funny, witty, incredibly intelligent and just an awesome person. The chemistry between Maya Hawke and Joe Keery is amazing. Every scene with both of them was excellent. I love how they dealt with her sexuality. It was not forced or shoehorned, but it was built up nicely and was an interesting character/plot twist. I love that bathroom scene where she reveals he sexuality to Steve. That scene has become one of my favorite scenes from anything, ever. Steve was shocked for a second but he quickly made Robin know that he would always be there for her and nothing will stop him from being her friend.

    Overall it was a good season. More of the same in terms of plot though. Interested to see what they do in later seasons.

    1. That bathroom scene was amazing. I agree one of the best from anywhere. I also agree billy never truly got his redemption arc, but he did go out like a champ at least.

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