Planet of the Apes 2001

apes 2001

Rise of the Planet of the Apes wasn’t the first reboot of the Planet of the Apes series. The first reboot was a remake from visionary director Tim Burton, the man who gave us Batman and Beetlejuice but also gave us oddities like Batman Returns and Mars Attacks! . So which side did the Apes remakes fall on?

Leo is a astronaut on a space station in the future. His job is to train chimps for flight missions into space. During his chimp’s test flight, a huge electrical storm closes in and Leo rushes to save his chimp. Caught in a wormhole, there ships crash on a strange world much like Earth ruled by tyrannical apes. On this planet Apes are intelligent and keep humans as pets and slaves, and Leo is cast into slavery with a group of others. With the help of Ari, a sympathetic ape daughter of a politician, they set off to recover Leo’s emergency beacon while being hunted by the the fierce Attar and the violent General Thade. Can the humans be saved from the planet of the apes?

Despite Tim Burton being one of my favorite directors and a great characters, this movie ain’t that great. While the setting is great and the ape make up is pretty fair but its still goofy to see grown ass adults acting like monkeys.  The acting is mostly bland except for a few fun over the top performances but honestly I rooted for Thade the whole time. The story is meh with a really lame couple of twists at the end and the pacing is off and with a lack of action, the movie feels longer than it is. In the end, Burton’s Planet of the Apes remake is a pretty forgettable sci-fi movie that’s OK to skip. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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