Hide in the Light trailer

Hide in the Light looks like a nice, simple low budget horror movie. I like idea of having to stay in the light and the dark being more than just creepy. While not my kind of horror movie, it still looks to be worth checking out and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Joaquin Phoenix Joker screen test

A few days ago we finally got the first real look of Joaquin Phoenix as Joker via screen test from directer Todd Phillips of the Hangover trilogy. I personally really like the look, going for more of the Heath Ledger vibe- simple but realistic and unnerving. It’s definitely a step up from Jared Leto’s look in Suicide Squad and I’d say it’s a good step in the right direction. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Haunting of Hill House trailer

Normally I’d ask why but it’s been almost 20 years since the god awful remake of a terrifying book and eerie black and white movie. I can say the movie visually looks nice and there is some nice scenery but other than I get a generic feel. I think because the original has been emulated so many times a remake is going to feel like it’s a copy of a copy. Still, it looks meh. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Captive State trailer

Was I the only person who saw this trailer and immediately thought of The Purge ? Seriously, the intro to the trailer as well as the “give thanks” chanting and some the imagery automatically made me think Purge knockoff…until after rewatching the trailer you see the giant ass meteor at the end. I really hope the next trailer is a lot better and give us a better, less derivative look at the movie so I’m voting to wait for next trailer to see if this turns out to be something cool or a dud. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Captain Marvel trailer 1

The day has come not long after Captain Marvel suit revealed and we get the full trailer. After Wonder Woman proved the world was ready for some badass super women, Captain Marvel is going to be Marvel’s first female lead superhero flick in the MCU. From the image of Carol Danvers crashing into BlockBuster (if 2 eyed Nick Fury wasn’t enough of a hint, the movie takes place in the 90’s.) to the last moments where she goes Binary, I was really impressed with the visuals. Honestly, I wished Green Lantern looked half as visually pleasing. I’m intrigued to see the MCU dig deeper into the cosmos and I wish the movie well. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Mary Poppins Returns trailer

So we finally get a real trailer for the surprising sequel to the beloved children’s classic. Mary Poppins Returns teaser was just that, but I can now say it looks promising. Emily Blunt doesn’t seem like a bad choice to reprise the role Julie Andrews made iconic. I like the technicolor effects for the vintage Disney vibe. In the end, it will be something interesting to see; may the gaming gods bring you glory.