A simple favor trailer

Now when the name Paul Feig gets brought up, your mind goes directly to GhostBusters 2016, which sparked an idiotic amount of controversy and outrage. I have no prior knowledge of his work, but I’m intrigued by the trailer for hi latest, A Simple Favor. The premise seems basic, tried but true, but the music, tone, and retro elegance of Blake Lively’s costumes brought on a otherworldly quality I’m a sucker for. I love Anna Kendrick as an actress and I’m glad she’s rising up. I hope the Ghostbusters remake hasn’t scarred this film; I laughed a little at the opening of the trailer that states it’s from the “darker side” of Paul Feig. In the end, I hope it’s a redemption for the guy, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


“Glass” poster

glass poster This is going to be a little unusual because there is no trailer, but a poster tells alot. I’ve never been a huge M. Night Shyamalan fan but I loved Split and wanted to check out Unbreakable after the end credits scene, which I thought was merely a set up for a sequel. But a crossover? That I wasn’t expecting. I think it’s a cool idea and don’t get me wrong, I’m seriously hyped for this movie but let’s not ignore the elephant in the room: Shyamalan doesn’t have the greatest track record. The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs- all well loved and well received movies. But we also have After Earth, The Happening, and The Last AirBender which damaged his career. I’m cautiously optimistic in that regard because while I’m a huge fan of his work, I respect that he tries doing something different, especially in a world of reboots and sequels. I have my fingers crossed and I can’t wait for the trailer. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Predator, trailer 2


I came back on one hell of a good day; we got a really epic new trailer for the fourth Predator movie. I liked what I saw for the first The Predator, trailer 1 but I love the second trailer much more. The tone reminds me a lot of the first movie, including the crude joke on the bus. The Predators themselves look incredible. So far, I totally dig the story idea but as I stated in the last trailer review, I’m not a fan of the title of the movie but that’s just a weird hiccup from me. I’m excited as hell to see some badass action and some epic level gore this September, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Unfriended: the Dark Web trailer 1

Why is this a thing? I know we live in a digital age and there are plenty of opportunities for horror in that age but I give up when you have movies based off social media or Skype. I will say the second movie has a interesting premise and I’m glad it’s not a ghost story, but I can’t the trailer really wowed me. I’d watch it on Netflix or something like that but wouldn’t pay full for it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Incidents in a Ghostland trailer


I like looking up random, lower budget horror trailers now and then just to see a spark of flavor or originality we don’t get much of in today’s mainstream horror. The thumbnail for this caught my attention because as well as the host of strange WTF things I’ve been known to write about, old time porcelain dolls creep me out. At first I took this as a type A kind of haunted house story but I like the twists it seemed to be taking. By the end I genuinely wanted to check it out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Nun teaser


So we horror fans got the first trailer for The Nun, the next chapter in the Conjuring universe. I loved The Conjuring (2013) but had mixed feelings when it came to The Conjuring 2 so I was a bit miffed when I heard the Nun was getting there own spin off. After the trailer, I’m actually pumped for it. It’s filmed beautifully with a great atmosphere and a nice scare at the end. Getting to see this after the Halloween 2018 first trailer I hope we get to see the signs of a new resurgence in horror in the near future. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Halloween 2018 first trailer


He’s back! I know this isn’t my usual time to post, but considering the occasion I think it can be forgiven. As a babe in diapers, two icons have haunted my nightmares for 27 years, making me want to spread the fear someday with my own stories of horror. Michael Myers, the shape, is tied for my favorite horror character next to the Alien. After the soul crushing defeat after watching Rob Zombie’s remakes and after a string of aimless sequels leading to a busted continuity, we get a movie that rewrites history, erasing all but the very original. Normal, these kind of deals don’t sit right with me but I love the look and vibe I got from the trailer. For the first time in a long time, I felt a buzz of terror seeing Michael lurking the streets of Haddonfield once again to the classic Carpenter score. Laurie, reprised by Jamie Lee Curtis , seems badass if not traumatized which isn’t far from H20 but seems more maddened which is a cool twist. Michael looks haggard but appropriately so, unlike Zombie’s. I am excited as hell, like fanboy nerdgasm right now and I’m pumped. I’m dedicating this quick to my friend and fellow Halloween fanboy Dave at work, enjoy bro and thank you for the support. May the gaming gods bring you glory and remember, evil never dies.