Little Monsters trailer 1

Just when I thought I’d seen every kind of Zombie story I could, we get this. Miss Caroline and her kindergarten class find some zombies during a field trip. I fully admit, this caught my eye over the trailer for Zombieland Double Tap . bHonestly this is a idea I’m surprised we really haven’t seen yet and I’m actually pretty excited for this movie. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Jojo Rabbit Trailer 1

Hey everyone, I’m back after a week of technical difficulties and I bring the most absurd trailer I found from my time away. Coming from the director of Thor: Ragnarok we get a bizarre WW2 movie about a boy and his pal Adolf…I can’t lie I laughed hysterically after watching the trailer just on the premise alone. That is truly a feat considering comedy trailers rarely hook me. It looks goofy but all in good fun. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Harley Quinn SDCC trailer

It’s no real new the DC streaming service ain’t doing so great, after the fast cancellation of Swamp Thing and the only Titans getting green lite for a second season, despite meh ratings at best. I must admit, I dig the bright, colorful, and pretty adult-rated Harley cartoon. I can’t say it looks great but it sure looks promising. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

SDCC Flash season 6 trailer

As with the CW DC universe, I’m pretty out of touch but I did love Flash, season 1 and always meant to catch up (ha ha Flash pun). Away, Flash season 6 has the Scarlet Speedster and crew facing off against Bloodwork who seems to have bone to pick with the crew. The only thing I’m not that thrilled with is how super bright Barry’s costume is to me; I know it’s traditional but I liked the darker red better myself. My the gaming gods bring you glory.

SDCC Arrow season 8 preview

Next year Arrow concludes after 8 seasons and the story of Oliver Queen and Green Arrow is coming to an end. While the show has had it’s fair share of ups and downs, it did launch the CW’s DC universe and that alone grants it a lot of credit. I’m wondering if Oliver will live to see a happy ending or he’ll meet his match at last. Time will tell next year. May the gaming gods bring you glory.