Dora The Explorer Trailer

First, here is the trailer. I know a lot of you probably didn’t watch it because it is a movie based off a show for 5-year-olds. So, please watch it so everything  I say makes sense.

Okay first it is a Nickelodeon movie, its a bit silly and we all knew that was coming. Eva Longoria is still a good looking woman as expected and Micheal Pena is great. Cool, we are covered. Moving on, why the hell does Dora have what appears to be dynamite, rock climbing equipment and a flair in school? Also, this kid has a giant knife in school? Seriously I own a similar knife, you could take an arm off with that thing, legitimately.

I watched this show with my kids, she wondered around singing songs with her backpack and a map, now she is going to knife poor Swiper, and I hate to admit I kind of want to see it. Why you may ask because this movie is going to either be fun or a train wreck and either way that will be interesting. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Avengers: Endgame trailer 2

I always love waking up to a good movie trailer, especially a awesome superhero movie. We got the best look at Endgame so far here; I went nerd crazy seeing a armed up Rocket perched on War Machine, both in there classic gear. I love Cap’s narration about the struggles of moving on after tragedy. Having Thor and Captain Marvel staring each other was pretty awesome. I’m really pumped for Endgame as I’m sure almost all nerds are and we here at Saviorgaming are, may the gaming gods and Avengers bring you glory.

Brightburn trailer 1

James Gunn looks to be combining his past and present with Brightburn and so far I dig it. The concept of Superman as being a villain is by no means original, but Superman as a horror/ slasher villain, that’s pretty awesome. It looks pretty good and I can’t wait to see it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

X Men: Dark Phoenix trailer 3

I find it really weird how the marketing for this movie is going: there’s been delays, reshoots, we got one trailer months and months ago and weirdly we get two more full length trailers of original content within a week of each other.

As for the trailer itself, It looks Ok. I still can’t help but feel it’s X Men: The Last Stand reworked. Though I didn’t hate that movie as some did, after reading what I have in the original story, I feel they could’ve done better with setting it up. The Phoenix effects look better nice. Overall my feelings haven’t really changed since X Men: Dark Phoenix trailer 2 . May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Hellboy 2019 trailer 2

So we got a legitimate Red Band R rated trailer for Hellboy 2019 and I’m actually pretty glad we have confirmation it’ll be R rated. I can’t tell you how much it pissed me off when Venom was made Pg-13; I feel the R rating does Hellboy it’s own identity. I like this trailer better but I still feel uneasy about the movie overall. Maybe it’s my attachment to the original Hellboy movies but I’m honestly worried we’re getting a R rated MCU movie. Time will tell but until then may the gaming gods bring you glory.

X Men: Dark Phoenix trailer 2

So to begin, I’m confused and must ask a question: wasn’t this movie supposed to be out already? If I’m not mistaken, X Men: Dark Phoenix trailer 1 said it was going to be released on Valentine’s Day of 2019. That can’t be a good sign…

As for the trailer itself, it is an improvement but I can’t help but still be wary of it. Phoenix does look pretty cool and Sophie Turner seems to have stepped up her game a bit as Jean/ Phoenix. I can’t help but feel we’re going to get a body count here as it’s Fox’s final X men movie while I’m pretty sure Mystique is done for in this movie. In the end I’m a little more invested in it but still weary. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Ma trailer

Like most trailers I showcase, I found his while browsing through YouTube. I have to say, I really like the movie’s premise and it hit’s home on both fronts for me. We’ve all been young and had our parents up our ass and wish we had a place to party. Octavia Spencer is perfect and has a great motherly vibe to her that would make her a great horror villain. I’m surprised to say I think this is definitely  something to look into. May the gaming gods bring you glory.