Birds of Prey trailer 2

Lately DC has been on fire with there last few movies and it seems the new directions they’ve been taking are going in the right direction. So I say that to say I’m curious if this movie is either going to be a more cringe- worthy counterpart to Suicide Squad or this maybe decent. I see some potential in this new trailer but I can’t help but feel like it may be a mess. It’s going to be a interesting birthday trip. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Superman: Red Son

red son comic

I have to admit, my timing couldn’t have been better, getting this book the day before Superman: Red Son trailer dropped. Red Son is one of DC’s most famous multiverse stories. We all know the tale of the last son of Krypton landing in the backyard of the Kents in Smallville who would grow up to be the legendary Man of Steel, Superman. But what if he didn’t land in Smallville?

Red Son follows the life of “The Superman” who became Joseph Stalin’s right hand and nuclear deterrent during the Cold War. Born to a small, poor, Ukrainian family, this Superman fights to protect his people and country and uphold the ideals of communism. The US asks genius mind Lex Luthor to trump the seemingly invincible Superman but he can never seem to stop him, whether its the villainous creations, allying himself with the Russian anarchist known as “The Batman”, or creating a corp of fighters wielding alien Green Lantern tech. Stalin is assassinated, leaving Superman as the President of the growing USSR, a omnipresent godlike figure of security and fear but can he keep being the hero he desires to be when everyone wants to see him get brought down?

Red Son is perhaps my favorite Superman story I’ve read. I love the depth and complexity of Red Son Superman as well as that world’s versions of Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Brainiac,  Batman, and the Green Lanterns. The artwork is great, and I love the era Communist era Superman posters that do feel pretty realistic. I do like the twist villain at the end but the very end didn’t work for me. Nevertheless it’s an amazing book I’d highly recommend. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Wonder Woman 1984 trailer 1

I have to admit, while a far cry in tone from the first Wonder Woman I’m still pretty interested to see where it goes. I know Cheetah plays a role in this movie, and I’m glad they don’t show her. Gal Gadot is still a knockout as Diana and I’m sure she’ll steal the show. I’m curious how it’ll turn out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Black Adam poster and release announced

black adam poster

If you watched Shazam and know you’re DC lore, you picked up on the Black Adam references but surprising revealed Mr Mind instead of him in the after credit scene. I’ve heard whispers that Black Adam is set to face his nemesis in Shazam 3 but I haven’t seen anything concrete to substantiate this. Anyhow, Adam is getting his own movie without Shazam;  Dwayne Johnson is playing Adam the movie, as the poster depicts is coming  out 12-22-21. Honestly I love his look and I like the grim god-like presence he has in the poster. I’m a bit worried Adam’s story may come off too humorous or they may try making him too much of a hero instead of the tragic, badass villain/ antihero he is. Time will tell. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Day 20, Man-Bat


So what’s more frightening than a werewolf? How about a man sized vampire bat. Kirk Langstrom was a scientist whose failed experiment turned him into this viscous creature of the night, imbued with super strength, flight, durability, sonar hearing, and a glue like spit as well as a craving for blood. Man-Bat is a underappreciated Batman villain in my opinion and a pretty terrifying, yet simple threat to the denizens of Gotham. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Batman: The Killing Joke

killing joke

With Joker hitting theaters today, I thought it would be appropriate to cover Joker’s most diabolical plan, to make sure Batman has one really bad day as well as one of comic’s most controversial graphic novels written by the writer of the Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

For years, Batman and Joker have fought across Gotham, with Batman knowing the day would come when someone would kill the other. The sad truth is neither really know each other, but the hate they garnish for each other. Joker sets off to break Batman and those he cares for the most. In a single night he breaks into the Gordon residence, paralyzing Barbara with a shot through the spine and taking naked pictures of his immobile body to later torture her father the Commissioner with as he is stripped and sent on a macabre ride while Joker recalls his really bad day. Things are personal as Batman finds his nemesis, but has the Dark Knight finally broken after a really bad day?

I must admit, I was pretty shocked how far this book went, especially for such a quick read. If you played Batman: Arkham Knight you might be familiar with some of this material, but the book is far more disturbing. It is written really well and Joker is shown in a different light and is actually pretty sympathetic in his origin. The artwork is great and the colors really pop. This is the perfect book with a haunting ending for any Bat fan and I highly recommend it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.