Batman: Arkham Knight

arkham knight

The epic conclusion to the Arkham trilogy, and yes, though the twist made many a comic fan groan, it still is a epic game.

Joker is dead, but Gotham’s problems aren’t over. Scarecrow has returned with a more damaging and drastic version of his infamous toxin and a new foe has come to his aid. Armed with a badass suit and an army of trained badasses against Batman’s tactics, the Arkham Knight has come. On top of this, Batman is haunted by the death of his greatest enemy and we see Joker’s final plot come to fruition; his blood is mutagenic, causing his likeness and madness to spread through it’s victims like a virus.With everything Batman has built crashing all around him, can he survive when all seems lost?

So, first, I’m not going to spoil what I know pissed off a lot of people- the true identity of the Arkham Knight. That being said, the game’s story is great all around and we get perhaps one of Hamil’s greatest ever performances as Joker. Visually the game is breathtaking and the gameplay is honed beautifully, including the new Batmobile stuff. Besides playing as the Bat, we get to take command of his epic ride and actually get to fight alongside the Bat family and Catwoman in pretty damn fluid combat. It’s a nerds wet dream. Many of the problems I had with City got fixed. The only real issues I have is that you can’t get the real end until you beat the game with it’s overabundance of Riddler shit and some of the Batmobile shit is annoying after awhile. Overall, I highly recommend it even if the reveal wasn’t great. Best Wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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