Batman: The Killing Joke

killing joke

With Joker hitting theaters today, I thought it would be appropriate to cover Joker’s most diabolical plan, to make sure Batman has one really bad day as well as one of comic’s most controversial graphic novels written by the writer of the Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

For years, Batman and Joker have fought across Gotham, with Batman knowing the day would come when someone would kill the other. The sad truth is neither really know each other, but the hate they garnish for each other. Joker sets off to break Batman and those he cares for the most. In a single night he breaks into the Gordon residence, paralyzing Barbara with a shot through the spine and taking naked pictures of his immobile body to later torture her father the Commissioner with as he is stripped and sent on a macabre ride while Joker recalls his really bad day. Things are personal as Batman finds his nemesis, but has the Dark Knight finally broken after a really bad day?

I must admit, I was pretty shocked how far this book went, especially for such a quick read. If you played Batman: Arkham Knight you might be familiar with some of this material, but the book is far more disturbing. It is written really well and Joker is shown in a different light and is actually pretty sympathetic in his origin. The artwork is great and the colors really pop. This is the perfect book with a haunting ending for any Bat fan and I highly recommend it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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One thought on “Batman: The Killing Joke”

  1. I do pretend that the Killing Joke doesn’t exist. Barbara Gordon is one of my favorite DC characters and I felt this book is a little too much for me. It probably has to do with the added sexual assault element considering the fact it’s pretty much canon that Joker rapes Barbara. It’s unsettling to me as rape isn’t treated seriously in our society today.


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