Justice League (2017)

For those that want a short spoiler free review, the next part is for you

Justice League was a fun movie, however do not mistake it for a good movie. The story is rushed there aren’t any surprises but the action scenes are nice. Also stay until after all the credits are done.

Now for those that want a more in depth but spoiler free review, the next part is for you.

As I said above, the movie is fun. I will grant that happily. Aquaman steals the show with his antics and attitude. A close second for me was Flash tho I don’t recall him ever actually being called that. He actually owns up to having never been in a fight. He has just pushed a few people and ran away.

Batman is, well he is Batman and him and Wonder Woman do Batman and Wonder Woman things both great actors that did their job well. Cyborg however just comes across as a plot device. He seems to have no purpose except to move the story along at the end.

Steppenwolf as a villain is bland, he is never truly given any real explanation for existing and his whole reason for coming back is hey Superman is dead so its safe to return and take my revenge. Tho hey its been 5000 years. Superman has been on earth for like..30 of them. Not sure why now is the perfect time. Plot hole I guess.

The story also feels extremely rushed which is weird to say for a movie that clocks in at 2 hours (1:59 technically I think) and the worst part is if it were 3 hours I don’t think that feeling would have changed. Far to much stuff simply needed to be explained.

In the end all I can say is, feel free to go and have a fun night at the movies because the movie is fun. But please do not make the mistake of thinking the movie will also be good. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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