Some things I’m pumped for in 2018


So we all have that one form of beloved entertainment we have, whether it’s book, movie, game, music, or madness fueled clog dancing while singing Shirley Temple tunes (don’t judge me man). So I wanted to share some of what I’m pumped for in 2018. In no particular order, let’s begin with…

aquaman 1. Aquaman- if you caught our reviews on Justice League (2017) , you’ll know our favorite part was Aquaman. On top of that, I love Black Manta and I can’t wait to see these two badasses duke it out on the big screen.

we happy few 2.We happy few- ever since I first saw the trailer for this trippy, unsettling game that looks like a much more survival oriented Bioshock, I was hooked. Like maddeningly so.

halloween 2018 3. Halloween 2018- I miss Michael Myers and I was thrilled Jamie Lee Curtis is returning but even more exited original Michael Myers Nick Castle is reprising his role. Is it weird this film redcons every other Halloween film but the original, yeah, but I’m willing to see what’s to come.

code vein 4. Code Vein- a game styled like Dark Souls with a beautiful anime art style and vampires. Just hell yeah.

black panther 5. Black Panther- Granted, I’m pretty hyped for all of the Marvel movies of the year but I have a soft spot for Panther. He was one of my favorite parts of Civil War and best of all, the movie comes out right next to my Birthday so even better.

These were just a few quick things but I’m sure more will come up through the year. May the gaming gods bring you glory and best wishes all around.

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