Star Wars: Battlefront 2

battlefront 2 old

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away there was a epic video game called Star Wars: Battlefront 2. It was and perhaps still is one of the greatest Star Wars games next to Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic but sadly, there was a disturbance in the Force and so came the dark lords at EA.

Classic Battlefront 2 was a massive game for the time. Released on the heels of Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, the story revolving around the memoirs of a retired Clone Trooper as he recounts the Clone Wars, the downfall of the Republic, and the rise of the Empire. We got to enjoy enormous third person battles straight from the movie, visiting beautifully done and films accurate maps. Vehicles, space, and almost 20 of our favorite characters throughout the series like Luke Skywalker,  Yoda, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, as well as more minor but still awesome characters such as Ki Adi Mundi and Aylah Secura. What made this game loads of fun was Galactic Conquest: capturing worlds for credits used to buy new advantages in battle like health regenerating troops, extra garrisons, or even having a hero commander join you for example. The classes were fun, each faction had 7, the last two custom to the faction, whether getting a stealthy Bothan spy or the Droidieka murder machine and your weapons and characters were upgraded by a fair prestige system for simple achievements in match. For war game fans and Star Wars nerds alike, this game is a must play and I can’t recommend it enough…but alas my friends, there is a dark side as I said.

With my pal Autobot, I tried EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and well…WHAT THE FUCK EA? Given my extreme disappointment over the first attempt at Battlefront, I was desperately optimistic to the point Savior wanted to kick my ass as was the case with Justice League (2017)  or Power Rangers So I’m going to say the game is stunning to look at visually with damn nice character models and great score. Other than that, I can’t find much I liked. I hated how space combat felt, the controls felt too off and I found there to be a major lack of variety of ships and functions. Speaking of, despite playing a little bit through all three trilogies, I couldn’t help feeling a lack of variety in the ground trooper classes: assault, heavy, sniper, and other. That’s it. Heroes are far less plentiful and nowhere near as fun to play as. What was the cherry on the shit sundae were the hard crashes we experienced; of 10 matches we crashed 3 in a row over two pretty boring game modes. I can’t recommend this reboot at all and friends don’t let friends play this damn game.

May the gaming gods bring you glory, and please take this away from this: graphics don’t mean everything, effort and love will always shine through.

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