Have Movies Changed, or Have We?


Every so often I get into a conversation about how much movies have changed, or even tv shows. Whether it be how the classic Alien holds up better than the new Covenant, or how many of the hold horror movies are scarier than the new ones. But are they really? Or have we as a society simply changed? See the scary part of horror movies really is partly the fear of the unknown. Could something like a Xenomorph exist? Someday will humanity reach out into the starts just to find a creature we can not defeat with our technology that is simply a damn near unstoppable hunter?

The problem becomes what happens when you have seen so much that things no longer seem original? When does the unknown stop being unknown and the unpredictable become predictable? I think that is where we are now with movies. We have reached the point where we have seen most things in horror. Where ghost and monsters used to be enough, for many of us it no longer is. Stories have become predictable not because they aren’t good, but because we have seen so many we now have the experience to predict the next event.

This happens in other genres as well, Star Wars and Star Trek as well. Hell even Professional wrestling many times. Younger fans still see the fun and excitement that many of us miss. I am now starting to think movies haven’t changed, we have. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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