Justice League (second opinion)

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Ok, folks, let’s recap the DCEU thus far: Man of Steel was ok, BVS was the heap that was way too serious, Suicide Squad was the heap trying way too hard to be trendy, and Wonder Woman was the bed that Goldilocks found just right. Caught up now? Justice League is the heap that tries it’s ass off to be fun.

So Superman is dead. World is losing a lot of hope. Batman is still trying to track down the Meta-humans him and Diana discovered while also trying to find out what the hell are these Mother boxes. Diana is off in London while Batman is beating down Parademons in Gotham. Spread throughout the world, the three boxes are guided by the three tribes of man: Atlantean, Amazonian, and the third was used in helping to create Cyborg. Steppenwulf returns after being defeated centuries ago to get the boxes because, well Superman is dead, no one gonna stop him. So it’s up to Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg to all band together, try to resurrect Sups, and kick Steppenwulf’s ass.

Savior and I agreed, Aquaman was our favorite part of the movie, with Superman surprising second. We get a more light hearted, classic Superman from Henry Cavill this time and honestly I really dug it.  Cyborg was definitely the weak link but to Ray Fisher’s credit, it wasn’t his fault. Sometimes his CGI is crap and he didn’t really have too much to do. Steppenwulf is the definition of forgettable bad guy; I’d go as far to say I liked Enchantress better in Suicide Squad and that says something. This movie has a wealth of problems, like how rushed and bloated it feels. Everything feels like it’s in fast-forward mode; I’m curious as hell what that nearly 3 hour director’s cut looks like. I will say, there are great Easter eggs and please if you are a DC fan, watch all the credits. My favorite scene was the final after credit where a character many of us have been crying for in the DCEU finally shows up. No spoilers though. Overall, the movie is alright, fun but not a great movie in any sense of the word but there are sweet moments and HAHA to all those people who laughed at me when I said Aquaman would be the coolest of the group. May the gaming gods bring you glory and come together everyone.

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