Aquaman (2018, Savior Review)

As a late birthday gift @torstenvblog decided we needed to go see Aqua daddy on the big screen since he was the best part of Justice League (2017) Justice League (second opinion)

Now we all know how I personally feel about the DCEU. Most of the movies for me range from train wrecks to amusing train wrecks. Wonder Woman being the clear exception, but the question remains what does the future hold, and how does it hold up? Well honestly Jason Mamoa and Aquaman may not be the hero the movies wanted, but it is the hero the movies needed.

The movie is a combination of flashback origin story that simultaneously takes place after the events of Justice League. The first 20 minutes or so is Arthur Curry explaining how his parents met and a bit about his childhood. This, however, doesn’t drag on like I expected it to. I won’t lie, I went into this to at some point crash into a crapshoot of a movie that relied on action to cover up a horrible story and questionable CGI.

Around now is when we hit the present time and a submarine being attacked by pirates that have stolen a submarine of their own. It is a pretty cool scene that introduces the man who will eventually become Black Manta. The action here is nice and yet there is a touch of humor. The entire movie is like this in fact and it is something I didn’t know I wanted from the movie.

I don’t want to give the entire movie away, but Black Manta is both a major part of the plot and yet very minor at the same time. You will see him chasing his famous trident and fighting his biggest enemies all in one movie. The movie, however, stands alone. If you have never seen a single movie in the DCEU, you can pop on Aquaman and be perfectly fine.

The 2 biggest surprises here for me were how good the CGI was and how bad the soundtrack was. I hated the music for the movie and truly was the weakest part for me. Regardless any fan of superhero movies (and ladies that like Jason) should check it out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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