Aquaman 2018

Arthur Curry, the Aquaman, is a force to be reckoned with in the DC universe. Half man, half Atlantean born from the Queen of the mythical under sea kingdom. Arthur rules the seven seas, is strong, durable, can swim warp speed and communicate with sea life as well as kick your ass with his epic trident. But despite these feats his character has always been a joke, but I’m glad to say his movie kicks ass…

The movie tells the origin story of how Arthur Curry, son of a simple lighthouse keeper would rule the seas. After the events of Justice League (second opinion) Arthur returns home to to visit his dad only to get visited by the beautiful princess Mera who begs him to come to Atlantis before Orm, Arthur’s younger half brother begins a war to destroy the surface world. Angry the Atlanteans seemingly executed his mother for treason, Arthur refuses the princess’s plea. Orm launches a strike on the surface after a fixed attack on a diplomatic meeting and after seeing his brother’s drive, Arthur sets off on a quest to find his ancestor’s mystical trident and stop the bloodshed and war of the power hungry Ocean Master…

As a Aquaman fan, I can absolutely say this is what I was hoping for. Jason Momoa brings his natural  likability but surprises at how heartfelt he could be. Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman, and Willem Dafoe lend really good supoorting performances. I wish there was a little more Manta, but he was awesome for what he was in. Visually it’s a treat for the eyes, unlike JLA, there is so much beautiful use of colors and there’s plenty of life to feast your eyes on- Atlantis isn’t dull and murky. The final battle is truly badass in scale and shows why I fell in love with character and comics. I’d say it’s say Aquaman dethroned Wonder Woman as the crown jewel of DC movies, but I highly recommend it as a fun adventure flick. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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